BPSU Express Concern Over DPP Appointment

January 7, 2015

The Bermuda Public Services Union [BPSU] expressed its concern with the re-appointment of Rory Field as Director of Public Prosecutions , saying perhaps it’s time for the OBA and PLP to “work together to make the constitutional amendments necessary to end this injustice.”


The follows after the Governor’s announcement earlier this week that Mr Field has been re-appointed as Director of Public Prosecutions [DPP], with the extension set to run until the end of 2016. Mr. Field has held the position for over seven years, having formally taken over the role in 2007.

In reaction, a Cabinet Office spokesperson said, “After expressing every intention to appoint a Bermudian DPP in 2007, 2010 and 2013, it is most unfortunate that the process adopted by Government House appears unable to make those intentions a reality.”

The Cabinet Office confirmed that the Premier had “strongly expressed” his concern to the Governor, and that he would once again raise the matter with the UK Minister responsible for the Overseas Territories.

Calling it an “insult to Bermudians,” Shadow Attorney-General Michael Scott said, “The reappointment of Rory Field is a slap in the face to not just the qualified, capable Bermudians who have been overlooked, but to everyone who believes that Bermudians should come first in jobs and opportunities in our own country.

Mr Scott added, “The PLP’s position is clear. There has been a lack of openness, accountability and transparency in this process and there must be justification by the Governor why qualified Bermudians are being denied the opportunity to fill this post.”

BPSU Comments

The BPSU said, “After having made continual admonitions of his commitment to find and/or create a process to prepare a qualified Bermudian for the position, the Governor has reneged on his commitment and this certainly brings into question if there was any intent by the Governor to appoint a Bermudian to the post.

“The decision should also raise concerns with Bermuda’s legal fraternity that no matter how many years a lawyer has been called to the Bar, their continued legal training and the winning of legal cases, that unless the candidate arbitrarily gains favour with the Governor of the Day, he or she will not be appointed as DPP. The Governor is sending the message that Bermudians are ‘simply not good enough’.

“The stark reality of not promoting a Bermudian lawyer as the new DPP, as hard as it is to accept, raises the question on whether the Foreign and Commonwealth Office through its appointment of Governors for Bermuda, fully understands the sensitivity of qualified Bermudians not attaining key posts within Bermuda’s Public Service.

“To say that we greet this reappointment with some disappointment is a gross understatement, especially in light of the fact that various Governors have expressed a desire of finding a qualified Bermudian as DPP since 2007.

“Perhaps it is time for the One Bermuda Alliance [OBA] Government and the Progressive Labour Party [PLP] to work together to make the constitutional amendments necessary to end this injustice.”

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  1. Sky Pilot says:

    the BPSU are living in cuckhoo land if they think the plp and the OBA will EVER work together.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      When will Bermudians be valued in their own country? No matter how much qualifications a Bermudian obtains, it seems never to be enough. The goal post is always moved.

      The job of Commissioner of Education is another example of such disregard for qualifield Bermudians. This time the government has the control but instead the Minister seeks to hire a nonBermudian. The goal post has be moved to prevent a Bermudian from applying!

      What message does this send to our young people? Bermudians are not valued in their homeland.

      Once again a negative decision that should be a concern to all.

      Thanks of standing up BPSU, but now act upon it !!

      • SMH says:

        BETTY TRUMP: What about the Bermudians who were on the legal committee that actually made the recommendation to keep the DPP? Are they not valued in their homeland? Seriously you can’t make this type of stupidity up.

        • BETTTYTRUMP says:

          Who makes the final decisions?

          THE GOVERNOR


          • Today Moving forward says:

            You are correct BETTTY TRUMP, we need to stand up for! Bermudians. Do we value our own?

  2. mj says:

    All Bermudians should qualify to work in their own country regardless of job “status”, degree or not! this points out the overall unfairness that ALL Bermudians have been subjected to.. On a large scale this problem needs to be fixed! Bermudians should come fist in their country before anyone else; Born Bermudians should have job categories that are closed to anyone else, but neither party seems to have gotten this point to date! We are farrr behind the global times as other countries put their people first! It seems only natural..Bermuda seems to be a free for all, but the people that are born here and have natural entitlement!

    • SMH says:

      The Governor’s decision was based on the recommendations of a legal committee which was made up of Bermudians. Not sure what the problem it if they felt that there were no Bermudians qualified. Yesterday there was an article about Bermuda’s oncology doctor who wasn’t Bermudian…should that job have also gone to a Bermudian too even if they weren’t qualified? I think not

      • Rockfish#1 says:

        “To say that we greet this reappointment with some disappointment is a gross understatement, especially in light of the fact that various Governors have expressed a desire of finding a qualified Bermudian as DPP since 2007.

