Roban: “Time For OBA To Drop The Illusion”

January 17, 2014

[Opinion column written by Walter Roban]

The OBA has displayed a pattern of behaviour that should be very disturbing to Bermudians.

The assurances by Minister Fahy that the OBA cash for passports scheme is “not a done deal,” should provide little comfort to those who have figured out that the OBA’s version of inclusion of Bermudians in the process has historically been nothing but a sham.

Let’s look at the OBA record:

In October 2011, OBA Leader Craig Cannonier said, “The PLP deliberately distorted the OBA’s position on term limits. They said we would ‘end’ term limits instead of what we actually said, which was to ‘suspend’ them for a period of two years…”

In June 2012, Bob Richards said, “Lie Number 1: The PLP say the OBA’s policy is to end term limits. The OBA policy, as stated in our Budget Reply and other releases, is to suspend term limits for a period of two years pending a review for a policy that works better for Bermuda.”

In January 2013, the OBA broke their promise and scrapped term limits.

In August 2011, the OBA’s Patricia Gordon Pamplin said, “The OBA has already said that the issue of gaming should be put to a referendum preceded by a comprehensive education campaign. This would highlight the pros and cons of the proposal and enable the public to render the most informed decision.”

In December 2013 the OBA broke their promise and scrapped the gaming referendum.

The OBA’s Craig Cannonier and Michael Dunkley were both asked about the OBA plans regarding PRC status during a radio interview in March, 2012. Both denied any such plans were on the table.

How many times have the OBA claimed something wasn’t a “done deal,” and it was later revealed that they were not telling Bermudians the whole story?

The OBA’s pattern is to give Bermudians the illusion of inclusion in shaping the direction of the country when really the decisions are being made behind closed doors by who knows who, motivated by who knows what.

Bermudians need to be included in shaping the direction of our country, not lied to and not pushed to the sidelines. It’s time for the OBA to drop the illusions and start really including Bermudians.

- Walter Roban

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  1. Jus' Askin' says:

    “Promises keep FOOLS content”
    People did not vote OBA because of their promises. They voted OBA because they were Anti-PLP. Can we just go with everything OBA promised was a lie and move on please. OBA has proven and will continue to prove they do not care about middle and lower income Bermudians. They have their reasons for that ;-)

    • Lois Frederick says:

      Silly logic. The OBA care about all Bermudians. They are trying to literally save Bermuda’s economic future. Stop buying into the PLP propaganda machine.

      • Impressive says:

        wow..Do you believe in Santa Claus as well???

        • LOL (original TM*) says:


          In 2007 did vote? If so did you vote PLP?(this is none of my business) but if you did how did you feel about the Brown admin saying things like “doesn’t matter what it costs we will do” x in relation to 2007 election give aways, busses senors and students, colledge and all that just to adopt the UBP’s means tested approach or scrapping them altogether. Just curious before I can take you seriously.

          LOL ps after the election many PLPers I know stated they knew it was a lie just to get the vote and voted the way they did anyway.

          • Impressive says:

            Hi LOL,, Actually, that is one of my biggest gripes with the PLP in their time in power. Their policy of giving away every thing “free”, which seemed an attempt to garner votes from their voting base.. I didn’t support the idea then, and I think it was bad politics..

            As a business student. you can’t cut revenues at a time when expenses where increasing dramatically due to the oil prices at the time.. Especially when some of the things that they where giving away for free where directly related to the increase in oil prices. i.e. free bus and free ferry rides” It was politics to solidify their political base and I didn’t agree with it at the time.

            My comment which is filled with sarcasm above directly relates to Lois’s statement that OBA cares about “All” Bermudians.. Give me a break, she or he, can’t be that naive. Politics is a dirty game, and if she really thinks that many of these anti Bermudian initiatives support her illusion that the OBA cares about all Bermudians, than God help her..

            • Mike Hind says:

              Probably true.
              But, as I’ve said for years, it seems the difference between the PLP and the OBA and, before them, the UBP, is that the latter folks seem to get this one simple fact: the more money I have, the more money they can get from me.
              The PLP never quite got that.

              Sure the OBA might be looking to make things better for themselves. That’s what political parties do. But they, at least, seem to get that the more we all have, the more they and their lot can get.

              • Ole says:

                What a truly silly post..

                • Mike Hind says:

                  Why is it silly?

                  What part of what I said is incorrect?

                  Or are you just posting for the sake of it?

            • LOL (original TM*) says:

              OK misunderstood, personally I don’t trust politicans period. Think about it you and I work hard to raise money and possible not use public servies and they get to take all our money and spend it however they like. I’m just tired of being a slave to the job, governement and other bigger nations. You know what I mean.


    • Betty Trump says:

      WELL SAID MR. ROBAN, a good outline of the FALSE PROMISES…. KEEP WORKING OPPOSITION this is right on target…

      The OBA’s Craig Cannonier and Michael Dunkley were both asked about the OBA plans regarding PRC status during a radio interview in March, 2012. Both denied any such plans were on the table.

      How many times have the OBA claimed something wasn’t a “done deal,” and it was later revealed that they were not telling Bermudians the whole story?

      The OBA’s pattern is to give Bermudians the illusion of inclusion in shaping the direction of the country when really the decisions are being made behind closed doors by who knows who, motivated by who knows what.

      Bermudians need to be included in shaping the direction of our country, not lied to and not pushed to the sidelines. It’s time for the OBA to drop the illusions and start really including Bermudians.



      • Hmmm says:

        When did “should” become a promise to do something?????

        I should stop biting my nails.

        I should watch that TV show.

        It fits in with the could would might category, so Roban …you should read what you wrote, shouldn’t you, but you probably didn’t. YOU ARE WRONG Mr illusionist.

      • Mike Hind says:

        And we’re still waiting for an ounce of honesty from you, Betty.

        I’m guessing you won’t be waiting as long as we will.

  2. Navin Johnson says:

    Another in a long list of useless PLP blurbs….ho hum

    • Betty Trump says:

      Another in a long list of useless UBPoba promises in which they have OUTRIGHT LIED to the people of BErmuda, yet the DIEHARDBLINDFAITHFULNESS FANS DEFEND the INDEFENDABLE…REALLY

      In October 2011, OBA Leader Craig Cannonier said, “The PLP deliberately distorted the OBA’s position on term limits. They said we would ‘end’ term limits instead of what we actually said, which was to ‘suspend’ them for a period of two years…”

      How many times have the OBA claimed something wasn’t a “done deal,” and it was later revealed that they were not telling Bermudians the whole story? I know the truth EXPOSED is killing the diehard FANS so much…..oooh

      • JustAskin2 says:

        This is the old UBP, so it’s probably business as usual. If I remember correctly, the UBP acted like working class Bermuda had no teeth. Maybe the OBA has the same mentality.

        • Hmmm says:

          Anybody who works is working class and everybody has teeth or dentures. Stop being divisive

      • Silence Do Good says:

        I know Betty,

        Bring back Term Limits, No More PRC’s or Long Term Residence, waste money on a referendum that we all know the outcome. Legalize don’t legalize Marijuana. Don’t End Conscription. The blind OBA supporters keep backing their lying horses in this race to deceive Bermudians for some social experiment of who can really ruin Bermuda once and for all.

        Reminds me of a famous line “Sorry Bermuda we had to deceive you.” When I heard that I wanted my vote back and a new election call right away because I knew it was just lies after that and was truly not disappointed. What I did not expect was another brand of social experiment that sent foreign investment packing with my job. Now I am classified as underemployed.

        So what you are saying is trade one set of liars for another set of liars. When will these awful social experiments at my expense end. We tried one way of protectionism and exclusion let try throwing the doors open to every idea that puts me back to work. That’s who gets my vote from now on.

      • Blackjack21 says:

        Dear Betty, No one LIED or DECEIVED the PEOPLE of Bermuda more than your beloved plpBIU

    • Ole says:

      Navin – the PLP made a crap load of bad decisions , however that doesn’t justify equally deceptive behaviour by the OBA…

  3. Joonya says:

    As the OBA peels away at the PLP onion their approach made need to change. Being adaptable to change is one of the keys to success Walter. Stop whining and get back to your corner. And dont even open up the ‘illusion’ can of worms..please guy.. really?

    • Betty Trump says:

      Sounds like more like the diehards are whining, as they not willing to accept the truth, more so the FACTS….so your comment and others like it are expected. Especially those diehard fans that love to click like, regardless if it is right or wrong…this further exposes the HYPOCRTICAL Behaviours of the UBPoba bindfaithfulness followers….WELL SAID MR.ROBAN…your killing them softly….

      • Joonya says:

        Likewise. Your comment is expected also. Enjoy the rest of your day Betty.

  4. aceboy says:

    Woban, please keep quiet and let the OBA fix the problems you are your ilk caused.

    • JustAskin2 says:

      I don’t know whether they are fixing problems or prostituing Bermuda. Time will tell.

  5. Hmmm says:

    Sure sounds like Betty Trump

  6. 5 Star says:

    Their behavior pales in comparison to your administrations 14 years worth. Give it up (my opinion(

    • watching says:

      You do realize that within those 14 years Bermuda had unprecedented financial and economic growth? So cut the crap about 14 years of this and that.

      • Lois Frederick says:

        It all went downhill with the dynamic duo of EB & PC who between them couldn’t keep control of the Government purse. Before them the PLP was financially conservative. The combination of the World Economic recession and their lack of prudent financial management, before and after, put Bermuda where it is right now. How sad.

      • Sandgrownan says: spending we could ill afford. Short term populist politics at it’s worst..see the PPP/PFI hospital as a classic example.

        Adults are in charge now, not. Bud and his merry band of idiots.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        People who love to harp on about the 14 years of unprecedented growth (when it was only about 4 years of the PLP’s term) don’t seem to understand or remember that the PLP inherited an economic runaway train. The economy sustained itself for as long as it did *inspite of* the PLP , not because of it .

        Once all the IB CEOs started paying attention and began hearing and understanding the anti foreigner (anti white) rhetoric , that was it !

        • moms says:

          international business is subjected to racial, cultural, religious and all types of resistance the little voices in Bermuda hardly matter to the bigger Global picture, international business profits because of the ignorance of groups of people who dont realize that they are being taken advantage of by them who really have no right to make demands and offer very little in return, ok right now politically it looks like they were holding the company up but lets dig a little deeper, one sided left brain thinking is not the only thought waves in existence nor should it have been allowed to be for so long, but Walter puts it right, people are under an illusion of inclusion which the Premier is finding out now since the governor usurped his decision for the DPP…hmmm And since all the foreigners have been in Bermuda it has not improved anything for BErmudians take Jamaica for example, cant go down there and exclude them, they are working in their country before any foreigner regardless how many pesos you have.. you cannot just go in anyones country and tell them that its better to have foreign labour to do what you can do simple because i say so” ahh but yes it happens here in Bda it truly is another world Nop other country would allow foreigners to be before or above them WAKE UP BERMUDA!!WE are being taken over by aliens!!!

          • Hmmm says:

            WOW you took a swipe at International business… They do tonnes for Bermuda…You have got to be kidding me.

            The race weekends, sporting events sponsoships, arts sponsorships, charitiable donations, work, time, training, scholarships in incredible in Dollar terms !
            The opportunities they provide for Bermuda are incredible. the Bermuda economy relies on the dollars they bring in…

            Are they affected by the vile race baiting and hatred spewed by the PLP. Yes they are…Political, economic and social risk is a factor in any boardroom.

            Are you a joke merchant or just brainwashed by the PLP propaganda ??? Opportunit exist…ask yourself, why did you not take it ?

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Well now, if times were so good under the PLP, where did all of this crippling debt come from? Seems to me if times were so good that whatever debt there was should have been paid off & some extra put into the Sinking Fund for insurance against tough times in the fiture.

        Breath will not be held waiting for an explanation.

        • JustAskin2 says:

          A recession?

          • Just Telling says:

            A recession doesn’t cause the Government to raise expenditure by 74% while only increasing revenues by 29% between 2004 and 2012. It should be noted that due to this poor financial management that BDA’s deficit increased from $15mn to $34mn over the same time period which equates to a 2,300% increase in less than a decade. So as you can see the overspending occurred prior to the recession and continued after the fact.

            In a recession it is a general rule not to increase taxes on the population as it reduces consumer spending even further which only prolongs the recession. So in 2010 when Ms. Cox and Co. claimed that the “recession” was nearing an end they agreed to raise both payroll taxes and foreign currency purchase taxes makign BDA that much more expensive to live. Yet you guys cheered teh move as revolutionary despite the fact that it drove away business from the island. This is easily identifiable via the fact that the same Government reduced the payroll tax one year later after seeing the damaging effects of their actions. Lets not forget the raising of duty taxes over the same period.

            And then there are the aggressive policies that were aimed at our ONE economic pillar despite the fact that the Government hadn’t given any thought as yo how they would make up this lost revenue once the IB sector started to dwindle.

            The recession did not cause the hundreds of millions in in so called ‘overruns’ that occurred in the vast majority of capital projects undertaken by the previous regime. Just imagine what that $40/$50mn, that was used to build the failed Grand Atlantic condos, could be used for now.

            The recession didn’t cause the pork barrel politics that resulted in the former Govt swelling the size of the taxpayer funded CS while the private sector was decreasing at an alarming rate.

            I could continue,but what’s the point? Your recession finger pointing is simplistic and misguided at best.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Please explain what the PLP left us with if the growth was so good? In other words what do we have to show for it now?

        LOL what excatly are you watching anyway cause it does not seem to be Bermuda. lol

      • inna says:

        and it is thinking like this that we are in the situation we currently find ourselves in!

      • Dontworryboutathing says:

        And because they had such good years of financial growth, they should of put some money away for times like these. Instead they spent it all like drunken sailors.
        I am sure non of the current and former PLP MP’s are suffering.

  7. bluebird says:

    and Mr Robain what is your “PROMISE” ……..MORE DEBT…………
    you did not mention how we are going to pay for all the “DEBT THE PLP incurred
    $300(M)illion in borrowing every year to pay the likes of you
    $120(M)illion in interest every year that you have borrowed
    $420(M)illion per year plus the $750(M)illion payroll for you and the other 7,999.
    Now those two together would be $1170(M)illion or $1.179(B)ILLION.

    • moms says:

      just for the record the U.S.A is in more than ten TRILLION dollars debt, India is also in TRILLIONS aof dollars debt as well as japan,france,germany,italy U.K.,Canada,Russia,Argentina,Zimbabwe are in the Billions when it comes to debt and that is hundreds of Billions so it looks like when PLP announced we were ggoing global, we followed suit because that was how the economy was going , everyone in perpetual debt to each other . And guess who’s bright ideas it was and still is today, PLP had very little to do with what was happening globally because they are not the ones responsible for the global financial disaster that bankers are finding themselves in now, ..owning more unwanted property , and seeking to constantly pay off debts! Are ayou really suggesting that the opposition PLP are responsible, if so than only they can fix it me guesses..

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Epic Fail in ever line in this reponse you did not just compair countries to Bermuda that have multible industies, multible resourese and a massive tax base did you. WOW you are lost.


  8. Mike Hind says:

    And Bud knows ALL about lying, that’s for sure…

    The hypocrisy would be laughable, if it wasn’t so terrifying.

    • watching says:


      Why the personal attacks? Why not deal with the content of the article?

      Did the OBA not change their stance on term limits?
      Did the OBA not change their stance on a referendum?

      • spot2 says:

        Yes, and nobody cares because a) Term Limits was a bad idea from the start and b) we can’t afford the time nor the cost of a referendum. Get it now?

        • watching says:

          So why didnt they say what their intentions would be from the start? Why the change up?

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            As far as term limits its a non starter way because the PLP had the stats on term limits already knew it wasn’t work for it’s intended purpose. Once the OBA saw the same stats why spen 2 years thinking about a failed policy when much more pressing issues need to be addressed. I conceed I think the gaming thing should be decided by the people but could that have not been tied to the election as a seprate question on the balot? Tick who you vote for and then tick yes or no to the question of gaming. Simple if the PLP supported gaming as much as they say then why did they not put it on the balot?

            LOL or did they want the OBA to get introuble with the church group? Which then enforces the thought that the PPLP would have undermined the vote on gaming not like it hasn’t happened before right.

          • inna says:

            is that ALL you are concerned about? not the fact that the policy was ill thought out to begin with and not only hindered jobs from being created but probably was a large contributor to the financial situation we are in right now! you sound just like Roban, complaining just to be heard!

        • JustAskin2 says:

          Untrue. If there is a referendum that the OBA was sure would give them political points, be assured that we would have one.

        • Ole says:

          wrong ..many, many people care…

      • Mike Hind says:

        Pointing out that Bud has a history of lying to the public isn’t a personal attack. It’s a statement of fact.
        I was speaking to his expertise and experience on the subject.

        And yes, the OBA did change their stance, when they saw better opportunities, in their opinion. It’s called “leading”. It’s what Governments do. The OBA did it, the PLP did it, the UBP did it… It’s not a new thing.

        Neither is pretending to be outraged to score political points…

        • MY MY says:

          Definately agree with you here, but since all three of those governments did in fact change their stance, why was there a much larger outcry from the public when the PLP did it versus the UBP and the OBA?

    • Sign Up says:

      Mike, you may be right. Hypocrisy at its finest. But rather than simply attacking someones credibility, why not address the actual points raised?

      It’s so much easier to just call someone a liar and dismiss their statement. Unfortunately, that’s all I ever seem to read on this site from the usuals. Attacks of character.

      Yes, I get it! PLP screwed up. 14 years worth. But does that fact in itself give the OBA a free pass on any and every decision they make? Or is it simply just a case that this site is being overrun by fanatical political “fanboys” who care less about the issues themselves, and more about who’s team is winning.

      Just a thought.

      • Mike Hind says:

        There’s no might about it.

        But thank you for the finger wagging… Doing exactly what you are accusing me of doing.

        Well done. Don’t address the issue, just tut-tut someone for… You know… Not addressing the issue.

        And I’m not a fanboy. I just don’t like hypocritical nonsense like Bud denouncing someone for lying. It’s ridiculous.

      • Mike Hind says:

        And I’m not giving the OBA a pass on everything they do. I just haven’t seen anything here bad enough to get outraged about. When I have, I’ve spoken up.

        It’ snot a case of ‘fanboys’, it’s a case of one side making stuff up every single time the Government does anything, flailing their hands and howling at the moon about what a disaster everything is, and the other side going “uh. What? Are you serious?” (They aren’t of course), and then side A goes on the attack with more outrage and nonsense.
        It’ style same old thing, every time.

        • Sign Up says:

          @Mike. Ok, fair enough. You don’t see these decisions as being bad enough to get outraged. That’s your opinion and I respect that.

          So answer me this. What’s with the compulsive need to come on this site, read what Roban said, then post a comment about his character? Not open discussion about what he said, just the fact that he’s a hypocrite.

          I’d much rather read your opinion on the matter. I’m interested in what fellow Bermudians think. And if need be, respectful honest debate about those issues.

          I singled you out because for the most part your comments are at the very least worth reading. Not that weak sauce you posted earlier.

          • Mike Hind says:

            It’s not a compulsive need, any more than your finger wagging is a compulsive need. That’s you mischaracterizing the situation. For what reason, I don’t know.

            And I’ve addressed his “points”, such as they are.
            Odd that you haven’t. Speaking of weak sauce.

            The reason I didn’t before is… well… they’re not really points. They’re just political faux outrage and, as such, should be mocked, ridiculed and dismissed.

            You agree that for Bud to post about anyone dropping the illusion is, and I quote, “Hypocrisy at it’s finest”, yet continue to chastise me and misrepresent me as having a “compulsive need”, for not addressing his point… even after I did just that.

            I wonder why…

            • Sign Up says:

              You claim that what Roban has said is nothing more than just political faux outrage. I can’t see how you could feel this way, considering he was simply quoting things actually said prior to the election, and what has transpired since.

              He’s saying that OBA’s word can’t be trusted and that ultimately they will do what they want regardless of what was previously said or promised.

              I agree with the message he is sending. But I take it one step further. I don’t trust any politicians word. They say what’s needed to be said to gain trust. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

              I don’t need Roban to highlight things for me to feel this way. I’m not some mindless “fanboy” who uses the internet to discredit rival political party members in an attempt to gain points for my party. I’m not so naïve to the ways of this world. I take each topic for what it is and form an opinion. Regardless of what color the person speaking on the topic is wearing.

              • Mike Hind says:

                Just a quick question: Are you accusing me of being a “fanboy”?

                You seem to be projecting a whole lot of stuff onto me in your posts.

                As for your first two sentences, it’s very simple.
                Look at his history of faux outrage.
                That’s how I can feel this way.

                The rest of it? Just more weird thinly veiled accusations and fingerwagging. It’s really weird how you are chastising me for ignoring content – when I didn’t – and yet, you seem to be ignoring what I’m writing.

                Not sure what the game is.

                • Sign Up says:

                  No game mate. And yes, I do feel that you are a fanboy. Look up the definition and then I can compile all of your comments over the last 6 months. We can see if my opinion of you is justified.

                  If you can highlight comments to prove otherwise, I will humbly apologize for the mischaracterization.

                  • Mike Hind says:

                    So you warn me to prove a negative.
                    Well done.

                    The vast majority of my posts over the last six months have been calls for integrity and honesty and for people to back up their claims.
                    If that makes me an OBA “fanboy”, then that says a heck of a lot more about your party than it does about me.
                    And let’s not play the silly denial game. You’re just another PLP demagogue hiding behind a pen name while trying to denounce me and paint me in a negative light.
                    Try honesty. It works better.

                    • Sign Up says:

                      What a laugh. You can’t be serious? I call you a fanboy and you respond by calling me a PLP demagogue. Come on Mike. It’s like you’re reading the fanboy handbook as you’re writing these comments.

                      I was waiting for you to finally label me as a PLP something or other, simply because I called you out.

                      Check the archives mate. Once you’re done, show me where I’ve ever displayed any allegiance to a party. I’ll check you’re comments, you check mine. Then, we can talk.

                    • Mike Hind says:

                      I’ll say the same to you.
                      Show me where I’ve shown allegience to the OBA.

                      I don’t have to check your comments.
                      Your behaviour makes it obvious.

                      You’ve made up stuff, whole cloth, made false accusations about me, chastised me for not addressing the point of the topic, when I have, all the while not actually addressing the point of the topic, or what I said.

                      In short, you’re projecting your own behaiour onto me, while pushing a false image of me in an attempt to portray my motivations as those of a party faithful, something which is – if you do the research you are saying you will – completely and utterly false.

                      Again. Try honesty. It works better.

                      As for the archives? I don’t care about what you have posted in the past. I don’t care about you in the slighest.
                      I’m simply defending myself against the ridiculous and false claims that you are making right now. Which you have not – and cannot – back up.

                      You’re ridiculous and your entire argument is falling apart.

                  • Mike Hind says:

                    Actually, please do compile all my comments over the last six months. They will, in fact, prove definitively that your opinion of me is nothing more than another pathetic attempt to smear me.

                    Go ahead. Prove yourself right.

                    Back up your claim.

                    I doubt you will, though, as you know, deep down, that you’re just throwing mud and hoping it’ll stick.

  9. Bermyman says:

    Bermuda is the size of a small town with the economy of a mid sized International company. We have a gross disproportionate amount of representation in parliament already. We cannot be knit picking over decisions that elected officials should be making and they should be making them hastily as we continue to rack up interest on our debt and the economy sinks further. The opposition can paint any picture they want, but intelligent people in power are elected to rule, not facilitate some sore of overly socialist democratic process where we expect the majority of the voting population to vote on every decision. The administration, the cost and the time it would take for referendum to happen would be significant enough that the OBA would have little to no time to implement change- this is exactly what the PLP want.

    If you have an issue, go to your MP, we have an MP for roughly every 1,666 people in Bermuda.- That is more representation than you will find anywhere else in the western world.

  10. watching says:

    Well said Roban.

    The OBA have governed totally different than they campaigned. A total disappointment and disaster.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      What’s a disaster?

      • Mike Hind says:

        Nothing. Demagogue like “watching” just like to make stuff up and try to pass it off as truth.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      But you didn’t even vote for the OBA right? So how could you be disappointed. I am not disappointed and I did. Funny that.

    • frank says:

      as I see it the only way for this country to move forward is to remove party politrix simply elect 30 people to the house and get on with running the country

      • Lois Frederick says:

        Funny I don’t recall you calling for that last year.

    • Barracuda says:

      You should be like your avatar, watching and not speaking.

  11. Sandgrownan says:

    Ah Bud, yes I’d forgotten that psuedonym….lol

  12. Emotional Rescue says:

    I agree with Mr. Roban on the OBA’s political missteps.

    However I don’t understand why we elect people if each and every issue must be given the OK by the public. Isn’t that the point of elections?

