Bus And Ferry Fares To Increase On April 1

March 29, 2015

Bus and ferry fares in Bermuda are set to increase on April 1, with many fare price arrangements set to be affected by the change in pricing.

A government spokesperson said, “An adult three-zone bus and ferry fare, which is currently $3 in cash, will increase to $3.50. 3 zone tokens currently costing $2.50 will increase to $2.75. A booklet of three-zone tickets will increase from $20 to $25.

“An adult 1-Day Pass will increase from $15 to $19; a 2-Day Pass from $25 to $31.50; a 3-Day Pass from $35 to $44; a 4-Day Pass from $44 to $48.50, and a 7-Day Pass from $56 to $62. These passes are primarily used by our visitors providing multiple options between bus and ferry schedules.

“The 14 zone adult bus fare or West End to East End ferry is currently $4.50 in cash. This fare will increase to $5. For a child, it will increase from $2.50 to $2.75, while a $30 book of 15 tickets covering 14 zones will go from $30 to $37.50. Taking a motor cycle on a ferry, which costs $4, will rise to $4.50.

“One month transportation pass is currently $55 and will increase to $69.00 for unlimited interconnectivity between buses and ferries.

“All students will be required to show their bus pass in order to ride the bus for free or pay full fare if they do not have their pass.”

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  1. CBA says:

    When there are less people in the country, each person has to pay more for services.

    We NEED more people to move here.

    • k says:

      Isn’t time for Government to make the step and correct the error of youth riding free all the time? Whose bright idea was that?

      Teenagers should be made to pay something to cover transit costs. Let children until age 12 ride free through the week. Also teenagers should be given a time to have their free rides, say until 5p.m. School is long over by then.

      It is the seniors who have already contributed which need to have the cost breaks, not ill mannered teenagers who show little respect for adults who have worked all day.

  2. aceboy says:

    Boy, talk about paying more for less……

  3. Frank says:

    These increases should help to have money to purchase new buses and ferries one whould hope, When is the new ferry schedual out? I totaly agree all students should have to show there bus passes or pay. It makes them responsible to carry them.

  4. rider says:

    You can’t tell me a few extra dollars from each of us will make any difference in the grand scheme of things. This just makes us want to use public transportation less.

  5. Toodle-oo says:

    In s shrinking/contracting economy this type of move/increase would in most instances be considered madness.
    The very people hardest hit will be those at the lower end of the economic scale and those who , because of loosing their jobs and ability to afford private transportation , have no other choice but to utilize public transport.

    I just hope they all understand and remember who put us in this mess .

    If anything the rates should be dropping !

    • PBanks says:

      Agree 100%. Those in the worse positions will have to fork out more money.

  6. WYSIWYG says:

    If a child has mis-placed their pass, where can we retrieve a new one?

    • ok says:

      Department of Education down Southside.

      • StillThatBS says:

        Gosh, I hope you don’t plan on catching the bus down there…..

  7. Not a "student" says:

    Bus drivers countless times have given young adults a free ride on the bus when they claimed they were a student. Of course drivers would cite “next time bring your student ID” but nonetheless they let “students” on. I have never seen someone refused as a result of not having their student ID while claiming to be a student.

    Hopefully this is finally enforced.

    • WYSIWYG says:

      If they are wearing their uniform, then it should be known they are a student

      • BDA Friend says:

        No, it’s a good lesson in responsibility for children to learn to follow rules and bring their passes.

        • bermudaglobetrottersdotcom says:

          The children of Bermuda, most often those in public school, can definitely use a lesson in responsibility. Their sense of entitlement is downright disgusting.

          School buses can be run between 7 and 9 am, and 3 to 430 pm. After that, all persons over the age of 5 pay to ride.

          The end.

      • Not a "student" says:

        Every time I witness this they are NOT wearing a uniform.

  8. Christopher Notoriouss (C James) says:

    We have to pay for all the overtime caused by sickouts I guess.

  9. Raymond Ray says:

    In-spite of the fares being increased,(due to various reason) there is yet one thing I am happy in seeing being done and that be the students who don’t have a bus pass in their possession now having to pay full fare.
    I’m somewhat disappointed in not seeing all school students having to pay a bus / ferry fares on Saturdays and Sundays as well as nights after a given hour through the week.

  10. Raymond Ray says:

    By the way, thanks ever-so-much for the up-dates on the FIFA match “up de stadium”

  11. Susan Mills says:

    One month transportation pass is currently $55 and will increase to $69.00. Why a $14 increase? I think this is far too expensive!!!!! Why couldn’t the far increase by about $5.00 or a little more. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

    • Creamy says:

      You said the same thing when union due went up last September didn’t you.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      First, how are the rich getting richer off a public bus fare increase?

      Second, why not a $14 increase? When were the fares last increased? How much more do you think that the taxpayer has to cough up in addition to your fare to pay for your seat on the bus?

      All of those weeks of sick pay & vacations have to be paid for. The fare does not cover the driver & the operation of the bus never mind the rest of the overheads.

      • bermudaglobetrottersdotcom says:

        Very valid points. I still have a schedule from 1999, and the adult monthly pass was $55 then.

        Change is not always easy, but often necessary.

  12. noway says:

    The students should only be free during the school year, thats where they are losing a lot of money. Summer time they should pay.

  13. kiss says:

    So your telling me its cheaper for tourists to buy a one month pass then a 7day one?! I hope they tell the visitor that! Government needs to stop ripping us off!

    • Mr.Ed says:

      Thats why the Tourist that come here by Air stay for 3 -4 days and 1 day by Cruise Ship.- its just too expensive here.— its sad say that things are about to become more expensive.

  14. Jus' Askin' says:

    Bermuda really should have electric buses by now ;-)

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Oh really! Will they be charged with free electricity?

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        Each bus depot/terminal can have solar panels ;-)
        They have flexible panels that can be installed on the top of the buses :-D

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Yes & I take it all of those panels & controllers are free or very cheap & are installed & maintained by people who do it out of the goodness of their hearts.

          Battery technology is getting better by the year. Solar is getting better by the year but both are still expensive & limited in application.

          Have you ever used solar energy as a source of battery regeneration power on something larger than your cellphone? Just askin.

    • Mr.Ed says:

      Great idea! but like any other good ideas the neo conservatives in power don’t want it — its to radical ‘
      Electric Buses — yeah right ‘lol

  15. D says:

    this total BS omg people are struggling to make ends meet i cant believe a bus pass is now $69 wow what a number to choose 69=NASTY lol

  16. Are you serious.... says:

    A 25% increase?!!! PTB can’t even get it together and you want to increase fares? Wow, this is ridiculous! You know how many times I have not been able to use my pass because a bus has not shown up?! With NO SUGGESTION OF A REFUND?! Let’s not talk about the routes that are NOT mentioned on the cancelation list daily. We as commuters that depend on this service need to stand up and fight against this. What nonsense!!!!!

    • positivity says:

      Agreed. 25% increase is ridiculous and no guarantee of better service-scheduling and customer service.

  17. will not go back says:

    Gov got tricks this will make it look like the drivers/union ràised the prices. Create more tension to devide. Old brain washed and simple minds will fall for this.

    • Creamy says:

      No, the union raised its prices last year. This is different.

  18. kiss says:

    Bermudians need to come together and boycott the buses and work together and carpool every day. Catch a gypsy cab or something. Let them know there r other options. Stop letting them “rob us”! Wen do we as Bermudians say enough is enough? !

  19. common sense says:

    ITO prepare now for April 1

  20. somuchless says:

    If I was a tourist and came two Bermuda for three weeks and saw the price of a weekly pass and the price of a monthly pass, you bet your boots im getting a monthly pass.
    Who would be that dumb to pay for a weekly pass when a monthly is a few dollars more.
    PtB and gov, get it together. Your prices don’t add up.

  21. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    The Public purse must go to fix up golf courses for the rich and famous.

    Vehicle License fee does not look like it go the fix up roads.

    Up the rates on trailer trucks which mash up the roads.

    The public school system should have some fee structure, parents need to have a vested interest.

  22. J says:

    So, what you’re trying to tell me with a straight face is that prior to the fare increase, a 7-day pass for public transportation was $56.00 and a Monthly pass was $55.00???? Wow. Ok. What genius’ brain put this one together???

    And now, after the increase, the 7-day pass is $62.00 and the monthly is $69.00? Hmmmm. $7.00 more for 23 or 24 more days. I wonder which one should I purchase… decisions, decisions.

    • bermudaglobetrottersdotcom says:

      I tell all the visitors I meet to get a monthly pass if they are here longer than 7 days. And many already have them. The visitors are not foolish. They definitely do their research prior to landing here.

  23. bluebird says:

    The bus increases are to go towards the $13Million that the bus drivers take home at $45 and hour but refuse the $67.50 an hour over time as they want and have had $90.00 an hour in overtime,and government can no longer afford the overtime.
    We are still borrowing each year $100′s of millions of dollars of other peoples money to keep these Civil servants employed.
    And we still owe $2Billion dollars at about $170million a year in interest.CANT GO ON FOR EVER.

  24. S. T. says:

    Good Day,

    Will they still be doing the term bus passes and what will the price be?

    Mrs. T