Friday, Saturday: Coldwell Banker Home Show

February 18, 2015

Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty is getting set to host its 13th annual Coldwell Banker Home Show; the company has been hosting the Home Show since 2002 and said “each year it gets better and better.”

The event will take place on February 20 from 3.00pm through 8.00pm, and February 21 from 9.00am through 4.00pm at CedarBridge Academy.

The event website says, “Join Bermuda’s best businesses and community service groups for a display of their products and services, fun filled games, door prizes, food, and much more.

“This fantastic trade exhibition is designed to showcase local business services and provide the public with “one-stop-shopping” experience for goods and services related to home ownership.”

More than 50 local businesses are expected to take part, including:

  • MoonGate Insurance Group
  • Invisible Fence [Bermuda] Ltd.
  • Selectron Ltd.
  • HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited
  • BE Solar
  • Bermuda Brickyard
  • Joshua Bate Trading
  • B.S.&R. Group
  • Logic Communications Ltd.
  • BQS – Bate’s Quality Service
  • Butterfield
  • Freisenbruch-Meyer Group
  • The Argus Group
  • Bermuda Pest Control
  • Efficiency Limited
  • Alternative Energy Systems [Bermuda] Ltd. “AES”
  • Eminence Tile & Stone
  • The Studio Limited
  • Tim’s Pools Ltd.
  • Bermuda EZ Self-storage
  • BAC Group
  • Bermuda Gas
  • Jeffrey & Sons Ltd
  • Heritage Agency [Bermuda] Limited
  • Five Star Home Delivery Ltd.
  • ICF Construction Ltd.
  • Lifestyles Co. Ltd.
  • OBM Ltd.
  • BF&M Insurance
  • Treecon Limited
  • The Royal Gazette
  • Sharon Wilson Art Gallery
  • Department of Planning
  • The National Office for Senior & the Physically Challenged
  • Agility Ltd.
  • Encon
  • Coconut Rockets
  • BTC
  • TeleBermuda International Ltd.
  • VinylTech
  • Cox Hallett Wilkinson
  • Bermuda Rentals Ltd.
  • Exclusive Home
  • Furniture Flair
  • SCAR [Saving Children and Revealing Secrets]
  • The Irish Linen Shop
  • Brown & Co. and P-Tech
  • Safestride
  • GD Protection Systems Ltd.
  • Bermuda Business Development Agency
  • Custom Acoustics
  • Anslie’s Interior Decor
  • Positive Solutions
  • The Concrete Factory
  • Four Star Pizza
  • Smoking Barrel
  • Winky Dinky
  • Dandy Donuts
  • Bermuda Fudge Factory
  • Juice and Beans
  • CedarBridge Students

For more information on the 13th annual Coldwell Banker Home Show, visit the event website.

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  1. JUNK YARD DOG says:


    Buying a Real Estate is a very serious business and should not be taken lightly it is not the same as buying a washing machine or a lawn mower over the counter.

    What is fair market value, well, that depends on who is doing the valuing.

    Is it YOUR banker , YOUR insurance company , the fire department ,the estate executor ,the vendor, the estate agent or what the prudent man of business is willing to pay . It is all a matter of opinion.

    Every one in the loop will come up with different separate values for the land and the improvements .

    YOU are the most important link in the chain, YOU could be the one ending up with the white elephant, YOU had better know how to play the game and keep YOUR emotions out of the equation, this is Business .

    YOU need to go into the project with both eyes open after all, YOU are about to buy into the second hand real estate market.

    YOU should know that not all houses are the same quality or standard ,YOU need to know the difference.

    Each person or group will apply a different criteria to the project, some will use the tape measure, others will use the comparison method as it relates to similar real- estate, this system unfortunately does not work here in Bermuda because no two building or properties are alike, you have to know the difference between the Swan and the Vulture.

    Because Bermuda is our paradise YOU will be buying a little piece of heaven, so it does not matter where you buy ,BUT, do not be mistaken, LOCATION MATTERS for that has a dramatic effect on value as does the size of the land.

    What has the greater value ? A mansion in the city dump or a cottage in a nice garden, well ! that depends.

    YOUR AFFORDABILITY has a great bearing on what property YOU will end up with, now we are talking about YOUR money and borrowed mortgage money and YOUR relative carrying costs.

    Age, Insurance and taxes plus annual maintenance ,or lack of, need to be taken into consideration.

    Is the building run down or had a cosmetic flip job ?

    YOU, have to do all the numbers accounting for the HIT and sales commission , insurance costs, bank fees ,lawyer fees and Government stamp duty.

    Everyone get a piece of the pie.

    The recession and the down turn in our economy has not helped the market value of Bermuda real estate knowing WHEN and WHAT to buy is very important do you require a condo a cottage or an apartment building.

    There are houses out there where the owner has invested more money in, than they will ever get out.

    But before all this can happen YOU need to set a realistic goals for YOU and YOUR family.

    YOU are on your own !

  2. JUNK YARD DOG says:


    Caldwell Banker are certainly stepping up to the plate to encourage people to invest in a home and I would urge you to visit their presentation,you will learn a lot, at least you will come away much enriched. You can not loose.

    Home ownership especially in Bermuda is the life long goal of many people, however along with home ownership there comes responsibility and obligations.

    The word real estate means just that, VERY REAL ESTATE it is some thing you can touch and feel with out- stretched hands and loose in a minute.

    A car is for present delight alone and is not real estate.

    In Bermuda real estate is the one valuable investment that has kept us going all these years ,it is our gold mine.

    So what is it that make Bermuda real estate so valuable ? well! it is the same thing as what makes gold and diamonds so valuable “SHORTAGE” . The shortage of land which many people would love to own, is a question of supply and demand.

    There are some pit falls, allow me to guide you down the road to home ownership which can be a dream come true or a night mare of your own creation.

    There is no golden rule which will apply to everyone or every situation when choosing a home it is all about affordability today and in the future.

    Some of you will say it is harder today than it ever was , I have news for you, it was just as hard back them.

    There are hundreds of people today who own their own home, some through inheritance and some through their own Blood Sweat and Tears, they got out and built their own home the hard way they made the ultimate sacrifice, unfortunately the building boom is over caused by the shortage of desirable building land. That is another story.

    This is all about making conscious decisions knowing what will work today and most certainly will work for you and yours in the future.

    You need to ask yourself how much house do you want or how much house do you really need.

    Be honest with yourself.

    The want come from an endless supply of your money, the need comes from

    How much mortgage you can manage.
    How much house you want to paint in an out including the roof.
    How much house you want to clean.
    How much lawn you want to cut.
    How much land tax you can afford.
    How much house you want to insure.

    As people get older and the children leave to start their own lives the tendency is to down size, be careful not to up size in the first place.

    How two people manage 5 bed 4 bath house is beyond me i guess they will eventually sell it and go house hunting all over again for a condominium.

    They have their advantages and disadvantages it is apartment living 101 without the maintenance responsibilities, however, you will be subject to maintenance fees. Many people presently live in apartments for them this experiance is nothing new.

    Recession, it could not happen but it did.
    Our Neighbor to our West has just gone through the worst recession in history caused by banks lending mortgages which exceeded the value of the properties and we are still feeling their crunch.

    Be very careful how deep you go in, know your boundaries and limitations owning real estate is not a free ride .

    What if, you get sick the tenant does not pay the rent or we have another recession and you loose your job because your employer went bust.

    Become the Prudent man of your own personal business.

    See you on the bright side.

    Good Luck.