Woman Treated & Discharged After Bus Collision

June 18, 2015

A 36 year old Pembroke woman who was the Le Chic hair salon when an unoccupied parked bus crashed into the building yesterday has been treated at the hospital and discharged, the police said today.

BUS CRASH JUNE 2015 (12)

A police spokesperson said, “A 36 year old Pembroke woman, believed to have been in the Le Chic hair salon when an unoccupied parked bus rolled back into the store front around 1:33pm Wednesday, June 17th was taken to the hospital via ambulance, treated for non-life threatening injuries and later discharged. An investigation regarding this incident by police along with Public Transportation Board [PTB] officials continues.”

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  1. Micro says:

    And nothing has been said about the driver being reprimanded for their carelessness.

    Keep reporting the bus was unoccupied as if that is some type of excuse removing all responsibility for the driver. That is blatant negligence.

  2. Mystro says:

    Was you there to see what had happened though? Speaking about reprimanded… What it is a blatant negligence to make such report I tell you that.

  3. Just a thought says:

    I have a suggestion. Maybe PTB could invest in wheel chucks that are placed under the rear wheels when the bus is stationary and or unoccupied. It would be a dark day for the country if one of these buses collided with a civilian or child. Chuck blocks cost less then a life.