Warwick MP: Residents Should Be Consulted

August 6, 2014

Lawrence Scott — the MP for Warwick South East — said the One Bermuda Alliance Cabinet and what he termed the “alleged independent environmental activist” group BEST have “continued to articulate plans” for the proposed revised Grand Atlantic project “without formally meeting with the residents of the area who will be most impacted by this burgeoning concept.”

Mr. Scott said, “While the Constituency 24 residents and general public will recall that the OBA Party and satellite environmental groups campaigned on the dangers of the Grand Atlantic site and development, and how it should never have been located there given that there existed no remedy for the inevitable/on-going cliff erosion. Now, the same characters choose to sing another tune while ignoring the ongoing concerns of the residents.

“A larger development and project footprint will further compromise the water views that the residents once enjoyed. Further, if the OBA Cabinet intend to introduce a Boutique Hotel to the site/development, the hotel will directly compete with Bermudian owned guests accommodations/investments who have not been consulted, and the government and Minister have failed to engage in discussions as to how the local entrepreneurs [tourism operators] might be included in or benefit from an enhanced tourist development – on their door step.

Mr. Scott added that hundreds of area residents have already had to make a sacrifice in the interest of this national development, with inconveniences including enduring conditions caused by sand being blown from the construction site onto their roofs and into their tanks.

“Also, it should be noted that while it is deemed unlawful to deny access to the ocean and beach by way of the inalienable rights enshrined in the public use of all Tribe Roads, in this instance the government are yet to resolve the access issue of the residents and general public,” continued Mr. Scott.

The MP added, “I have yet to come across a resident that has been contacted by either the Minister or BEST. Neither entity has even hosted a constituency meeting or at least tried to contact me on this matter.

“I stood on the floor of the house and strongly suggested to both former Minister Wayne Scott, current Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin and the ‘Dunkley Administration’, that the residents of Constituency 24 Warwick South East should be consulted first.

“I promised area residents in the lead up to the last election that they would be consulted on all major issues and decisions that effect their immediate community, and today I am following up on my promise,” concluded Mr. Scott.

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  1. swing voter says:

    residents are already informed…..yur behind!

  2. George Brown?! says:

    For real? You helped create the mess? Did the PLP consult with residents about their plans to build the Non So Grand Atlantic condo plan?

    As a ex-resident I can tell you I would much rather have things stayed the way they were. That obviously won’t happen. However, this option is far better that having all those condo residents and their cars and bikes. Ask the residents of the Loughlands area which they preferred – Loughlands or Condos?

    PLP – pick your battles – don’t complain and highlight your screw ups!

    • watching says:

      actually even if you blame the PLP for the Grand atlantic, to blame Lawrence Scott is foolhardy as he was not involved in politics at that time.

      • Onion says:

        And it shows! He clearly has no idea what his party did to the constituency to make so many messes!

      • Conservative says:

        Lawrence you don’t get to pick and choose from your own Party’s 14 yeArs of mayhem

  3. Raymond Ray says:

    Mr. Lawrence Scott you sir need to review the proposal. First and foremost the new developers plan to re-enforce the cliff that was causing the O.B.A. and other people in general so much concern about safety. The new developers are willing to invest their own money not ours; therefore it is a chance to make “lemonade from the lemons” that where left behind by our former Govt. the (Progressive Labour Party)Everyone want what good for the Island and here is an opportunity for that to happen… THere will be plenty of work available to many seeking work today. It will also allow the supermarket across the street to open (hiring more Bermudians)and I’m sure there will be countless others willing to invest in projects that can enhance the area. Please sir, stop trying to make this, (once again) a political issue.

  4. LiarLiar says:

    Hold on…

    Wasn’t it YOUR Party that built those eye sores with no consultation with the residents?

    Wasn’t it YOUR Party, despite warnings, that contibuted to the glut of condos on this island in the middle of a recession whose price was nowhere near market prices for such accomodations and as such remain empty and a drain on the public purse?

