31 Yr Old Man Arrested For Indecent Exposure

August 3, 2014

A 31 year old man — who is alleged to have run through Somerset Long Bay totally naked — was arrested for indecent exposure during the first day of Cup Match.

A police spokesperson said, “A 31 year old man was arrested for indecent exposure on Somerset Long Bay on Thursday. He was bailed to appear in Magistrates Court on Monday.”

Someone who said they were in the area at the time posted on social media, describing the man as running “top speed through the park totally nude into the water to a boat.”  They called it “totally disrespectful,” noting that children were present.

While the circumstances surrounding this alleged act of streaking remain unclear, there are suggestions the person may be a visitor to the island and the alleged incident may have been predicated by him losing a bet.

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    • Earl of Warwick says:

      Yup, the French are tending to be prudish these days. The Germans on the other hand are are free as ever. I have no idea what provoked this incident.

  1. Kangoocar says:

    Before I finished reading the article, I was guessing that this had to be result of a bet that went horrible wrong????

  2. Jonathan wainwright says:

    Paddle faster,I hear banjos…

  3. A Dingo says:

    He’s clearly an idiot for behaving the way that he did but, on the face of it, it really sounds like something that could have been dealt with by a very stern talking to. It doesn’t appear that there was any threatening or sexual motive, just (probably drunken) hijinks.

    • R U Serious says:

      The park and beach was loaded with children so to have a naked drunk man running through is unacceptable.

      • A Dingo says:

        Nobody’s saying it was ‘acceptable’. Clearly, it wasn’t and, to reiterate, the guy’s an idiot. The question is whether Bermuda really wants to be arresting and/or charging people for every little piece of antisocial behaviour.

  4. Kunta says:

    I bet he is a total @$$ hole.

  5. Hey ya'll says:

    …lighten up!

  6. Pequot1609 says:

    Figured as much soon as I first heard about this. Bermudians generally dont streak We have some guys who appear nude but streaking is another level entirely. Knew it was an expat or visitor lol

  7. Gotham says:

    Get used to it: Casinos, mega-yachts, the jet set here for the Americas Cup, nude beaches will not only be the norm, they will have to be the norm unless we wish to continue looking like a bunch of provincial hicks to the rest of the world, (especially all those new money Russians whose yachts we are trying so hard to get parked here).

    • Tough Love says:

      How did you go from streaking to now Bermuda having nude beaches? We don’t need it here.

      • Gotham says:

        Yes we do. Have you noticed how broke we are lately? And if nothing happens on the investment front, it will get a whole lot worse as Government (regardless of who is in charge) is well on its way to insolvency without more tax revenue. So we got no choice but to sex the place up a bit, Grannies and Holy Rollers be damned. And a lot of those nude folks on the beaches will be spliffing too…

    • Just Saying says:

      We need a nude or semi nude beach here. We have many tourists and locals that would use them. Go to Warwick Long Bay on a Sunday when its slow. I’ve seen young and old sunbathing and swimming in the buff at the end of the beach and women walking topless down the beach. if you don’t want to be exposed to it then give them somewhere to go.

  8. Paul Revere says:

    The British are coming, the British are coming

    Oh wait, they are already here,


    • bdaboy says:

      …in fact, they were here first!

      • Paul Revere says:

        I guess you don’t know your history bdaboy

        Juan de Bermúdez was a Spanish navigator of the 16th century. In 1505, while sailing back to Spain from a provisioning voyage to Hispaniola in the ship La Garça, he discovered Bermuda, which was later named after him.

        • bdaboy says:

          …and that’s why we speak Spanish…oh wait…they never settled, just carved the date on a rock.
          Nice try though.

        • I SEE SAID THE BLIND MAN says:

          I guess you don’t know your history. Take a walk up to Spanish Rock at Spital Pond and you will learn why it was renamed Portuguese Rock many years ago. What we thought we knew , was recently found to be untrue.

          Kinda like the US teaching that Christopher Columbus discovered America…..but met Indians that were already there?

