Boat With 14 People Onboard Runs Aground

September 8, 2015

A number of vessels responded to a distress call from a 31 foot pleasure boat on Monday [Sept 7], with both police and members of the public assisting after the boat ran aground off Spanish Point.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “On Monday, September 7 at 8.51pm, a 911 call was received from the 31′ Pleasure Boat “SNAPPER 3″, which had run aground on the rocks at Cobblers Cut off Spanish Point.

“The vessel had 14 people on board and although they were not taking on water, immediate assistance was requested. The Duty Officer at Bermuda Radio made an Urgent [PAN PAN] broadcast to all vessels for assistance, and also requested direct assistance from the Marine Police.

“A member from the Spanish Point Boat Club called on his cell phone to offer assistance, and a 16′ vessel from the Boat Club was quickly dispatched to assist. The Marine Police Vessel Rescue 1 was dispatched from Dockyard, and another vessel with an experienced fisherman at the helm proceeded to the scene where he attempted to pull the Snapper 3 off the rocks but was unsuccessful.

“Rescue 1 arrived on scene and advised that the water was too shallow for her to assist, and requested a vessel with a smaller draft to help evacuate the passengers ashore. Bermuda Radio contacted the Spanish Point Boat Club again and a small 16′ vessel was dispatched.

“Eventually all but two of the Snapper 3 passengers were removed ashore, and the vessel managed to refloat. Despite advice from the Marine Police to evacuate, two persons remained onboard the vessel and navigated it to safer waters where they dropped anchor for the night.

“At first light the following morning the Marine Police Vessel Rescue 1 towed the Snapper 3 to a mooring at Spanish Point Boat Club. The hull of the vessel had not been breached but the steering had sustained some damage.”

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  1. gotta know the water better….tides chang and reef grows yearly.?

  2. dream says:

    there ought to be a test and a license issued. just like a truck.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      There should also be mandatory insurance coverage that covers basic salvage so we don’t end up with so many boats still stuck on the rocks from a storm that was almost a year ago.