Norwegian Breakaway & Dawn To Return In 2016

January 14, 2015

Both the Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Dawn cruise ships are set to return to Bermuda next year, with the cruise line’s website saying the Breakaway will sail from New York from April through October 23, while the Dawn will sail from Boston.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s website said, “Norwegian will continue its tradition of sailing from both New York City and Boston to the pink sand beaches of Bermuda between April and October, 2016.

Slideshow of the Norwegian Breakaway’s July 4th firework display in Bermuda:


Norwegian Breakaway will return to Bermuda, sailing from New York City on seven-day cruises every Sunday from April 24, 2016 through October 23, 2016,” the website said.

“From Boston, Norwegian Dawn will sail seven-day cruises, departing every Friday, from June 3, 2016 through September 2, 2016 and from October 7, 2016 through October 21, 2016.”

“Once again, Norwegian Cruise Line continues to offer a wide variety of exciting cruises for our guests to choose from in 2016 and early 2017,” said Drew Madsen, Norwegian’s president and chief operating officer.

According to the 2015 Cruise Ship schedule, Bermuda is scheduled to receive a total of 136 cruise ship visits this year, made up of 100 regular or contract ship visits and 36 occasional visits.

Regular weekly cruise ship visits will see the Celebrity Cruise ship Summit visit 19 times arriving at King’s Wharf in Dockyard on Wednesday mornings, while Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Dawn will see 22 visits arriving at King’s Wharf on Sunday mornings.

The Grandeur of the Seas, operated by Royal Caribbean, is set to visit 12 times arriving at Heritage Wharf in Dockyard on Sunday afternoons, while Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas will make 21 visits. The Norwegian Breakaway will make 26 visits, arriving at Heritage Wharf on Wednesday mornings.

St. George’s has three cruise ship visits scheduled for this year, while Hamilton will see sixteen visits scheduled with the returning Veendam representing six of those visits.

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  1. Tony Brannon says:

    And how many cruisers get off the ships at night?
    Since we allowed in port entertainment / casinos etc Bermuda is lucky to see even .01% get off in the evening…..
    We need to produce something worthy of the cruise ships support that also makes $$$$ for all !

    • somuchless says:

      Well you should be glad that the Gov allowed the casinos to open in port cause if they didn’t (and as mentioned in earlier posts) the cruise lines were thinking to send their ships to other destinations and we would have zero cruise ships. I guess you can’t please everyone.

      • Self says:

        Don’t believe everything you hear, as that wasn’t entirely true. The cruise lines used that as a bargaining chip, but they know full well that Bermuda is one of their popular destinations.
        They WOULD NOT have pulled out of Bermuda, they stood to lose millions of dollars if they did.

    • Micro says:

      Quite a lot actually. Have you ever been to Dockyard after dark while ships are in port? Its pretty busy.

      • Self says:

        @Micro, not really.
        I traveled to Dockyard pretty regularly last summer, and I was shocked at how quiet it was. I did have the opportunity to see Mr. Brannon perform- simply brilliant!! I would wager that our local entertainment is on par or better than some of the performances on the ship.
        The government should do more do help the local entertainers when the ship is in port. The passengers can always take advantage of the ship’s entertainment during the sea days…that way everybody gets a piece of the pie.

    • Colleen says:

      Nothing is ever offered to the “cruisers” at night…I have cruised to Bermuda 8 times now…another one coming in May & next year..I have always gotten back on the ship come dusk as most of the stores closes, and nothing is really offered to us…when we use to dock in St Georges….they would have band & things going on at night over in that area, raffles in that bar etc…and things to do other than getting back on the ship..I don’t gamble & never go in the casinos..

  2. Tony Brannon says: