Report: Dr Heatley Interview Scheduled For Thurs

March 19, 2014

Dr Edmond Heatley, August 26 2013-4A report from Louisiana’s Times-Picayune says that Bermuda’s Commissioner of Education Dr Edmond Heatley will be interviewed on Thursday for the post of Superintendent of the Orleans Parish School Board in Louisiana.

Dr. Heatley, an American, took up the post in Bermuda on September 11, 2013; and last week news reports indicated that he was shortlisted for the position in Louisiana.

Yesterday Dr. Heatley confirmed that he is a finalist in the superintendent search saying, ”This was not a proactive search by me; I was invited to apply and I did. I have not applied for any other jobs.

“My resume is not ‘out there.’ And frankly, I was also surprised that my name was announced publicly in open session, as a finalist by the search committee.

“Back in December when I allowed my résumé to be put forward, there were a number of major, and from my perspective, unsettling changes within the Ministry,” continued Dr. Heatley.

“The PS had resigned, the Education Ministry had been merged with another Ministry and the Minister had been replaced. However, since then, I am pleased to report that I have built a very positive working relationship with the current PS and Minister.

“I appreciate that there may be some who will question my commitment. These would be people who do not see me work every day and who do not understand what it takes to move an education system in a progressive direction. I remain committed to the students of Bermuda and I remain committed to improving the Bermuda education system,” added Dr Heatley.

The Times-Picayune reported, “The two other finalists are to be interviewed Thursday at a time still to be determined: Thomas Darden, is a charter school administrator in Philadelphia, and Edmond Heatley, the education commissioner of Bermuda. Interim Superintendent Stan Smith said both out-of-towners were coming to New Orleans for the interviews.”

Speaking in the House of Assembly on Friday [Mar 14] Independent MP Terry Lister advised the Minister to tell Dr. Heatley to “get cracking” saying “we want a commitment to our children, and if he is not prepared to do it, get cracking.”

Multiple attempts by Bernews to seek clarification directly from Dr. Heatley have been unsuccessful.

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  1. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Bermuda needs to look within for the best….the brightest….the boldest…the most sincere…..sons and daughters of the soil …to educate ….guide and groom our precious commodity ….our youth…to protect our legacy ….which is very rich ,,,and our future which is very bleak at this time but potentially awesome and priceless under the correct stewardship…/!Fly by nighters looking to increase their personal profiles while jockeying for other positions or agendas must be ignored and ruled out at the earliest possible opportunity…!Bermuda for Bermudians …and Bermudians for Bermuda must work hand in hand dilligently …to protect every facet of our Island home….No time for personality squabbles or infighting.The future of our Island Home is at Stake..!

  2. Citizen Banned says:

    This is a private matter for Dr Heatley. It is quiet simply nobody else’s business.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Our taxpayers monies is used to pay Dr.Heatley, and therefore it is our business. The problem is Bermudians are not willing to stand on issues that impact our children’s education in a strong way. This is an outrage, the man is now gone off to his interview in the USA, and your saying we have no say. He has time off already after just beginning the job on TAX PAYERS MONIES. What world you living in? WOW.

      So it looks like he did not withdraw his application after all. He has not told us he did, and one can only contact the dots to suggest he did not and has gone to his schedule interview.

      • Suzie Quattro says:

        Ok Betty. So any civil servant who applies for another job should be fired. Got it.

        Why are you saying “he has time off already after just beginning the job’? He has worked there for 6 months, he presumably has earned some vacation leave. Or are you beginning to join the rest of us, who think civil servants get far too much vacation and sick leave?

        • Speak Truth says:

          Suzie Dr. HEATLEY is not a CS. His post is consider more of a consultant, therefore the conditions of employment differ from the CS. Often a consultant makes much more than a CS and several benefitd come with it. The government is paying him big time and that is our taxpayers money which you seem to overlook. Bettty is correct on this one.

        • Robert says:

          Stay in England lady !

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      OBA this is a situation you need to clean up fast. He has gone overseas likely on a job interview. He has not stated he withdrew his application. Where is the commitment to our children? If he was serious he would have said yesterday during his press release, I have withdrawn my application.

      • Speak Truth says:

        Suzie Dr. HEATLEY is not a CS. His post is consider more of a consultant, therefore the conditions of employment differ from the CS. Often a consultant makes much more than a CS and several benefitd come with it. The government is paying him big time and that is our taxpayers money which you seem to overlook. Bettty is correct on this one.

    • nuffin but the truth says:

      Citizen Banned


      • Citizen Banned says:

        I stand by my original comment. The Dr might well be hedging his bets while having the impression that Bermudians are a bunch of self centred, entitled, judgmental, know it alls. Judging by these comments he could well be right. You are certainly proving it anyway by your judgmental comments.

        Bollox to you all is what I’d say if I was him.

  3. Tough Love says:

    Wait, what newspaper posts all of this confidential information? Lol! Heatley may want to rethink working for them.

