Bill Hanbury Named Tourism Authority CEO

January 26, 2014

Bill Hanbury[Updated] The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] today [Jan 26] announced the appointment of Bill Hanbury as Chief Executive Officer, effective January 27. He will report to the Board of Directors.

David Dodwell, Chairman of the BTA, says: “Bill brings tremendous marketing and management expertise that will assist Bermuda as we re-energise the island’s tourism economy to compete in the global marketplace.

“He has led the rebuilding of other organisations with similar challenges and we look forward to having him form and lead the team at Bermuda Tourism Authority.

“I want to be very clear in acknowledging that Bill Hanbury is not a Bermudian. When we began the search for this position, we were clear that we wanted the best we could find and I believe we have done that.

“Bill will lead a team that will be responsible for attracting new investment in Bermuda and for creating new jobs, most of which will be filled by Bermudians.

“In the long term, we will be looking for a Bermudian successor, however, right now, we have found someone who can help put our tourism industry back into positive evolution and, as a result be beneficial to many, many Bermudians.”

An industry veteran with over 25 years of senior management experience, Mr. Hanbury will be responsible for leading the newly created Bermuda Tourism Authority.

A statement from the BTA said, “From 2009-2013, Mr. Hanbury was the CEO of the United Way of the National Capital Area, managing an iconic brand at a watershed moment in its history.

“During his tenure, he: rebuilt the internal operating structure, implemented a development strategy that improved financial stability and rebuilt the organisation’s marketing, communications and digital capabilities.

“Prior to that, Mr. Hanbury served as President & CEO of Destination DC and the American Experience Foundation from 2001-2009. While there he oversaw domestic and international marketing and sales for one of the world’s top tourism destinations.

“The organisation was responsible for selling the Washington Convention Center and positioning the U.S. Capital as a first-tier convention, tourism and events location.

“His key accomplishments included: significantly improving DC’s status in the international tourism marketplace, helping lead the economic recovery of the hospitality industry after 9/11, re-designing Destination DC’s management and marketing functions, plus leading the sales team that booked over 1 million room nights annually.

“He also provided logistics leadership for: international forums, economic summits, presidential inaugurations, national celebrations, plus memorial and museum dedications.

“During his tenure as CEO at various convention bureaus and chambers, including Greater Milwaukee Convention & Visitors Bureau and Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Hanbury led an industry trend to use sporting events as economic development tools for communities.

“A sampling of these events included: PGA Golf events, USA Triathlon Championships, World Championship Boxing, the National Sports Festival, National Softball Championships, Empire State Games, US Olympic Marathon Trials and National Balloon Festivals.”

Bill Hanbury notes: “I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with the new Board of Directors, private sector partners and government officials to build a world-class organisation representing Bermuda’s extraordinary tourism assets.

“Bermuda is one of the globe’s premiere tourism destinations and to have an opportunity to work here is an honour and a significant professional challenge. I look forward to implementing the National Tourism Plan with the intention of creating jobs, increasing tax revenues and improving the overall tourism figures and its input to the Bermuda economy.”

Mr. Hanbury holds a graduate degree in public administration from Harvard University and an undergraduate degree from Wilkes University.

Mr. Hanbury currently serves on the Board of Wilkes University. He has also served on the boards of national travel and tourism organisations, including the: US Travel Association, Travel Business Roundtable, American Bus Association, and Professional Convention Management Association. Additionally, he served as Chairman of Destination Marketing Association International, the global organisation for destination marketing professionals.

The executive search for Mr. Hanbury was conducted by Korn Ferry in concert with BTA.

Update Jan 27, 8.35am: Following requests from readers to provide information on remuneration, we checked into it, and were told that Mr Hanbury’s salary is not being released.

