Live Blog Updates: PRC Bermuda Status March

July 25, 2014

[Updating] The People’s Campaign and Bermuda Trade Union Congress have called for people to join them today [July 25] to march to the Cabinet Office to “let their voices be heard” on the PRC Bermuda status matter.

Earlier this week, Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy said that the Ministry is withdrawing the appeal in the PRC status matter and “the avenue to Bermuda status for certain PRC holders that was created by the previous government in 2001 will stand.”

The Minister said that immigration records indicate that 1,455 PRCs are potentially eligible for status, and while they not know exactly how many children of these PRC holders are eligible for status, they “believe the number is minimal – possibly a few hundred.”

Update: Slideshow with 40 photos from the march

In a joint statement, the BTUC and People’s Campaign said: “Let us begin by removing all of the erroneous and distracting charges coming from some quarters regarding xenophobia. It is our position that PRC holders who have and continue to contribute to Bermuda should be provided with a fair and reasonable opportunity to pursue status if they so desire.

“The fear and scaremongering of some people who have attempted to generate hysteria around PRC holders stealing jobs and opportunities from Bermudians we likewise reject in the strongest terms.”

The statement added, “The honorable thing to do, instead of engaging in the politics of avoidance, or the politics of blame, the PLP did it so why should we change it, would have been to close the “loophole” legislatively, and then engage in a more reasoned and well thought out policy that would provide PRC holders who seek status with a path and an opportunity to attain it.”

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  1. ha! says:

    looks like another plp rally

    • Raymond Ray says:

      It has been that from “jump street” Sad yes, but true :-(

      • Bettty Trump's Fact Checker says:

        FACT CHECK: @ Raymond Ray, looks like your beloved Minister Fahy was exposed this morning in an interview with Steven DeCosta on the Sherri J show…..Mr. DeCosta exposed the lies of Mr. Fahy. He revealed that Fahy knew about the money all along. Mr. DeCosta had to go thru him for approval of any funding, even when he went over the amount of 300,000…WOW……REALLY……This does not look good the OBAubp, whom promised the people of Bermuda Transparency. Yet you and the others continue to praise a government who has lied out right to the people of Bermuda…


      • Raymond Ray says:

        By the way, Mr. Marc Bean the Rev. N. Tweed is coming for your job. Just wait until your Progressive Labour Party vote for a “Leader”. Tweed has got your group all twisted-up :-( He needs to make up his mind what it is he wishes to be when he grows up…
        “What was that song, “smile in your face all the time they want to take your place, they’re back stabbers etc.”

        • Truth Teller says:

          You mean a back stabber like you Ray?????
          How much are you getting paid to be blogging all day Ray???

        • Luis Suarez says:

          Spot on, let’s hear what the British/American Rev Tweed thinks about that.

          • Fact Finder says:

            I just saw a white expat male on Front Street Holding the most racist of signs saying something like “Black Mans Thoughts , Killing White People” . the sad thing was that two OBA ministers walked right past them pretending not to see it and never said anything! Disgusting!!!

            Sorry I got that wrong, it was a black Bermudian female in the March that was spotted with a sign saying something like “White mans Thoughts, Killing Black People”. The sad thing was that none of the PLP ministers, BIU representatives, CURB representatives, the Campaign organizers said a thing! Some pretended not to see it, but nobody stopped her. Disgusting!

            And you want me to support these people? Thank God (not Rev Tweeds God) apparently that most people in this country don’t think like this group.

        • Cleancut says:

          The Peoples PLP campaign is a recruitment drive for the next election. Chris Furbert and Rev. Tweed will try and recruit as many people as they can right up to the next election along with the Sherri J show, then they will publicly endorse the PLP and most probably you will see Chris Furbert and Rev. Tweed run for the PLP.

          But don’t tell the voting public that, they believe that the OBA are the only ones that have a strategy to gain votes.

        • edwin says:

          Hey Raymond, that’s the song Michael sang to Craig. Remember on the Monday he told Craig that he has his back and Tuesday he had his seat.

    • What a week!!!! says:

      Don’t be so silly. People are there because they feel cheated and they come from all segments of Bermuda. Many of my white friends wanted to come because they disagree with the OBA but they fear reprisals for breaking ranks.

      • cicada says:

        what ranks? give me a break

      • Fact Finder says:

        Ya right…. reprisals for breaking rank Give it a break.

      • Blue Familiar says:

        Questions: Any idea how many people marched? Do we know exactly what the presented letter said?

        I’m glad everything went calmly and relatively respectfully.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        So they told you that but did not show support. Interesting

        • Evie says:

          I thought it was a very good turn out for just asking people in a 24 hour time period just saying the struggle continues SMDH

          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            Where you the one with the “white menatal problems are killing Black Bermudians’sign just wondering.


      • enough says:

        cheated out of what, please explain, the only difference that would happen if PRC holders got status is that they would be able to vote and believe me that is what this is all about. If the PLP is so sure of themselves why are they so scared of a few people, and I mean only a few getting status. SO what is next are they going to protest spouses of Bermudians who have been married for ten years applying for status. I would guess there are alot more of them than PRC holders.

      • LaRocher says:

        They told you that to look good in your eyes, and you believe them. What happen to standing for what you believe.

      • long bay trading co. says:

        they don’t even know or truely understand the hard facts of WHAT they are marching for. They are being used by others with a different agenda……………….Wolves in Sheeps Clothing….sadly even wolves wearing sheeps clothing can seemingly convince these folk.

        • Coffee says:

          Please educate truly the uneducated . Explain the hard facts of the what and why these ignorant people are marching .

    • And if the oba don’t stop spewing bovine excrement as of right now, the plp stand a very good chance of becoming the next administrative government of bda again as no voter appreciates being lied to

      • WTF says:

        So, George, what are they lying about? Specifics please…!

