Opinion: The OBA & The Lamb-Foggo Closure

April 11, 2014

[Opinion column written by PLP MP Zane DeSilva]

The One Bermuda Alliance can’t seem to keep their story straight on Lamb-Foggo.

First, then Health Minister Pat Gordon-Pamplin closed the facility claiming the Urgent Care Centre was losing money. That was then proved to be untrue. Constituency #4 MP Suzanne Holshouser claimed she didn’t need to be consulted on this important issue and refused to give her constituents a voice on this matter.

Premier Cannonier backpedals on the closure after thousands of Bermudians sign a petition against the decision and a march on Parliament. New Health Minister Trevor Moniz contradicts the Premier’s earlier statement and says Lamb-Foggo may close in 2015.

MP Kenny Bascome in a rare non-talk show statement, came out in support of the closure and attacked and disrespected the people who supported the petition drive.

Nandi Outerbridge said nothing while many of the people she is supposed to represent were fighting to keep Lamb Foggo open. When she finally found her voice, she joined Kenny Bascome in opposing the people’s wishes and backed shutting it down.

Last night, Suzanne Holshouser contradicted her OBA colleagues and her previous statement by calling for the Lamb-Foggo Urgent Care Centre to remain open.

The OBA has swiftly earned a reputation for breaking promises and being untruthful to Bermudians. On this issue on any given day, we are being treated to OBA MPs giving us a different story every time they open their mouths.

The people have spoken. The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party has offered solutions to make the facility operate more effectively and address the finances. It is clear that the Lamb-Foggo Urgent Care Facility is wanted and needed by the people of the east end. The OBA needs to gets its act together, get their story straight and collaborate with the people on solutions to keep Lamb-Foggo open.

- Zane DeSilva

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  1. Bermudian Momma says:

    The Government / elected MP are like the match-me-if-you can shrub in regards to the status of the Urgent Care Centre – no two alike.

    I pray they never find themselves in a position to need the services currently provided by the Centre.

    • inna says:


    • What do you think the Centre does? says:

      I know it’s name suggests that it’s equipped to provide emergency care. It’s not.

      The UCC’s own website and literature make that clear. In fact, the Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) advises residents to turn to the Centre when they need assistance for “something like a bump, bruise, graze, cut, cough, cold or earache,” but to call instead on the hospital for anything else. In bold type, the BHB’s website states that the facility does not provide emergency care. It isn’t even open past midnight.

      • MOD says:

        It is an Urgent Care Centre. Many people do not really understand the concept because they have not been properly educated by the government in Bermuda. Urgent care centers are becoming a very viable choice for people that cannot get an appointment with their GP or need after hour care. This is a category of walk-in clinic focused on the delivery of ambulatory care in a dedicated medical facility outside of a traditional emergency room. Urgent care centers primarily treat injuries or illnesses requiring immediate care, but not serious enough to require an ER visit. Urgent care centers are distinguished from similar ambulatory healthcare centers such as emergency departments and convenient care clinics by their scope of conditions treated and available facilities on-site. While urgent care centers are usually not open 24-hours a day, 70% of centers in the United States, New Zealand and now the UK are open by 8:00 am or earlier and 95% close after 7:00 pm. The UCC in St. David’s is staffed by one qualified ER physician, 2 ER nurses and an X-Ray tech from 4 PM to midnight during the week and 12-12 on the weekends. Unless you are experiencing a life-threatening illness you should see your GP or visit the UCC. Perhaps if more Bermudians refrained from using KEMH ER for non-life threatening illnesses they would not have experienced an 8.2% increase in their health care premiums. You can be seen by an ER doctor in a brand new facility very quickly and efficiently. Its not just for the east enders. Check it out.

  2. inna says:

    “The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party has offered solutions to make the facility operate more effectively and address the finances. ”

    Where can i read this?

  3. Vested says:

    I’d like to see those same solutions.

  4. watching says:

    It makes you wonder if they even meet in caucus and discuss things because they are ALL over the place.

  5. Marge says:

    Zane, please stick to construction work…. you are a fool as a politician.

    • Terry says:

      They voted for him Marge.

    • Sparky says:

      Your are so on the money with “a fool as a politician.”
      @ Terry
      Fools voting for another fool ?

  6. Bull in a hurry says:

    Under Minister Desilva healthcare spiralled out of control like a run away horse! Why does Zane think we want the PLP’s advice! If the Lamb Foggo Clinic was such a good idea why didn’t the PLP follow through with the second clinic they promised up in Southampton? You know the one where they hammered in a sign just before the 2007 election promising to build next to the fire Statio,

  7. Raymond Ray says:

    Zane DeSilva and numerous others in the Opposition,(P.L.P.)have to tug the opposite direction just so as they appear to have all the right answers:-( In reality, they don’t know sh-tttts, all they are attempting is to belittle our One Bermuda Alliance Govt.with accusations innuendos. They themselves couldn’t prevent the “Clinic” from drifting into the “Red” therefore it was inevitable, either draw a line into the sand or go bottoms-up…Of course the idea of merging the place on top of Barracks Hill wouldn’t be a bad idea at all, and yes, an ambulance is required in the region along with a fire station in the Ole Towne of St. Georges!

  8. J24 says:

    Zane getting like Flip Flop, and a couple of others in that party, just can’t be quiet or truthful