Caribbean Bound Sailboat Towed Into Harbour

January 17, 2015

A 32-foot sailboat — which was leaving Bermuda bound for the Caribbean with one person onboard — was towed into St. George’s Harbour today [Jan 17] after the vessel began taking on water, resulting in flooding above the interior cabin deck.

The Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre Duty Officer said, “The departing 32 foot Sailing Vessel Zephyr leaving Bermuda bound for St. Martin in the Caribbean with one person onboard, called for assistance from just east of St. George’s Town Cut, northeast of Paget Island, when water was discovered coming into the vessel and already flooding above the interior cabin deck.

“Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre quickly advised the Pilot/Rescue vessel St. David of the situation, requesting they attend forthwith. The solo person on Zephyr was requested to don a lifejacket, stay with the vessel and make attempts to return to port.

“The operation was complicated by the 25 to 35 knot northerly winds. At 1:52pm the St. David arrived on scene and offered to tow SV Zephyr into St. George’s Harbour, by this time the yacht had brought the situation under control and wished for the time being, to progress on his own power with the St. David standing by to assist.

“Eventually, the sailing vessel Zephyr realized that a tow would be required and was subsequently towed safely into harbour.

“SV Zephyr was secure alongside at Ordnance Island by 2:52pm, and proceeded to investigate the cause of the problems with water ingress to the vessel,” added the Duty Officer.

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  1. Mockingjay says:

    Good thing he wasn’t MUCH further out.

  2. yee haw says:

    Tough winds. 25 knots sustained with 35 knot gusts. Glad Cap’n is well.

  3. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Hmmmm… That’s a long way to go in a 32-foot sailboat – on your own!! On a mission was he??

  4. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Going to sea in any boat less that 40 ft is irresponsible.

  5. Shmh says:

    One person…heading to st. Martin… Didnt want a tow… Hmm

  6. well much better says:

    This is good news after the guy and his 2 cats in a 50 footer.

  7. bluebird says:

    A comfortable size boat,just make sure that it is SeaWorthy before you venture out anywhere.