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  1. wow says:

    Another oba man. The oba are distracting us with all this cannabis stuff when they’re doing all this underhanded things under the table

    • Kangoocar says:

      @wow, OBA man and underhanded things??? Can you please explain what you mean?? As far as I can understand from this is the government has done the responsible thing and found the best person they could for all of our well beings, I guess creating employment is of no concern to you, but I would think there are many hoping to get a job!!
      I am hoping that because Mr Hanbury is white, you are not implying he is an OBA man???

      • Mazumbo says:

        When PLP made appointments it was friends and family, but when OBA/ubp make appointments it’s the reasonable thing and the right person.
        I guess the saying is true, (de mans ice is colder) and what’s pathetic is some believe it.

        • jt says:

          Explain how this is friends and family.

        • Kangoocar says:

          @muzumbo, do I have to remind you of ” faith based ” you know the Curtis guy who was a scammer! who happened to be close to EB, that is why!!?

        • F&F?????? says:

          If this is some sort of Friends & Family appointment, why would they have engaged a firm like Korn Ferry to identify candidates?

    • Goofer says:

      The only wow is how far off the mark your comments are. Its a pretty impressive CV, and this isn’t a political role, why make it one?

    • Mazumbo says:

      Friends and Family.

    • Robert says:

      What does this mans appointment have to do with cannibis, stick to the matter at hand !

  2. Bill says:

    David Dodwell you forgot to tell Bermuda how much “WE” paying the man.

    • frank says:

      were did david find this old guy this guy can’t help us
      I think a younger person would be better some one who is up to date with what is going on

  3. Neutral says:

    Great appointment, not fussed about being non-Bermudian. The mature thing for us to do as a community is to give him and the TA some time prior to being overly critical. We’re in this together, and need as much positive energy as possible.

    • Mazumbo says:

      Out of all the Islands I’ve visited, Bermuda’s one of the only places where the natives are not the for front and back bone of the Hospitality Industry.

      • CBA says:

        Yes, because after the 1980′s many Bermudians were no longer interested in tourism jobs because international business was seen as greener pastures! But now that international business has taken a hit, everybody wants to blame the lack of Bermudians in tourism on some conspiracy.

        • Mazumbo says:

          No its because they would prefer to pay immigrant workers next to nothing its called cheap labor.

  4. Just Us says:

    So the OBA mentioned that the employment rate increased 1%. But how many of the 1% was Bermudian. I see alot of high paying jobs going to Ex-pats. Looks like we will have no say on commercial immigration as well. BERMUDA we need to stand up for something cause our island is slipping away from us, slowly but surely.

    • Family Man says:

      I get the idea that you think we should have hired a Bermudian. Kind of like Andre Curtis. A true Bermudian, praying hard for all Bermuda at $400,000 a year. That’s your idea of money well spent?

      • Gee Whiz says:

        Or someone like Bernie Madoff.

        • Bernie??? says:

          Now, now. You’ve got to be fair. Andre was doing his best to be Bermuda’s own Bernie Madoff but things just didn’t work out for him.

    • Unbelievebale says:

      Oh stop it! Bermuda is not slipping away from us at all. It’s already been acknowledged and confirmed that under the PLP more work permits were issued than at any other time.

      Stop with the drama and nonsense.

      I “dislike” this attitude in Bermuda from Bermudians and I’m Bermudian.

      • LET it Go says:

        unless you work at Immigration then shut up/ half of you people on here are probably on workpermits

    • Roger says:

      “I see a lot of high paying jobs going to ex-pats”, well no sh**.

      You need qualifications, talent and experience to get those, not just a passport.

      We force the issue, then the ex-pats who run those companies go to one of the countless other zero tax environments crying out for them.

  5. Terry says:

    wow. Get real.
    Your just talking crap.
    How many consultants did Dr. Brown et al higher.

    Keep this negative up and you will see more than an Arab Spring.

    Evil hands are at work to procure anything by any means necessary.

    • Gee Whiz says:

      It is important to take your meds Terry. I know you feel in control but please get back on track. And you were doing so well.

  6. bluebird says:

    They did not mention in his resume that his skin was darker and he likes to go to the payboy mansion

  7. tjp says:

    What a jack a** statement. Read what the person has done and give them a chance to help us out of the mess others have put us into.

    Mr. Hanbury do what you have done in the past and help Bermuda to be able to move on again and provide jobs for our people..

    • Portia says:

      The “mess” that we have been put into is that Bermuda has become too expensive as a travel destination and tourists have discovered that they can get more for less elsewhere. Also, we insist on ONLY catering to the wealthy 1%, and thus, have closed our eyes to the numerous other marketing opportunities that were out there.

      It doesn’t matter how impressive Mr. Hanbury’s CV is – unless he can find a way to rectify this, then his appointment really isn’t going to make a difference to the tourism industry.

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        You’re sooo negative Portia…glass half full…not half empty!

  8. Tony Wardman says:

    This is quite a coup! Like Huddersfield and not Villa signing Nahki. the experience this guy has should drag Bermuda up and away from the tourism mess it was led into. If that is done, then all Bermudians should praise the appointment and the resulting jobs that will follow.

    Anyone who can’t see that really needs some lessons in basic economics.

  9. Bermuda boy says:

    He can get us out of the hole we are in.

  10. mixitup says:

    I want to be very clear in acknowledging that Bill Hanbury is not a Bermudian. When we began the search for this position, we were clear that we wanted the best we could find and I believe we have done that.

    About sums it up! no surprise here.

  11. js says:

    clearly Mr. Hanbury’s record speaks for itself

    however reading his online bio it stated that he turns 64 this year and recently retired which raises some concerns

    the first concern is whether or not he can perform at the same level for the Tourism Board as he did when he was CEO of Destination DC when he was a more youthful 50 year old

    the second concern is if it took 8 years for Destination DC to be turned around he will be well into his 70s before his efforts start bearing any real fruit

    in a nut shell with all the pressures associated with this post is a pensioner irrespective of their previous experience the right person for the job

    • whatever says:

      Wow, ageist much?

      • js says:

        realist much

        Bermuda is paying the man money it doesn’t have with the hope that he can produce a miracle

        anywhere in the world a person’s age will be a consideration

        I hope in their due diligence they requested a standard executive physical otherwise they will be derelict in their duty if in 12 months time the stress got to him

        • whatever says:

          Actually, most countries (including Bermuda) have human rights legislation that protects people from being discriminated against on the basis of age. Many world leaders, CEOs, rock stars, popes, politicians etc have successful careers into their 70s and 80s. Do you want examples? There are many.

    • Cleancut says:

      Since the PLP will have no hope of winning an election for the next 15 years, Mr. Hanbury will have ample time to revitalize our tourism industry.

      • js says:

        so by your calculation that would make Mr. Hanbury 79 years old

        do you really think he’ll be around in 15 years

        money down the drain

      • frank says:

        the oba are only going to get one term

    • Pensioner? says:

      Two names of “pensioners” that you might have heard of. Hank Greenberg and Ernie Stempel.

      And if Hillary is elected President in 2016 she’ll be 69 when she takes office.

      • js says:

        you can have your Hilary at 69

        I’ll take my Barack at 46

  12. James Herald says:

    To all you PLP BS layabouts: Perhaps this guy will actually get something done unlike the PLP farting around moaning about race and doing absolutely nothing and blaming Whitey for everything!

    Face it, what did you lot do? Faith tourism – HA see how that turned out.

    • Terry says:

      With respect, what the hell is he going to do tha Government has not done in the past 20+ years.
      KFC anyone.

      • James Herald says:

        Terry: Like you, I need a rum! The PLPathetic did nothing but line their pockets and you know it! Faith tourism indeed! You name it bye!

      • tjp says:

        learn to spell. what are you saying

    • Kangoocar says:

      Ah yes, the ” faith tourism guy??” The plp answer to all our tourism problems??? For once can the plper’s sit back and watch how it is really done and enjoy the results without bringing race into the equation??? We have a man now hired by a responsible government who happens to have an excellent track record !! If he can’t turn tourism around, I am totally confident no Bermudian can!! Can we please get past this race BS and do the right thing for a change???

