Update On Plans For Grand Atlantic Development

March 13, 2015

The Government announced that the Bermudiana Beach Resort development team lead partner, MacLellan and Associates, has provided them “with a Memorandum of Understanding Presentation Pack which provides documentation for the specified conditions set forth in their agreement to acquire the development property currently known as Grand Atlantic.

Last year MacLellan & Associates entered into an MOU with the Government to “upgrade and reposition” the Grand Atlantic development, with the developers planning to turn it into a condo hotel named Bermudiana Beach Resort.

The MOU was originally due to expire on August 14th 2014, and the developers were granted a 90-day extension to the MOU to ”allow the strategic planning process to continue unabated for the repurposing of the Grand Atlantic Development.”

In a statement today, a Government spokesperson said, “Several months ago it was announced that a Caribbean based hospitality, tourism and leisure consultancy firm, MacLellan & Associates, had submitted a successful bid to acquire the development property known as Grand Atlantic for conversion to a condo-hotel property known as The Bermudiana Beach Resort.

“Subsequently, planning approvals for unit conversions and landscape design were obtained and the development team worked diligently to satisfy the remaining conditions of their agreement to purchase the site on the South Shore, Warwick.

“The Government is now in a position to carry out its own due diligence in order to substantiate that all required MOU conditions have indeed been met to the Government’s satisfaction. Following the Government’s review of all MOU conditions, a press conference will be arranged to inform the general public of the conclusion.”

Mr. MacLellan, who was in Bermuda last week for the presentation, said, “We would like to begin pre-sales for the proposed whole ownership condominium hotel product and resort conversion works as soon as the property transaction is complete.

“This is a unique opportunity to create a new tourism accommodations model that is sustainable, and repurposes the existing Bermuda housing units. Bermuda is ready for fresh, new, innovative hotel inventory.”

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  1. A Better Bermuda says:

    Sounds like Mr. Weeks knew this article was coming out and decided to go on the offensive about “cuts to community service”. That $46M the we spent on Grand Atlantic would be nice to have now wouldn’t it Michael?

    • Black Soil says:

      The cost of dealing with PLP-fallout has been huge. And it’s the little guy who has to bear the brunt. How ironic that a labour govt screwed over their own. That’s why I left!!

  2. Lois Frederick says:

    Glad to see this update. I was beginning to wonder what had happened. No mention of Grand Atlantic on that list of inward investment projects recently released. While not a big project as most of it is already built, I am sure the changes and redevelopment will amount to at least $5 million. I can’t wait to see the changes as it is such a drab looking place sitting there right now. Looking forward to seeing some colour on those buildings and foliage to soften those concrete structures.

  3. Mockingjay says:

    This is LAUGHABLE.

    • jt says:

      You’re comment?

      • this special island says:

        … your

      • Sky Pilot says:

        if you must comment at least learn to write first!

        it’s NOT you’re it’s your.

        it would have been better if you had typed

        and your comment is?

        • jt says:

          Thanks. Appreciate you’re guidance.

        • Make a new plan Stan says:

          It is so petty the way people correct grammar in these threads.

          It is very condescending and has nothing to do with elevating the level of discussion.

          Most people just read what is written phonetically in situations like this on all the other sites I visit.

          People want to respond quickly and since this clearly isn’t rocket science a little grace should be given.

          Wouldn’t you like to hear what people think especially if it’s a view you don’t hold? I would because there an opportunity to be enlightened when varying views are shared.

      • Joe Public says:

        Your education?

    • serengeti says:

      What is ‘laughable’? The fact that it was built using borrowed money in the first place? The fact that no one wanted it? The fact that here we are years later trying to find a profitable use for it? Or the fact that solving $60m mistakes doesn’t happen overnight?

    • JB says:

      I’m going to make a browser plugin for Chrome that automatically hides all your comments. Would anyone else use this?

    • A Better Bermuda says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Spending $46M for one tenant and then having to not only pay that back but also pay back the compound interest on it. SMH

    • aceboy says:

      I agree. Laughable the whole thing was built to begin with. Completely absurd. But when you are given lemons best to try and make lemonade.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Poor Mockingjay. He can’t stand it that this is progress.

    • Bermystyle says:

      You’re laughable!!!

  4. Terry says:

    Mockingjay’s are mere trolls.

    Now go fish for Pompano off the falling cliffs.

  5. Just sayin says:

    we haven’t got this sorted and the sign is up to sell unbuilt condos for the second phase.

    • Trulytruly says:

      That is on Gilbert Lopes dime. A risk he seems willing to take. I’m not keen on more development next to an overbuilt lot, but I think he will proceed as he is building 1 bed units which are lacking elsewhere on island and possibly a hotel if he gets lucky.

    • Jeff says:

      Didn’t government give the land next door to the original developer. I don’t think they are the same project anymore.

  6. Ed Case says:

    I thought they’d already fallen in the ocean.

  7. The Solution says:

    The People would like to see the MOU for Grand Atlantic please.

    • Trulytruly says:

      Are you getting ready to complain that we gave it away too cheap? Whatever the terms it’s better than the original idea right?

  8. mr speaker says:

    I dont hear david Burts mouth on the waist of money spent on this failed project.

  9. Vote for Me says:


    Show me the money!! What was the price paid by the new owner?
    Would it have been cheaper to sell the units at their correct market value?

  10. Creamy says:

    “The walkout wasn’t a walkout on Parliament but a walkout on the people of Bermuda.”

    Remember those words, Mr Burt? Or are you going edit that video as well?

    Oh yeah. “It’s different when we do it”. I nearly forgot.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Creamy says:

      March 14, 2015

      “The walkout wasn’t a walkout on Parliament but a walkout on the people of Bermuda.”

      In-spite of the facts stated above, the subject at hand is of the development of the former “Grand Atlantic” site and when we should see this development get cracking so as we can put Bermudians back to work a.s.a.p.

  11. Raymond Ray says:

    Please get cracking on this project,(no pun meant)Let us see some masons, labours and heavy equipment on site a.s.a.p. Too little is too late :-(

  12. Rhonda says:

    Will this land be sold or leased.