452 People Enjoy Christmas Meal, $1K Raised

December 28, 2014

Chef Michiko Campbell said that the “Chiko’s Smokey Rub Christmas Eve Charity Event” was a huge success, with 28 volunteers helping to provide meals to 452 people, while a donation box at the event collected $1000 to benefit the Eliza Dolittle Society.

Chef Campbell started preparing all the food at around 5:30am on Monday, and thanked his talented fiancee for creating festive t-shirts for the volunteers. Premier Michael Dunkley and Senator Jeff Baron stopped by to show their support and applauded Chef Campbell and the volunteers for hosting the event.

Speaking after the event concluded, Chef Campbell said, “It was a great night. I feel good knowing that I was able to give a helping hand around the holidays. Life is about sharing. Always give back”.

“A huge thank you to all the donators: Edison Jones & Portraits Afrique, JaJa Millett, Horsfield Landscaping & Design, Horseman Family & Snelling Family, International Imports [Chef Shop], Island Construction & Zane Desilva, Bernews.com, Jones Family, Lorraine Dean, Meredith Smith, Robert Burkhart, Allison Conyer, Lester & Tracy Petracca, Karen Campbell, Sophie Compeau, Dianne Swan, Jennifer Rodrigues, Daniel Mackie [D.E. Mortimor & Co.], Janae Foley, Donna Hendrickson, Flatts Menswear, Howard Marirea, Carol Tucker, Mike Jones, Goodwin C. Smith Foundation, David & Kimberly Hayward, Trudie Ottolini, Western Stars Sports Club/ Dandy town and all other anonymous donors.”

Chef Campbell speaking at the event on Christmas Eve:

As an extra giving hand, Chef Campbell placed a donation box at his event which collected $1000 which will be donated to the Eliza Dolittle Society.

Chef Campbell said they were selected as their mission is “to reduce hunger and food wastage in Bermuda by collecting and distributing food to agencies that feed Bermuda’s hungry”.

“Look forward to more great things to come from Chiko’s Smokey Rub,” said the young chef. “Happy New Year!”


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  1. somuchless says:


  2. UpsetwithVerdict says:

    Great job!

  3. Tania Stafford says:

    Love the picture of your volunteer team – such joy on every face!

  4. Me says:

    How awesome is that?

  5. Me says:

    Thank you Chef Campbell & Volunteers!!

  6. Kathy S. says:

    So Wonderful Chef Campbell. Well done to you and your team.

  7. mj says:

    what a tear jerker… Chef Campbell , you and your fiance are priceless..sniff..sniff.. all the best at the wedding…. two beautiful souls…..

  8. Cow Polly says:

    The true Christmas spirit is with you Chef Campbell and your volunteers, bless you.

  9. Tomika says:

    Thats beautiful. Two young people making changes and helping other people in need.

    Job well done!

    Looking forward to more charity events.

  10. Crystal Jones says:


  11. Stunned... says:

    Awesome. thank you Chef.

    Also want to thank a group of young men (late teens – early 20′s)walking on Front Street handing out sandwiches to the street dwellers on Boxing Day. Apparently they did this last year also.

  12. Hmmmmmm says:

    Well done, Chef Chiko, Sherelle, and team!

  13. Dread says:


  14. Ladeej says:

    Well done you Michiko and Sherelle!! You two are inspirations and great examples of young people giving back. We are all so very proud of you. And of course hats off to the volunteers. What a great event and a positive story to share.