        • Ameboa says:

          They LIED about everything.. the #1 item on their platform was to get Bermudians back to work (2000) was the ball park figure and today Bda Sun closed and let 20 plus staff go to add to the demise. I can say this much weather we for or against the current govt. WE THE PEOPLE put our own selves in to this mess, why because we voted for them and those who did not vote and had the opportunity too added the extra curve ball we have today. Blame all the pass and present govts & opposition for this mess we in. When one govt was voted out another was voted in to so-call clean up the politricks of the previous govt. Some one said it a long long time ago .. a coalition govt. we can get things done. Both black and white get along on a regular basis, if that was not true the police and govt of the day will have us under curfew. The politicians have conned us into so much and when you hear how they talk to each other in the house it leaves a lot to be desired from both sides. The divides within the parties themselves is just as scary. So when ever the next election is held I hope you politicians on both sides are taking notes. WE THE PEOPLE ARE TIRED.

      • Hmmm says:

        What are you on about.

    • Real talk (original) says:

      Curious. What does a “plp rally” look like?

      • Come Correct says:

        People in plp shirts chanting plp…not the answer you were looking for?

        • Real talk (original) says:

          Cuz you were there and that’s what you witnessed, right?

          Yeah. Didn’t think so.

          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            Well you march right passed the job with the PLP flag so ya thats what it looked like.

          • serengeti says:

            “Curious. What does a “plp rally” look like?”

            A PLP rally usually has PLP members carrying a large green PLP flag, for one thing.

            Take a look at the last two pictures above in the slideshow ’40 photos from the march’.

            So it was a PLP rally.

            No real surprise there.

          • Come Correct says:

            You’re right I wasn’t, but Bernews kindly posted pictures. What were the chants at the last 2 marches? So that’s what it looks like. I wasn’t there because I won’t take a stand for stupidity. How many times have the goal posts been moved? People don’t even know what they’re marching for anymore, just following the shepherd like a good flock. I’m curious though, who’s the sheep dog nipping at the heels of the wayward ones?

            • positive movement says:

              “How many times have the goal posts been moved”

              I ask you this, how many issuses that need our collective attention, they all go hand in hand and have an impact on one another. Can’t look at the moon and miss the stars.

              THE PEOPLE know what they are marching for – DEMOCRACY, you choose to be short sighted.

              • Come Correct says:

                Boycotting parliament, attempting to dissolve a DEMOCRATICALLY elected government, misleading marchers to mobilize for a specific cause under a thinly veiled guise to call for independence are all things that go against democracy. Try again.

              • Come Correct says:

                BTW saying Bermudians have a right to protect their right to vote, right to own land and right to Bermudian jobs from people that already have 2 of the 3 to then reverse your stance and say you aren’t against the granting of status as long as it is done the right way would be a good example of moving the goal posts.

    • Bermuda man says:

      Why are all these old people worrying about jobs that they think the PRCs are stealing? Half of them are probably retired or havn’t ever worked 20yrs and contributed to the pension the recieve from govt?

      Never seen do many marches on government about every decision made. Is getting out out hand. In the next election I hope plp win so they can further destroy the lives off Bermudians!

      • Open your mind says:

        Seems like when you explain to people like you what the truth is you continue to vent with your misinformation…

        Firstly, the march included many young people as I was there and witnessed it. I noticed that the media didn’t focus on these young faces & young adults as that image would habe be plastered on social media and the news and would encourage more young people to be involved as well as other Bermudians of all backgrounds to come out; and this is what they do not want.

        The concern is not PRC’s “stealing your job”, however it is process in which they are granted, which allows an influx of people to come here & have the right to vote. No where else in the world are you granted status and the right to vote in THEIR country so easily.

        Little Bermuda compared to America, England etc can not sustain these numbers that could potentially come here.

        Not against PRC holder’s at all, they are a major contributor to our economy and have been thriving here for years. It is the policy that needs to be corrected.

        • Disappointed says:

          But nevermind the number of Bermudians leaving to go live in America and England–whether it be short-term for education or contract jobs or long-term to access a better benefit system. PLP needs to have a seat. U wanna be mad? Be mad about our substandard education system and the working class’ limited access to higher education. Be mad that young Bermudians who come from working class families are being brought up and not given the tools they need to achieve economic prosperity in their own country. Academic inflation is real, as is the rising cost of tuition. Wise up, PLP followers. Keywords used: Working Class–Not Black.

    • Luis Suarez says:

      Another march, another complete waste of time.

      If the PLP were as concerned about the debating the issues in Parliament as they are as shouting on the streets we might have some interesting news.

      As it is, more PLP hot air. Get over yourselves, YOU WONT BE IN GOVERNMENT FOR YEARS.

    • George Brown?! says:

      Can someone ask why Dr Brown and the three Amigo added to the problem by bringing the Uigars here?

  2. ha! says:

    will the natural Bermudians please raise their hands. the ones who family can trace back to before 1609…..WE ALL ARE PRC’S

    • Bermudian says:

      hand up….

      • Bettty Trump's Fact Checker says:

        “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”

        Martin Luther King, Jr.

        Continue to stand people, stand tall…. all in Justice…PEOPLE POWER…PEOPLE ARE THE GOVERNMENT !!

        • C says:

          Did I read somewhere that this was put forward by the plp in 2001. They created the bill?

        • enough says:

          Very true BTFC, people are the Government…which by definition means the OBA are getting it right judging by the recent pole (57% in favour) on this issue and the turnout of this march (I’ll be generous and say maybe 5% of the voting population).

          • Real talk (original) says:

            So by your own logic the roughly 0.5% of registered voters who responded “YES” to the pole(sic) trumps the 5% of the voting population (your number, not mine – I’d put it at more like 2%) who turned out at today’s march?

            I certainly hope you’re not a math teacher.

            The fact of the matter is that this decision should not be determined by poll or march. It should be determined after a full immigration review and clear path forward.