    I mean the public had no say in the formation and implementation of the term limits policy, no input for when the payroll and foreign currency purchase taxes were raised in the middle of the recession, nor for the land licensing requirements that assisted in depressing the real estate market and values in Bermuda, the gifting of our land (for an extensive period of time) to a hotelier on South Shore which resulted in the shutting down of the hospitality school, the smuggling in of foreign nationals (in all fairness even the previous administration was caught off guard with that one, the stripping away of the Corporation vote for taxpayers and their main revenue source (which has since been returned) and the attempts to retain conscription via the fight all the way to the Privy Council with BAD. There are plenty more examples, but not enough space.

    No public input was sought as the ruling Party for any of these initiatives, because they believed they were voted in to make such decisions. I remember clearly when the then Opposition used to oppose ideas or suggest new ones the ruling Party would tell them to win an election in order for their views/suggestions to be put into place.

    In terms of ‘commercial immigration’ why doesn’t the Opposition and other detractors see what the Government would propose (i.e. requirements) before just blindly condemning such approaches. I, myself, cannot pass judgment on this issue until greater information is given to analyze.

    The abolishment of term limits and scrapping of the referendum are simply means to an end. And that end is to boost Government revenues which the Opposition has been crying out for since their time as Opposition to avoid the cutting of expenditures to rein in our ballooning deficit and by extension debt. But each and every attempt (i.e. Job Makers Act, the casino vote in the House, relaxing prohibitive policies to allow for greater foreign investment etc.) has all been lampooned and objected to by the Opposition while also vehemently being against any sort of Govt expenditure cuts.

    Having said that I agree with Mr. Roban that we should have more say and the best way to do this is to abolish the Westminster system altogether and return to more participatory democracy. All this system does is ensure that the supporter of the Government to blindly agree with all initiated policies while the Opposition will blindly disagree (i.e. commercial immigration opposition despite having no information to base their opinions on) with all initiatives being put forward.

  13. Lois Frederick says:

    It’s funny that the people complaining most about the OBA adapting as circumstances change are PLP supporter. OBA supporters on the other hand realise the Govt., in these very trying times, are making the best decisions for Bermuda even if that means breaking promises. The PLP are something of a one trick pony with their constant line about breaking promises and with any slight hint of an uptick in Bermuda’s economy you will hear it more and more trying to deflect attention away from any positive news. Politics.

  14. Take it Easy! says:

    Ya like Paula’s illusion that the recession is coming to an end and that was in 2012 we are in 2014! The PLP say this SAME s**t every week broken promises! How many “broken promises” did the PLP give the people of this country over the best 7-14 years shall i make a list for you Mr. Roban? Mr. Roban pick up your game!

  15. Impressive says:

    Alot of personal attacks here,, I hear so much from OBA supporters how the PLP Governed on a theme of “Hate” and propaganda, well, when I look at all these personal attacks, there is an feeling of intense hatred in response to the way that the oppositions points are disregarded and disrespected,, sad

    • Lois Frederick says:

      Comments on a blog are rather different thing than the attitude and actions of a former Government the PLP.

      • Impressive says:

        Lois,, please stop the nonsense,,, Hatred is hatred and is not a good thing regardless of who its coming from.. You seem to say some very subjective irrational nonsense most of the time…. Wrong is wrong and right is right, regardless of who it is,, even if its your beloved OBA party.. (the nonsense i read)

    • Mike Hind says:

      You must be glossing over the posts from PLP supporters. I wonder why that is.

      I don’t see anyone on the anti-PLP side making gross generalizations based on race. I don’t see anyone making disgusting false accusations about people based solely on their race. I don’t see outright lies about folks based on their race. I don’t see OBA representatives and supporters using racially hostile language.

      If that is happening, then please point it out. If it’s not, then your attempt at a comparison is ridiculous and can be dismissed.

    • JustAskin2 says:

      Yes, it’s pretty funny. I read these comments for entertainment.

    • JustAskin2 says:

      Yes it’s pretty funny. I read these comments for entertainment.

  16. Starting point says:

    PLP supporters suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

  17. Take it Easy! says:

    Ya like callin people red necks i suppose!

