Shadow Minister Burt On Financial Statements

March 21, 2014


The financial statements for the year ending March 31, 2013 have been tabled in Parliament, and Shadow Minister of Finance David Burt said, “What is sure to be of interest is that the financial statements are not qualified as they have been in previous years.

“The Auditor General states that she received an ‘independent professional valuation’ which affirmed that the valuations of Capital Assets, which caused her to issue qualifications in previous years, were in fact correct.

“We are pleased that the Auditor General has seen fit to remove this qualification, but given that there were no adjustments required, it should put to rest the accusations made by the Minister of Finance when he was in opposition that, ‘There remain serious questions about the integrity of the numbers.’

“Given today’s removal of the qualification and no adjustments being made to the value of the Capital Assets we can put this era of, ‘These questions, these doubts and uncertainties about the handling of the people’s money’ behind us.

“In order for our country to succeed, we must have trust in the civil servants who work for the government without fear or favour. The aspersions cast upon these hard working citizens by Minister Richards were uncalled for at the time and we are pleased that the integrity of their work has been confirmed,” concluded Mr. Burt.

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  1. Bermuda Boy says:

    If you couldn’t count when the PLP/BIU were in power, how can you count now?

    • inna says:

      HAH that is the funny for the day

      • BETTTY TRUMP says:

        Well said Mr. Burt, this is an intelligent and brilliant debater. I am impressed each time he speaks. He is smart, and a pleasure to listen to in the HOA. PLP have some young members whom are very impressive and capable. They sure can hold their own. Keep pressing on Burt. I hear you loud and clear. Your killing the OBAubpers…lol

        • He is like a few other members of the P.L.P. who’ve been gifted with the “gift of gab” and that’s all it is, bull crap.
          He is capable of deceiving them that are less intelligent and refuse to see the truth. So yes, educated he is, yet instead of him doing the “right things” to him everything is not on “the up and up” and that “Betty” is the problem with this “new” P.L.P.they can’t accept truth and work for the betterment of all of Bermuda…Too bad indeed :-(

    • OBA failing Bermudians again. says:

      David Burt said, “What is sure to be of interest is that the financial statements are not qualified as they have been in previous years.” WOW

      Well done MP Burt, you are one of our best debaters in the house. I enjoy listening to you. Your smart and full of factual information.The silence from the OBAUbpers is silence…really

      • Mike Hind says:

        You know we can still tell it’s you, right, “Bettty”?

        And saying the same thing over and over doesn’t make it true.

      • 32n64w says:

        “WOW” is right Betty. Wow, the PLP Government were unable to receive an unqualified opinion for six successive years. The same years during which the Brown/Cox administrations oversaw an explosive and exponential growth in both annual operating deficits and accumulated debt.

        Wow that your thirst for FACTS consistently avoids this simplest of truths.

        Wow that your calls for transparency go conveniently opaque whenever discussions regarding the PLP Governments years at the helm are brought up.

        Wow that your political myopia has clouded your enthusiasm for being an honest broker.

        PLP – part before country sconce 1998, $2,400,000,000 at a time.

  2. Blue Familiar says:

    This hurts my head.

  3. It's still a mess says:

    No time for self congratulations—the country is still in a precarious position.

    There is a lot of work to be done by all stakeholders. The public has to be honest with themselves and realize that things aren’t good and the only way they will improve is to temper the rhetoric and work together to begin to fix the problem that confronts this country—debt running out of control.

    Its time to park egos and get to work creating revenue generation so we can begin to claw our way out of this hole.

    Be part of a solution–not a problem—its more rewarding!

  4. swing voter says:

    For the next 15yrs….please jus stay where you’re sitting now.

  5. North rock says:

    Mr Burt sure does know how to twist it his way. The qualification in previous years was because, for whatever reason, the Auditor General was unable to confirm the value. I seriously doubt that there was ‘no need for adjustment’…how would he know unless the numbers are exactly the same. The big difference is that the Auditor General, now working with a competent group of people, IS able to confirm whatever valuation was given to the assets.

    Just another example of a governemnt trying to move forward and an opposition trying like hell to stay firmly entrenced its its own sordid past.

    I agree with Swing Voter…just substitute 15 years with FOREVER

  6. jt says:

    Who gives a flyin’ flip. Unqualified audits or not you still put us well over a billion in debt. Talk about that figure for a while why don’t you.

  7. Marie says:

    S.Min. Burt please don’t waste our time (& Money – we are paying for this). Anyone who understands will know, qualified statements require the auditor to state where s/he is not able to verify the accuracy of the figures presented in the audited fin.statements. I doubt that many will deem this as a PLP vindication. However, for the sake of Bermuda’s economy, I see this as good news.

    (As we undoubtably have your attention) I would appreciate your assistance, S.Min. Burt, please direct your attention to the funds being wasted on Govt excessiveness. Why is our hard earned money ‘earmarked’ for extravegances? Yet, we the people are in debt? It’s a Friday night and Broke aint no joke. So what’s really going on?

    Our young people are losing hope of their place in this Island. Focus on the resources of this Island – the people. Restore and empower the workforce. Let’s get everyone back to work.

    Progress requires commitment.

  8. Coffee says:

    Mr.Richards shows great disdain for the staff of the Acct.Gen., but he’ll be praising them next year .

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Coffee, you have no idea what an “unqualified opinion” means, do you.

      It was the PLP that treated the whole process with disdain. Years of continuous qualified opinions, which means their accounts could not be verified and could not be trusted. Let’s hope we never have to go back to that.