Police Plan A “Noticeable Increase In Patrols”

April 8, 2022

“In the wake of recent firearms violence, we have created a surge capacity” and this “will create a noticeable increase in patrols, visibility and engagement,” Assistant Police Commissioner Antoine Daniels said.

This follows after a week of gun violence which has sadly resulted in the deaths of two young men, 24-year-old Che Jennings was fatally shot in Warwick, and 18-year-old Laje Franklin was fatally shot in the east end.

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Speaking at today’s press conference, Mr Daniels said, “I take this opportunity to inform the community that this weekend’s policing response will look different.

“In the wake of recent firearms violence, we have created a surge capacity and maximised our officer numbers by, redeploying staff, halted our training programs and amended staff duties.

“This will create a noticeable increase in patrols, visibility and engagement, particularly in those areas that have been most affected by anti-social behaviour, firearms incidents and other violence.

“These resources will be strategically deployed by the on duty incident commander in an effort to target those offenders causing the most harm, while providing reassurance patrols in the community. I ask those persons out and about this weekend and/or traveling on the roads to exercise patience, as there are likely to be roving stop and checkpoints throughout the weekend.

“If you are making time please leave home, or wherever your starting point is, in enough time to arrive at your intended destination at the desired time.

“Additionally officers have been directed to exercise their full raft of lawful powers particularly,

  • Stop and search under 315F of the Criminal Code
  • Police Powers of Stop and Search under section 5 of P.A.C.E
  • Powers of Search and Detention under both the Firearms Act 1973 & Misuse of Drugs Act 1972

“Gang violence in Bermuda is the same as other countries, young men violently targeting each other for a variety of reasons. However, what makes our small island home unique is just that, ‘we are small’ and because of that factor, Gang violence touches almost all of us in some way. Particularly Bermudians, as we are either related to, or know someone in or connected to a gang.

“This problem is complex with no easy answers, however the BPS will continue to work closely with partners, stakeholders and the community to explore ways to improve our response to guns, gangs and violence.

“In closing, it is appropriate for me to reassure the community that one murder is far too many. No murder victim is ever forgotten, and the Bermuda Police Service remains committed to ensuring justice for all victims and their families.

“It is incumbent upon the community that we all stand strong, stand united and stand together, and support each other when faced with those bent on destabilizing our society.”

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  1. Outerbridges says:

    The horse has bolted I’m afraid.

    The real issue for me is how many of the dozens of witnesses at Warwick will come forward. History says few or none, and to me there is a sense of how much do people REALLY want things to change? Time to be brave and I hope I am wrong.

  2. Seriously says:

    I’m sorry but isn’t it your job to do active patrols? When did this become a master plan? This is why we are where we are as police think we will police ourselves! When I was young there were police out all the time actually enforcing laws! Now we got desk jockeys and lunch run take out cops. Just check out House of India or Keith’s every day and you will see these clowns using our gas and cars for non official use.

  3. They will rest everytime says:

    And you won’t see or hear from them.Then you will rest and that’s when they strike. Why even tell them your plan? Dumb.

  4. Payattention says:

    I appreciate the BPS’ efforts to address these incidents of violence. Where is Leroy Bean and his Gang Violence Reduction Taskforce? What are they doing??

  5. Zero says:

    How dumb!! Letting the shooters know to stay off the road.SMH

  6. Marine Life says:

    How much friendly engagement and events do the Police Service have with the communities across the Island?
    If the answer is : Very Little or none, than there is where initiatives are lacking. Other jurisdictions this size have a lot of engagements with their communities and the crime has decreased year after year, for a large string of years. I have seen charts and articles showing this.
    It just may be that we are living under an archaic Government system and archaic police Service. Transparency needs to be made to stand at the top. They all need to be refurbished and upgraded in there styles. Only then will we see better quality of life begin to emerge on these shores!