Ignition: Steady Increase In Hosting Demand

December 8, 2014

Over the past few months Ignition said they have seen a steady increase in the number of clients looking for offshore private hosting solutions.

Graham Pearson, CEO of the Ignition group said,“After a few years of decline in the Bermuda technology sector, we are seeing encouraging signs of a resurgence in Bermuda as the preferred location for hosting of data and applications”.

“Ignition has recently invested in significant additional storage capacity along with the cutting edge WAN acceleration technology, which will enable Ignition to significantly increase their platform performance, lower incremental costs, and bring many clients back to the Island to use Bermuda as their primary location for virtual computing services,” the company said.

“Additionally, Ignition has a unique ability to provide optional hosting for disaster recovery from their Nova Scotia, Cayman, and Curacao locations.”

“With Bermuda as the hub and up to 3 other locations for replication, we tick the boxes that the international financial services and insurance organizations need in order to comply with their business continuity demands” said Rich James, CTO of Ignition.

“As a result of the investment we will be moving additional technical support and consulting roles from our Halifax location to Bermuda” stated Graham Pearson. “We have a need for highly skilled engineers and although in the short term we are using our Canadian resources, the plan is to hire from within Bermuda and ensure those skills stay local and near the client base”.

“Ignition’s Cloud Computing environment uses the latest VMware virtualization technology allowing you to scale your server environment almost real-time without the need for hardware expenditures. Their cloud provides a secure virtual office environment offering web-based tools and applications that users can access from anywhere. Users can use this virtual office as if it was a program installed locally on their own computer.

“The Cloud allows organizations to access the latest software and run their own applications without incurring the cost of buying and maintaining expensive equipment.”

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  1. A Better Place says:

    Slowly but surely, the economy is coming back. Bermuda is a welcoming place to do business once again. Pass that message along to your investor friends.

  2. Ride says:

    Humm, I tried Ingnition.com and Ingnition.bm but no dice for either. Where are these guys on the web?