Total & Cruise Visitors Increase, Air Decreases

August 6, 2014

Total visitor arrivals to the island for the second quarter of 2014 were up 5% from last year, cruise arrivals were up 9% while air visitor arrivals decreased by 3%, according to figure released by the Bermuda Tourism Authority today [Aug 6].

2014 second quarter visitor arrivals statistics from the BTA:

  • Total visitor arrivals for Q2 2014 were up 5% from Q2, 2013
  • Total visitor arrivals year-to-date, through June 30, were up 4% from 2013
  • Yacht arrivals were up 48% over 2013, primarily due to the Newport-Bermuda race that takes place in Bermuda every other year
  • Cruise arrivals were up 9% in Q2 and year-to-date up 9%; this was due to a multiple calls being missed in 2013 due to fire on the Grandeur of the Seas and repairs to the Heritage Wharf
  • Q2 air visitor arrivals decreased 3% from Q2 last year, with 2,176 fewer air visitor arrivals
  • Year-to-date air visitor arrivals were down 2% [or 2,509] from 2013

Results for Q2 Hotel bookings, ADR and REV PAR:

  • Average Daily Rate [ADR] for Q2 increased 5% vs Q2 2013; and year-to-date ADR is up 4%
  • Room nights booked for Q2 decreased 4% vs Q2 2013; and room nights booked year-to-date have decreased 2%
  • Room nights available in Q2 decreased by 8% due to renovations and rooms being out of inventory; and year-to-date room nights available decreased by 12% again due to renovations and rooms being out of inventory

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  1. College weeks says:

    Bring back College Weeks!

  2. Toodle-oo says:

    If air arrivals are continuing to decline it should be a clear sign that we’re still doing something wrong .
    And even though we have a lot of issues that need to be addressed , and many that can’t be undone like the over development compared to what we used to be like in the 60′s , I’d say that price is the major factor.

    When a ‘major Hamilton hotel’ charges someone almost $40 for a breakfast that consists of a coffee , small juice , a slice of toast and one egg or $17 for a brand name martini I think that’s reflective of a serious issue for most visitors.

    • I need to VENT says:

      Shut up last I checked we all were blaming the PLP and I was stupid enough to vote for the OBA. Now the OBA is paying $$$$$$$$$ for something a Bermudian could perform. This new Director of TA air arrivals figures continue to decline. What happened to Crockwell’s we have a plan speech. BITE ME!

      Forget the $350k, oh and lets forget the OBA’s $8mill with no evidence from Scotland Yard.


      Oh and also discriminate small amounts of marijuana.

      We currently have the most civilized island in the Atlantic. Oh yes a person can go to the islands in the Caribbean and stay in a gated hotel. Let’s not forget they tell you don’t go out at night unless you’re on the security shuttle provided by the hotel that takes you to entertainment and picks you up later for your own safety

      • I need to VENT says:

        I was talking about franchisees such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Red lobster, Olive Garden, Krispy Kreme, Subway, Wendys the list goes one. I’m tired of eating KFC all the time.

  3. john says:

    I agree with you 100 percent tourist are not going tp pay those prices

  4. street wise says:

    What did you expect?… the TA has done nothing new in our important Gateway markets for ages. Americans have forgotten about Bermuda. There is simply no awareness of our brand out there. Same ol’ same ol’…..

  5. flikel says:

    Many people seem to attribute our tourist woes to high prices. However, the Tourist Authority, the Government nor anyone else can force hotels to lower their rates for rooms, food and drinks.

    If we offer a quality product, people will come. People want value for money, and it seems we are not offering this.

    Our prices are not much different compared to cities such as London and New York, however these places are flooded with tourists, even in the cold winter months.

    We lack entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to innovate, in my opinion. We are stuck offering the same amenities and really do not cater to what people want.

    We are still in limbo over a casino…any other place would have made a decision by now. Our bus operators are upset because of the new shuttle operating in the West End….what other place has this?

    If we focus on giving people what they want, as opposed to giving them what we think they want…and when people complain, we stop telling them its a privilege to even be here and actually listen to their concerns, then we will see an improvement in our tourist numbers.

  6. arthur conan doyle says:

    The world is a small place and cheaper to navigate than ever before thus opening up whole new markets. Perhaps we have to accept the status quo and realize that we will never be the same tourist destination that we once were. We need to open another area of income – the only one I can think of is the ocean itself, the Blue Halo, fishing, God forbid mining, but we need to explore this area, the so-called Blue Economy.

  7. mixitup says:

    Oh Hold on! So it’s not the PLP’s fault??!!

  8. Conservative says:

    Dear Mr Hanbury,

    Did you listen to the radio yesterday?

    Basically, approx 1,500 – 2,500 tourists had major difficulties in moving around the Island to our various beaches and few attractions.

    During your interviews and in your resume you relied on your extensive experience growing convention visitors in Washington, DC past the 250,000 mark. Did you ever have to organise ground transportation in Washington?

    I don’t see how the OBA Government, Tourism Minister, Bus Service, Taxi Operators or WEDCO are responsible for the debacle our tourists face, you are responsible Sir.

    There has been nothing significant from your Office and you are paid more than our Premier and Minister of Tourism combined and you indicated you could turn us around in 6 months.

    Who reviews your performance? Chairman Dodwell?

    Very concerned.

  9. Watching says:

    I thought the Tourism Authority was suppose to solve all this. Did not the CEO who is being paid Thousands of Dollars probably about 1/2 million or more say that everything is up. So at $30 million, a secret entity with board members being paid $20,000 all they could produce is a decline in arrivals. Shawn Crockwell is the worst Minister we have ever had. It is time for him and the OBA to go. They should fly away on their private plane.

  10. Somebody's momma says:

    Having tourist stuck trying to get to and from the beach will not help our tourism numbers up. Sometimes people will arrive by cruise ship but come back to stay at hotel. This will not happen after spending 3 hours waiting for the bus because a new system was put in place with no monitoring. An apology does not remove bad taste in tourist mouth especially since they are probably not listening to talk show radio.