30Ft Boat Runs Aground Off Spanish Point

September 15, 2014

The Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre said that at 9.46pm on Saturday [Sept 13] they received a cell call from a member of public located at Spanish Point Boat club reporting the 30ft pleasure craft Anger Management had just run aground hard on the rocks at the navigation marker, offshore from the Spanish Point Boat Club.

“Expressing concern for the 4 persons onboard the vessel, it was confirmed all persons were safe with no injuries, the vessel was floated off from the rocks and the owner later advised the vessel was secured in Hamilton Harbour with no obvious signs of serious hull damage,” the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre.

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  1. tugboatannie says:


  2. Just One says:

    Glad everyone is okay MJ

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    That is a very tricky area if you are not familiar with it. Had my turn at dragging one off the rocks there one night.

  4. Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

    As the Commodore of BBIRYC, all the invited members of BBIRYC must have passed their pilots licenses. I therfore suggest, in the interest of safety for myself and responsible yachtsmen of BBIRYC, that all other mariners should require a license as well. We do not like our safety compromised by amateurs like this.

    • Redo says:

      Must be nice to be perfect and never have an accident. Karma sux pal.

      • Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

        I am more Bermudian than you. My family dates back from the Sea Venture. I learned from their mistakes so that I never wreck.

    • Sure is says:

      Ur a stuck up idiot. What about all the big fishing boats that cross the ocean and berth at ya perfect club and still run aground?

      • Salty Onion says:

        You do realise that the BBIRYC is a spoof, and “Commodore” JB is attempting to have a little fun?

        • Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

          Firstly, BBIRYC is not a spoof. It is a very elite yacht club that is invitation only. Secondly, not just any joe blow can cross the ocean and berth at my yacht club. Invited members are very high networth persons and it is a very discreet club.

          • Sure is says:

            Bunch of people like yourself. High net worth and think your better than everyone else.

      • Vice Commodore Double Seven Single Niner says:

        Commodore JB I could not agree with your comment more, having kayaked through some of the most dangerous waters in the world, and narrowly escaping from a shark attack, I feel there is no better person than me to teach water safety as well as survival/prepping classes at my estate. I shall get the details worked out and sent for approval from BBIRYC shortly .

  5. Puma says:

    Know your draft underway…