      • James Herald says:

        Kangaroocar: And you think race won’t come into it huh. PLPathetic will be all over it cuz this guy is Lillywhite! They can’t see it no uther way jess Bleck un Vite!

        • Kangoocar says:

          @james, exactly what I was getting at the top of this thread, it really is sickening that in 2014, we are still dealing with this shallow thinking???

      • Portia says:

        Kangoocar, if no Bermudian is intelligent or competent enough to do this job, then how can a Bermudian be trusted to delegate the task to an outsider, and chose the right person who CAN do the job?

        • Kangoocar says:

          Portia, with all due respect, I as an owner of a very successful business that I and my American wife started from nothing, have run into a few jobs over the years that we had to reach out overseas for the answers and occasional brought them here to rectify the problem to keep our customers happy. My wife who again I will remind you is an American has more knowledge than any Bermudian by a far shot in our line of work and if it was above what we could we did what ever we had to, too complete the job!! Bermudians need to understand that we sometimes have to reach out to the very best to get the results we need!! Believe me when I say that, I hope in time a Bermudian is trained to replace him but right now we are in deep do do, and can only hope a man of this guys credentials will put us on the right path which will mean many Bermudians are put back to work!! That is all I am really concerned about, hopefully you noticed. I said my business is successful, that is a direct result of my American wife’s knowledge and be because of that we feed 5 Bermudian families!!

          • sage says:

            Your wife “has more knowledge than any Bermudian”? Prove it. She must have some smarts, because judging by the crap you post you probably only contribute financially, no wonder she needs foreigners. She clearly wears the pants. ” we feed five Bermudian families”, what an ego, you employ 5 people who I guess WORK for their money and in turn feed their families and largely provide for yours with the profit you make off their backs.

            • Kangoocar says:

              Sage, when it comes to my wife, the success of my business proves it!!! Also please do not let your jealousy of someone that actually took a chance in life and because of hard work became successful cause you to say nasty things!! Lastly yes my employees do make me a profit, THAT IS WHY I HAVE THEM!!!! If I was not making a profit they would be out of a job!! I always love how the socialist thinking people expect a job but forget the fact that we are the ones that created the JOB for the workers!!!

              • sage says:

                Where’s the proof? Your post? I’m not the one saying nasty things, dissing an entire population, and how can someone be jealous of unsubstantiated claims? Social minded people are aware that a business relies upon cooperation to thrive, ego maniacal, elitists like yourself believe they are “creators” and more important than the workers, without whom you would have no business.

      • Moving Forward says:

        For the record, Faith Tourism is a viable niche market that has proven beneficial to several of our competing destinations and still holds much promise for Bermuda. It, like any other niche is a part of the solution not the be all end all. We were so busy criticizing the person chosen to lead and focusing on his shortcomings, that we failed to seize an opportunity to further develop in this area.

        With a leader of the calibre of Mr. Hanbury we should be seeing a variety of approaches that will capitalize on the many different aspects of life in Bermuda that will interest the world, ADHT included. His expertise in developing staff and effectively motivating them to produce is much needed and should prove to be an asset to Bermuda.

  13. Vote for Me says:

    First – I am surprised that the Tourism Authority could not find a Bermudian to ‘sell Bermuda’.

    Second – given all that Dodwell has doe to ‘set the course’ for the TA, what happens if Hanbury thinks an entirely different course is preferred?

    Third – is there at least a Bermudian understudy for the post? ^$ is younger than it used to be, but what is the succession plan?

    Fourth – do we know how much his total compensation is? A recently left CEO was paid handsomely from the Bermuda purse and it is only now being revealed that they did not do such a great job.

    Fifth – Dodwell has effectively set the course of the TA and he is an experienced Bermudian. Do we not have anyone of the caliber of Dodwell in our midst?

