Photos: Coldwell Banker 2014 Home Show

February 22, 2014

The 12th Annual Coldwell Banker Home Show got underway yesterday [Feb 21] at CedarBridge Academy, and continues on today from 9:00am – 4:00pm. Crowds flocked to the trade exhibition which is designed to showcase local business services and provide the public with a “one-stop-shopping” experience for goods and services related to home ownership.

You can visit over 50 local businesses at the event, including Coldwell Banker Home Realty, Bermuda Air Conditioning, MoonGate Insurance Group, Intellihome & Office, Selectron Ltd, HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited, Bermuda Engineering Company Ltd, Bermuda Brickyard, Joshua Bate Trading Bermuda Ltd, B.S.&R. Group Ltd, Logic, Temperature Control & Plumbing Ltd, Butterfield Bank, Freisenbruch-Meyer Group, The Argus Group, Trott & Duncan Limited, Safestride, TeleBermuda, Custom Acoustics and many more. For more information visit

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  1. Whatsapp?????? says:

    Bernews what’s going on Whatsapp is not working World Wide…….messing with my social life at this point.

  2. Hurricane says:

    Probably something to do with it’s purchase by Facebook on Thursday or Friday for $19billion

  3. somuchless says:

    Who signed up to fix all the water drains today. I hope no ones house gets flooded.

  4. dafaq says:

    im swimming in my house. quick!!! call the men in blue!!!!

  5. JUNK YARD DOG says:


    After last nights rain I am not surprised to hear that the could be many homes and businesses with leaking roofs.

    Here are a few suggestions and I would invite your participation here.

    1) If you don’t know exactly how to repair a Bermuda stone slate roof
    do not a make any attempt to do the repairs your self or enlist the aid of any members of your family.

    2) Call an Experiences professional.

    3) There are several quick fix water plug/pasty products on the market
    which may be used , those type of applications would not be my choice.

    4) Q… What cause Our Bermuda slate roof to crack and leak ?

    A… Thunder will rattle windows shake a roof like a trampoline which may cause many cracks.

    A… The lumber that supports the slate expands and contracts similar to the squeaky stair case Bermuda Slate is very minutely flexible and can move with the lumber.

    A… Do not be fooled in to thinking that you may only have one crack when you may have several.

    A… The Secret Crack. every Bermuda slate roof has one or two.
    How can you expect a roof over a 2,000 sq foot house to stay in one piece.

    A .. ” Invisible crack”. You have had a crack in your roof for a year or so and you may wonder why water does not come through to you ceiling and Floor .
    A … Some home owners apply Clorox to a moldy roof the Clorox eats out the moss that has been accumulating in the crack eventually causing the rain water to comes in.

    Q … How do you relocate a crack after a rain storm and the roof is dry.
    A… Visual works, but if you have a “hair line” crack it is not so easy to find, plan “B” spray the suspected part of you roof with the garden hose, then have someone look for the drip with your eyes and ears. Be mind full that a crack may not be perpendicular to the Drip.

    A… Not all cracks are giant gaping Grand Canyon sized holes in the slate.

    A… Most roof cracks are very five and are able to let in large quantities of water.

    Now here is a grey area because this is about personal choice.

    The Bermuda Roof is the crowning glory of our Bermuda homes,
    personalty for many reasons I prefer a high pitched roof, lower pitched roofs need painting more ofter and have a greater tendency to crack, never the less don’t be fooled a high pitch roof will /may crack under the right conditions.

    It is my choice to repair roof cracks the old Bermuda way using cement sand and lime and wet old Bath towel over, to keep the repair from curing to fast.