Audio: BHC/Grand Atlantic Discussion In Senate

August 19, 2018

The Bermuda Housing Amendment Act 2018 — which relates to the Grand Atlantic development — passed in the Senate this week, with the Bill having already passed in the House.

The Bill seeks to amend the Bermuda Housing Act 1980 in relation to the powers of the Bermuda Housing Corporation to “provide statutory exemptions from stamp duty and land tax, and to apply the Tourism Investment Act 2017 to a proposed development of Corporation property into a hotel.”

“Section 13B applies the Tourism Investment Act 2017 to certain Corporation property known as the Grand Atlantic Units, South Shore, Warwick so that a tourism investment order can be made with respect to any development of that property into a hotel.”

40-minute audio of the discussion in the Senate about the Bill:

Earlier this month, the Government said, “The Bermuda Housing Amendment Act 2018 [PDF] will permit Bermuda Housing Corporation to begin the process of converting the Grand Atlantic property into a boutique Condo-hotel.

“This project will create job opportunities for Bermudians and that is why we ensured the legislation was passed before the summer recess.”

The 78-unit property in Warwick was originally planned as a housing development, however the units did not sell, and Government issued an RFP, and the decision was made to turn the property into a condo-hotel.

Video of the planned design:

The Government previously said this will involve 71 condos being refurbished, while the remaining seven condos will be made into areas for operations and amenities such as a reception area, meeting room, restaurant, spa, as well as ‘trams’ to provide access the beach.

The Bermuda Housing Amendment Act 2018 follows below [PDF here]:

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Comments (11)

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  1. Point boy says:

    I’m ignorant when it comes to the legalistic process. But I’m all for the plp fixing their previous errors. What about that yellow and blue building across the street??!

    • Micro says:

      Thought that was supposed to be an Arnold’s market.

  2. Kevin says:

    this is quite simply throwing bad money at an already failed project. This is the plp vision of ( we have no clue what we are doing) just like every other project they have managed this is the 25-11 boys trying but just don’t have the ability to be progressive. One day you will admit it you voted in a group of dreamers ….dreamers are just that, we will be in a deeper hole and we have to thank all of you who voted for them

    I never have and never will

    • puzzled says:

      Again Kevin.
      You voted for them.
      It’s a live life for today.

  3. Curious ? says:

    The video shows cars within the property and parked at the units. I am assuming that as a tourist property, that only the small electric ‘Twizy” type vehicles would be allowed for guests? I notice, it says condo-hotel, what exactly does that mean?

    Trams to the beach? Interesting idea. How expensive would they be or would they be solar powered? Easy to remove when a hurricane is approaching?

    Honestly, anything would be an improvement, even changing the color scheme. Such a beautiful area and it is an eyesore. I am also for any idea that recovers some of the taxpayers investment.

    What about the lot next to it? Any plans for it? Government or privately owned?

  4. Na man.. says:

    No Chance an infinite pool will work on the cliff face. Kind of looks like an 8th graders school project though. Great job!

  5. puzzled says:

    Mr. Putin.
    Take over please.

  6. Sister Nancy says:

    I wonder how much they have spent making the video. If they think they are going to be successful with this plan well Good Luck to them. A bunch of dreamers all they can accomplish is spending money they do not have.

    Sure as heck glad I did not vot them in. Noe will I ever. A sad disgrace they are. No brains someone with a little bit of common sense please help the brothers.

  7. Joe Bloggs says:

    Why do I have the feeling that we will still be talking about Grand Atlantic 5 year from now?

  8. aceboy says:

    So the Grand Atlantic is being given some very special treatment. No land tax huh? So they will compete with established hotels and guesthouses but have an economic advantage! Are they exempt from occupancy tax? BTA tax? Full transparency please!!!!

  9. facts of the rock says:

    a what?…Condo Hotel!

    this too,will Fail!