Nahki Wells Returns To Watch Bradford Play

November 16, 2014

Bermudian football star Nahki Wells set Bradford fans buzzing with a return to watch his old team play yesterday [Nov 15], with conflicting discussions online about the treatment the striker received from fans of his old club.

Wells was the leading scorer for Bradford City up until the beginning of this year, when he signed with Huddersfield Town for a record breaking transfer fee that exceeded £1. 2 milion [$2 million].

Bradford fans have been discussing Wells appearance at the game, and some of the comments and claims from the Bradford fan forum ‘Claret & Banter’ are below:

One person said, “Came after half an hour & sat in the city end. Got some applause & some abuse, a lot of people came over to have a look at him. Quite a few walking past giving him **** calling him judas.”

The same person also said, “I wouldn’t be at all surprised, I was sat very very near where he came & sat & some of it was a bit nasty. He never returned after half time.”

Another version of the events from another forum member said, “I was sat not far away from Wells, not aware of any nastiness towards him, a few chants of ‘judas’ but not in a malicious or threatening way, personally I thought he got a good reception.”

While another forum member chimed in with, “I think what is clear from all the contradictory versions of events surrounding him leaving is the fact no one has a scooby what really occurred. Just what version they’ve heard down the boozer. I don’t know, I don’t want to know. It’s over, he’s moved on.”

The topic has also been discussed on Twitter, with one hopeful Bradford fan saying “He’s coming back to us,” while another said “I will always love Nahki. Top guy least he’s supporting Bradford…”

One person joked they should kidnap him and have him play for Bradford again, while another suggested his presence may set off news headlines claiming he will be returning to the team in “sensational” manner.

Bradford reporter Simon Parker tweeted that Wells got a “good reception from fans” adding that “you could hear a few boos but drowned out by loud song of support.”

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