The Legacy Of The AC Endeavour Program

July 5, 2017

While the teams sailed at the America’s Cup, young sailors also hit the water as part of the America’s Cup Endeavour Program.

America’s Cup Endeavour, a youth education and community sailing initiative, allowed hundreds of young students to learn to sail in both the west end and the east end.

In addition to sailing, students were also exposed to science, technology, engineering, arts and math educational activities in an experiential classroom to improve their overall learning experience and foster their interest in pursuing STEAM career pathways in the future.

An article recently published on the America’s Cup website contends that through the Endeavour Programme, “the legacy created by the competition is set to resonate around the host nation for many years to come.”

It describes the program as “an ambitious youth sailing and educational program, dedicated to inspiring everybody who engages with the initiative and to leaving a sporting legacy in Bermuda that has a strong, positive impact on the community.”

Bermudian Tom Herbert-Evans, the Community Sailing Manager of the America’s Cup Endeavour Program said: “The America’s Cup Endeavour Program has truly been a game changer in Bermuda and has piloted a path that the sailing world has never seen before.

“The secret has been bringing the hands-on learning with a lot of fun back into the classroom! Since the inception of the program, as well as creating a positive impact on the community, we are also seeing children becoming avid sailors, inspired by the America’s Cup.

“We also saw several of the graduates from the America’s Cup Endeavour Program sail during the America’s Cup. One of the teams won their division during the exhibition race which was a remarkable achievement considering they didn’t even know how to sail 12 months ago.

“If there is one thing that has come from this America’s Cup it will have been creating a pathway to sailing without any barriers to access that has enabled thousands of students to sail.”

Russell Coutts, CEO of the America’s Cup Event Authority, has also reflected on the value of the Program: “One a personal level, I want to highlight what has been and will be achieved by the America’s Cup Endeavour Program, and I hope this initiative continues into the 36th America’s Cup and beyond.

“We have given thousands of children the chance to try sailing for the first time, we have embedded sailing as a platform into the school curriculum in Bermuda, to teach children a range of STEAM subjects, and we have given hundreds of young people the chance to compete in their own regattas on the same water used for the America’s Cup.

“That is an incredible legacy and one that can be replicated around the world. Sailing is a force for good and I believe the America’s Cup Endeavour Program harnesses the power of sailing in a hugely valuable initiative. Who knows, perhaps the next Peter Burling has already started their journey in sailing through the program. Time will tell!”

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Bermuda should be very grateful for this legacy of AC35, the first of its kind. All the kids who have participated have learned life skills that would not have been taught in school. A brilliant concept and is a legacy of AC35 that Bermuda needs to continue. Thank you ACEA, and Sir Russell Coutts and his team.