  18. tugboatannie says:

    Time for you to get lost and take the rest of your party with……………

  19. Bermaud Boy says:

    Roban GET CRACKIN, nobody wants to hear you.

  20. JustAskin2 says:

    Well wasn’t that the old UBP way? Why should things be different now?

  21. Betty Trump says:


    The regular "Paid UBPoba BLOGGERS" write anything just to justified the Position of the UBPoba government, right or wrong.

    UBPoba Bloggers are not interested in FACTS or the TRANSPARENCY OR HONESTY of the government.

    They are also not interested in holding the government of the day ACCOUNTABLE.

    This is blindfaithfulness UBPoba loyalist followers whom show their true HYPOCRITICAL BEHAVIOURS EACH DAY. These folks are known as JOonya, Mike Hinds, Lois Frederick, Sandgrownman, LOL, bluebird, Triangle Drifter, 5 Star and the silence ones whom press the Click switch. Same folks writing each day, distasteful comments and seldom addressing the REAL ISSUES for discussion. Their only objective is to Attack the PLP members. Folks can see the desperation in these individuals, as the Opposition strongly continue to address the issues Bermuda is faced with daily. The Opposition are strongly holding the government Accountable, which is what they are supposed to do, but this is killing the paid Bloggers.

    This approach by this group tells us one thing….the OPPOSITION are SPOT on with holding the government ACCOUNTABLE !!

    Well done Opposition, keep working on behalf of the people of Bermuda.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Do you have this on macros, just slapping your fingers down on keys, hoping that the sentences flow together?

      The entirety of your post here is just bizarre, spittle-flecked ranting, with the usual false accusations and outright lies, projecting your own motivations and actions onto everyone else.

      It’s nonsense. Complete, untrue nonsense.

    • NOT PAID TO BLOG says:

      MAY we hold your party accountable??????????I would love to see some legal action to INVESTIGATE and assertion ACCOUNTABILITY by the plp

  22. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    and here is yet more scare tactics being tried by the useless plp.

  23. Paul says:

    mark Bean, please get rid of Roban…. he is a joke, and while you are at it do the same for your deputy.

  24. Well done OBA, keep working on behalf of the right thinking people of Bermuda!!

  25. Edmond Spenser says:

    Point 1. “The OBA policy, as stated in our Budget Reply and other releases, is to suspend term limits for a period of two years pending a review for a policy that works better for Bermuda.” OBA looked at the job at hand pre-election and estimated it would take 2 years to find a policy that worked better for Bermuda. What they found post-election was that the PLP had already done a study and much of the evidence had been gathered. Instead of needing 2 years to find something better, they only needed 6 months.

    Point 2. The PLP has been criticizing the time it took to get the referendum proposed, rightfully so. Criticizing the cost and criticizing the time it would take to debate and select a proper referendum question. The PLP suggestion, scrap the referendum, stop wasting time and get on with the counties business.

    So this opinion piece complains that the OBA is not incompetent (finished project in 6 months instead of two years) and you did what we asked you to. Does that pretty much cover it?

    • It's about time! says:

      VERY well put! This clown has been in “full on” election mode since the day the PLP lost governance. Get over it and get on with it already!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      But but that answer does not fit in the PLP playbook. Complain about everything. Even stuff that they ask for & get. There is no satisfying them so they might as well be ignored while the OBA gets on with cleaning up the manure pile that the PLP left behind.

  26. Malachi says:

    Mr. Roban, I would suggest you find a short pier, then take a long walk.

  27. BerCan says:

    How can you Walter Roban say anything when you resigned from position as Minister for Public Works for in your own words:

    “In recent days there has been heightened public criticism of my decisions as Minister of the Environment Planning and Infrastructure Strategy in two particular matters.”
    This has brought about questions of the Government’s integrity and accusations of corruption of which I deeply regret. It was and is not my intention to see any accusations of this nature continue on the PLP Government

    your a Joke !!

  28. Voter says:

    The PLP disturbed and ruined Bermuda for the poor and the working class!

  29. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Mr. Roban.

    Don’t you think that Bermuda and the people of this country would be better served if you would do you business on the House of Assembly floor.

    Instead, you appear to be wasting your time airing your laundry on the floor of public opinion.

    If were in your shoes I would do my absolute best to embrace the Peoples Government of the day an contribute what ever I could to the advancement of this country.