OBA, PC, CURB & Marcher: “Mental Illness” Sign

July 28, 2014

The debate over the “mental illness” sign carried during Friday’s march continues, with the OBA condemning the sign as “clearly racist”, CURB saying they believe “the sign was divisive and inflammatory” however “do not condemn or judge this lady,” while the People’s Campaign noted the sign does not reflect their position and said they “unequivocally reject any form of discrimination.”

The lady who was carrying the sign said instead of calling it “racism” we should “start calling it what it really is — mental illness.” She also noted that several people told her to take the sign down, which she says she did.

The video below shows the lady walking onto the Cabinet Grounds [far left of screen] and the sign appears to have been flipped around by that time, with the reverse side of the sign saying “The OBA must go.”

The sign — which judging by comments left on Bernews many people found offensive — can be optionally viewed if you wish by clicking here.

Acting Chairman of the One Bermuda Alliance, Susan Jackson, said, “The sign is clearly racist and we condemn it in the strongest terms. We are disappointed the People’s Campaign would allow it to be carried in their march.

“Bermuda needs free speech, but it’s got to be responsible free speech; not this. We expect agencies responsible for upholding standards of behaviour and the law to investigate,” added Ms. Jackson.

Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda [CURB] said they have ”been concerned at the focus placed on the lady who held up a sign at Friday’s protest march stating “White Mental illness is Killing African Bermudians”, and the bitter, vitriolic and angry posts on social media.

“CURB believes the sign was divisive and inflammatory, however, we do not condemn or judge this lady. Her sign is a symptom of her anger, pain and hurt, and society must ask itself what it has done to this lady that makes her need to carry this sign.”

CURB added, “As such we must all begin to understand that our society is not healthy, that we have allowed a wound to fester and have never tried to heal it, much less pay it attention.

“So perhaps this lady’s poster is a sign to us that we must look inwards not only at the individual level, but also as a community and deal with past pain and its present manifestations and distrust.”

The lady who was carrying the sign, who has identified herself as Peggy Burns, has responded to criticism, saying: “I did not carry that sign all the way to the Cabinet grounds. Yes, more than one of them told me to take it down, and I did. The other side of the sign read: “The OBA Must Go! You are accursed!”

“The new labels for ‘racism’–“Mental Illness”, “Mental Disorder”, “Insanity” [MIMDI]. Language, like the media, has great power and influence over the way people think and behave.

“We need to stop referring to this irrational hatred and hurtful treatment of black people as “racism” and start calling it what it really is — mental illness or mental disorder or insanity.”

“Henceforth, whenever we [black or white] discuss or comment about ‘racism’ in Bermuda, let’s call it what it is — in our minds, with our tongues and in the media [MIMDI].

Ms. Burns added, “In the words of Alice Childress: “I believe racism has killed more people than speed, heroin and cancer, and will continue to kill until it is no more.”

The People’s Campaign said, “The sign in question in no way represents the sentiment or the position of the People’s Campaign or the BTUC, it was a personal sign that solely reflects the views of the sign bearer.

“The People’s Campaign and the BTUC unequivocally rejects any form of discrimination based upon race, gender, age or personal orientation, and have established as core principles of the campaign Equality and Justice.

“As such any speech that is contrary to these principles the People’s Campaign along with the BTUC repudiates in the strongest possible terms.

“The People’s Campaign and the BTUC are on public record advising participants in the March that they should limit placards and signs to the specific issue that was the focus of the march.

“In addition prior to the March, marshals were instructed to check for placards and signs to ensure that the signs were not contrary to the principles of the People’s Campaign and the BTUC.”

The People’s Campaign added that, “This incident reflects that Bermuda continues to have many deeply rooted divisions that must be addressed by us all. Racism in all and any form is a cancer to society and must be rooted out, and it transcends signs or placards.”

The full statement from CURB is below:

CURB has been concerned at the focus placed on the lady who held up a sign at Friday’s protest march stating “White Mental illness is Killing African Bermudians”, and the bitter, vitriolic and angry posts on social media.

CURB believes the sign was divisive and inflammatory, however, we do not condemn or judge this lady. Her sign is a symptom of her anger, pain and hurt, and society must ask itself what it has done to this lady that makes her need to carry this sign.

Nelson Mandela said, “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of their skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

As such we must all begin to understand that our society is not healthy, that we have allowed a wound to fester and have never tried to heal it, much less pay it attention. So perhaps this lady’s poster is a sign to us that we must look inwards not only at the individual level, but also as a community and deal with past pain and its present manifestations and distrust.

We acknowledge it is hard for many white Bermudians to look at this hurtful sign without anger. However we have noted that, buried amongst the vitriol and condemnation online, there have also been white Bermudians and others posting a desire to understand something that is so disconnected from their perspective. One in particular stands out for us, and it is the post by Adrian Beasley on his Facebook page, which we quote in full with his permission.

We applaud this young man’s openness not only in attempting to consider another’s perspective, but also in the recognition and contemplation of his own privilege and a willingness to recognize that society is at fault. We encourage all persons in Bermuda to engage in this level of compassionate self-reflection and to consider the part they may play in healing our community.

“So I’ve had quite the change of heart about the ‘white mental illness’ sign from Friday’s protest. At first I was incensed at the ‘racism’ and was eager to label the sign’s holder as uneducated or ignorant and was happy to quote love and intolerance using Nelson Mandela back at this situation. I was happy to send and receive jokes about equivalent signs or getting T-shirts done up. All of my reactions were outward and retributive.

By taking a giant step back and with some calm time, reflection and a little prayer this is my new perspective:

I am, as a “white” Bermudian, concerned at why this woman felt that she needed to hold this sign in public because as much as we [white Bermudians] would like to and would benefit from thinking [because we would not have to actually do anything] that this is her problem and her issue and her own racism, it is realistically our collective problem and issue.

I was taught a long time ago, that when it comes to race and race issues, perception equals reality. The holder of the sign obviously felt passionately enough about her hurt or her anger to carry this sign in public. Whether or not her hurt or anger is in our minds justified, it doesn’t matter – because it matters to her. Her perception is her reality. She is being more honest and public with her concerns with race relations in Bermuda than I ever have been. She is in effect starting a “big/uncomfortable” conversation.

But what did I do? I completely shut down. I pointed fingers, I used words like uneducated and ignorant. I was outraged at the “racism”. I shared the story on Facebook and spoke about it with certain friends.

More importantly, what I didn’t do [until now] was to consider why she felt so passionately about holding this sign. It never once occurred to me to be concerned as a Bermudian that one of my fellow Bermudians felt so hurt or so angry. It also never occurred to me that this could be my problem to deal with – or at minimum partly my problem. I also didn’t ask one non-white friend about what they thought about the sign, and when I looked at my previous Facebook comment, I noticed it had 42 likes and several comments, none of which were from African Bermudians.

Talking about race and racial issues is difficult/uncomfortable for me as a white Bermudian – and that is my reality. Anything that starts a meaningful conversation or makes us have personal reflection whether or not it is an inflammatory sign, I have to admit is a “good” thing – so thank you unnamed lady for making me look inwards.

So while I’m still outraged about the sign, it is for a different more upsetting reason. I am upset with myself for falling into the trap of my own white privilege and not being able to see beyond my own insecurities and to be outraged that a fellow Bermudian is hurting. Our collective concern should be the well-being of each other. If one of us is hurting then we should all be trying to figure out what is wrong. If one of us is being discriminated against then we are all being discriminated against and we should fix it.

This one-sided rant is ending, but I am giving myself the task of being more open to difficult conversations, where ever their origins may be. I am going to put myself in the situation of having uncomfortable conversations about this sign. I encourage you to do the same.”

The full statement from the People’s Campaign is below:

The People’s Campaign for Equality, Jobs, and Justice and the BTUC would like to thank the thousands of Bermudians of every background who joined us in our march in response to the government handling of the “loophole” in the Immigration and Protection Act of 1956. Additionally we would like to thank the Corporation of Hamilton and the Bermuda Police Service for their support at the gathering at Victoria Park and during the march respectively.

More importantly we would like to address an issue of concern arising from the March. At the initial gathering at Victoria Park, a member of the community was photographed holding a sign that many have found offensive. The sign in question in no way represents the sentiment or the position of the People’s Campaign or the BTUC, it was a personal sign that solely reflects the views of the sign bearer.