            • enough says:

              You need to read up on the science behind representative sample polling (sorry for the original spelling of ‘pole’….I’m not an English teacher or a math teacher).
              Of course your point is somewhat confused because whether it was 2%, 5% (as I said, I was being generous) or 49.9999999% of the voting public that turned up today, they would be trumped by the remaining % that didn’t show and, by your logic, expressed their lack of support. So, either way, the OBA got it right.

          • Real talk (original) says:


            Cuz 240 people, or 57% of those who responded “Yes” in your pole(sic), tops 2,200 people (your number not mine).

            Certainly hope you’re not a math teacher.

            In any event an issue as important as our country’s immigration policy should not be determined by polls or marches. It SHOULD be determined based on recommendations following comprehensive review.

            • tested says:

              I certainly hope that you aren’t a math teacher @real talk. Of 440 people 240 responded yes. Of 64,000 only 2,200 (less than 3.5%) said no.

              Looks like the decision was made democratically. With the majority in favor of the decision.

            • LOL (Original TM*) says:

              Yes but your not understanding is that the 440 sample of the poplulation and can be extended to the population meaning that a much greater number than 2500 support the PRCs do you get that.


          • Laughable says:

            LOL so not true, this “pole” the OBA used as their “research” was about 400 people. You couldn’t even use that as a sufficient source to write a highschool research paper!

            Please do not insult my intelligence.

            That is not enough to represent the majority of the people’s opinion. It is a cheap shot at making their in-house decision seem justified.

        • It's a hard life says:

          They need to make time. Something Bermudians are famous for…LOL

        • WTF says:

          From Betty Trump: “Continue to stand people, stand tall…. all in Justice…”

          Betty, you are making a lot of noise about something you obviously do not understand. What the Government currently is doing with regard to the PRC to Status issue IS Justice…they ARE obeying the laws relating to the issue. To suspend applications or to close the loophole as demanded, would both contravene the law as it is written. Is that what you want? A Government that will break the laws simply because a few loud-mouths want them to? Go take a nap….

          • We the People (1st!!) says:

            You are so wrong.

            A loophole is an inadequacy in the law, which can be used to circumvent or otherwise avoid the intent of the law. When the law was written, the loophole goes against the intent of the law. Therefore you have to close the loophole. Closing a loophole will NOT be breaking the LAW!! It will be correcting the law on the books to do what it was intended to do.

            For example, there was a state in the US that passed legislation on making it tougher for people to purchase weapons. However, a loophole was found years later in the law that made buying deadly weapons easy. The loophole made it legal for criminals and even terrorists to purchase deadly weapons in public places – with no questions asked.

            So based on your premise, you mean to tell me that the government in that state can’t close the loophole to prevent people from purchasing deadly weapons because it would ‘contravene the law as it is written.’ Really? No, Really?

            So people in this particular state protested to close the loophole. Do you call these people loudmouths also? You know what? They quickly passed legislation to close that loophole.

            Also, I remember reading an article last year about an immigration loophole that was closed in the UK from a law written in 2011. I had a look for that article and here is what it said.

            “In 2011, Britain implemented changes to the UK immigration system affecting UK student visa applicants. The intention was to limit the number of hours they could engage in part-time work undertaking their studies. However, because UK immigration rules did not stipulate that part-time time working hours couldn’t be carried out across more than one job a problem occurred…

            …The loophole that allowed foreign nationals to enter the Britain on a student visa, but actually take up employment has been officially CLOSED by UK immigration authorities.”

            So do not tell me that government cannot close the loophole because they would be breaking the law. That is BULL!!

            As EVERY government does when they find a loophole in the immigration laws they would CLOSE IT or make new legislation to correct it!! Closing the loophole is the RIGHT thing to do.

            The leaders of the opposition and The People’s Campaign have not said no to a pathway to citizenship for PRC holders. They are saying lets close the loophole, which was never intended to be, and lets have a clear immigration policy that is fair and legally solid. What is wrong with that? I would love to get status in the United States but I do not want it via a loophole. It may be legal but it feels like cheating.

      • Mr Stevens says:

        I’m actually impressed that a skink can operate a computer.

      • Evie says:

        Mine too The struggle continues SMDH

    • Rhonda Neil says:

      Go ahead down to LF Wade and tell the USA I will not be following your immigration policies, you don’t have a right to protect your boarders, cause we all came from some where…go ahead let me know what happens..

      • Double D says:

        Obama will more than likely give you amnesty. Read the papers.

        And Rhonda, who isn’t following immigration rules?

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Only if you swim across the Rio Grande.

      • Expat says:

        I thought they are following the immigration policy created by the PLP in 2001.

        Also, if you did go to LF Wade and say that they will probably not let you board the plane. Probably best to wait until your are on US mainland soil first.

    • listen says:


    • Adrian Beasley says:

      Hand Up.

  3. ha! says:

    Such a major issue that people cant show up on time..

    • Navin Johnson says:

      If it was a march for PC’s they would have all been there a little early and stay late

  4. Justin says:

    I hope these guys are back to work within 1 hour… Tick tock, tick tock.

  5. BDA CHILD says:

    MORE LIES FROM FAHEY AND THE OBA!! Steven Decosta threw Fahey under the bus on the Sherry J Show. Unbelievable!!!

    • Expat says:

      I think Mr. Furbert looks better in red than he does green!!

      • Terry says:

        Red is the new green.
        I hope there is no letting.

    • C says:

      Of course he did. If you knew him he always steps in s*** and comes out smelling like a rose. You think his bank account didn’t benefit.

  6. Dreary says:

    Looks like not too many support this cause! There are the usual diehards,but no one new.People know the PRC holders are not a threat to their well being,it is the attraction of power at any costs,that is the real threat.

    • Help says:

      There are numerous new faces there. Oh. Thanks for paying me to say this.

      • Come Correct says:

        I guess those pesky PRC’s took your real job.

