Column: Project Will Create Opportunities

August 24, 2018

[Opinion column written by Junior Minister for Tourism Senator Crystal Caesar]

Recently, the Government began a legislative process that will see the Grand Atlantic transformed into Bermuda’s next hotel property.

This project, which will be known as the Bermudiana Beach Resort, creates a tremendous set of opportunities for Bermudians and Bermuda including:

  • Creating new employment opportunities during the construction phase and upon completion
  • Increasing the number of tourist beds in Bermuda
  • Further diversifying the accommodation options for our visitors

Nine buildings will be converted into 71 units for sale, with additional kitchenette and bathroom facilities to provide 111 rents.

Outdoor amenities are to include two pools, one being an infinity style, and a funicular lift to the beach below. Seven units will be turned into communal facilities to include a reception area, restaurant, spa and gym.

Crystal Caesar Bermuda TC August 23 2018

To get this project moving, the Government was required to make a move, while rarely used, to debate the Bill on the same day it was tabled in Parliament.

To ensure that the Opposition was aware of what the bill involved, briefing sessions with our technical officers were offered in advance of the debate. That offer was refused and the opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns or make suggestions in advance of the debate was sadly lost.

Bermudians must ask themselves, why did the OBA refuse our attempt to involve them and get their feedback on this project of national importance?

Bermudians don’t have time for political games. That’s why we are pushing ahead by:

  • Providing greater investment into the Bermuda Hospitality Institute to provide expanded and enhanced training opportunities for Bermudians in the hospitality industry. This is critical as with the creation of new jobs and opportunities in tourism we must ensure that our people are ready to not only fill entry level positions but have the opportunity and skills to compete at the highest level
  • Working with the Bermuda Tourism Authority and Bermuda Economic Development Corporation to create more opportunities and financing for Bermudian entrepreneurs to be creative and create new products, amenities and businesses for the enjoyment of our visitors
  • Utilizing our Tourism Investment Act to make Bermuda even more appealing as a place for the development of hotels, restaurants and other tourism related products.

Video of the planned design:

This government isn’t perfect and knows that we won’t get everything right. Yet our commitment to putting Bermudians first is unwavering and we are doing and will do everything in our power to get our people back to work and our economy booming again.

We are confident that despite the noise being made from the Opposition quarters, that the majority of the electorate know and appreciate the work that is being done on their behalf and we are committed to continuing this work.”

- Crystal Caesar


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Comments (18)

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  1. Justin says:

    Can we have a total on how much we have spent on this adventure already, including interest? Now us taxpayers are throwing more money at it. Where is this money coming from?!

  2. Double S says:

    Pretty sure this whole thing started off under the OBA in the first place Senator. Pretty sure the PLP was dead against as well.

    People and politicians might have short memories, but fortunately the internet never forgets.

  3. Thumper says:

    It is in building code book and suggested when building three story units that there be three levels on three sides so that you park at the level you live…groceries , furniture , appliances are thereby easily conveyed to each unit.
    It can still be done utilising cage baskets and backfill fairly easily.
    Please consider this.

  4. redrose says:

    A briefing with technical officers would only have described why a comma was in a certain place – they are ‘technical officer’ – it would not have given a full brief of the project itself.
    Why didn’t the Minister offer a briefing to the Opposition?
    This is just PLP spin and nothing else.

  5. watching says:

    Well said Senator.

  6. Horrible Name says:

    Hate the name. There wasnt an ounce of thought in that. A child could have naned that. Well its too late to give it something unique and exotic.

    P.L.P. spin and nothing else???
    Where were you, redrose when oba was smashing up locals?
    Where were you when disaster upon disaster was inflicted upon some in Bermuda?
    Your comment is fathomless, keeping in mind that oba was on a clear, specific path about numbers.
    Would you now consider considering that the SPIN has changed direction??

    Well, oba is spinning.
    Will you provide them, now, with your unspinning expertise??

    • jt says:

      List the “disasters”. Be sure to provide explanation.
      I’ll start: The OBA were terrible at communicating and public relations. They spent too much time back peddling to explain PLP misinformation which ultimately cost them the election.

      Carry on…..

  8. TO redrose:
    Un-spinning is NOW occurring!!

    • The real Terry says:

      Careful Straightforward “OBA smashing up locals” borders on inflammatory. Funny when your party’s possible supporters were robbing and assaulting a tourist you were very quiet. Wonder why?

  9. BermieBorn says:

    “Bermudians don’t have time for political games.”

    “We are confident that despite the noise being made from the Opposition quarters”

    In the same opinion piece.

  10. Rocky5 says:

    PLP now the new OBA

  11. Sister Nancy says:

    If she thinks this will create jobs, she must be living in dream land. All the wasted money of which the precious PLP fools spent to build the disaster now they want to invest more money. Are they crazy of just dummies? Why spend money this island does not have on a pipe dream. Pay the debt we owe first then think of what can be done with the condos. They were told not to build them but nobody OBA said no they were determined at any expense to build and only 2 sold. How can the party think it’s a good idea to now waste more money is beyond ignorant.

  12. Me says:

    What are we paying this lady for? 4th grade blogs every quarter?

  13. PANGAEA says:

    The place look like the state prison.

  14. Hannah says:

    I am curious and a bit skeptical about this funicular lift.

    Is this mechanical installation something we should be considering for Bermuda’s South Shore?
    Is the cliff stable enough to be built on like this?
    Is this environmentally advisable?
    What happens when a hurricane hits?