America’s Cup Venue Shortlist Down To Three

June 11, 2014

America’s Cup officials have reduced the prospective venues for the next regatta from four to three as it appears San Francisco has been eliminated, the Associated Press is reporting.

The report from the AP said, “Russell Coutts, the CEO of two-time defending champion Oracle Team USA, told The Associated Press on Monday night that one venue has been eliminated, and that he plans to reduce the field to two by the end of June.

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“Coutts wouldn’t confirm which city is out. But it’s been known for months that San Francisco hasn’t offered terms as attractive as those offered by San Diego, Bermuda and Chicago to host the 2017 regatta.”

Last month the Government announced that Bermuda was shortlisted in its bid to host the 2017 America’s Cup, which is widely considered one of the world’s most prestigious sailing competitions.

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  1. oooh sailor says:

    This will change Bermuda forever if we get it.

    This is the equivelent (in proportional terms)of Bermuda getting the world cup!

  2. Rock Watcher says:

    Let’s get real here people! Bermuda host the America’s Cup!! Not possible in reality but a great idea!!

    • And so? says:

      My prediction is that we will be runner up and therefore get one of the preliminary races. That in itself would be fantastic for Bermuda and would serve as a try out for a future bid the next time around.

  3. Doug says:

    Come on BDA!!!!!

  4. somuchless says:

    Bermuda don’t mess up now. These people are looking at us and I’m sure if they see something not that is right, they’ll use it and eliminate us without hesitation.

    • Kanye says:

      … that means you Marc Bean.

      Maybe some encouraging words on this one, even if it isn’t your idea.

      Thinking of that gambling revenue though.

      • somuchless says:

        just give mark some ganja tea and he’ll be like a sailor on a calm sea day. passed the heck out.

  5. Cardine Alice says:

    Good Lordy me, what has the City of Hamilton offered to beat out Frannie?! Are we really “big enough” for this?

    • PANGAEA says:

      @ Cardine Alice

      We are more than big enough we have it all, including;

      Beautiful blue warm water
      Container ships
      Many hotels
      Fast ferries
      Morgans point waterfront
      Islands of great sound waterfront
      World class Restaurants
      World class communications
      World class Hospital
      Hamilton princess water front
      Hamilton docks with cranes
      Royal Naval Dockyard docks and camber and warehousing
      Fleet of taxis and buses
      Sandy beaches

      I may run out of ink here

      This island is in the business to entertain our visitors.

      I cant wait, to see a sailboat go 50 MPH

  6. Tony says:

    Come on BDA pessimist’s, speek it and it will be, i predict Bermuda will host the America’s cup in 2017. Come on stop being negative.

  7. Watching says:

    You don’t seriously think those clowns at City of Hamilton have any part of this do you?

  8. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    To say that I am very positive that Bermuda can, and indeed should, win this bid is my humble yet excited opinion. Without any doubts Bermuda has whatever it takes as a strong, competitive force on the world stage.

    But let’s be transparent, the euphoria will create and generate such social and cultural pride in Bermudians, and that is really needed. By comparison, the Olympics lifted the UK out of the mental fog cast by the recession, and may have been the reason why the economy is recovering now – the positive mental affect.

    Many will benefit from the America’s Cup, but a select few will really make substantive financial gains in Bermuda. And, even if all companies jumped on the band wagon of sponsorship, the cost from the public purse will run in the millions of dollars knowledge that the Cabinet must have discussed and be fully aware of; cost to the public purse will be very substantive.

    Mr Gibbons, Bermudian students deserve to reap the benefits of this moneymaker, restore university student government grants as the minister for both ministries.

    London, England

  9. PANGAEA says:

    The America’s Cup is an International sailing competition.

    This island nation of ours is more than uniquely qualified to host the occasion.

    We have a sailing heritage which goes back hundreds of years and we are with out doubt of a premier sailing and yachting nation.

    The Great sound is one of the Worlds finest venues for sailing and boating, the Royal Naval dock yard with its protected camber ;docks and warehouses is a location made in heaven for a base of operations. The Hamilton docks has big cranes, Morgans point,the Hamilton Princess hotel water front properties are ideally located. Our fast ferries will solve the transportation requirements

    Bermuda is also uniquely qualified to entertain our visitors who ever they may be, “it’s old hat.” for us.

    Marketing our island Assets is the key.

    Because it is proven that we can host many TALL SHIP races ,the America cup will be a” Piece of Cake” every one wins,our resourceful people will open their doors wide as we have done for years,the exposure will give our economy a much needed boost.

    Location. Location. Location.

    From an international stand point Bermuda is ideally located on the globe, we know it ! and they know it also.

    So America and the World bring your boats here have fun and enjoy our hospitality.

    What do we get in return,well ! you will get to celebrate a monumental occasion and see some of the finest racing sailboats perform on the planet.

    RED CARPET every one

  10. Former Union Member says:

    A couple of points:
    1. Where do you race 65 foot cats doing 40 miles an hour?…offshore
    2. Do you know how hard it is to set racing marks in 2,000 feet of water?

    I applaud the folks who got Bermuda’s name ‘out there’ and in consideration for this. Good publicity.

  11. Lee M says:

    A lot of folks have been asking if the Great Sound is large enough to host the next America’s Cup. I have created an image that illustrates what the 2013 course map from San Francisco Bay would look like in the Great Sound.

    Take a look: