BPS: 48 People Arrested Over Christmas Period

December 27, 2017

Over the holiday period “there were no significant calls for police service,” the police said today, adding that 48 people were arrested for various offences and 50 tickets were issued for a range of matters.

“Over the holiday period there were no significant calls for police service,” a police spokesperson said.

“We would like to thank the public for their cooperation and we will continue to work with the public and our community partners to ensure the New Year’s period is the same.

“During the Christmas period 48 persons were arrested for various offences. Ten persons were arrested for DUI and 50 tickets were issued for a range of matters including drugs, theft and traffic matters.”

The police also noted that they “were conducting checks on Saturday at 8:30pm on South Road when they stopped two men on a motorcycle.”

“The pillion passenger was searched and it was found that he was in possession of a bladed article and a quantity of plant like material. He was subsequently arrested and detained,” the police said.

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  1. Family Man says:

    “there were no significant calls for police service,”

    Well, not counting the armed robbery or arson attack …

  2. Real Deal says:

    Christmas is always slow. New Years is when the Alcohol heads come out

  3. mm says:

    It would be helpful to the community, to give a breakdown on the categories these 48 person arrested fall in i.e. drunken driving 15 persons, warrants 7 persons, drug offences- 14 persons, parole violations – 2 persons. Some persons like to know if there is a particular trend existing or developing. Saying 48 persons were arrested, might suggest near 3,000 in the space of 12 months. Is that disturbing, or normal given the size and composition of the population.

  4. family man and wassup, get a life says:

    Significant meaning community impact or use of national resources Clearly both incidents had the potential to be significant but thankfully, they were not. Crazy how people want Bermuda to be classified negatively. Stop picking at everything and get a life.

    • Zevon says:

      So attempting to set someone on fire is not significant in the community?
      I can remember when that would have been considered quite a significant and horrible crime. I guess the PLP wants to downplay how things are.

  5. get a life, family man and real deal says:

    significant looks like a classification based on the community impact or the use of national (police and other first responder resources)

    significant: murder, rape, shooting, melee at football field. each of those events have immediate resource implications.

    Attempted means they had the potential to be significant but thankfully they were not.

    it is a shame everything must be spelled out

    • Family Man says:

      Lovely. It’s a good thing so many of Bermuda’s criminals are also incompetent so we don’t have to consider their actions “significant” events.

      As long as “attempted” armed robberies aren’t considered a significant community impact we’re OK with it are we?

      I wonder how the victim of the “attempted” arson attack feels knowing it wasn’t considered a significant use of national resources.

      I suppose “attempted” sexual assaults aren’t going to be considered a significant community impact or use of national resources? I guess that’s what Harvey Weinstein thought too. Stop picking at things folks it was just a bit of weiner waggling. Get over it huh?

      You may consider it insignificant but not in my Bermuda, thank you.

    • Real Deal says:

      I was just being Real. New Years is when people have to stay on their toes not Christmas is mostly a family event where everyone stays inside for the most part.

  6. family man! says:

    Family Man,

    Your responses are emotional and they have merit in that realm. If you read the report objectively it speaks to the reality of what happened. There were no major/ significant incidents based on the definition of the words in policing context.