    • Speak Truth says:

      This is our taxpayers monies. We do have a say as to Heatley doing. He did not say he withdrawn his application and so one has to question has he now gone overseas on an interview?

  4. Sleepin dawg says:

    Way too much convoluted tidyness for my likin….awwm goin back sleep…

  5. Tough Love says:

    I can’t believe that his interview time is detailed in the newspaper. Man Louisiana, you making the south look bad.

    Thanks for being on it Bernews! Your guys are beasts at real time coverage!

  6. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    Dr Heatley’s response gives us an insight into the much larger problem, the lack of commitment by the Minister himself. Yes, Dr Grant Gibbons, just like Dr Heatley has as much interest and commitment to the Ministry of Education as he did when he attempted to hand Sir John Swan his McDonald concession in the last UBP Government. Irrespective on what the controversy is, ignore the tone and temperament of the prevailing issue and just forge ahead the agenda according to wishes of Dr Grant Gibbons.

    Dr Heatley may not have been hired on your watch, Dr Gibbons, but he is your ‘controversial lack of commitment’ to deal with. This man, by his own admission, lacks the confidence to pull ahead over the next 3 years; and he made his decision and acted upon it in less than 6 weeks into his contract. Obviously, it is not a far stretch to note that he is continuously on the prowl for more rewarding career opportunities (and I should not put him down for that), but HIS career choices are not in sync with the needs and profile of the post holder in Bermuda.

    The position needs a stable, focused Commissioner, whereas Dr Heatley is still seeking another opportunity. The post holder must have the self-confidence to navigate both the political and professional spheres of this Ministry, did Dr Heatley give it a realistic chance?

    Now please note some differences in both style and substance. In Bermuda the post holder must build working relationships within both Government and the Ministry, whereas Dr Heatley has had the power (in the US) to bring in his own ‘team’ of educators to hit the ground running. The post holder must be committed over the long term and demonstrate that commitment, whereas Dr Heatley, moves swiftly and controversially through various education districts in the US.

    Results – in this new position Dr Heatley’s power is limited to working in a preset team, he must share power with other equal and/or higher power brokers, and he is in the inevitable position of becoming the escape goat in a Ministry with a succession of failures. And the latter is a potential career breaker.

    This was not the right candidate for Commissioner of Education. However, with that being said, we know with absolute certainty that Dr Gibbons will keep him in this position, if only as a political wedge, and that may be the REAL reason why Dr Heatley wants to go back home, but now he may not have a job to go back to – yet.

    London, England

    • Speak Truth says:

      I could not have written it better. Thanks Mrs. Akinstall you have put it well.

  7. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    No, the fact that Orleans Parish Board in Louisiana has chosen to release that information to the media means that this information is publicly accessible. They are a State and Federally funded school Board and cannot withhold information on educational matters, especially who is being considered for positions that affect children.

    In the US transparency is a legal requirement, and in the balance it outweighs privacy as a privilege to who applies for the position.

    Maybe this type of merry-go-round by senior administers is precisely what they are attempting to circumvent, in the interest of the students.

    London, England

  8. Bermuda Boy says:

    I think Dr Edmond Heatley is playing games with Bermuda.

    • Put pupils first says:

      After the “warm welcome” he received who could blame him.

  9. nuffin but the truth says:

    1)When you are supposed to work for the PUBLIC’S DOLLAR,there is NOTHING Private about your job.

    2)Interview on Thursday huh?..that’s a work day of the PUBLIC’S DOLLAR.

    This guy HAS to GO!….GET CRACKING!

    • Citizen Banned says:

      nuffin: maybe he took a vacation day. You never took one?

      You ever apply for a job without tellin your current employer.

      Don’t lie now.

      Now stop being so judgmental.

      You name should be nuffin but rubbish.

  10. Sleepin dawg says:

    Are we certain of this fellows credentials…seems like a lot of hooplah to me…somebody needs to reassure me he isn’t one dose Revren doctahs from Nigeria…hey did anyone see dat sign language guy next to Obama dat day on tv…dey tell me he was actually deef and didn’t really know what de Obama vuas sayin…yup….day say Obamah knew it firss…yup…parently he set up a mirror so he could vuatch de Obamas lips move an dat’s what gave him away…..silly wabbit tricks aww f’kids!

  11. Citizen Banned says:

    Given the amount of complaints made by Bermudians when he got the position, one can hardly blame the man for looking into other options.

    Bermudians complained when he got here, now you are complaining cos he might leave. Are you people ever satisfied?

    Remind me of an old GF I dumped due to her constant complaining and moaning. Maybe the Dr. will dump us for the same reason.

  12. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    My, do you really want to compare the Dr to one of your old flame’s?

    Even though you dumped her, you still remember her…

    But a point of clarification, we continue to complain because he (Dr Heatley) has not left yet. But wise-cracks aside, may he have a very fruitful interview…

    London, England