        To make matters worse, we have never been given any reasons for the reluctance to appoint a Bermudian. In light of this,no one should be surprised at the anger and suspicion this matter generates.
        I don’t know Ms Clarke, nor what her qualifications and goals are.
        But one thing is certain. This fiasco is not helping her! Is that the aim of the decision maker?

    • Paz says:

      Not all people qualify for work in their own country. Certainly there is no special entitlement to people simply because they were born in a country.

      In this century, labour moves around the world to fit the needs of economies. In my own family, 5 of the 6 of us left our own country to take on work elsewhere. Many Bermudians realize this is necessary. Others are stuck in the old era of entitlement and non-competition for jobs simply because they were born in a certain place.

  3. NO MORE WAR says:

    What I find interesting is that Mr. Field has been the DPP since 2007 and has been so with the view of finding or training a Bermudian for the post. I do not know how much the DPP gets paid but does one really believe that Mr. Field or anyone for that matter would simply give up their high paying job to a Bermudian. Also this should be a bad reflection on Mr. Field and the Governor. It is high time to get rid of them both or change the law to give the Governor less power as he does not appear fair.

  4. Navin Johnson says:

    If there are ongoing investigations into Politcial corruption would it not make sense to continue with the person involved as perhaps it would be difficult for a Bermudian to pursue due to local influences? Just a thought

  5. js says:

    legal fraternity what legal fraternity

    the Bermuda Bar Council will accept a call to the Bermuda Bar from any qualified attorney from any Commonwealth jurisdiction

    ergo a call to the Bermuda Bar for a Bermudian attorney has no value and having on island legal experience has even less value

    public sector attorneys should consider themselves fortunate that they have the BPSU to speak on their behalf

    private sector attorneys can only rely on the Bar Council who are themselves a large part of the problem

    note the publically stated “no comment” from the President

  6. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Dear BPSU,

    You cannot change a DPP half way through an active investigation. There will be a Bermudian DPP selected in due course. Just not at this time.

    Yours Faithfully,


    • Cardine Alice says:

      P.S. And it’s none of your business. Now get back to work.

  7. Sandgrownan says:

    Now the BPSU needs to untie it’s panties! What injustice? What insult?

  8. SMH says:

    I guess the PLP now have more puppets to add to the voter manipulation show along with Chris F, Tavares, Adderly, Famouss and Tweed. “Hey guys if you campaign and support all our causes without question, no matter how idiotic, we’ll give you all big fat consulting contracts if we ever get back in”. “What? we have no money, doesn’t matter that never stop us before”

  9. David Smith says:

    Truth is killing me!
    Your comment has no value. What investigation are you talking about. You can change any person or persons to manage and give legal advice on any job. The DPP only give legal advice. It’s time for the Bermuda popultaion to consider their future under the British flag.

  10. WhistleBlower says:

    This is what happens when you give a Senator powers to change work permit legislature! Boom in your face!,
    Now maybe the Premier and his party can now see the damning effect that law is going to have on this country.

    To the coward expats who hide behind puesdonyms to express their evil ungrateful hatred rehtoric save your response and invest in a return fare along with shipping cost because LOCALS will find their voices and began to demand a return in their educational dollars spent on educating ‘inexperienced’ qualified children.
    If you were so worthy of your right to live and work here then show some appreciation rather than ENTITLEMENT based on what you believe you are ‘qualified’ to be here for.

    The time has come when LOCALS need to STOP calling & start boycott establishments that have consistently shown DIISREGARD to the right of BERMUDIANS,!!


    • SMH says:

      Xenophobe! but I guess you think it’s fine for Bermudian’s to go to the UK and live off the dole. Get a life and hopefully travel a little to open that narrow mind of yours

      • WhistleBlower says:

        xenaphobia you are hilarious. Ask yourself what have you done to fight for the rights of DISENFRANCHAISED LOCALS??

        • SMH says:

          I encourage, and in some case financially support, our younger children (other than my own) in their education so that they have the skills to fill the jobs currently requiring expats. That is the #1 thing we should all be doing.

      • WhistleBlower says:

        Truth is a funny thing isn’t it??? No kindly get back to work little one

    • Good Luck With That says:

      So I take it ‘WhistleBlower’ is your real name, then? Or are you a coward, too?