    Wasn’t it YOUR Party that gave the remaining acreage to the developer so that he can build Phase 2 of this failed development? And now I see a massive sign indicating that Phase 2 is about to begin with the units up for sale. Where is your outrage Mr. Scott and where is your demand for the developer to consult with local residents? Very strange your silence on that matter. Strange indeed.

    So by this press release Mr. Scott and his team must be up in arms about any new hotel developments to be undertaken because of the impact on local guest houses? Does Mr. Scott also object to the developments of the Club Med site, Sonesta site, Morgan’s Point, Pink Beach etc. because they have not consulted with local guest house owners?

    You cannot access the beach from the property itself and have to go through the public entrance across from the Southlands entrance. So what are you talking about?

    “Mr. Scott added that hundreds of area residents have already had to make a sacrifice in the interest of this national development, with inconveniences including enduring conditions caused by sand being blown from the construction site onto their roofs and into their tanks.”

    Whose fault is that? The Party who built this failed development or the organizations who vehemently objected to their construction in the first place? Again where is your outrage at the developer, who was given the land by YOUR Party to develop, who is about to start Phase 2 construction?

    There are 2 options to this failed PLP experiment. 1) Try and make lemonade out of these lemons via tourism or 2) Knock down this failed PLP experiment and restore the natural land that was there before.

    PS: As per the press release last week the new purpose development includes a requirement to reinforce the cliff face. But don’t let those pesky facts get in your way of politricking.

  5. Lois Frederick says:


  6. Navin Johnson says:

    Cup match is over so the talking heads come out

    • Hmmm says:

      Lawrance Scott is way out of his depth. Yet another embaressing press release form him!!!!!

  7. Raymond Ray says:

    By the way Mr. Lawrence Scott , you mentioned you haven’t yet come across a resident that has been contacted in reference to the proposal. Well,(and be honest) tell us who were the people that were contacted by your Party, the Progressive Labour Party when they’d built the eye-sore, “Grand Atlantic”? (Inquisitive mines would love to know)

  8. Onion says:

    That’s rich considering what the PLP did to the constituency by building the ugly Grand Atlantic in the first place and trying to allow Jumeirah to turn South Shore into a tunnel.

  9. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    An awfully critical statement from the PLP on what is essentially, making the best of a bad idea. A bad idea that was the PLP’s, one to which they did not consult the area residents on and allowed the developer to over clear the area. In fact, pretty much all the issues that Mr. Scott is is now accusing the OBA of mismanaging, were issues the PLP created. The OBA has found an investing group who are willing to take on the risks of the development and try and turn it into a viable product, and if successful, the businesses in the area will stand to benefit from an influx of potential vacationing clients. Mr. Scott is correct that the guest accommodations in the area would be those most likely impacted, but then that also depends on what the services they offer by their rates. This development will most likely be a higher rate for room than your typical guest accommodation.
    This latest deflection from the PLP contains far to many hypocrisies and misinformation with how they handled the issue for me to take it seriously.

  10. BlueFamiliar says:

    Let’s see, tear it down basically wasting the government money that was spent on the ugly thing.

    Or, let someone else take the responsibility of it, along with the known issues which are being addressed, and turn it into a benefit for Bermuda that doesn’t have a choice of being more attractive than what is presently there.

    As for beach access…. how were people getting down there before? And how would the project stop them from continuing to do so?

    How on earth can you take a proposed positive out of a mess, and say consultation should have been had? I don’t recall consultation on the building of the eyesore in the first place.

    But, really, if that were presently in my siteline and someone said that someone was willing to take the property, make it more attractive, and bring money into the island, I’m pretty certain that I’d say something along the lines of “expletive yes.”

  11. Gotham says:

    One more plp/BIU act of economic sabotage…Bunch of spoiled brats who are crying at no longer having access to the (nearly empty because of them) cookie jar.

  12. aceboy says:

    How many residents were consulted when those monstrosities were put up, under an SDO, in the first place?

  13. O'Brien says:

    Were residents consulted when the PLP approved and bankrolled Grand Atlantic, the most hideous development in Bermuda for decades?

    Answers on a postcard…

  14. Creamy says:

    I don’t recall the PLP giving a d..m about the resident’s views when these places were built. It was under the PLP that most of the inconvenience was suffered, and all for a big fat nothing. No reason at all. Nobody at all benefited.

    And now that a use has been found for the development, three years after it was built, suddenly the PLP want the local resident’s views to be taken into account? Lawrence Scott should perhaps ask a grown up before he says anything.

    • JD says:

      Don’t forget this whole mess cost the taxpayer $45 million dollars. Just let that sink in for a minute…$45 MILLION DOLLARS. That’s $750 for every resident of Bermuda. Its not like the PLP weren’t told what would happen, even the Bermuda Housing Corporation told them it was a bad idea, but the PLP just went ahead anyway.

      Also based on what I’ve read I understand that the proposal is a retrofit of the existing structures with the addition of some beach amenities, not a “larger development” as Mr Scott points out. Am I wrong or is this another example of a PLP rep being loose with the facts?

  15. cmbbda says:

    So the OBA are trying to make the best out of a bad situation (created by the PLP) and all the PLP can do is moan, whine and whinge.
    FED UP.

  16. Unbelievable says:

    Oh you mean how no one in the neighbourhood was consulted when the thing was built in the first? Oh wait and how no one was consulted when the Southlands property was also about to be demolished?

    Come on, Mr Scott…..you’re playing politics again.

    • PBanks says:

      The Southlands overpass was set to go through at all costs, that much is known.

      • Unbelievable says:

        Then-Minister Dennis Lister and Dr. Brown issued conflicting stories on the same day even on how the tunnel was going to look. Look it up! It’s on Youtube!

  17. jt says:


  18. Gilberto says:

    It would be genuinely helpful ifMr. Scott could come up with a better solution to pay for the complex.

  19. Hello people says:

    We still have yet to hear back from Mr. Lawrence Scott in regards to a much smaller development issue with the Roque quarry on Cobb’s Hill, Warwick that all residents have spoken to him numerous times about their concerns – and what do we get – a new and improved “invisible” Mr. Lawrence Scott.

  20. JH says:

    PLP should be greatful someone has come along to make the best out of this complete disaster which they created. What will PLP complain about next? That the tide rushes under Flatts bridge everyday and OBA is doing nothing about it?

    PLP – you aren’t in charge anymoer – and you are embarrassing yourselves. Say or do something useful for a change.

  21. pebblebeach says:

    Lawrence Scott please….

  22. Tolerate says:

    Wow, you make a promise;
    “I promised area residents in the lead up to the last election that they would be consulted on all major issues and decisions that effect their immediate community, and today I am following up on my promise,” and after losing the election and control of Government (Yes Mr. Scott, your Party lost); you demand the OBA Government to fulfill your promise??? Even when YOUR own Party failed to consult with the same residents.
    I thought this guy was lost when he moaned about bring in the Fast Ferry to find it was his Party who came up with the idea (and it was a good one).
    Now he has to be reminded it was his Party responsible for this mess the OBA is trying to make some-thing of?????


  23. Rockfish #1 and #2 says:

    A bit of advice. Before opening your mouth and appearing to be ignorant of the facts, do your homework.
    This latest missive of yours is simply ridiculous, you must do better!

  24. Clare says:

    This Warwick resident thinks they should just knock the whole thing down and write off the loss. Sunk cost.

  25. Conservative says:

    MP Scott

    Above you anonymously posted “that was before I got elected”

    In politics you can’t disconnect from your Party’s prior acts, particularly when you and others still take credit for achievements or initiatives under Premiers Smith, Scott, Brown and Cox.

    Do some google-ing on phrase Collective Responsibility and also Politics both topics you seem, still, naïve with.