EY Launches Wavespace In Bermuda

June 18, 2021 | 0 Comments

EY announced that it has launched its latest wavespace in Bermuda to “serve as an environment where businesses can harness advanced technologies and stay ahead of disruption.”

A spokesperson said, “Companies, governments and other entities can accelerate their transformation by piloting new technologies and exploring innovative solutions in wavespace, while drawing on EY’s regional and global experience. EY’s CEO Imperative Survey of 305 Fortune 2000 chief executives found that leaders understand the need to embrace a mindset of continuous transformation in order to thrive. However, many recognize that they face key capability and execution gaps to achieve it ­–gaps that wavespace is designed to close.”

“Using a proven mix of the latest interactive tools and innovative methodology, our wavespace provides clients and others with the ability to identify and explore alternative solutions and new emerging technologies in a sandbox environment,” said Dan Scott, Regional Managing Partner of the EY region of the Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands.

“By breaking down challenges, we’re helping our clients harness the endless upside potential in the digital age. We’re excited about the new opportunities the wavespace presents for the community.”

“The pace of change has accelerated such that companies and other entities can be disrupted at any time,” said Chris Maiato, EY Regional Consulting Leader. “We believe transformation is best achieved by putting people at the center. That’s why our immersive approach is people-centric and focuses on collaboration and innovation. The EY wavespace accelerates decision-making and problem-solving by bringing together the right people across the organization and giving them the collaborative framework, tools and technology to think differently.”

The company added, “The wavespace launch in Bermuda is part of the broader regional launch of the integrated EY wavespace Bahamas | Bermuda | Cayman. It will serve as either a physical or virtual experience where participants can tap into EY regional and global knowledge with the goal of generating ideas, building new processes and solutions, developing new business models and products, and driving transformation – faster.

“EY wavespace is a global network consisting of forty-eight locations that help organizations reframe their thinking to find answers to their biggest challenges, explore innovative ideas and unlock ingenuity and potential. wavespace enables collaboration virtually and in-person across different industries to give teams the mindset and tools to think differently and solve problems at speed and thrive.

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