Video: High Police Presence, 25 Yr Old Arrested

October 13, 2014

[Updated: Suspect has been arrested] As of 6.45pm this evening [Oct 13] the police have a section of North Shore Road in Hamilton Parish [by Shelly Bay Marketplace] closed to vehicular traffic, which is being diverted through Radnor Road. There are a number of police on scene, and onlookers are also gathering.

A police spokesperson said, “Police are currently conducting an operation at a residence in the North Shore Road, Hamilton parish area seeking a suspect in relation to an ongoing investigation. As a result, an area around the home has been cordoned off while officers carry out necessary enquiries.”

police oct 13 2014

Update 7.30pm: The situation remains basically the same…and more police have arrived on scene.

Update 7.53pm: The police K9 unit is now on scene as well

police oct 13 shelly bay

Update 8.23pm: The situation remains ongoing. As it’s a “live” scene we are being somewhat cautious about updating, however will remain on scene and continue to update, as able, until the situation is resolved.

Update 8.31pm: Looks like road may be getting re-opened to traffic

Update 8.55pm: The road has re-opened to traffic. The police confirmed that around 4pm today police attended the residence seeking a suspect in relation to an ongoing investigation. The suspect, a 25 year old Devonshire man has been arrested. The police apologize to the public for any inconvenience caused.

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  1. D says:


  2. dj cheese pizza says:

    wtf is bermy turning to.? little a** america. ****** tryna prove stuff something seriouss

  3. Jade says:

    So can people who live down there go home now

  4. Sparky says:

    Popo got someone cornered ? Book him Dano !

  5. D says:

    Bust the door down!!!!

  6. Micro says:

    I’m sure there’s an easier way to carry out operations and inconvenience the public too much. Something as simple as a roadblock directing traffic away from the area instead of letting it into the area and being trapped there for extended periods of time…

    • between de lines says:

      No, you cannot be sure at all that there’s an easier way. Not to mention the location was so near the road. How would you feel if they had allowed the public to travel by and something major occurred that may have hurt innocent passers-by? They are right to err on the side of caution at the expense of public inconvenience in my opinion.

      • Micro says:

        Like maybe perhaps diverted traffic at Wilkinson Avenue and Flatts Hill onto Harrington Sound Road?

    • smitty says:

      What does this statement even mean……

    • reality says:

      Shut the heck up. Idiots like you can’t be pleased. You’re one of those people that will btch n moan no matter what the police do. No I’m not a cop. I was caught up in it too but had to be understanding to the situation. I rather see them do what it takes to capture who they’re after.

  7. Come On Man says:

    he hadn’t paid his cell bill

  8. Moms says:

    Something, when the police don’t do their job they’re shunned upon, when they do but it inconveniences you they’re shunned upon.

    • Hold Up says:

      Well, I was waiting in the traffic and it was ridiculous. I definitely had no choice but to wait patiently BUT what they couldve done was have the police stand at flatts and direct people through Harrington Sound unless they lived before Radnor Road, then they could’ve continued along North Shore Road. I’m sure this would’ve cut back the traffic quite a bit. The same for the other side by Swizzle Inn as well. It was absolutely crazy.

      And, SHOUTOUT to the police officer who directed buses through Radnor Road that got stuck. Smart move.

  9. Maybe you have been somewhere in outer space, this is the norm in Bermuda, even though most of us don’t like it. you sound like a person really out on left field that maybe just woke up some 20 plus murders later and countless gun crimes reported and unreported over 100 incidents in just he last 6 years alone. Not to worry the minister for national security and the Premier have a plan to stop the importation of illegal firearms,I am sure he has figured out by now the only way to do that is by making them legal because he wont ever stop it, if that were the case we would be a total drug free society.

  10. eye in the sky says:

    K9 should have been there from the get go!

  11. Kath says:

    Is bermuda safe? I plan to bring my entire family there next summer for a vacation. I traveled there once before, and I didn’t encounter one rude person the entire time. EVERYONE was soooo friendly, went out of their way to be nice. I felt soo welcome and happy to be in such a positive environment. I know there is crime everywhere you go on this earth, but from a locals perspective, would you call Bermuda “safe”?

    • College students says:

      Like anywhere in the world, we have some problems. Bermuda is still a safe place. This non-sense is limited to those in that circle.

    • Lone Wolf says:

      It is safe as long as you: (A) don’t rent a moped because (1) too many tourists crash on them and (2) handbags are always getting stolen from them. And (B) don’t leave any personal items unattended at the beach while you swim as they too will get stolen. Other than that, you should be fine and have a great time.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        Bermuda is indeed one of the must safest places in the world, but like other places catering to tourism there are the usual crimes of thief, (they aren’t life threatening) crimes like having your bag snatched from a cycle basket just because it hadn’t been properly secured or pilfered while swimming e.g. left unattended on the beach.
        These are NOT an everyday occurrence on the Island but, like elsewhere, “where there is people there is crime”. Bottom-line, it may not be heaven but it can’t be too far from it…Bermuda is still safe.

      • Hansel says:

        That is the most ridiculous statement I’ve read in a while (and there are some pretty bad ones). To say that too many tourists crash on mopeds is crazy. Tourists are usually really careful (and I will admit it, annoyingly slow at times) and I’ve yet to see one crash. The only ones on the road who anyone should be worried about (and who crash way more often than tourists) are the young local men who drive at high speeds.
        Kath – Bermuda is a very safe place – probably one of the safest in the world. You should have absolutely no qualms about bringing your family here. You will have a great time!

  12. Safe place! says:

    Yes, Bermuda is still one of the safest place to travel. The crime doesn’t affect the visitors. Bring your family and enjoy beautiful Bermuda.

  13. Me says:

    Yes I would call it safe. We are still friendly. Enjoy your stay.

  14. Creamy says:

    I’m so glad the previous government spent $12m on an x ray machine for the docks. What a wonderful difference that has made. Certainly, the contractors who installed it have been very happy with how their lives have improved since they received that contract.

  15. Kath says:

    Thanks! Can’t wait to come back there. Thinking of Bermuda constantly now and hoping for the best with this hurricane. Stay safe!

  16. My opinion says:


  17. sandy says:

    Cant please a minute its get out there and get the criminals and when they do its omg why are they so inconsiderate..why this why that..stop complaining!!!

  18. karma says:

    Serve him right! Good work Bps