      You must be joking. You can’t seriously want all the ex-pats to leave, considering we contribute about two thirds of Bermuda’s economy.

      Your children are not qualified because they do not have experience. Simple as that. Try living abroad for a period of time to get work and life experience. If all Bermudians did that, Bermuda would only be better for it.

      • WhistleBlower says:

        To be lured by IGNORANCE is to be void of indepentce

      • WhistleBlower says:

        My response is only to INFORM those who may adhere to your INCORRECT RHETORIC!! This EXpat is once again SPREADING FALSE FACTS regarding OUR CHILDREN along with OUR ECONOMY!!!

        To BERMUDIANS the next time a foreigner states SUCH FALSE STATEMENTS ask them to back it up with FACTS otherwise leave statistics to those who have them!!!

        • Starting Point says:

          My bermudian kids all have jobs, all my friends also have jobs, what are you doing wrong?

          • SMH says:

            Starting Point: Would YOU hire someone as narrow minded and xenophobic as Whistleblower? That’s what’s wrong. My instinct is that Whistleblower already had a job and might also be a union member. The entitlement mentality fits.

        • SMH says:

          Who are you calling an expat? Sorry if you feel guiding and financing the education of our youth is a waste of time and that expats are satan incarnate. You would be a much better person if you expanded your horizons and realized we are nothing more than a rock at sea with nice weather with some fishing and minimal agriculture.

        • Strike fund says:

          Time for MAWI to up your meds!

      • Qualified and Experienced says:

        Lets be transparent and honest. A lot of ex-pats leave their motherland in search of greater and better opportunity as well as “adventure”. If and when they find a symbiotic environment, a relationship that is beneficial for them in the long and short term, and a status quo that values them over the local workforce, then like most people they take advantage of that opportunity.

        Most have similar and some even lesser qualifications than their local counterparts… this is fact not conjecture, but yet are ushered into these positions and “allowed” to “grow”, draw your own conclusions why…

        No one wants all ex-pats to leave, and you grossly overstate your importance, there is no way you contribute about 2/3 of Bermuda’s economy. And let us not forget the benefits you as an industry (I assume this is what you are referring too, when you opine about your 2/3) receive. It is a symbiotic relationship…

        We as locals have lived abroad for periods and have worked and experienced life… personally, I have. I also know that when I have come back home suitably qualified and experienced, I was constantly rebuffed, being given answers such as “You are too qualified” or “you will be bored in this position” etc. No sour grapes, just stating my position… did I persevere, yes, do I have a position, yes, am I enriched personally by this experience, yes… it builds character etc… should I have had to experience it… again draw your own conclusions…

        I for one welcome a diverse workforce, and do not begrudge any individual a job, subject to the requisite immigration controls… but lets not overinflated your importance… you are a disposable cog in the wheel… same as you would be in your home land…

        Speaking of which, if you were as great at your jobs (as your self-important post suggests), why aren’t you pedaling your wares there? Cream, top… and all of that…

        I returned home to my birthplace, after engaging and thriving over there… what’s your excuse?

        Balls in your court…

        • Paz says:

          “Most have similar or even lesser qualifications than their local counterparts.”

          This statement is not true of the international business community. There are few local counterparts for middle to senior reinsurance and asset management positions. Bermuda is just too small to be able to produce them as is done in the US, Canada and Europe.

          Expats are required to fill these jobs. There is no way around this.

          International business is responsible for the majority of the Bermuda economy. Bermuda would become a second world nation much like the Caribbean economies if it left. Of course, international business gets certain tax and accounting advantages associated with being in Bermuda. Otherwise, they would not be here. This doesn’t take away from the importance of international business and the value of expats to the Bermuda economy. This benefits everyone in Bermuda.

        • Trulytruly says:

          Can we be welcoming and appreciative of those that make the choice to come to bermuda to live and work. We need them to want to stay and need more of them to feel that bermuda is a friendly place to be. we are finally changing attitudes that bermuda is open for business. Let’s keep on that track rather than trying to put them in their place. Bermuda has lost 5000 of them and we can see the effects of that.

        • Good Luck With That says:

          I go where my company wants me to go. They could not find a suitable local candidate for my position, so they brought me over. The weather is much better here than in London, though I do miss Thai food.

          Your statement that most ex-pats have similar or lesser qualifications than locals is demonstrably false. It is impossible to obtain a work permit for a new employee if a qualified Bermudian applied for the job.

          Also, my guess is that if you were told ‘you are too qualified’, that is likely your fault. When I interview candidates, I always ask where they see themselves in five years. If their goal is outside the scope of my department, I will not hire them because I will likely have to hire again in a couple of years. In this case I would tell them that they are ‘over qualified’.

    • Starting Point says:

      Bermudians like you are to materialistic to boycott anything, giving up your cell phone up anytime soon (foreign companies with foreign workers) you hypocrite?

      Luckily Bermudians like the rest of us who are educated (public school FYI Berkeley 4 Life) and despite challenges of a small island are doing well and are in the position to make change and support those struggling. Some of us, like myself, married foreigners, you prob prefer the idea of genetic inbreeding, well more likely do not even understand the concept. Regardless, Bermuda can not exist without foreign workers and I, as a born Bermudian, am happy to have them so do not speak for Bermudians when you do not represent the majority of us.

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      The next time I see you walkin’ out of BUZZ Restaurant chomping down on that burger I’ll slap you in the back and remind you of this comment!

    • Cardine Alice says:

      O please take your “independence”. Send away everything foreign, including people and money. Be an island unto yourself with your bigoted ideas. Thankfully the majority of Bermudians are not so pigs***t ignunt or hateful. Be grateful this beautiful island can attract talent, use it, learn from it.

  11. Family Man says:

    What does this have to do with the BPSU?

    oh wait, BPSU = PLP/BIU/UBP

    • SMH says:

      BPSU=PLP/BIU/UBP/People’s Campaign/Famouss/Tavares/Tweed/Adderly/etc.

  12. Scotty says:

    Absolutely right SMH. You forgot TUC in the equation. The BPSU has lost sight of it main function. The other problem is if they are representing Ms. Clarke then they also represent Mr.Fields as an upper level civil servant. So what does that say to their impartiality? They have become the political arm for all of the unions. Time for an all expenses paid retreat to rethink your core values BPSU and your leader needs to think before he speaks!

  13. stunned... says:

    all, if you ain’t gonna do anything about it, or you can’t do anything about it, then hush and save that energy for something useful. #gripewaterplease

  14. serenegti says:

    They’re just trying to make sure they keep their 6.5 weeks vacation and 14 weeks sick leave.

  15. Just a matter of time says:

    This appointment is an absolute disgrace and travesty. The only xenophobia I see here is the continuous one perpetrated against Bermudians time and again over a period of decades and it’s getting worse. And the voices from expats get louder and louder as they hold fast to protecting their investment. Bermuda is one of the few countries I know that despise their own. We lack any nationalism whatsoever. It’s all about individual, business and political agendas. Not about its countrymen as a collective.

    • SMH says:

      Very disappointing response. A Legal committee made up of Bermudians reviewed this and recommended to the Governor that the current DPP’s contract be renewed. End of story. Disgrace and travesty….drama queen. Why don’t you put all that hate and effort into mentoring and ensuring our young get a proper education. That’s what the real problem, a lack of proper education across the board.

      • Terry says:

        And how many have 1 hundred years of Bermudian in their blood that make up this board.
        How many with status.


  16. Just a matter of time says:

    Oh SMH. You’re right on time I see. I beginning to think you’re stalking me. Will there be any response I give that will not be disappointing to you? Why wasn’t there any REAL effort made to mentor several Bermudians for the last 7 years when Mr. Field first landed on the rock..? Oh and please, I have been involved and continue to be involved in mentoring our valulable young people. Telling the bare naked truth will always be dramatic to some, especially you. I don’t hate. I can’t help but love my own people and my own countrymen, what say you? All of these Bermudian lawyers and no Bermudian DPP in how long? Take your head out of the sand for once why don’t you and see the light. It might do you some good rather than make erroneous judgments about me and my character.

    • SMH says:

      Why don’t you ask the Legal committee made up 100% by Bermudians why they recommended the DPPs ontract be renewed rather than hire locally? Trust me I couldn’t be bothered to stalk a narrow minded person

  17. Just a matter of time says:

    The fact that you don’t even bother to show any remorse that a Bdian is not in place and would rather use alibis to support such is telling and your willful ignorance of this insidious systemic goal post shifting that is an art form in displacing Bermudians ONCE AGAIN is stark. Doesn’t matter if the make up of the Committee is Bermudian or not. It’s the system and policy in place that needs to be reviewed. It’s quite easy to recommend the one lone candidate with the conveniently gained years in ‘experience’ if there is no firm POLICY in place in making a real effort to train and hire Bermudians. Not one person here or there forcing all the eggs in one basket that may not happen to work out in the end. I am talking about a real effort to put a Bermudian in place. Happens all of the time and you know it. SMH at you.