Emirates Team New Zealand Win America’s Cup

June 26, 2017

Peter Burling and Emirates Team New Zealand have won the 35th America’s Cup.

Another dominant race win for Peter Burling and Emirates Team New Zealand in race nine of the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, gave the Kiwi team the victory on the Great Sound in Bermuda, sparking wild celebrations on board their America’s Cup Class [ACC] boat, and the team’s support boats on the Great Sound.

America’s Cup Bermuda June 26 2017 (1)

The Kiwi team dominated the final stage of the 35th America’s Cup, winning eight races to Oracle Team USA’s one race win, giving the New Zealanders a final winning scoreline of 7-1.

The America’s Cup was last won by a team representing New Zealand in 2000 and they are now the Defenders of the America’s Cup for the 36th installment of the competition for the oldest trophy in international sport.

America’s Cup Bermuda June 26 2017 (2)

Race Nine

Race nine started with both Emirates Team New Zealand and Oracle Team USA enjoying clean starts and engaged in a drag race to the first mark, the US team edging just ahead but then losing ground to their rivals on the run to the second mark.

Burling was serene at the helm of the Kiwi boat, displaying no nerves as he steered his team towards glory, but Spithill and the Oracle Team USA crew were not giving up, pushing harder than ever to try and take the tie to race ten. However, it was not to be.

America’s Cup Bermuda June 26 2017 (3)

By the third mark the Challenge’s lead was up to 26 seconds, increasing further still at the fourth mark, up to 34 seconds, and from that point, barring mistakes by Burling and his all-conquering Emirates Team New Zealand crew, the die was cast.

Oracle Team USA managed to peg back their rivals slightly in the latter stages of the race, but New Zealand sealed their win in impressive style, crossing the finish line for the final time in the 35th America’s Cup 55 seconds ahead of the US team.

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  1. Kiwi Fan says:

    Congratulations. Well-Deserved win.

  2. Mad dog says:

    Bye Bye American Cup it won’t be here next time
    All those temporary jobs are gone…were you going to work now
    OBA Lied to you alll

    • Rado says:

      You just made the understatement of the decade. Dr. Brown’s ProAm and Port Royal look like real bargains in comparison. Next big rip off – the big airport giveaway for a few hundred construction jobs over a couple years.

    • wahoo says:

      Typical defeatist attitude from the socialist corner who want everything given to them and have no idea where it all comes from.

      Comrade Mad Dog stand in line for your soup.

    • J says:

      America’s* Cup not American Cup
      Where* not were

    • Seascape says:

      Oh give it up! Stop being so negative.

    • Anbu says:

      So give them a job mad dog. U can afford it with all the dollars u made off it. Come out d rocks bie

    • Andrew says:

      LOL. Such ignorance.

    • Andrew says:

      Vote PLP, and watch all the jobs just flow in like magic! I swear thats what some people think! lolololol

    • aceboy says:

      Why do you hate Bermuda so much?

    • New Bermudian says:

      OK- anyone who had a temporary job because of this knew it was temporary. And, if they had any sense, they’d be out looking before this ended. You’re acting like it’s a big surprise that it’s over. You want to talk lies? Talk to your friends in green. We had to deceive you, affordable housing that no one can afford, education that wasn’t fixed in FOURTEEN years, condominiums that no one wants to live in built on the public dime, Uigurs, cost overruns, and politicians who only work for themselves. Please. No one lied on this project, and we all knew it was an event. Now can we please channel some energy into figuring out the next steps? At least we now have momentum, instead of an endless holding pattern with a completely stagnant economy.

      • Onion Juice says:

        So how much of de $100-$200 Million we spent out are we gonna see as a profit.

        • Same old says:

          Lies again, 77 mil was the estimate and recently it was stated it was well below that, 50 Mil. Stop with the lies

          • Truth Teller says:

            The Minister, Grant Gibbons acknowledged two weeks ago the government has spent 44 million and counting.

            He then stated the the final number should be available in August.

            So that anyone who says that the final number is around 50 million dollars does not know what they are talking about or are deliberately seeking to dissemble.

            The truth is that they used tax payers dollars to put on a party for billionaires and their Bermudian backers.

        • wahoo says:

          You just keep looking for the $9Billion you “misplaced”.

      • Rado says:

        About what I’d expect from a new Bermudian who has clearly done well out of the place. As they like to say in the old country, check your privilege.

    • nottheonion says:

      The cup wasn’t going to stay anyway, ahah

  3. Point boy says:

    It was a great event, run flawlessly! Thanks too Dr. Grant Gibbons for having the foresight and ability to pull it off! Hats off.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Now lets tally up to see if we made a profit.

      • Same old says:

        define what you mean by profit. This year next year over all impact… stop the “we have to deceive you”

  4. Kevin says:

    Thank you Americas Cup you have put Bermuda on the World Map the direct economic impact has been felt in many quarters of the community. The impact that will come from the incredible coverage on TV we couldn’t have paid for that, when you take in all of the income since initiated 3+ years ago that $77 million will be worth it.Don’t be surprised when the number comes back at $200 million +
    We will continue to reap the rewards for years to come

    Thank you

  5. Point boy says:

    Back on the ‘map again’ Hello!

    Proud to be Bermudian!

  6. No way Jose says:

    Congrats to the Kiwis! They deserved it! I was cheering for Oracle but I guess it wasn’t meant to be this time. Next time!

    Thanks to all of the AC35 team, all the staff and the volunteers. Thanks to the Broadcasters for saying such kind words about Bermuda. Thanks to the sailors, the teams and their families that gave up so much to put on a great show here in Bermuda.

    I had the fortune of going to the village a few times and it was one of the best laid out and organized events I have ever been too.

    Hats off to the W&E team for doing an awesome job on the ferries and buses. Well organized! Thanks to the Regiment for braving the heat in those uniforms and doing a great job in the security lines and on the water. The vendors at the village were great and as busy as it was , the lines were moving! I can honestly say that I never heard a single person complain!

    I am soooooo proud of all of this little place I call home. Thanks to everyone involved.

    • Lualaba says:

      Don’t forget the volunteers (100′s of them) who gave if their time. Without them this whole event would have been nothing.!!!

  7. Aware says:

    A brilliant job done by everyone in Bermuda – all the ferry operators were smiling ambassadors, the volunteers worked really hard in the sun, the whole operation was flawless and the media coverage superb. If we costed the coverage we received (all universally highly positive) it would be many multiples of what we paid for the event. Great job everyone! Bermuda can pull together when it matters, so let’s keep that spirit going as we move past the AC to other world class events we are hosting, our tourism renaissance and our economic stability and success. Don’t listen to the negatives.

  8. Coffee says:

    Well done New Zealand .

    $77 million later and the cup is gone .

    Well done Bermuda , we hosted the America’s Cup !

    Time to see our cup run over with the delayed economic reaction !

    • Rado says:

      You’re looking for something like a loaves and fishes miracle – all you’re guaranteed though is yet another sermon on the mount from the haves to the have nots about making more sacrifices.

  9. LongBay Trading Inc. says:

    As we say goodbye to all our AC friends, I want to say THANK YOU to Oracle in particular, and to all the teams in general, for coming to Bermuda and making us your temporary home. Personally, I have loved having you and am suffering already from post AC Blues.

    While I was rooting for Oracle all the way, you have to give credit where creidt is due and certainly the KIWIS deserved this win. They sailed better with a better boat and you cannot dispute this basic fact. So CONGRATULATIONS to New Zealand and well done all. A magnificant and well earned win.

    To Oracle – so sorry that Bermuda could not have given you a better present. But IMO, I loved having you here and a sincere Thank You for all you have done for the local community during your time here, especially our school kids and the Team BDA. You have been wonderful and generous guests to our island home.

    To ETNZ please do not forget Beautiful Bermuda as you plan AC36 – you and all the teams, IMO, are welcome back!

    And to my fellow Bermudians, ACBDA, each and everyone involved and to all of the many volunteers, me included who gave so much time – job very well done guys! We did good.

  10. LongBay Trading Inc. says:

    To: TOYOTA NEW ZEALAND- I believe you owe us an Island. When can we expect delivery?
    From: Your very new best, best, friend(s) in Bermuda :-)

  11. SwissKiwi says:

    Thank you, Bermuda for having us! I am sure your country will keep on profiting from this event. Sell it well, and you will keep on making money. I am sure; you will host many more high profile sailing regattas.
    Thanks again