Collision Involving Car And Bus In Hamilton

March 24, 2015

At approximately 5.45pm this evening [March 24] there was a collision involving a car and a bus in Hamilton. While the bus did not appear to sustain any visible damage, the car did sustain some front-end damage. No one appeared to have been injured, and it appeared that passengers were transferred to another bus. Further details are limited at this time, and we will update as able.




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  1. Raymod Ray says:

    My, my, my, here we go again another bus :-( Mind you, it’s not necessarily the bus drivers fault right?

  2. Future Alliance says:

    You Lot!

  3. Kangoocar says:

    Looking at the pictures, this time I don’t beleive it is the bus drivers fault!! Just another bad driver trying to nip through the inner lane as the bus was on the outside lane!! Anyone that actually possesses at least half a brain should always know that a bus on a corner that tight will cross over into the inner lane??? I would like to personally thank this latest bad bermuda driver on doing their part with keeping our auto insurance rates high!!!!

    • Oh no says:

      I drive this route every day, like many. Every bus driver that goes that way starts in the outside lane and cuts the corner into the inside lane to go up Cavendish hill. It is beyond dangerous and I’ve never seen them indicate while doing this maneuver.

      I would not be surprised if this car was on the inside lane and as the bus cut around from the outside lane into the inside lane it scraped against this car which was rounding the corner. In fact I would bet money that’s what happened.

      • Kangoocar says:

        @oh no, any vehicle that has the length and width of a bus, has no choice but to cut into the inner lane!! I can’t beleive people such as yourself can’t understand that??? I travel that corner on the inside lane because I am traveling up middle rd, at least 5 times a day and can tell you that I always give large trucks or buses the room to cross into the inner lane because they have to!!! If not they would hit head on the oncoming traffic coming into town!!

        • Regina says:

          So the bus has the right to damage our vehicles and put us in danger because of its length? No! The bus should respect other drivers and not encroach in their lane. They need to wait until the lane is clear to complete the turn. No way should they be allowed to encroach just because of their size. That is BS!!!

      • WhistleBlower says:

        Do you really think they could make the turn otherwise??? Smdh

      • Really says:

        There is a sign that clearly states yield to busses in the right lane. This is because they need to cut into the left lane in order to make the turn.

        • Fed up says:

          There is no sign and by the looks of it, the bus had no idea the car was in the inside Lane while they were both stopped before rounding the corner…

      • Varied says:

        That bus looks like it was marked to go Port Royal, therefore it was a #8. So it wouldn’t have tried to cut to the inside, instead it would have gone down Spurling Hill.

        While the situation you mentioned is likely somewhat common due to how buses have to navigate the corner coming off King Street, this doesn’t appear to match it.

      • ha says:

        actually there is a sign stating that the inside lane give way to buses….

      • MAKE MY DAY says:

        RE: It is beyond dangerous and I’ve never seen them indicate while doing this maneuver.

        That in itself is terrible driving for some one who makes their LIVING doing this job!!

  4. Da plumber says:

    A little duct tape that car will be good as new

  5. we might have to prosecute a few of these drivers…our insurance rates are determiined by public service licenses…perhaps some training wheels,or there are perimiter springs that touch obsticles befor the actual body making audible ambient sound on contact….or hell …lets make an effort to hire people who can actually drive…if you can drive ok…if you can’t don’t…all these accidents are simply put…driving me crazy….these lot are like spoiled children can’t get their way,by having accidents are saying “see what Ican do?!!”….
    hold them responsible,due care a few of them…

  6. reckless endangerment with a moving vehicle..