The People’s Campaign and the BTUC unequivocally rejects any form of discrimination based upon race, gender, age or personal orientation, and have established as core principles of the campaign Equality and Justice. As such any speech that is contrary to these principles the People’s Campaign along with the BTUC repudiates in the strongest possible terms.

The People’s Campaign and the BTUC are on public record advising participants in the March that they should limit placards and signs to the specific issue that was the focus of the march. In addition prior to the March, marshals were instructed to check for placards and signs to ensure that the signs were not contrary to the principles of the People’s Campaign and the BTUC.

This incident reflects that Bermuda continues to have many deeply rooted divisions that must be addressed by us all. Racism in all and any form is a cancer to society and must be rooted out, and it transcends signs or placards.

We share in the concern of the Human Rights Commission regarding the growing escalation of hate speech especially perpetrated by those, paid and unpaid, who hide behind the anonymity of the internet and have become like a “cyber Klan” spewing racial hatred through their personal attacks.

We have seen the ugly head of racism at the highest levels when in the course of debate people can be referred to as “kool aid drinkers” or that if Bermudians do not like a change in legislation they can “ get up and leave.”

The question that we must ask is are we as a community willing to continuously cherry pick the sour fruits of racism ad nauseam, or are we willing to be brave enough to finally openly and honestly discuss the deep roots of racism and commit ourselves to its eradication once and for all?

We must understand that the most heinous racism is institutional and systemic. We hope that the community will challenge racism and discrimination not merely when it is politically expedient, but as a moral and ethical affront to the humanity of us all whenever and wherever it rears its ugly head, let us come together and be resolved to work until equality and justice is a reality for all people.

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  1. hmmm says:

    “CURB believes the sign was divisive and inflammatory, however, we do not condemn or judge this lady. Her sign is a symptom of her anger, pain and hurt, and society must ask itself what it has done to this lady that makes her need to carry this sign.”

    If someone is raped is it justifiable to say because she wore a short skirt it was asking for it????

    Don’t make excuses CURB.

    As for the nonsense about the speakers not seeing the sign…There weren’t that many signs… YOU SAW IT, don’t lie. Do you think Bermudians are idiots.

    • So ... says:

      CURB has just demonstrated that they are only interested in “curbing” one side of racism,

      • Bermuda says:

        Imagine the uproar if this type of sign was held by a white women and the wording slightly different. There would be complete uproar by the PLP/BIU/CURB ! This should be completely unacceptable and condemned by all parties. Many older black Bermudians will never get out of their old ways and mentality toward race relations and the same can be said about older white Bermudians.

      • Black Soil says:

        CURB has zero credibility. They will go the way of the PLP.

        • Clyde Borscht says:

          So true, CURB are finished. How can anyone take them seriously after this awful statement.

          Clearly they have a black agenda, not one of equality.

      • James Rego says:


    • Real talk (original) says:

      Totally flawed analogy.

      A better analogy would have been.

      If someone is raped and holds up a sign campaigning against rapist/rape, would you not take a moment to reflect on why she/he felt that way?

      • hmmm says:

        Not flawed….CURB made an excuse for her behaviour, just as the rapist makes the excuse that she was dressed with a short skirt so she wanted it. Both Unacceptible.


      • Girl on Fire says:

        Still a flawed analogy.

        If a women is raped and holds up a sign campaigning against MEN, would you feel the same? Or would you feel that is an unfair stance to take against half the human population?

      • hmmm says:

        Not flawed. There is NEVER justification for either action.

      • Think with your brain says:

        Your analogy is totally flawed. This lady’s sign is OPENLY RACIST. That would be like a rape victim holding up a pro-rape sign by your analogy.

    • yello says:

      Couldn’t agree more with “hmmm.” I have no faith in CURB anymore. Yes everyone is entitled to their own opinions but it is the way in which you do it. This lady’s actions and language are clear demonstrations of racism. If you can’t see it than you are blind and/or retarted.

    • All on board says:

      Get ready. It is all coming out. Just sitting here having lunch and the two whites don’t know they are talking so loud and they are saying Bermudians are a tax. Wow.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Bermudians? Or specifically Bermudians of a certain hue?

      • Toodle-oo says:

        I’m not sure I get that .
        ‘Bermudians are a tax’

        Was I supposed to take some sort of racial offence to it ?
        Get all wound up and everything ? Go on a march maybe ?

      • Muhammad Goldberg says:

        Racism exists and has done for a long time. That is not the point here

      • hmmm says:

        Who and where, what company?

      • Muhammad Goldberg says:

        When you say things like ‘Get Ready. Its all coming out’ you are insinuating that the secret racist in all white people is coming out. That is nothing more than a racist generalization, and you have proven that you are no better than the two white people you claim to have observed making ignorant racist comments.
        And your language describing ‘the two whites’ is pretty darn racist too. I would never describe two people of any racial background as ‘the two whites’ or ‘the two blacks’…
        You need to check yourself

      • Creamy says:

        I’m Bermudian and I am not particularly offended by it. What do you think it means?

      • Wazzzzz Up says:

        Lunch at 2:41? Hmmmm me thinks youz making this up, But lets say that you are not. Maybe after the fact that this woman can say such a hateful thing and nobody says it is wrong, maybe they don’t care. They maybe wrong, but at least they are equal.

    • long bay tradin says:

      CURB you are offensive and a disgrace for what you are MEANT to stand for – which you clearly dont. You cannot in any way justify this. Shame on you

    • Cleancut says:

      Because she is angry and has pain and hurt that gives her the right to write what she wants?

      CURB needs to be dropped. posthaste!!!

    • Wazzzzz Up says:

      All I can say is wow. I am so f’n disgusted at the so called CURB representatives, Tweed, Bean the PLP and the BIU. You have two sets of rules. Mr. Weeks is this what you meant by the Two Bermudas?

      This woman is making a racist statement!!!! There is no question about There is do debate about what her sign said because there is proof on this website and others.

      Ms. McPhee tells people go back to work DURING ANOTHER BIU MARCH and the BIU DEMANDS her resignation. She at least had the decency to apologize publically! This woman sits in the park, holds up her sign and marches insulting many Bermudians. And the BIU demands nothing, the PLP says nothing, The PC and CURB make excuses! \

      Like Bob said, you can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time! Tweed, Bean , BIU, PLP, PC, You have shown that you are what many expected.

      Are the PLP worried that they have been infiltrated by Zane, Tim and other Mentally Ill Whites that might try to kill you!

    • Huh says:

      Nothing from the PLP. They must agree with Mrs. Burns and the sign. Did we really expect anything else?

    • Nitty Gritty says:

      There is no excuse for a Bermudian to walk out in a very public march carrying such hatred against an entire race!
      If that isn’t racism by the majority, then what is?
      We are not in Africa.
      We are in the middle of the white western world. That’s just the fact.
      If you want to know who is seeing this now, about 300 million potentially and is it any wonder they may not feel like visiting anytime soon.
      When you keep beating the white race of 2014 with the stick from 1832
      you are beating your head against the wall. Bermuda is not the world. It is a rock in the middle of the middle of a violent and chaotic planet.How about some of the marchers getting out a bit and put things in perspective.
      I saw a guy yesterday praying in front of a $100,000 BMW!No seriously!
      Draw your own conclusions.

      • James Rego says:

        @Nitty Gritty
        There is no excuse for a Bermudian to walk out in a very public march carrying such hatred against an entire race!
        If that isn’t racism by the majority, then what is?

        If you will remember, Eva Hodgson and Ewart Brown have enlighten us that blacks “cannot be racist.” There you have it and now you know!

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Listen you people keep talking the same crap over and over and over. If it was a white person holding the sign. Yeah yeah whatever. Grow up get over it and know this. Racism exist now and existed then. What next. You’ll be saying if white people were treated less than nothing years ago. The fact of the matter is this, white people years ago treated blacks worst than dogs. Black people will never treat whites like that and as a matter of a fact it could never happen in today’s society so please stop saying if a white person held the sign. Check history it will show and yes right here in Bermuda blacks were treated extremely bad and right or wrong I’m sure that lady experienced it in some shape or form. You people talk out of both sides of your mouths. It’s ok to constantly bring up and blame PLP for the state of affairs in this country from their 14 years in power. Yet because this lady holds a sign up and feels the way she does you ostracise her. I do not see that sign as racist from black to white. And if I stretched my mind it’s a reminder that we black people where treated badly by whites not too long ago.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      Can you just imagine if the situation was reversed…. And a “white woman” displayed that sign???

      The PLP would have had the BIU Stop everything immediately in protest and there would be so-called *Marches* nearly everyday!!!

      Racial politics will be in BDA forever as it has been for the last 50+ yrs!!! And we have ALL seen the damage it has done to the Island (Lost Tourism – Business – No outside investment confidence, etc) over the years!!! Why do you think so many people have left for good??

      I still have a *Bee-in-my-Bonnet* about the 1981 Island-wide strike and madness – and the lasting damage that did to the tourism product – courtesy of Ottiwell Simmons!!

      The PLP / BIU don’t want to be reminded about ALL that nonsense – as it is a very inconvenient *Truth* for them to admit to their own people!!! And I guess they won’t be completely happy – until they have put the “final nail” in BDA’s coffin!!!

      At this rate that won’t be too far away!!! I could go on and on – but what’s the point as we ALL know what the REAL “truth” is!!

  2. Relocated Now says:

    Can you imagine CURB’s response to Hitler carrying a similar sign against Jews.

    “Little Adolf’s sign is a symptom of his anger, pain and hurt, and society must ask itself what it has done to this poor boy that makes him need to carry this sign.”

    What a pathetic organization to excuse such nasty behaviour.

    Way to go Bermuda. What a small minded intolerant island you’ve become.

    • Ian says:

      And what if it were a Jew holding a sign like that against the Nazis/Germans? It would probably be a bit more acceptible to you wouldnt it. So per CURBS comments it becomes a question of why this lady feels this way. Start with the fact it wasnt blacks oppressing whites over the years, same way it wasnt Germans being slaughtered by Jews during the Holocaust…

      • Hmmm says:

        It would be totally unacceptable either way. There is no excuse or justification for blatent racism.

        Blatent racism = Blatent racism

        • Real talk (original) says:

          Because “blatant racism” is so much more evil than “subtle, institutional racism”, right?

          • hmmm says:

            All rascism is unacceptible. That is the point. where it rears it’s ugly head it needs to be stomped out.

          • Sandgrownan says:

            Bgcause granting status to PRC’s is subtle, institutionalsied racism?


            • Real talk (original) says:

              Um. Because the opposite of blatant racism would be institutional racism, no?

              • Real talk (original) says:

                sorry, subtle racism (manifested in institutional racism)

              • Sandgrownan says:

                No i get that, i still don’t understand the outrage over PRC’s getting status…well i do actually..it’s faux outrage, manufactured…it’s not at all related to racism and that’s why the PLP are wrong and why CURB are wrong.

                This is a political move and nothing esle.

                • Ian says:

                  Your comments speak to a huge disconnect between you and a certain segment of the community which, in itself, implies you are not qualified to speak to things like “faux outrage”…

          • Wazzzzz Up says:

            Will you at least admit that BOTH are wrong? What you are saying is much like excusing a child abusers actions because they to were once abused. It happens yes, but it is wrong PERIOD. You can go on hurting and hating because you once were.

      • BlueFamiliar says:

        If it was a survivor holding a sign against the Nazis? Yeah, I’ll admit that I’d be more understanding. A descendent of a survivor? A sibling or child, yeah, I’d have some understanding, further on down, no. Either a survivor or descendent holding a sign against all Germans? Not a chance.

      • Um Um Like says:

        The only way I could accept what was written on that sign is if a mentally ill white person had killed one of her black African/Bermudian relatives. I see no other way to justify what was written.

      • enough says:

        I don’t care which away you look at it, If It had been a white person holding that sign and the words were reversed there would probably be an island wide strike by now to have them deported. Blacks are not the only ones that have been oppressed, whites have also if you want to take the time to go back in history and stop focusing on one group of people. I feel sorry for someone who has so much hatred in them, being filled with so much hatred is just lkike being in prison.

        • observer says:

          Unfortunately there are a lot of haters in the PLP fold, Ministers and followers. That is why I have to part of them anymore, I got tired of it at almost every meeting!

      • Kangoocar says:

        More nonsense from Ian!!! My best friends dad was a prisoner of war for almost 5 yrs in a German concentration camp!!! Now if you Ian think your ancestors were treated bad, then you have no idea what he was treated like?? He was a skeleton with skin draped over it and was made to work 18 hrs a day and because of it lost all his teeth!!! My best friend and I also have a German friends who’s father was a pilot in the German Air Force, my friend hold no animosity to the German who happens to be a Status Bermudian now and nor should he!!!! Your type who continuously live in the past, do nothing but create your own demise!!! Also you of all people should not comment because you are in your 20′s and have NO clue of what you speak!!!!!

        • Ian says:

          What exactly is the point youre making old man?? And how is it relevant to my comment above?? Off the meds again huh…

      • e says:

        Why would a Jew in Nazi Germany (?) be holding a sign that reads “White Mental illness is Killing African Bermudians.”

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Aw..c’mon…Hitler just got a bad press….

    • lucky 7 says:

      Yeah, and like said before, there goes the America’s Cup….

    • MAKE MY DAY says:


  3. Kunta says:

    An accurate statement that’s 60 years late.

    • cmbbda says:

      Explain it to me please. How is that an accurate statement at anytime??

      • Bx to BDA says:

        If you took the time to read her own explanation of what she was saying substitute the word Racism for Mental Illness

        White Racism is Killing African Bermudians

        Its an understandable and forgivable perspective. Not that I completely agree with her in this context but I know how she came to her conclusions.

        • haha says:

          Unfortunately she has her own opinions and I see where she is coming from and agree with it a little (white privilege), but technically WE’RE ALL AFRICANS, whites, blacks, etc.

          What about all the other groups that have been oppressed? Why does everyone always focus on that little portion of history, don’t get me wrong it was horrendous, but someone answer my question. What about the people that are still oppressed or have been?

        • Think with your brain says:

          I would guess it’s more the lack of education and bad parenting that’s killing Bermudians. Learn to compete, or stand around holding up signs.

        • hmmm says:

          Who was killed?

        • Creamy says:

          It is not an “understandable and forgivable perspective”.

          More excuses.

  4. Still Laughing says:

    I am a firm believer in having the right to express your opinion and I fully appreciate one’s concerns over the PRC issue, but sadly it only takes a few to undermine an action. With this sign and the booing from the crowd on Friday, it is of my opinion that the march has now become a complete waste of time and effort, as I cannot support such disrespectful behaviours. To state that the sign maker shouldn’t be condemned is in itself wrong. She obviously knew what was on her sign as she changed it after being told it was blatantly offensive.

  5. Um Um Like says:

    Even if we take color out of the equation, this sign remains offensive to those that suffer from or are affected by mental a illness.

    • Clyde Borscht says:

      Er true, but that’s a side issue.

      It’s a horrible racist sign. End of.

  6. Sigh says:

    The reality of it is that the sign was this woman’s own thoughts. She said she was asked to take it down and she did. I wasn’t there but I have to agree that the sign was very ignorant but I don’t think it’s the view of the Campaign and shouldn’t be reflected like it was approved

    • Creamy says:

      The campaign leaders, particularly CURB, are still making excuses for her. And all of them are reaping what they sow. They have been whipping up anti-white and anti-foreigner rhetoric, and now they’re embarrassed because the racism evident in what they have been doing is exposed for all to see.

  7. BlueFamiliar says:

    Racism is not mental illness.
    That’s just an excuse to let people off the hook for their unacceptable behaviour.
    Racism is a learned behaviour based on fear and/or hatred.
    People who finally get it that racism is wrong are not healed. They are enlightened.
    While I commend those who have taken the time to open their eyes to what might have caused this woman to create and carry in public such a sign it in no way excuses her actions.
    Once we are adults, we are responsible for our own actions, how we respond to the things in our lives are up to us. You can rise above the bad that happens in your life, or you can carry it with you like a burden.
    Clearly, to me, this woman has chosen to carry her burden, and for that she has my deep sympathy and I hope that one day she will find the strength to take responsibility for herself and her own actions.