          • Raymond Ray says:

            Thank you…Lets give credit where credits due :-)

          • Samuel L. Jackson says:

            Native Americans, not Indians. The natives were of African decent as well. They were also mixed. Don’t believe the lie that all blacks and others came later or through slavery. Christopher Columbus merely travelled the trade route of the Spanish Moors who were already on the North American mainland.

          • Samuel L. Jackson says:

            And of course this is all totally relevant to a man streaking on the beach.

        • Gotham says:

          I think Henry May may have spotted de rock before Juan, not to mention those annoying initials on the rocks at Spittal Pond.

        • X man says:

          Wrong – he was Portuguese – and of Moorish blood at that ! – it was the English that landed several years after.

      • Tough Love says:


  9. Theresa says:

    Oh my dear Bermuda. He just streaked the beach. Come on! Definately should have been a stern talking to, but I guess when you arrest your own citizens for having their shirts off walking around town, you have to amp up your cop game when someone shows their butt.

  10. bdaboy says:

    I’m glad police resources were used to solve this very dangerous case of nudity…..think of the children, they’ll be scarred for life and will surely grow up to be criminals.

    • Gotham says:

      I think some of those nice guys from Country hanging out just behind the beach at Charing Cross must have reported it to the Man.

  11. Tough Love says:

    For all of you talking about it was only nudity, it is against the law for a reason.

    Thank you police for arresting this individual. Hopefully it will be a deterrent against more acts of this nature.

    • bdaboy says:

      You know you’re born nude, right? How’s that stick up your bum feel?

  12. Purple says:

    You know, for all the “lightening up” we are supposed to do, our island will one day float off the face of the earth. It’s called STANDARDS people! We are supposed to “lighten up” about foul language and now our teachers, seniors and police officers are being subjected to it every day. We are supposed to “lighten up” regarding marijuana and watch our young people become zombies so that they struggle to get an education. We are supposed to “lighten up” regarding alcohol and watch a generation of young people drink themselves under the table before they are 20 and massacre, if not kill, innocent people just going about their daily lives. We are supposed to “lighten up” about gambling and watch our own people bankrupt their own families.

    But I guess it hasn’t happened to you yet, or you’ve been there and done that and YOU made it through, so why not loosen up for our young ones and HOPE they make it through. Standards are there for our protection and the protection of our young ones, so I say, well done to our police and keep up the good work!

    • Gotham says:

      I think my Dad said the same thing about this place around 1972…

      • bdaboy says:

        Bermuda is a place where drunk driving gets a slap on the wrist, but a the sight of a naked man illicits outrage. Your standards are messed up.

        • purple says:

          I think it’s more accurate to say that we (society) have messed up the standards.

  13. Free Willy says:

    I saw this same guy! He cant use the freezing weather as an excuse!!

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      you notice how your eyes just zoomed in…just following your curiosity i guess…

  14. don't een says:

    I wish the community were more observant towards CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He didn’t even get a slap on the wrist like most criminals he was actually locked up. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Throne says:

    This guy would be getting whipped cross his damn back if I made the rules, how dare any of you twits condone such nudity in front of women and children and daughters!

    The day Bermuda sinks to the depths of the other nation’s depravities, the day Bermuda will sink into the ocean!

    • bdaboy says:

      How dare a twit like you threatens to whip anybody? You’d get your sorry a kicked if you ever threaten me like that, you uptight, arrogant moron.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      just your name alone tells us what you think you are…but i bet it was a woman that noticed him first…lol…kids are too bzy playing…hahaha…women ,i tell you bie.

  16. swing voter says:

    hahahah he bet on ‘Green’ to take Dec 2012 hahahahah

  17. William says:

    oh my god no!!! a naked man! someone call the police because people were forced to see what they look like with no clothes on…f*** sake people grow up. Bet all those up in arms are the religious folk yet they believe we are created in Gods image, yet we are scared of that image….lol

    • purple says:

      Like anything else….when used appropriately.

  18. Straight up says:

    No RESPECT. I’m so glad they caught his a## – literally!!!!

    • bdaboy says:

      I have no respect for prudes like you either.