Historical Video: Bermuda In The 1960s

November 16, 2014

A promotional film about Bermuda and what it has to offer tourists shot during the 1960s sums up a glowing review of the island and its attractions, calling it a “heavenly haven” that offers visitors “serenity.”

The video’s narrator says, “Set down like the a multicoloured jewel on the bosom of the azure Atlantic, Bermuda is a heavenly haven from the modern pace of hectic living.

“A group of islands just over 20 miles long, this British Crown colony attracts nearly 150,000 visitors each year.

“Hamilton is the first stop for cruise passengers. The liners dock right at Front Street, where fabulous shops offer luxury goods at bargain prices.”

Bermuda promotional film from the 1960s:

“World War II saw the horse eat himself out of a job. Imported hay and grain became prohibitive in cost, so, reluctantly, automobiles were allowed on the island, but they are confined to 14 horse power and maximum speeds of 20 miles per hour in the country, and 15 in the city – there’s no place for hot rods here.

“What might well be Bermuda’s trademark is her famed Lilly; thousands of blooms are exported each spring. One blossom vies with another on the islands; there’s no season when flowers aren’t profuse.

“And above all, there are the famed Bermuda beaches. The pinkish sand is pulverized coral that is as soft as talcum powder. Mix that with waters warmed by the Gulf Stream, and you have an old Bermuda recipe: sun, sea and sand equals serenity.

“Never need you be crowded along the endless South Shore beaches, where the indescribably hued waters change from pale turquoise to deep blue.

“Houses are built of coral limestone, as our most structures here. The stepped roofs of private houses are also of limestone slabs, sloped to catch rainwater. The law requires roofs to be lime-washed annually.”

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  1. Ron Lacey says:

    My first visit was in 1974. When I am in your incredibly beautiful ocean, it could be any year since then.