  7. Raymond Ray says:

    Same crap different day :-(

    • Help says:

      Wow. I was shocked when I discovered what you were really about. shocked. Not the truth for sure. and now everyone knows.

  8. Tough Love says:

    My condolences to your cameraman Bernews. I have also lost a family member this week and I understand his pain. Be strengthened at this time.

    • Bernews says:

      Thank you very much & condolences to you also…

  9. Preview says:

    A fight for equality should never be contingent on whether the wind is blowing in your face or against your back. If it is, then you are not fighting for a principle you are simply acting as a lobbyist for your cause.

  10. Onion says:

    I guess we can stop pretending that the “People” are anything other than a front group for the PLP.

    • mixitup says:

      Just like the OBA are a fronting group for the UBP?

  11. drunken ursula says:

    so sad you blind OBA supporters…truth is on the PLP side…time will expose OBA for whom they really are…STEPHEN DECOSTA is now talking…remember Ray you supported DECOSTA in the beginning….hahaha…don’t forget the OBA’s afternoon talk show is coming to an end soon the just like this govt….

  12. Thin End says:

    Maybe less photos and more reporting on what is being said?

    • Bernews says:

      Please see the update. We did not expect to receive public condolences, were extremely touched by them and hence dropped the ball on the speeches — which we apologized for above, noting we will have full video later on.

      Our cameraman is doing the best he can under the circumstances, and I for one am grateful to him for even coming to work today after the loss of his father this week.



      • Excuse their iggnorance says:

        Well said, there will always be someone who does not pay attention to what is being said at times.

        My condolences to your collegue and his family, he is obviously a dedicated employee who who has a passion for his job.

        Great job as usual BerNews.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        Patrica, I also want to extend my condolence to your camera man and his family…

        • Bernews says:

          Thanks Mr Ray, it’s very much appreciated!

          • Redman says:

            My condolences to the cameraman and his family also, I lost my dad 35 years ago and miss him everyday especially now that I have kids. Prayers to all.

  13. HarryB says:

    This is not about equality. This is not about the fact that we all came to Bermuda at one time or another thoughout history… that we are all PRC’s in one way or another. Nope! This is completely about the PLP afraid of new voters who won’t vote for them! Thats what this is all about! They are standing up for the PLP and doing their best to get them back into power.

    • Malcolm Raynor says:

      You hit the nail right on the head. However, do you think the OBA Government would be exploiting the loophole if they knew the PRCs were pro-labour?

      • Hmmm says:

        I’m sure many of them are pro labour…it ain’t about that, it’s about what is right.

      • Exploiting? says:

        The OBA is not “exploiting” anything. They’re following the law and their hands are completely tied.

        When the original two individuals applied for status the government turned them down. They lost that one in the Supreme Court so they appealed that to the Privy Council. They then sought independent legal advice from a QC who told them that they would lose the appeal if they went forward with it. End result was they did the intelligent thing and recognized that wasting millions of dollars of taxpayer funds on something where they didn’t have a hope in hell of winning was truly dumb so they withdrew the appeal.

        If they had “fought on” they would have spent a few million dollars, lost the court case, and be forced to grant status to this group of PRC’s in any case.

      • serengeti says:

        They have no choice. The law says what it says. The government isn’t “exploiting” it. The law gives people a right, and the government has no choice but to follow the law.

  14. smh says:

    Racism still exists. It’s sad.

    • Opinions Matter says:

      You should see some of the posters!

      • enough says:

        It’s not calssified as racism when it’s reversed. Racism is their playing card.

  15. Sandgrownan says:

    How many people…doesn’t look like many even including the journos.

  16. enough says:

    “….stay tuned for part two”……..seriously Furbert?

    • Redman says:

      @ enough, Yup.

      “….stay tuned for part two”……..

      I guess its a case of when at first you don’t succeed… Pity this is mostly about the PLP being returned to power and less about the issue at hand.

      Same S**t different day!

  17. Really? says:

    Idi Amin, the former president of Uganda, had a dream in August 1972. “I have dreamt,” he told a gathering in Karamoja, northeastern Uganda, “that unless I take action, our economy will be taken over. The people who are not Ugandans should leave.”


    Meanwhile many Ugandans celebrated and lined the streets daily to chant, “Go home Bangladeshi! Go home Bangladeshi!”

    I know Bermudians would never come to this, but after watching the march today, “THEY MUST GO!” this kept popping into my head.

    • Double D says:

      I have been saying that since listening to the hateful diatribe being spewed by this bunch against PRCs and anyone who supports them.

      These little Idi Amins should look at what happened to Uganda once they expelled the South East Asians from their country. But I have a feeling people with such hate in their hearts don’t care about the consequences of their intolerance.

      Nasty, nasty, nasty people.

    • Voter (original) says:

      Basically Mr Holdipp was doing this yesterday

    • Real talk (original) says:

      I’m assuming you mean “FAHY must go”…

      Why spread misinformation?

      • Really? says:

        My apologies for making an incorrect assumption. I actually couldn’t hear the difference.

        Nevertheless, the underlying principles of removing the foreigners as they are taking jobs away from Bermudians etc.(a generalization from what I’ve seen over the last few weeks)does have a certain similarity to some of darker moments of our global history.

        A better focus would be on educating the Bermudian youth of what type of career choices are available in Bermuda and more importantly, what the necessary education requirements are to obtain these positions.

        • Real talk (original) says:

          More misinformation.

          What “underlying principle of removing foreigners”?

          Nobody is advocating the removal of foreigners and to perpetuate that is dishonest at best and outright lies at worst.

          A “better focus” would be on a comprehensive immigration review after which informed decisions can be made.

          Any rhetoric or misinformation can be chalked up largely to failure on the part of the OBA government failed to engage and educate the public on their plans for immigration reform and how the question of status will be handled in the future given that it’s a ‘human right’.

    • Get it right says:

      Why are you spreading misinformation? “They must go” was directed towards Fahy and Dunkley.

