200 Regiment Soldiers Help Clean Up After Fay

October 13, 2014

A total of 200 Bermuda Regiment soldiers pitched in today [Oct 13] to help cope with the damage caused by Tropical Storm Fay.

Teams fanned out across the Island, putting tarpaulins on the roofs of 30 damaged homes, clearing the roadways of trees and other debris and clearing up around schools.

One Immediate Response Team [IRT] spent the afternoon clearing loose and broken slates from the roof of a home in Somerset and making it water and windproof.


House owner Mike Corday said: “I’m very appreciative. I had heart surgery a few months back – this is a Godsend. I’m deeply grateful the soldiers came – they’ve been pleasant and professional.”

Mr Corday added: “It’s great the Regiment does this kind of thing. We know the Regiment does a good job when they’re embodied and come out to help people. But you don’t really appreciate them until it’s you that needs the help.”

IRT Pte Shaun Richards, one of the squad who helped the Corday family, said: “People are very happy to see us, especially when we’re doing road clearing.

The 25-year-old IT auditor from Devonshire added: “People even stopped and gave us sodas and snacks. Everybody’s grateful to see us, especially after such a rough hit.”

Other Regiment soldiers worked alongside staff from Works & Engineering and the Parks Department to clear roadways and safely dispose of fallen trees.


Cpl Morriko Iris, 23, from Smith’s, who is employed at Works & Engineering in civilian life, cleared dangerous trees in Somerset

He said: “I’ve been doing chainsaw operations – I love it. I enjoy helping people and everybody’s been positive about what we’re doing. They find it reassuring just seeing us out there. We get a lot of appreciation at times like this.”

Regiment CO Lt Col Michael Foster-Brown said soldiers had also distributed 150 tarpaulins to households affected by the storm.

He added that the Regiment was already gearing up with plans for deployment if Hurricane Gonzalo hits Bermuda at the weekend.

Col Foster-Brown said: “That’s why we are very focused on clearing roads – branches and debris could become missiles if a hurricane comes.”

And he added: “What all this does is demonstrate the flexibility of a disciplined military force with its own command structure and communications – it can turn its hands to many things.

“What we’ve been doing is not our primary role, but it’s one we’re very proud of and it’s a privilege to support our fellow Bermudians.”

And Col Foster-Brown said: “If Hurricane Gonzalo does come, we will be ready to do it all over again.”

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  1. mixitup says:

    Thank you Regiment! It really is a good feeling when we see you out there! Many thanks to W&E, Park and BELCO too, they have been doing a great job!

  2. Ace girl says:

    Totally agree! Well done Bermuda Regiment men and women. You are a credit to your country. Belco employees you have my admiration and thanks for a great job. We only lost power for 12 hours yesterday which was amazing given the mammoth task you were faced with in the early morning and to all emergency responders, thank you, thank you. The EMO did a great job.
    I don’t suppose you will get many responses as this is not political and no one can blame either political party. Many of these commentators need to wake up to reality and realize that if they don’t put their stupid politics aside and start pulling together as a team, that there could be no Bermuda!

  3. Sunshine says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and help! Much appreciated

  4. um just saying says:

    Adding my THANK YOU to everyone out working to restore the island to normalcy. Hopefully Gonzolo will pass us by, and if not I want to THANK YOU ahead of time for your dedication and service.

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Yesiree, all that marching practice, shooting, early morning swims & such are really paying off now.