  8. watchfuleyes says:

    Well did anyone hear the lady on the talk show today,who was rude, disrespectful and Irrational? @Kunta, exactly

  9. Boston Baked says:

    Peggy Burns clearly has a problem with people that don’t look like her. Perhaps it’s people like her who are killing Bermuda.

    • Anon says:

      ..you understand now??? She’s talking about white people KILLING black people!!!! On what planet is that acceptable is any way? Oh yes, i forgot just in a certain segment of Bermuda

    • James Rego says:

      This not the first time I have read similar comments from this person in blogs. The woman is a racist of the highest degree

  10. thinker says:

    I am a Bermudian I was born here. Interesting enough CURB quotes Nelson Mandela. When Nelson Mandela came out of jail, he came out with LOVE and FORGIVENESS and COMMON SENSE. Nelson wanted to sit around the table and discuss and bring people together, Nelson wanted to build bridges and share his message of forgiveness. He wanted to move onward and forward to a better day. He should have came out of jail with Vile Hate and anger and wanted to start riots and burn buildings down, but he didn’t. He should have came out with a lot of hate in his heart for other people and what they did to him but he didnt.
    People in Bda need to stop the marching and ask to sit around the table and discuss issues better, learn to build bridges and connections and build something better for the community.
    This older genertation needs to let go of the hate like Mandela did and move on. The younger generation we dont care about all this stuff we want to move on. It is only showing the younger generation what hate is. It is not the good example you think it is.
    All the race talk, it doesnt matter, what is my race, what is your race what is his race it is ridiculous. Imagine if Mandela spent his last years discussing race and separation.
    Communicating better and common sense is a much better way.

    • Real talk (original) says:

      I love it when people quote Nelson Mandela after he came out of prison.

      What they fail to acknowledge is the reason why he WENT to prison… civil disobedience and disorder in protest of an apartheid system that had its boot on the necks of black south Africans.

    • Serious Though says:

      We all need a Mandela moment in this country, Forgiveness,
      If not Mandela, let try Jesus moment, or what ever works for you..
      The word is “forgive”
      Have a forgiving afternoon everybody!

      • Robert says:

        So forgive and forget ?!! I think not, that is why we have this division.

        • Anbu says:

          And how old are you robert? Willing to bet you’re over 50

    • PBanks says:

      I feel you, but there are too many people right now who would rather ‘take their ball and go home’ than try to understand each other and find common ground on issues.

      Perhaps, as you suggest, the younger generation who aren’t already entrenched in party politics and wish to move forward, need to simply take over.

  11. brigadooner says:

    If anyone wants more insight into the stance of Peggy Burns, I’d encourage you to look at her profile on this forum:


    Needless to say I would be very cautious of any organization that defends her philosophy.

  12. thinker says:

    What made Mandela,Martin Luther king, And even Malcolm X great is that they forgave, even Malcolm X learned before he died that everyone was his brother and he stopped making vile sweeping disgusting remarks about other people. I am sure if Malcolm x could do it some of this older generation can also.

    I mean some of the disgusting stuff i have to listen to by the older genertaion sometimes is really disturbing talk about not moving on.

    • Robert says:

      Malcolm, Martin were killeddd before they ever got the chance to say they forgave, so don’t go there !!

      • thinker says:

        @ Robert I would suggest you google Dr.King’s speech, “I have a dream speech”, and also A lot of his videos are now online, this man was filled and overflowed with forgiveness and wanting a better world for the next generations, that was his bread and butter. And did you not watch the film Malcolm X? You cant be serious right now. There are a lot of books that documented the last years of Malcolm’s life do your research before you talk.

        As for Curb I find it disturbing that someone would use the Great Nelson Mandela this way, this man would never condone any of those statements in any way not even 1 percent. Get your facts right Curb.
        As for the Lady Peggy that wrote these comments (I am not going to disrespect her on here) but this is someone old enough to be my mother so it is a sad day for my generation to see someone yet again making an excuse.I Have met a lot of people like Peggy and you cant talk to them they are stuck in their ways I just feel that it is selfish for her to voice herself this way when younger people are viewing this, should have kept her comments to herself. Imagine someone like this raising a young person and everyday you hear that talk? race race race this race that, you will not go far in this world because of racism etc.. By the time you are in your teens and early twenties you can start actually believing in this stuff that is why it so dangerous to talk this way. I can see why some of the young guys get so lost and in jail it is people like this giving them no hope and it is damn dangerous.

      • BASCOMBCOWMOOO says:

        Read Malcom X’s autobiography. Toward the end he talks about going to Mecca on pilgrimage and how the experience of prayer with Muslims from many ethnic backgrounds lead him away from the politics of racial exclusion/separation and towards an equally anti-racist political stance based inclusiveness and coexistence, with a theological emphasis on traditional Sunni (as opposed to Nation of Islam) preaching and conceptualizations of how to deal with and counter contemporary racism. Not in those words; I’m summarizing a lot of pages..

    • Robert says:

      Black people are always told to move on, that was a long time ago, put it behind you, it wasnt you, it was those who came before you or white people say it wasn’t me it. was my ancestors so dont take it out on me. Let forget about it and move on…….. HELL NO, lets confront it, talk about it and work it the hell out !!!

      • Come Correct says:

        So what do you want from me?! I guarantee you won’t like my response because it doesn’t go along with your agenda.

      • Barracuda says:

        If every white person acknowledged and apologized to every black person , what would happen then ?

      • BlueFamiliar says:

        I’d love to talk about it, calmly, rationally, my problem has been finding people with a different perspective willing to do the same.

        Side note, given my heritage I suppose I could talk to myself about it, but I think it has less to do with heritage and more to do with community.

      • Bermyboi says:

        I agree Robert!

  13. nuffin but the truth says:

    I had a feeling it was Peggy Burns,why am I not surprised I was right!
    She does have a serious problem and I know that many refuse to talk to her because of the way she disrespects others.

    • Clyde Borscht says:

      She is a black racist. That’s all. Don’t take her seriously, massive chip on her shoulder.

  14. mick says:

    It saddens me to see this vitriol in this unhappy little island. I see a total disconnect between white and black residents. Most of it I think is class rather than race, which is just as stupid but there are no organizations dealing with this factor. The only way is for both groups respecting each other and working towards finding things in common.

  15. CURB?? says:

    To be honest I didnt even know who CURB was before this and to think that they didn’t see how this sign could be viewed as racist is a JOKE!! They need to rebrand themselves if they aren’t going to realize what racism looks like when its standing on the same side of the fence as them! If it was the other way arund and a PRC was holding that sign they would of had PLENTY to say about it!!

  16. Jamwasea says:

    CURB Should be ashamed of themselves, how dare they make excuses for that woman who is just plan “nasty” period !! She need to make a public apology and fast IMOP !! IGNORANCE OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!

  17. Sandgrownan says:

    Oh, and People’s Campaign..thousands of marchers? Please.

  18. TSOL says:

    CURB are just another arm of the PLP. Don’t expect them to condemn any racism against whites.

  19. 32n64w says:

    “The People’s Campaign and the BTUC are on public record advising participants in the March that they should limit placards and signs to the specific issue that was the focus of the march.”

    So why do they allow PLP flags, shirts, banners, etc. if it’s really just about the “issues”?

    The People’s Campaign is nothing more than a PLP PAC advocating on the party’s behalf. Their attempt to characterize the effort as anything different is just hogwash.

    • micro says:

      100% correct and why I refused their invitation to join their very thinly veiled cause.

  20. Steve Davis says:

    The PLP/BIU and their supporters are condoning this type of behavior, they are encouraging it and embracing it! You can see that on this very blog page they are defending this woman’s actions.

    Some on here are generalizing all white people as, ‘Rapists and Nazis’, read it for yourself!

    How can any rational person consider taking the ‘The Peoples Communist Campaign’ the PLP/BIU or even CURB seriously when they are responsible for spreading Xenephobia and hate between races, all across Bermuda. They created this frenzy and continue to stoke the fires, yet they try and claim no responsibility.

  21. Jus' Sayin' says:

    405 years ago today, the first English ex-pats arrived, grabbed all the land for themselves and claimed status for themselves and their children.

  22. New Kid on the Block says:

    All of you need to shut up! I am not agreeing with the sign, but what about the racist remarks and signs you all had up when Ewart Brown was the premier at the Cabinet along with the continuous racist comments you all write on the blogs. It is okay for you all to say and write whenever you like, but when the shoe is on the other foot, now you all can’t take it.

    • 32n64w says:

      “what about the racist remarks and signs you all had up when Ewart Brown was the premier at the Cabinet ”

      What did these purported signs say exactly?

    • BlueFamiliar says:

      Pretty certain that I have never made a racist comment in my life, much less held up a racial sign against Ewart Brown. Never protested against him either for that matter, just didn’t and don’t trust the man as far as I could throw him. Which, quite frankly, is pretty much how I view most, thought not all, politicians.

    • Anbu says:

      You have got to be kidding me right? Go back to sleep kid

  23. Navin Johnson says:


    • somuchless says:

      Navin, good one. Let’s move on from jetgate. The new talk is signgate.

  24. Jarvis Trott says:

    TIME magazine – May 2012, about racism as mental illness:


    Here is an interesting paragraph:

    Thinking of any form of racism as an illness is very troubling. Historically, psychiatrists, psychologists, the medical establishment and lay people have all agreed that the roots of racism are cultural or societal — a set of beliefs and behaviors that are learned and, as a result, can be unlearned. If it were to ever be declared an illness that can be treated, racists would no longer be legally or ethically responsible for their actions. Just imagine it: a medical justification for discriminating against, or even killing, those of another race.

  25. Jonny rocket says:

    Wether or not the sign was appropriate, lets not get side tracked from the more important PRC status issue which is what the march was all about. The sign is nothing more then some ppls opinion on the state of Bermuda.

  26. ProudBermudianDaughter says:

    She’s straight up racist and doesn’t want to work with white people… This is a posting of hers from http://theblacklistpub.ning.com/profile/PeggyAnnWinonaBurns

    “As a matter of fact, I am looking for a place of this description where my husband and I can spend the final chapter of our lives (a safe, clean, quiet, naturally beautiful environment amongst Black Afrikan people ONLY. Will someone please tell me where this place is. I am desperate to know.

    Nana Peggy
    E-mail Address: nanapeggy@blessed.bm

  27. Waut says:

    Hold on and I will tell you why this lady and many other black Bermudian feel this way. Note I am not justifying this! Tell me how many whites to you see in the crowd? So how you think a black Bermudian, who is already felt disicourage,feels when they see whites come out for seems only of matter that concern their neighbourhoods?

  28. serz doe says:

    Lmao if guys wanna start marches, have an anti-racism march.

    On a real note: CURB is a joke.

    • Ringmaster says:

      CURB is indeed a joke. The head is a white English person who obtained Bermuda status by marrying a white Bermudian and now tries to explain racism from a non white viewpoint. They are the worst when it comes to being even handed, and when did the PRC law suddenly become racial? The PLP passed the law and the OBA has to live with it. By its very nature the law is not racial. The OBA didn’t create this situation and it cannot be compared to what happened in the 1970′s. Except to those who want to create a false history and stir up emotions.

  29. Coffee says:

    That sign sums up the OBA ‘s grassroots campaign .

  30. Terry says:

    I think most have covered it with comments above.

    Where is Betty.

    Where is Christopher Famous/ss.

    Amazing when it bites you in the ass, caught red handed by support of previous.

    I am sure they are preparing something for the RG and Bernews for after or prior to Cup Match.

    One Sun down. A Royal sunset to go.


    What the difference between Christopher Famous and BELCO.

    BELCO won’t lower rates et al.

    Christopher lowers his ratings because he has free speech.


  31. rickbda says:

    CURB start doing your job and sit down with this lady and see what the problem is and why she made that comment. what went wrong in her life that she feels this way. I would really like to know. I think BERMUDA would like to know. hell give me her number I would like to asker myself face to face

    • Creamy says:

      I think we should demand that CURB responds publicly on this within seven days.

      So what about it, Cordell?

      • Huh says:

        Cordell’s on vacation in Vermont

        • Creamy says:

          They should still respond within seven days.

          Still no apology from the PLP. They were in the march as well. Presumably the PLP has no problem with the sign.

  32. Huh says:

    Posted by Peggy Ann Winona Burns on September 8, 2008 at 8:18am in Politics
    View Discussions
    .Greetings Family,

    Knowing YOURSTORY (History) will eradicate all misconceptions – put to death the perpetuation of fallacies.

    Hereunder are some words which I expressed to an African sister who was born in the United States of America and resides in Memphis.

    With respect to Barack Hussein Obama running for the office of President of the U.S.A., I am extremely concerned for his life. I’m pointing all of my fingers at white supremacy (racism) when I say this. He may stand for JUSTICE but white supremacists cannot see beyond his African-ness and his radiant brown skin. My gut tells me he should quit while he is ahead, rather than have his blood spilled on the doorstep of the White House, and leave an adoring wife and two little girls to mourn the loss of a husband and father. Whites, like roaring lions/nesses, walk to and fro seeking whom they may devour. Always, Africans are their prey.

    If you examine YOURSTORY, you will learn that United States of America has been served by six (6) Presidents and one (1) Vice-President whose ancestors were of African descent. Observe the following:

    Saturday February 17, 2007
    Aysha Hussain, a writer for Diversity Inc., states that “Ever since the nation first met Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in 2004, his race has been called into question more times than Michael Jackson’s.”

    And the author’s right, though Hussain attributes this focus on race to the belief, held by some historians, that “people don’t really understand the genealogy of past U.S. Presidents.”

    In my own research on Melungeons – a distinct cultural group of tri-racial (black, white, Native American) and/or unknown foreign origins – I have come across researchers who show that at least five U.S. presidents had black ancestors.

    They are:

    THOMAS JEFFERSON, the third U.S. President, was “the son of a half-breed Indian squaw and a Virginia mulatto father.” According to historian, Leroy Vaughn, author of Black People and Their Place in World History, JEFFERSON also was said to have destroyed all documentation attached to his mother, even going to extremes to seize letters written by his mother to other people. Presidential Term: March 4, 1801 to March 4, 1809

    ANDREW JACKSON, the seventh U.S. President, was “the son of an Irish woman who married a black man.” (His older brother was reportedly sold into slavery in Carolina). Presidential Term: March 4, 1829 to March 4, 1837

    ABRAHAM LINCOLN, the sixteenth U.S. President, had dark skin, coarse hair, and a heritage that included Melungeon or African ancestors. Hussain writes that “His heritage fueled so much controversy that Lincoln was nicknamed “Abraham Africanus the First” by his opponents.” Presidential Term: March 4, 1861 to April 15, 1865

    HANNIBAL HAMLIN served under President Abraham Lincoln as Vice-President. He was a mulatto. Term: 1861-1865

    WARREN HARDING, the twenty-ninth U.S. President, never denied his African heritage, and reportedly had black ancestors on both sides of his family; it is also said that Harding attended a school that was founded to educate fugitive slaves. Presidential Term: March 4, 1921 to August 2, 1923

    CALVIN COOLIDGE, the thirtieth U.S. President, proud of his heritage, was found to have African and possibly Native American ancestry as well. He claimed his mother was dark because of mixed Indian ancestry. Coolidge’s mother’s maiden name was “Moor” and in Europe the name “Moor” was given to all blacks just as “Negro” was used in America. It later was concluded that Coolidge was part black. Presidential Term: August 2, 1923 to March 4, 1929


    The following reveals that there were actually six U.S. Presidents of African descent. Introducing:

    DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, the thirty-fourth U.S. President. His mother was a black mulatto and his father was a German immigrant. Presidential Term: January 20, 1953 to January 20, 1961

    The only difference between Obama and those former presidents is that none of their family histories were fully acknowledged by others. Even though Obama is half-white, he strongly resembles his Kenyan father. And not only is Obama open about his ancestry, most people acknowledge him as a black man, which is why people will identify Obama, if elected, as the first black president of the United States of America.

    Suggested reference book on the subject: “THE FIVE NEGRO PRESIDENTS U.S.A.” by J.A. Rogers

    I leave you with words from two GREAT African geniuses/mentors whom I have tremendous admiration for:

    History is so IMPORTANT! The late Dr. John Henrik Clarke (1915-1998) was fond of saying that: “History is not everything, but it is a starting point. History is a clock that people use to tell their time of day. It is a compass they use to find themselves on the map of human geography. It tells them where they are, but more importantly, what they must be.” Dr. Clarke devoted himself to placing people of African ancestry “on the map of human geography.”

    The late Bro. Marcus Mosiah Garvey (1887-1940) said: “A people without knowledge of their past is like a tree without roots.”

    In view of the foregoing, if these TRUTHS were told, Barack Hussein Obama would not be the first man of African descent to become the President of the U.S.A.

    There is an old Ethiopian Proverb which says: “He who learns, teaches.” Now, go your way and feel free to share this information with those whom your life touches.

    Yours for Love, Peace, Pro$perity & Survival of Our African Family!

    Nana Peggy

  33. Nicky says:

    CURB’s comments are very disappointing to say the least! They have lost total credibility.

  34. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    y’all got this racism s#!t twisted i know that!…if i dont like peas, why are you trying to legislate mandatory pea love..? i will be civil towards peas…i will avoid peas if i so feel …but i wont destroy peas or denigrate peas…i’ll leave them for those that love peas…same goes for people , if i like you, i like you, if i don’t, i don’t…i don’t care what Nationality you are…y’all cant make someone like something that they don’t like, can you ..? Bermudians on the whole are very cordial, mild mannered people, black and white get along fine, in my circles anyway…we work together sometimes even socialize together…basically, stop trying to perform miracles because quite frankly, y’all don’t have a clue…i researched and could not find any population on the face of this earth ,where they had eradicated discrimination…i’m hoping someone here can prove me wrong…until then ,can we stop wasting valuable time, money and energy on facades…what you need to be working on is this epidemic of IGNORANCE & ARROGANCE that has cloaked this little rock in the sun. IF there is sooooo much racism on this island …why haven’t i heard or read about it in the news as Court Reports..? is no one pursuing their racial accounts..?hmmm don’t fight against color my brother…your monetary value, positions you in lifes long road right where they’ve penciled you in…and im not talking about our kids on the hill ,they’re just following orders, but from whoooom??

    wake up please.

  35. PRC says:

    Ms.Winfield should be sent to the curb.What a bunch of nonsense ,objecting to others getting status and she got it.Hypocrite of the highest order!

  36. PRC says:

    The lady holding the sign should be charged for racism! If that is possible.

  37. Just a matter of time says:

    If any of you bothered to go to any of the numerous presentations that CURB has put on in the past along with the past BRRI initiatives which was an attempt to understand and heal race relations by Dr. Brown, you might understand the deep underlying pathology of Ms Burns’ message and indeed where she is coming from. She is passionate about this subject and her message is stating how institutional racism IS killing opportunities for Black Bermudians. Can you prove otherwise because the stats can back it up. The topic of racism is ugly, and if we don’t talk about it and deal with it head on, things can get ugly. Yes, this island is getting sick from it and no one except the likes of CURB and others are willing to deal with it. It is a FACT that white Bermudians have never taken the initiative towards healing bad race relations. It’s always Black Bermudians.

    • BlueFamiliar says:

      I have bothered to go to CURB presentations and meetings and I have a good understanding of where Ms Burns is coming from along with how she got there.

      I’m afraid that the problem is not just institutional racism, but the perception of racism in general. It is not merely a mindset of one race against another, and it is not something that only white people exhibit, it is also the mindset of a race against itself when they buy into the perceptions of their perceived oppressor.

      Sadly, until the topic of racism is dealt with openly and freely including all sides of the issue there will never be a solution.

      CURB is not now, and will never be, part of the solution with their biased perspective and unfriendly atmosphere to those who might suggest that the problem is a multifaceted one.

  38. Just a matter of time says:

    The anger and frustrations expressed by Ms. Burns and many Black Bermudians and indeed white sympathizers are symptoms of a deep rooted problem that white Bermuda for the most part REFUSES to acknowledge and deal with. How long do we continue this madness?…

    • Nitty Gritty says:

      It’s not madness, white people get up and go to work and go home take a shower, read the paper, eat dinner and brush their teeth, yet despite doing that daily and not much else, frequently find themselves the target of some resentful people who are out hunting for a scapegoat.
      I have heard this stuff for going on 60 years and my friend Oprah and Bill Cosby keep telling me to ignore it, it aint my fault, I’m not a slave master and they arent slaves. In fact those looking to blame someone for all their life’s frustrations have exhausted this avenue comprehensively. It is weak and illegitimate to keep gaining concessions by preying on another race’s potential for guilt and embarassment even when they have had zero to do with racism.
      Very few whites had slaves and not all black people necessarily are descendants of slaves. You are at risk of beating this important part of history into the ground and that is why whites have all but given up on having any part in that discussion. Have it honestly but it is intellectually dishonest to first hijack the pain and suffering of people from 100 years ago as your own when it was they who were the victims and then compound the situation by continually throwing that history in the face of people who for the most part hate what happened.
      You arent winning any hearts and minds with hypocricy and signs that slam an entire race.

  39. pwndwg says:

    Dontcha remember – in the PC 80s it was officially established that it’s impossible for black people to be racist. Only people “in power” i.e. white people can be racist. Even people like Mugabe and Ewart Brown can’t be racist because they’re victims of white colonialism and oppression. So we have a free pass to give them all kinds of abuse because of colonialism and slavery. Of course, no Africans or Native Americans ever attacked, conquered or enslaved each other until the whites arrived. Unfortunately I, like most out of Africans, am probably about 1/4 white if you add up all the aggregate genetic hybridization since the 1700s, so maybe this is just the famous black self-hatred manifesting itself. I am looking forward to at least $1 billion in financial reparations for all of the bad things that white people did to my ancestors. I am just a little worried that it will be a lot less than the amount of reparations that my wife wants or all the unforgivable things that men have done to women.

  40. Tricks are for Kids says:

    Whilst her sign may seem to many to be inappropriate she cannot be KNOCKED for how SHE feels. If you have not walked a mile in her shoes and experinced what she has to make her feel this way than you are wrong to judge her….If you sit here and call her “this and that” than you are just as bad as her. I agree that she may have used a poor choice of words in an attempt to get her point across but again that is how SHE feels. She is not the first to go on a rant. Remember the other lady who not too long ago shouted inappropriate comments from the balconey of a Restaurant to those that were marching..same type of scenerio…… some felt that it was okay (freedom of speech) while others deemed it inappropriate.

    Racism is alive and well on this island…it EXISTS and too often we run away from it, we sweep it under the carpet, or we “except” it….It just doesn’t get discussed and is a “taboo” subject….Until it gets discussed, and there will be tears, hurt and anger along the way we will CONTINUE to experience situations like this.

    • Nitty Gritty says:

      Yeah well…to publically display a sign that paints all whites as having mental illness is RACISM pure and simple. That is what racism is about..attaching a negative set of traits to another race particularly across the board. Some whites may have a mental illness just as some blacks do, but to state ALL have, is a display of unparallelled ignorance, and a racial attack. Color of skin cannot be used to delineate an entire race, not even a large portion. Think about it, isnt that exactly what she accuses whites of doing yet now she seems to have become the hater. Yes racism IS alive and well just not where you seem to think.

  41. Does anyone know..... says:

    If CURB is funded by the GVT if Bermuda.

    This type of “siding” has no place in a modern society.

    Folks the more this progresses the worse Bermuda is looking as an evolved first world

    We must be better than this and work together, look forward and build a stronger Bermuda for Alll of our kids.

    Looking at the world through an old school lens is NOT working.

  42. Triangle Drifter says:

    So…days after the march CURB/BIU/PLP/BPSA/Peoples/A Reverend, AKA the Combined Opposition denounce the sign & the individual carrying it do they.

    A bit weak & very late. Nobody saw the sign. Yeah…RIIIGHT! You have lost what little credibility you might have had.

  43. Somerset Girl says:

    I just listened to Ms Burns interview. I didnt understand a word of what she was trying to say and how her viewpoint related to the march or the discussion regarding the granting of Bermudian status to PRC holders. What am I missing here? I’m black Bermudian and one of white Bermudian friends, grandparents are originally from South Africa. (They are white as well). Is Ms. Burns saying that my friend is killing herself?

  44. somuchless says:

    Peggy Burns obviously has a ‘mental illness’ and she in my opinion she should recieve a comp check at MAWI.

  45. It's a hard life says:

    Peggy Burns should be dragged to The Human Rights Department and made to announce an apology to all she offended. She was trying to explain it on TV and said all of her ascedents were from Africa, she meant decendants of course, and I suggest she go back there to live if she;s so unhappy here. Do we really need more people like her making matters worse? Heck no… and for Curb to say not to condemn or judge this lady, ARE YOU KIDDING? That should have been a white person saying all blacks are mental, all hell would break loose and there would be riots. Such unfairness as this is what makes people sick of this country. Come on Mr. Riley get the lead out and make a difference on this island, make us believe you are truly trying to get rid of racism, cause as I see it, your organization is for blacks only. Shame on you Curb.

    • BlueFamiliar says:

      Actually, she was correct in her use of ascendants meaning her ancestors. Descendants would children, grandchildren, etc.

  46. Unhappy says says:

    Steel Unhappy.

  47. Roots rock says:

    So it is okay for blacks to be racist towards whites? CURB , where is your condemnation of this lady?

  48. nomoremoney says:

    In all this mess, the biggest racist issue on this island is the way Bermudians of all stripes treat the philipinos and bermudians of phillipino decemt. It’s shows racism exists here in bigger ways than we want to acknowledge and discuss. Easier to keep it to Black and white, because we already know the scripts.Right?

  49. Paz says:

    CURB’s statements do a great disservice to their organization. Grasping for explanations make it look silly and hard to trust.

    The sign is clearly racist. The women did not provide an explanation for why she felt the way she did. If she had, maybe she deserves some sympathy. But she just labeled whites, presumably all whites, as mentally ill. The fact that this is clearly not true made her look ridiculous.

    These are the times when all of Bermuda should stand united in condemning this type of behavior. No excuses.

  50. Roots rock says:

    Lynne Winfield is a status Bermudian and is now fighting against PRC s getting status!

  51. 55 says:


    Your comments are embarrassing. The Mandela you claim is the kindly elder statesman presented to the world as a symbol of the capacity of Black people to forgive. You and many others would do well to remember Mandela, the revolutionary and Mandela the terrorist (as defined by successive western regimes). Mandela possessed all of those qualities you mention and more but DO NOT SPIN a tale of him being anything other than committed to righting the wrongs in his country. The discussion in South Africa immediately following the end of apartheid was led by the Truth and Reconciliation commission. All of those people who you suggest are full of hate were permitted to tell their stories as a means of cleansing the soul of the nation. NO ONE, Mandela included told them to let it go.


    The danger in your comments is that some young person might read them, believe them and then be damaged for life when confronted with the very real racism that exists in the country.


  52. thinker says:

    @roots rock and to others no it is not OK for anyone to be racist, read my reply to Robert above.
    I usually don’t comment but some of the stuff that has been going on lately is just ridiculous.
    I can tell you for a fact most of my generation 39 years old and younger just roll our eyes in disgust when the older generation start complaining about something that happened years ago and to make a friend of mine who is only in his twenties feel guilty because of his race is not smart at all. my friends know nothing about treating someone less than human.NOTHING.
    It really is a ridiculous statement by Peggy, but i didn’t insult her on here cause I have met a few who feel this way she is not the only one.
    Anyone all over the world can now read her statement but not all Bermudians think like this or think it is even an issue. SMDH tonight.

  53. bda's finest says:

    As a black teen bermudian (who has gradually been understanding bermuda’s present and past politics) i am tired of seeing race brought into every political talk or event. Almost as if those who bring in the race card use it to fall back on, due to them not having a solid argument. I like many others have found this sign to be very offensive due to the fact that if it was the other way around “black mental illness” black bermudians would be in shambles right now. (Just sayin) i personally believe like the rest of bermudas sane population, that if “you stay in the past there is no future.” Time to give the race card a break and as a whole worry on the real matters of bermuda.

  54. Slim Shady says:

    I have seen kind, friendly guest workers so terribly racially abused by black Bermudians, it was truly DIsGUsTING!!! Hypocrites!!!!!!

  55. Alvin Williams says:

    Racism hey? well white Bermuda how does it feel now that the shoe is on the other foot? how does it feel to have your humanity challenged?
    I say to you that this sign is mild compared to the debate concerning the intelligence of Black people. From slavery to the 19th. century where almost every education department dealing with the humanities had raging debates as to whether the black man had the same intelligence as the white man. People wrote papers on the subject.The 20th. century roll around do you think that the debate ended? Oh no W.E.B. DuBois probably the greatest black academic of his time any time wrote;”The Problem of the 20th. century is the problem of the colour line’. And he wrote that before the struggle to end colonialism ; before the beginning of the modern civil rights struggle in America. He was a black American descented from slavery. He wrote many books on the question of race and the white psychic when it comes to racism. I ask the question again did it end this academic debate on the question of the black man’s humanity; his level of Intelligence? No No because in 1994 this book came out;The Bell Curve’ written by two white academics with Ph. D’s from Harvard and you can’t get no higher than this education institution; and the subject they wrote about; the differences in intellectual capacity among people and groups; and I will give you one guess who was considered to be on the lower level? So before the OBA and it’s chairperson get on their high horse to pander to the hurt feelings of their white political support base.I called upon WEB DuBois; Frantz Fannon in the defence of Nanny Peggy Burns and her sign which spoke more truth than many are prepared to ignore.

    • Nitty Gritty says:

      Well Alvin, for one, your comment is directed at the entire white race of Bermuda so that becomes racism!
      If you direct negative traits at those only exhibiting them, then it becomes a little more legitimate.
      You see Alvin, you have been so used to thinking this way that you don’t even recognise the inherent racism in your very first line!
      Therefore the racist element here is to attribute racism to all whites as opposed to only those few that may be guilty.
      This lady did the same, hence her shame and the condemnation of the march organisers and other right thinking people.
      Unlike the rest of the planet Alvin, we are not at war! Mainly because our ‘problems’ pale in comparison to all others.
      Heck I saw a guy onKindley Field Road praying in front of a $100,000
      BMW! Thats how ‘blessed’ we are mate!!
      Now for future reference Alvin, we will let you tell whites off if you say ‘ SOME’ before every hateful statement. If you use a blanket attack and condemnation we will be calling you out for what you are, and that would be a bigot.

    • BlueFamiliar says:

      The things you cite are basically proof that the best educated of people can be complete idiots, plus that you (Not you in particular but the general you) can take ‘facts’ and twist them to suit a personal agenda. Honestly, nothing new.

      I’m sorry that a small group of people angers you so much that you take it so deeply to heart, the same as I’m sorry that Ms Burns has never opened herself up to experience a different reality. Both of you need to open your eyes to the reality that not everyone is the same, defined solely by the colour of our skin, we are all unique individuals, with differing experiences and views. By closing yourself off, you’ve missed one of the true beauties of the world.

    • Paz says:

      The response to the sign is not due to the “hurt feelings” of the “white political support”. That, in itself, is a racist characterization. The sign is offensive to all who want to stamp out racism in our society.

    • Paz says:


      The response to the sign is not due to the “hurt feelings” of the “white political support”. That characterization is, in itself, racist. The sign is condemned by all those that want to stamp out racism in Bermuda.

  56. Come On Man says:

    I ask what effect was she trying to achieve. You cant complain about racism when you are demonstrating the same thing. Fighting fire with fire. Would MLK do that?

    • Marie says:

      Come On Man, are you suggesting Blacks temper their tone in this discussion on racism?

  57. Say what???!! says:

    I once saw Ms Burns hog the mike at a BIU event held st St Paul’s Hall a few years ago and the BIU moderator almost had to wrestle the mike away from her. She obviously has deep rooted issues when it comes to race.

  58. Be Fair says:

    So what is Peggy Burns going to do when she gets to the Pearly gates and finds a couple of white angels up there that are willing to show her around,will she refuse and show them her sign?

    • somuchless says:

      At the rate she’s going she won’t be heading there.

  59. You can't handle the truth! says:


    Your comments are embarrassing. The Mandela you claim is the kindly elder statesman presented to the world as a symbol of the capacity of Black people to forgive. You and many others would do well to remember Mandela, the revolutionary and Mandela the terrorist (as defined by successive western regimes). Mandela possessed all of those qualities you mention and more but DO NOT SPIN a tale of him being anything other than committed to righting the wrongs in his country. The discussion in South Africa immediately following the end of apartheid was led by the Truth and Reconciliation commission. All of those people who you suggest are full of hate were permitted to tell their stories as a means of cleansing the soul of the nation. NO ONE, Mandela included told them to let it go.


    The danger in your comments is that some young person might read them, believe them and then be damaged for life when confronted with the very real racism that exists in the country.


    • BlueFamiliar says:

      It is not that people are attempting to silence others from speaking their own history, it is simply that we suggest that their anger towards people who had no involvement in said history is misplaced.

      Tell your story, in written word or spoken, video, music, dance, however best suits each person. Put it out there for those of us who are willing to hear, but don’t accuse or punish us for something in which we had no part.

      Not every white person is the descendant of an oppressor, the same as not every black person is the descendant of a slave.

      Know your story, embrace it, but please don’t presume my story, it may be far closer to yours than you could ever imagine.

  60. GOD1ST says:

    Those that have benefited from racism were highly offended by the truth. We as black African people must continue to rise unapologetically.Ain’t no placard more offensive then than the propaganda machine.

  61. johndoe says:

    The way I see it, everyone here wants to sound so enlightened and speak with a higher than thou tone, condescending each other but you’re all fools in some way. No one knows it all esp. regarding the inner workings of BDA politics. While folks are tripping over reckless propaganda racial hate is proliferated and no solutions are created.

    PRC holders should be assessed on a case by case basis keeping within the restrictions of legislature; however, I’ll add… A government that deliberately operates on flawed legislature has no integrity.

  62. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    “Forgive them ! for they know not what they say”.

  63. Lizbeth says:

    Can the truth be racist? Most people who are reacting to this sign don’t understand it. Not even the organizations that criticized it seem to understand it. I got the meaning immediately but I did question the context. Such a deep understanding of the underlying issue few have explored. Instead of reacting it would have been more productive to ask what was meant and why for that march.

    • Huh says:

      Please tell more so we could all be enlightened? The good news is that the march was peaceful and no-one was physically or verbally attacked (other than the PLP marchers booing the OBA Cabinet) or fired from their job (like the lady who was executive director of the Chamber of Commerce)

  64. sswhite says:

    So in summary -just to be clear “brown peoples” worldwide, who have been the victims of colonialism, outright racism, slavery and the associated brutalities physically and mentally should just now settle for their second class lot in life – here and abroad…because the playing field is so clearly level isn’t it? Look at Bermuda as a prime example. 30% of Bermudians (white obviously)owning 85% of the land – yes this accumulation is clearly from your “daddy’s” hard work isn’t it? No deceptive measures used there…such as loan denials/call ins, land grabbing and LAWS DENYING BLACKS THE VOTE OR LAND OWNERSHIP…yes “brown peoples” should just shut up and enjoy watching the whites here and world wide reap the benefits of their injustice? By the way is there a statute of limitations on stolen goods?

    Got it… I’ll settle on having my future decided before I was born. I have (unfortunately) both strains of this toxic Bermudian blood in my veins my (white) old man saw fit to have sex with my mom…but the family would have nothing to do with her now would they? Racist white Bermudian families die hard (no not literally just a figure of speech…)

    We should just forget it all when the whites control most all of the wealth on earth (through their phony FIAT currencies based on nothing but some fat banker deciding how much to print this month and contract the next…)

    We should forget the lands (ALL OVER THE WORLD) that were brutally stolen from indigenous peoples (and then retroactively made legal! SMH)and falsely recorded in some history book as a great act of valor…

    We should accept the BS argument that it “wasn’t my mommy or daddy that had slaves” so how could I be the beneficiary of this system? – whites world wide with their perceived intellectual superiority that cannot grasp this concept baffle me to no end.

    The truth is – and I do not have the time to get into the details of it all – is that whites in general differ from most indigenous peoples of the world – especially eastern civilizations. Whites are concerned – just look around if you will – (and have infected many world wide with this mental illness) with land grabbing, wealth accumulation and lies based on “humanitarian” concerns to justify their incessant thievery of resources in capital producing lands.

    IT IS MENTAL ILLNESS! What else would give a race a justification for all the crimes they have committed throughout history…shoot even the dictatorial regimes worldwide killing their own people have received financial and military backing from either America, England, Russia, France or Israel – get the drift? A common color here?

    Who Funded and Armed the Taliban? White Man. America – then more Recently Russia…
    Who Funded and Armed Mao Tse Tung? White Man.
    Mugabe? Oh you think he made those weapons in his mud hut?
    Saddam Hussein? Who armed this man in his war with Iran?
    Muammar Ghadaffi? Get it yet?
    The Biggest Genocide in recent history? Hitler? Hmmm?

    There is a common denominator here and you and I know what and who it is.

    So yes I think the mental illness argument is legitimate.

    • rhammond says:

      which particular mental illness? I can’t wait to hear this. Don’t give me your Bermudian BS either ( that fast talking mouth) Remember there are very educated people reading your commentary, myself included. try to make sense because if you don’t ill tear you apart. Now where was i, which mental illness do whites have????

  65. Kindley says:

    It is true everywhere that we are becoming limited in the words we use for fear of being termed racist. What is this world coming to?

  66. Alvin Williams says:

    Nitty Gritty here is my answer to you that puts Ms. Burns sign and Bermuda’s race relations in it’s proper contexts- ‘WE ARE SLEEPING IN THE SAME BED; BUT HAVING DIFFERENT DREAMS.’

    • Huh says:

      Dreams are created by attitude. Someone’s attitude of always blaming others will never create good dreams for themselves.

  67. Thinker says:

    @ You can’t handle the truth!

    So my comments about the younger generation not looking for excuses and telling them they can be whatever they want is embarrassing? My comments about the older generation saying negative comments about others that we the younger generation have to listen to, when what you should be giving the younger generation is positive information, mentioning this is embarrassing to you?
    As for my comments about Malcolm and Mandela I said that as they got older they changed specifically Malcolm x and he stopped his sweeping negative statements about others and I said that if someone like Malcolm x can do it then some of this older generation that still feel like this can do it also – That was my message in a nutshell. I never said they were perfect for their entire lives.
    So the message of hope and people getting along and moving forward for a better Bda this is what you want me to stop?
    I see.

  68. cromwell says:

    There is a term describing the political psychology behind the sign, “FALSE GUILT”.

    The political action purpose is to make people feel guilty when they as individuals have done nothing wrong claiming we have been unwitting participants in some one else’s wrongdoing or crime.

    “False Guilt” is taking on the guilt to your self that rightfully belongs to another person. The lady and her supporters behind the sign is trying to promote personalization which is a mental cognitive distortion and that might be the mental illness the very thing her unforgiven mental sate causes her unresolved anger against white people!

    May be the Pastor Tweed can overcome the anger and forgiveness to minister a bit of love to his marching flock!

    Do not let others put a false guilt trip on your beautiful Bermuda Emancipation Day holiday (Cub Match).

  69. rhammond says:

    White Mental illness is Killing African Bermudians end quote

    This lady is an idiot. There is no such thing as ‘white mental illness’. There is such a thing as ‘mental illness’ but this is NOT what she wrote.
    How is something that does not exist i.e ‘white mental illness’ able to kill African Bermudians?
    Which black Bermudians died as a result of this imagined ‘white mental illness’ which afflicted so many many black Bermudians? Please name the actual illness that killed these people. Where does she obtain her information? is she medically trained? if not, how does she know about mental illness and what is the actual definition of white ‘mental illness’. I ask this lady/idiot to supply her sources. I refer to her as an idiot because that is what she is. If you are going to say/write something and place it in a public forum then she needs to know that very educated people will critique her commentary. This is why foreigners view Bermudians with contempt. The rubbish that comes out of their mouth’s leaves me with my mouth agape.

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