  18. Triangle Drifter says:

    Anyone else notice how quiet the PLP bloggers are? Wonder where they are? Not at work. None of them seem to have a job. Stand by. After the PLP rally they will be all fired up & out in force with new instructions.

    • We the People (1st!!) says:

      What is the point of that comment? Just to stir the pot and be an annoyance?

  19. campervan says:

    I’ve worn pink to support breast cancer awareness, I’ve worn a red nose for comic relief, I’ve done denim day many times,
    But I would NEVER wear a colour to show disdain and prejudice for my neighbours and fellow Islanders.

  20. It's a hard life says:

    Why hasn’t snyone commented on the fact that the PLP introduced this legislation? They made the mistake of the loophole in the first place, or is this just another mistake of theirs being swept under the rug? They have some very smart lawyers in the PLP when this was first done, why didn;t they pick it up? Why is this Rev. Tweed talking for Bermudians?

  21. It's a hard life says:

    I see a lot of Red Shirts out there…what does that tell you???

    • redbeard says:

      you saw a lot of red shirts? you must be colour blind, green was the main colour I saw. Only Chris Furbert had red on

    • wayadumb says:

      arsenal fans

    • Jennifer says:

      That people like the colour red.

  22. Alvin Williams says:

    Bermuda was a settle country before the United States was declared to be a country and nation in it’s own right.
    There is no longer a debate or even discussion on who is an American; we know who s not an American and it is those children or anyone else who is trying to cross America’s borders without due process; a loop hole is not due process to become a Bermudian.

    • Yahoo says:

      Alvin, time and time again you show that the number one priority of this government should be education. Your inability to construct a coherent sentence is proof of that…

    • Expat says:

      Liking your own comments again Alvin?

    • Melinda Mayne says:

      Alvin. do you not read world news? America is being besieged by illegal immigrants whom are all allowed to stay with a path to citizenship.

      • actually says:

        That is incorrect, they are not allowed to stay, they are deported back if they are caught. However everyone has a path to citizenship, as such it should be here, that is not not dispute.

        • George Brown?! says:

          That is incorrect, they are deported if caught trying to get in or if they break the law.

    • Blue Familiar says:

      Actually, when that loophole is part of the law. Yup, it’s due process.

    • Yahoo says:

      More silliness from Alvin. Hopefully he will take a break for the weekend.

    • Redman says:

      @ Alvin Williams,

      This is NOT a loophole, IMO this was purposely inserted as the PLP thought they would be in power for at least the next 30 years and they could grant status to whomever they pleased… providing they knew who to vote for of course! LOL

      Of course Dec 17th 2012 shocked em to the core and meant they couldn’t now close the gate that they knew about since 2001, get it?. I doubt it!. Sad.

  23. pjs says:

    Its too bad that the marchers are actually worried about the wrong thing. PRC holders already have jobs so there are no jobs to take away. They should be more worried about the Pension fund that will have nothing left in it for generations to come. (who’s fault is that – I wonder) PRC holders actually contribute to the pension fund…

  24. The real says:

    The people’s campaign is not the PLP. The people campaign have their own agenda and have called on PLP supporters to support their cause but notice how the people’s campaign leaders were not present for the march on Government House?

    • Redman says:

      @ The real,

      The people’s campaign is not the PLP. The people campaign have their own agenda…

      Yeah Right!! LMAO

  25. Noncents says:

    According to PLP estimates, 2500 showed up.

    • Naive Observer says:

      Hmm, so the PLP estimates 2500, and others are saying 350 – 500. Maybe that kind of math deficit is why the PLP cannot get financial statements out of time? Where are they with that. Have they caught up yet? It also explains the discrepancy between the Government and PLP on the number of PRCs that could get status.

    • Hmmm says:

      I quick counted 468 by watching the video from the front to end of marchers. You’d have to deduct all the political figures and journalists to come up with people.

  26. hmmm says:

    About 350 people.

  27. lucky 7 says:

    Very nice Premier Dunkley, well said and straight to the point!

  28. A Dingo says:

    What a bunch of lies. They don’t object to PRC holders getting status, just the method? Pulllllease, if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge I can sell you. Since when have they been so concerned with procedural minutiae? Just a load of outright racism and xenophobia dressed up in something they think sounds more palatable. Get lost.

  29. redbeard says:

    wow only about 500 people showed and GREEN was the most popular colour shirt. Santucci carrying the big PLP flag again. sorry what was this march about again? silly me just another PLP march. Cant wait for Part 2 as promised by Chris Furbert…….. losers

  30. TSOL says:

    Isn’t this Tweed character born and raised British, and has’t been on the island very long. who is he to bad mouth, demean, and put down people who have been here at least 25 years?

  31. Ruthless says:

    WoW! I guess the PLP would have sent Lois Browne Evans home too. Maybe one of the first things they will do is change the name on the new court and Police building?!!!

  32. Robert says:

    You guys are great, you’re welcome.

  33. theothersidebda says:

    So here’s the real question for the marchers. If the legislation passed in 2001 was intended to deny PRC holders status…AND…your position is that you are not marching against PRC holders getting status but the method (i.e. the loohole) by which they are achieving status….THEN…where was your march and cry for immigration reform back in 2001???? Why now??? Why weren’t you up in arms when they were denied that right then? The answer is clear: this is not about process, it’s about your not wanting to grant them status under any circumstances. Full stop.

  34. JCS says:

    Everyone knows that this is about votes and nothing else. What is so sad is to see a group of people gathering together to deny people, most of whom have been here for more than 30 years, the right to vote. Shame on you!

  35. WEAR BLUE says:

    Bernews can you get a copy of the letter. I know this is something everyone would like to see.

  36. Dreary says:

    57% of the population want the PRC holders to get their status.Now that is democracy! The people have spoken,now make it happen!

    • Tough Love says:

      Yes, we don’t mind them getting status after being here for 25 years. But why leave the loophole open? Why not close it and have a real immigration reform? Why lie to the people AGAIN?!?

      Bermuda’s too small to open wide our doors. Unless they plan on telling the average Bermudian to leave.

    • JustAskin2 says:

      Now apply this same logic to the controversy about the land grabbing in Tuckers Town. The people have spoken now the Governor should make it happen also, yes?

      • Edmund Wells says:

        No. It’s actually very different.

        On one hand, Government is obeying the law (unlike the Uigher situation). The law is not ambiguous, nor is it to be enacted. It is the law. And there are no incremental costs in comply with it (in fact, money has been saved by not continuing a losing appeals process).

        On the other hand, the Governor has questions (apparently valid ones, based on comments from the Ombudsman in the cemetery case, comments on these pages and elsewhere that cast doubt on broad-based “land grabbing” which seems to be taken as an article of faith among some in spite of evidence to the contrary. He has listened to the people, but asked for additional information before committing to spend money.

        I hope that makes the difference clearer to you.


  37. Eyes Wide Open says:

    At least they’re getting some excercise….off to KFC for lunch…

  38. It was a PLP march to encite its followers into yet another “I have been done bad by the OBA / white people” frenzy! Keep marching as the more you march the more tired you will get and maybe you will decide upon quiet reflection to get on board with the rest us in Bermuda and focus on the things we need to be doing rather than playing Mr. B “mind games”!

    You should hear how these politicians talk when they think they are behind closed doors about Bermudians in general and how they manipulate us – oh yes Mr. B I was there and was listening intently…

  39. Joonya says:

    PMP: Progressive Marching Party

  40. WTF says:

    Thank you, BerNews and all your crew (especially your cameraman, who, despite having lost a family member two days ago, took time from his grieving to bring us all on-the-spot coverage of today’s march). Of all the news outlets in Bermuda, yours is the first I go to. Great job!!

  41. OK – so only 0.5% of the population turned out for the march – wow let’s follow them as they truly represent the majority of us (NOT!)

    Get a life and do your job instead of marching around on a Friday and using the excuse for not going to work.

    And my Union dues say that Chris Furbert should get a bonus / salary only IF he prevents strikes and he gets deducted for how many strikes he cant negotiate us out of! Oh but that would be a performance based job – sorry forgot that he is another useless wanna-be political activist!

  42. Jay Maloy says:

    There would probably be a lot more people on the side of these protestors if it wasn’t an obvious PLP rally.

    “We don’t like this new bill, therefore, PLP PLP!”

    No one is going to take supporters of the previous government seriously.

  43. Double D says:

    Did Chris Furbert and the Reverend really threaten the Government with 7 days if their wishes aren’t adhered to?

    I say bring it as it will only hurt yourselves. You think the Union has any money to pay its members? Better check those qualified audited financials to get your facts straight.

  44. No hope for Bermuda... says:

    If these antics keep up we are going to end up deeper into a hole we’ve already started to dig. It’s not too late to stop this ignorance bermudians need to realize that because they were born on this island doesn’t entitle them to s*** besides the privilege of living on this beautiful island. If you are really so worried about PRC “stealing” your jobs well then you should reconsider who the idiots were standing around in a park today and who was at work doing what they need to be doing. You are all public nuisances and you need to realize that this isn’t benefiting anyone and destroying the hope this island may have, but I’m not convinced

  45. JH says:

    At least 1,000 people showed up at Cabinet to protest the Uighurs and that was referred to as a few frustrated white folks. It was also unsuccessful.

    With less than half that amount here today, its only fair that there be a simmilar result and that the protestors gracefully accept defeat.

    I wonder if that will happen…

  46. Bermuda bouy says:

    The hardest most of those people have worked all year. Thanks PLP / BIU for trying to make us a third world Island. OBA don’t bend every time they sneeze.

  47. TickTockBda says:

    This is really sad!

  48. enough says:

    So basically Furbert has threatened the Government with ‘stage two’ and given them 7 days to respond. 7 days includes 2 as a weekend and 2 as holidays, so is in effect 3 days next week.

    “And Bermuda Industrial Union president Chris Furbert explained to the crowd that Government had been given seven days to respond to the request or risk further demonstrations.

    “This is just phase one because phase two can be completely different to this phase here. Take that to the bank. Stay tuned for part two,” Mr Furbert said.

    Asked by one member of the crowd what he meant by a second phase, Mr Furbert said that that would depend on the Premier’s response.”

    So do we envisage Unions withdrawing labour when, and it is more than likely when, the OBA refuses to reverse it’s current position? If so, what grounds can Unions have to strike based on this issue?? Or are they saying they will disrupt Cup Match and withdraw the ferry services etc? Who would that ultimately hurt??

    This is getting silly and is becoming a you-know-what measuring contest.

    The Unions and PLP promised a ‘summer of discontent’ and they are quite willing to exploit any and all issues in order to deliver it.

    Fortunately, the impact of marching every week is becoming dulled as evidenced by the numbers in attendance and the level to which the supporters seem feel they have to stoop. I was interested to see the placards todays, no not for the grammar lol, and I wasn’t disappointed;

    “White mental illness is killing African Bermudians…..racism”

    Wow. Just wow.

  49. doggystyle says:

    There should be someone handing out a basic commonsense test that must be completed before all the marchers go home for the day and the results posted on Monday and see what we are dealing with I think Bermuda should know

  50. Young Bermuda Born PRC Holder says:

    As many of those who have said before no one that lives on this little rock is a ‘true Bermudian’, there is no such thing. I was born at King Edward Memorial hospital as any other ‘Bermudian’ and have spent my entire life here in Bermuda. I have even represented the island on many occasions overseas as a ‘Bermudian’even though I am unable to apply for or be granted Bermuda Status. Its so sad to see that all those ‘foreigners’ who have spent 20+ years living here and fueling this economy are trying to be denied status. Without us this island would fall to pieces.