    • Understudy says:

      Did you bother reading the article? It said in so many words that

      “In the long term, we will be looking for a Bermudian successor …”

      In the meantime the Island needs someone that can hit the ground running. Not someone that’s at the beginning of a very steep learning curve.

  14. somuchless says:

    Gee. I knew this is what would happen. Anyway what they should do is put this guy on a contract and while he’s on island he could train someone local to take over at some point.

    O wait that’s too hard. Gee.

    • Ladybug says:

      That would be easy if those kinds of skills could be sharpened and brought out of a person – but unfortunately he’s not a accountant, actuary or a teacher. This man has the intelligence, knowledge and capability that can’t just be “trained” to a local. He has years of experience! If there was a local as successful as Mr. Hanbury and they wanted to take on this role then we would be having other discussions which I imagine from the notion of this thread would be racist or about political parties….

      Nothing will ever be done right in everyone’s eyes, PLP or OBA…..

    • Understudy says:

      Did you bother reading the article?

      “In the long term, we will be looking for a Bermudian successor …”

      But in the short term we need someone that can hit the ground running – not someone that is faced with a (very) steep learning curve.

  15. All we need is love! la la la la says:

    Congrats! Mr. Hanbury, you are non Bermudian and I am Bermudian, female age 57 (age is just a number right?) I would like to be an ambassador for Bermuda. How about a position in St. George’s area? Sounds great to me. Didn’t my vote count there OBA???

  16. Terry says:

    I know two ex premiers that would fit in very well.
    They are good at selling.

    • Selling - without a doubt says:

      They’re very good at selling a complete line of ——

  17. Triangle Drifter says:

    I hope Mr Hanbury was warned of the negativity he would be getting from the PLP brigade before he even goes into office. Not surprising. We have an organised group of whiners whose mission is to complain about any & everything the OBA does, directly & indirectly.

    It must be discouraging to see this before he even gets started.

    • Cleancut says:

      Don’t worry he has been well briefed about the bitter PLP party that had to be defused.

  18. find d truth says:

    Useless skills. Dc is nothin like bermuda. . Mite as well sell the island.

  19. Sad says:

    Pretty impressive resume.

    Now let’s turn that experience into tourists on the ground!

    Good luck sir. You will need it, and thick skin, in this island, trust me.

  20. fuelish says:

    U ppl forgetting the cronyism under the thuggish hue,proactv,…and end the biggest debt in history…the OBA is on track with Mr Hanbury

  21. glad4u says:

    Mr Hanbury…welcome to Bermuda.

  22. shutthemdown says:

    Wow you ppl are stupid.

    There is nothing wong with Bermuda Tourism that can be fixed by any man. The problem is and will always be that we are a cold and damp place in the winter, no man can fix this.

    Tourists do not want cold and damp and there is nothing this guy or the oba can do about this.

    If it was hot year round we would be full of tourist and it is as simple as that.

    You can say what you want but after this fails you will open your eyes to this reality.

    but then again you are blind to your savior in the oba

    • Kangoocar says:

      @shutthemdown, WRONG!!! My daughter and her American boyfriend from New Jersey left here yesterday, he wore shorts all week!! We need to try and understand what they think as opposed to What we THINK!!!!!

      • Mazumbo says:

        Did they stay at a hotel and catch a taxi for transportation because the prices here cant compete with our cousins to the South of us.

      • shutthemdown says:

        Your daughter and her boyfriend represent the same visitors we have always had in the winter.

        Pls wake up. what the majority of visitors want is sunshine. This is not the 1940′s when Bermuda was only of only a few choices for the winter.

        We are not a winter destination. plain and simple

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      There was a time when our season was much longer. The weather has not changed. The most miserable months are Jan, Feb & part of Mar. The worst of our problems are generated right here. Our attitudes towards service & our value for money are our own worst enemys.

      We need to take the attitude of becoming a team. Nobody goes anywhere just to stay at a hotel to eat & sleep. They travel for the attractions outside of the accomodations whether these attractions be a beach, shopping or a tour of some sort all the way to the last person who checks the boarding pass & asks them to come again.

  23. joseph says:

    Bermuda needs a quick turn around, but before any work can be done, the CEO needs to learn the island 1st…..SMH.

    In addition, he is old! So dont expect any new fresh ideas. As usual, the Bermudians will do ALL the work and and make yet another foreigner look good.

    Thanks Dodwell

  24. Sat Dish says:

    good, anything to get us going FORWARD not backward as the plp did.

  25. Paul Revere says:

    @ Terry
    You ppl must really LOVE Doc Brown. Every chance you get you want to make mention of him.

    One thing you can’t deny is that he made a lot of White People money.
    There wasn’t too many front street boys complaining about that.

  26. All we need is love! la la la la says:

    Sad, be happy… To: Mr. Hanbury too,

    Bermuda is an Island far at sea
    Don’t try the map, trust me
    Look for area code 441
    Come to the Island for some RUM, SUN & FUN!!!

  27. Stop Complainnig For 1 Sec says:

    I would be interested to know, had he heard about Bermuda prior and has he ever visited Bermuda prior?

    Just wondering……

    Things that make you say hmmm………………

  28. more than enough says:

    i think mr hanbury should have extensive, first hand knowledge on legalized marijuana.. and the way that america may view us getting involved in marijuana tourism, and medical marijuana tourism.
    personally, i think this is a viable option, and with 51% of americans supporting legalization(our closest neighbors, customers,and business partners, btw)even the president said that marijuana, is no more dangerous, than alcohol and cigarettes.
    i would like to add that marijuana is, in fact, far less dangerous, than both of these legal substances.
    it would be interesting, to get his perspective on this

  29. Fred says:

    Bermudas Tourism needs to be build from the bottom up not from the top down.Bermudas beauty and its people are enough to satisfy the need of todays tourist.Just make it more affortable you are to expensive.
    Mr. Hanbury last job ( United Way ) was with a charity organisation ??

  30. MA$E says:

    another baby boomer …. Zero millennials around the table.

    How exactly is someone who will qualify for social security in 5 years going to lead us into the next 25 ?

    the TA structure make sense but this is 20th century problem solving for 21st century problems.

    I wish him luck.

  31. Concerned Smiths says:

    The PLP continues to lack leadership!

    I’m so ashamed of the new PLP’ers! Please focus us Bermudians on EDUCATION. The lack of education is the sole reason Bermudians will be displaced. It is the sole reason why so many of us are so misinformed; and it’s the main reason we don’t like to change!

    The old PLP knew this, the new PLP’ers are too busy ******* *** . As long as the current level of education performance continues, we should expect very little improvement in obtaining jobs et al!

    Get on the education trail, or else don’t complain when more qualified people fill jobs here!

    This is the 21st Century – globalization is here!


    • Portia says:

      Smiths, may I ask, what plans the current Government has to improve education in Bermuda? Or should we be concerned about the recent changes and the fact that this essential portfolio no longer has the full attention of the minister?

      As for “more qualified” people filling jobs here, the truth is that too often, there is a false perception that Bermudians cannot do the job as well as a foreigner. At my own job, I have seen two foreign managers hired recently, and in both cases, the jobs were not offered to very qualified Bermudians, some who have 15+ years of experience in the industry, plus certifications. It’s pathetic, really, watching the Bermudians train their bosses, showing them the ins and outs, who have no clue how things work here.

      But hey, that’s globalization right?

  32. Former Nothing says:

    Did Bullie Griffith and Flip Flop Furbert apply? Bermudians for Bermuda I say

    Good luck mr gentleman hope you like cod fish and potato

  33. somuchless says:

    Does this man even know where front street is or will a local have to point him in the way?

  34. Let's Make It Work!! says:

    This gentleman seems to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table leading multiple destinations including Hilton Head, South Carolina. Hoping Bermudians will quickly take advantage of this opportunity to learn from a Master. Let’s try not to politicize this appointment and move forward with a positive outlook.

    To my fellow PLP supporters, let us not be guilty of the same malicious tactics that were used to derail any attempts to move Tourism forward while the PLP was governing. Our future depends on our ability to forgive the past and plan for the future.

    Welcome aboard Mr. Hanbury!!

    • Rumforbreakfast says:

      Let’s make it work – congrats on your post, unspoiled by bias or petty name calling. We need to recognise that our government is making decisions that they believe to be in our best interests and stand together, if we truly love Bermuda. I think we do need some different thinking with tourism – our amazing island is not getting the attention it deserves. Hopefully the BTA will be the fix, although we all have to recognise our part in being hospitable and friendly.

      I don’t know why everyone has so much hatred in their heart, but let it go! The PLP had their challenges, and so do the OBA. The PLP has some great representatives, and so does the OBA. It was time for change, so let’s all give it a go for the next few years, and if we don’t like them at the end of that, we simply vote them out.

  35. Jay Maloy says:

    Who cares about the ridiculous things PLP supporters believe. They sure as hell didn’t care what anyone else thought and they even voiced that opinion numerous times. (David Burch: “We don’t care what you think”) They had two decades to make Bermuda better place and they managed to fool a lot of black people into thinking that they do everything in their interest.

    When they go into power they had a starting surplus of a quarter million dollars and by the time they left they had a tiny country with a population of 60,000 people owing over a billion. Usually when you spend that kind of money you can see what the money was spent on by looking around and seeing all the new amenities but there’s nothing to account for that kind of money so they have to blame the world economy for their frivolous expenditure.

    PLP you had a very long chance to make things better and you squandered that time. So don’t complain about things that you could have done while you were in power now that you aren’t.

  36. Rockfish#1and#2 says:

    There is no mention of what this man’s compensation is. Why?

    Will the taxpayer continue to pay Crockwell his high salary for what is essentially a part time job?

  37. Kindley says:

    I hope Mr. Hanbury does not read these posts. Why be so negative….think of the beautiful island of Bermuda. So he is not Bermudian, as the announcement said he will not be there forever. It is a good opportunity for a Bermudian to work with him and the department with the hope of taking over when Mr. Hanbury leaves. Let’s just hope that he will make a big difference for Bermuda. So turn your frowns upside down and try to be supportive of the government today.

    I, for one, hope that he will be a very positive asset to Bermuda.

  38. One Comment says:

    Mr. Hanbury’s CV in the article and also when researched online shows he retired in September 2013 to as he said “……….Spend time in his home in NYC and read more books and spend time with family etc…..” his CV shows significant depth in the convention business and attracting business groups to DC to use the city’s convention business.

    On balance, since he has no experience with Island economies, cruise ship visitors or casinos then this means the future of our Tourism is in attracting convention business, hopefully as one of the 3 or 4 different key “Tourist Markets” that we will need to rely on in the future, so diversification would mean:

    - Convention Business
    - Summer travellers (Cruise ships and by air)
    - The Gaming/Casino proposition (which Minister Crockwell et al are also investigating)

    My Hanbury is clearly an asset to Bermuda but should have been hired as head of the Convention Proposition, not Head of the Tourism Authority at age 64 when all his contacts and experience is in ONLY ONE of the revenue lines that Bermuda needs to tap into and grow.

    Sorry, just One Comment from someone who isn’t qualified to do all of that there!

  39. more than enough says:

    this mans ‘financial compensation’ for his role must be so outrageously large and generous, that it is not to be spoken of.
    his claims of fixing a 30 year failure in 6 months is also outrageous, unless he is in fact, going to push for legalizing herb.
    and is he aware that dodwel was the head ‘tourism guy’ that spearheaded a failed campaign in the past? and by the way, what is his ‘financial compensation’ (can’t say wage for these guys) or this a secret too?