    I’m sure if EVERY PRC Holder decided NOT to go to work or go on strike for the day we will surely see how this island will do.

    • James says:

      I and many others understand and accept the argument for why those born in this country should be given Bermudian Status. That said, when a person makes a conscious decision to leave their homeland for another country in search of upward mobility and decides to stay for 20 years knowing that this doesn’t guarantee status, it’s impossible for me to support their plea for status.

      No one forced these folks to remain in Bermuda. The mere fact that they stayed suggested that life in Bermuda was good for them. And yes, in some cases their presence was good for Bermuda, but I have been on this earth for 59 years now and I have yet to see a situation where a person could not be replaced.

      With that as a backdrop, where was the PLP on this issue over the 14 years in power? Why did we not see the same level of concern for this issue as we are seeing play out in the street today? The same could apply to a number of other major issues that the PLP failed to address during their tenure and are now crying foul,

      As a black man in this country, I and others like me have been underserved by the UBP, misrepresented by the PLP and now in a state of total confusion under the OBA. The time has long passed to rid ourselves of the two party system.

      Maybe its Time for benevolent dictator!

      • Do you understand? says:

        Way back when (pre 1989) anyone that came here had the ability to apply for status and had a reasonable expectation of receiving it.

        The reason for the cutoff date in the original PRC legislation was a reflection of that.

        Those individuals had a legitimate expectation of receiving status. But the government of the day pulled the plug on that.

    • Be Fair says:

      And to think your parents and yourself have paid taxes all these years which will pay these people’s pensions!!

  51. serengeti says:

    I’d like to add my condolences to the cameraman.

    • Bernews says:

      Thanks “serengeti”…we appreciate the sentiments

  52. JBL says:

    Interesting show of red clothing from the OBA ministers…which is a clue to them representing the “People’s Colour”. (?)
    Nice touch :-)

    • js says:

      what was Sylvan Richards doing there standing next to Dunkley the entire time

      acting as a tomato guard in case the rotten fruit started flying

  53. nuffin but the truth says:

    stay tuned for part 2 said CF.


  54. runner says:

    has anyone one seen that sign that woman was holding ‘White Mental Illness is killing African Bermudians’


    can we name and shame that fool?!

    • brigadooner says:

      well at least she attributed her quote properly.

  55. Blue Familiar says:

    I can not believe that they issued an ultimatum to the Government, along with a threat of unrest if they didn’t get their own way.

    How dare they!

    I’m starting to think that it may be time for those of us who support decisions being made to stand up and be counted in the same way. No marching on parliament, but being there when the marches do come.

    No violence. Just the presence.

  56. Local Yokle says:

    Is Rev. Tweed a real Bermudian?? He sure doesn’t sound like one. The people who are now eligible for status, I would argue, have been in Bermuda longer than him.

  57. OneNationUnderGod says:

    Kim Swan has no problem taking PRC money for his golf lessons! How quick people change their views when it can benefit them

  58. nOk says:

    TO all that are saying were are all came here as PRC’s that is not true. PRC’s had an option us black’s family came here as slaves ok!!! So go f yourselves whoever is say that $#!t.

    • Double Standards says:

      Not all blacks came here as slaves. Actually not even the majority did.

      Learn your history.

    • Wazzzzz Up says:

      The point that is being made is that there is no such thing as a real Bermudian. Everyone came from somewhere else so at one point in our family tree, someone was the equivalent of PRC.

      Furthermore, your ignorant statement saying “blacks came here as slaves” is ignorant and misleading.

      Yes some are direct descendant of slaves, but many, many more came here willingly from places like St. Kitts & Nevis, Sabre, Jamaica and many other places. Since you are being educated today, you might be surprised to know that there were Portuguese and slaves from many parts of the world and yes some even made it here to Bermuda. Look it up!

      • wow says:

        Wow. This is why we have no collective national pride. Because of the mindset that we are not “real” Bermudians smh

  59. michael says:

    I am so embarrassed to be a Bermudian today.

    It seems that we have lost our way and the level of discourse remains in the gutter since that Premier of our recent past put it there and, by example, made it okay for people to communicate this way. Appealing to the base nature of humanity is basically easy, but having respectful dialogue with someone that disagrees with you is what is challenging but also shows our evolution from the time when we attacked each other with rocks and sticks over an animal carcass.

    If that crowd represents my country then this is a very sad day today. Instead of a respectful march to present their concerns and issues, the crowd felt it was okay to boo and shout at these elected officials. They were like spoilt children who are not patient enough to hear what the Reverend and the Premier were saying. How can the people in this march ask for respect when they are incapable of giving it? And before my detractors start typing, I also was appalled by those in the crowd that booed Premier Brown. Regardless of the issues and where you stand on the issue, there is absolutely no reason to act the way they did!

    I will not even take the time to write how I feel about a man from the UK (and later the US) being the spokesperson for Bermudians who oppose the rights or PRC holder. That is very strange.

    Anyway, what ever side of the issue you may stand, please try to raise your humanity and be civil with those who do not share your point of view. As a country, we have a lot of “growing up” to do!

    • James says:

      This could be anyway in the world; anywhere in the US, Canada, England, anywhere in Europe. let’s just say that we really are citizens of the world.

  60. redbeard says:

    let their voices be heard. yes we heard their voice “WHITE MENTAL ILLNESS IS KILLING AFRICAN BERMUDIANS” thank you Rev Tweed. now we know what your march was about. She carried that sign to your meeting at the park and all the way to Cabinet and not one of you told her to take it down. We and the rest of the world have seen what you are all about now. well done for making Bermuda look like a place that no-one should invest in.

    • Be Fair says:

      Reverend Tweed ,I trust by your title you are a man of God . How on earth could you allow someone to march with a placard insinuating that all the white race have a mental illness? Where are your Christian values on this one i.e “Loving your neighbour” Hypocrisy at its best, Shame on you Reverend !

      • James says:

        A whole lot of bad stuff has happened under the guise of religion. Sad, but very true.

  61. Really says:

    Crabs in a bucket

  62. TSOL says:

    let their voices be heard. yes we heard their voice “WHITE MENTAL ILLNESS IS KILLING AFRICAN BERMUDIANS”

    That sign was there in the hope of provoking white people into some sort of confrontation either on the streets when they were marching or on one of these blogs. Don’t take the bait. It was just a a couple of hundred hate filled people who are never happy.

  63. BermieChick says:

    They fail to realize that PLP put the PRC into place in the first place. OBA is just finishing off what they started. They must not have any work to do if they have time to rally, while the foreigners are out doing what they do best buy Keeping Bermuda Beautiful.

  64. Triangle Drifter says:

    Let me see if I got this right. The red shirts, the green shirts, the BIU/PLP banners & people are out in force, but it is not a political rally. RIIIIIGHT!

    3 or 400 people who make alot of noise think that things should go their way simply because they stomp around & make alot of noise.

    That method may work in a nursery school but is does not work in the adult world which is governed by laws.

    Of course the BIU & PLP never let little things like the laws of the land get in the way of doing whatever they wanted to do whether it be ignoring agreements or speeding down Harbour Road.

  65. DH says:

    YOU BERMUDIANS are F****** Imbaciles. You will never ever be a part of the REAL WORLD. This is an issue plain and simple perpetrated by a few and I will NOT need to put names to paper ( alls I will say is SUPPOSED CHURCH, UNION and Politics). Look at the people look at the signs, DISGUSTING in this day and age. By the way I am Bermudian or at least I thought so, not so sure I want to be now.

  66. Human rights fo all says:

    The PLP enacted this legislation, and now they are marching against it. How embarrassing for them! I hope this does not go global; we will be a laughing stock

  67. Eyes wide open says:

    Lynne Winfield should give her status in tomorrow ,she does not want PRC holders to get status.

  68. James says:

    Not to see that this is an overreach on the part of the OBA and the Minister is a mistake. I always thought that the demise of the OBA will be self imposed. A blind man can see that this is about votes. Be careful for what you ask for!

  69. adrianne says:


    • James says:

      Surely you’re kidding Adrianne. Maybe, just maybe, the chickens have come home to roost!!! No-one can argue with the fact that England has a horrid history of colonization. They have raped and pillaged across the globe and their history of brutality is well documented. They have been directly responsible for the displacement and the demise of millions of people of colour; all used to serve them at their will. So when I read of Bermudians making their way to the Mother Land and living on the dole, I’m not as concerned.

      • Cleancut says:

        Since you are on the subject of rape, pillage, brutality, slavery, maybe you would like to cover what goes on in Africa today, and i mean amongst the africans themselves.

        • Justice! says:

          Cleancut says:
          July 26, 2014 at 10:38 am
          Since you are on the subject of rape, pillage, brutality, slavery, maybe you would like to cover what goes on in Africa today, and i mean amongst the africans themselves.


          What’s going on is as a result of learned evil behavior. And you know who learned from whom.

          • Cleancut says:


          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            Interesting so how do you feel about Alexander the great or the Pursions that congered the know world and enslaved everyone……guess where they come from….. you guys dont know any history at all do you just the trans atlantic slavery right it was the egyptions that founded taking people from their lands…


      • Redman says:

        @ James,July 26, 2014 at 1:19 am

        Sad but very true. Chickens and Roosting for sure.

      • Binky says:

        The Empire Strikes Back

  70. Ellie says:

    This is so sad,some of these people on this march I serve them every week with everything I got,i love them as my own family.I would never have imagined.I am proud to say I am a PRC and not only living here for 25 years but 45.I will still be myself love and serve you as I always do, know why, because I love you all.

  71. don't be misinformed says:

    This march isn’t against PRC’s, its against the poilicy that is in place that needs to be reviewed and corrected that allows the path to citizenship. US Immigatration, Canadian Immigration etc all have their policies in place to protect their country, this is what we are pushing for….

    The PLP when they was in power should have corrected this, having the foresight that the policy could be abused.

    • Cleancut says:

      Do not be fooled by people telling you that the PLP are against the policy or “loophole” The PLP are against the grant of Status period!!!! The “loophole” is just an excuse to immediately stop the status applications.

      You can bet your boots that if this government closed the “loophole” and then put in place a new policy for the grant of status, the PLP will try to stop that as well.

  72. don't be misinformed says:

    This march isn’t against PRC’s, its against the poilicy that is in place that needs to be reviewed and corrected that allows the path to citizenship. US Immigration, Canadian Immigration etc all have their policies in place to protect their country, this is what we are pushing for….

    The PLP when they was in power should have corrected this, having the foresight that the policy could be abused.

    • Creamy says:

      Oh really? So why the racist f…..g t shirts?

  73. Bullseye says:

    It doesnt appear to me that this movement has the solid backing of the people of Bermuda. Yet this relatively small angry segment of Bermuda seems to think that escalation and even veiled threats of using violence is going to get their way, or is possibly going to garnish them any more support, or help their case. On that they are sorely mistaken. I am only seeing their support waning in the community, and I am talking to alot of Bermudians about this.

  74. Deja says:

    I am surprised at Ed Ball, his union is proliferated by foreigners.I think they should pull out and see where he will be.

  75. Roots says:

    Marching to put us out of work.

  76. swing voter says:

    did anyone notice the level of respect shown to PMD by the ‘marchers’ compared to the disrespect shown toward PCC? Yes the office of Premier should be respected no matter who holds that position. Classic example of disrespecting our own ;-( what a confused lot

    • Cleancut says:

      What level of respect? they “booooo” Dunkley when he came out and shouted “they must go”

  77. Roots says:

    PRC holders,helping keep Bermuda healthy!