Bus Service Cancellations For Saturday, Mar 14

March 13, 2015

The bus service cancellations are set to continue on Saturday [Mar 14], with the Transport Ministry releasing the list of cancellations for tomorrow.

On Monday [Mar 9] the Ministry of Tourism Development & Transport said an “offer was presented to bus drivers to pay all overtime at time and a half,” however the drivers made a decision “to reject the payment of overtime at time and a half.”

Dan Simmons, the Director of Public Transportation said, “Currently the bus service is running with minimal disruptions. However, we are not in a position to pay double time for operators who will be asked to work on their days off so we do anticipate that there may continue to be occasional cancellations.”

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday [Mar 10], BIU President Chris Furbert laid out the position of the drivers, saying they were concerned about whether the double-time for time and a half was in place across the whole of Government, the taxpayer funded Tourism Authority staff getting bonuses, and other matters.

Mr Furbert said that drivers have also been on a wage freeze since 2011, they gave up 19 months of furlough days, and noted that for 6 months in 2011, the BIU government workers worked overtime for straight time.

The bus cancellations for Saturday, March 14th






Hamilton St. George’s



Hamilton Ord Road



Ord Road Hamilton



St. David’s Hamilton



Hamilton Pond Hill



Pond Hill Hamilton



St. George’s St. David’s



Barnes Corner Hamilton



Hamilton Barnes Corner



Barnes Corner Hamilton



St. George’s Hamilton



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Comments (11)

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  1. enough says:

    PLeasse orivatise and get these babies replaced

  2. Nomber Shree says:

    99 buses that veer on the road
    99 buses that veer
    You take one tarn
    And bash it around
    98 buses that veer on the road

    98 buses that…….

  3. TonyC says:

    I thought all drivers bar one were back at work? So do the continued cancellations mean that this is now industrial action over the overtime issue?

  4. Kettle or pot says:

    they’ve had it to good for to long. What don’t people understand there is no money there. Anyone tried to get blood from a stone. If you have you are good.

  5. Sky Pilot says:

    NONE of these ptp staff would last 5 minutes in another Bus Company,they would be Fired and Escorted off the premises by Security and told to stay off…you know it,I know it and they know it.
    But Welcome to Bermuda,where it’s cool to be lazy!

  6. Cow Polly says:

    Thank you Bernews for keeping us up to date on the cancellations. At least you can plan your travel knowing which ones aren’t coming.

  7. BDAFriend says:

    Furlough days?

    Driver A calls in sick and receives his sick benefit in full time pay. Driver B picks up his shift and collects double time.

    Driver B calls in sick and receives his sick benefit in full time pay. Driver A picks up his shift and collects double time. Furlough saving disappear.

    And that’s how you get around furlough days, is it not Chris?

    Drivers multiply this activity weekly to use up all his/her sick time and you’re looking at 15 million in OT.

    Looks like the government is on to you, BIU.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      You can be sure that the pencil pushers in PTB have been well aware of it for a long time too. They have their own sick days to use up.

      A well worked over system.

  8. really says:

    I wad in solidarity with the bus drivers right up until they rejected time and a half. Now, cause of their greed in refusing to work for time and a half they no longer have my support. We all as B’dians have to take responsility for this hugr govt debt and we all should be preparrd to do our part in helping govt with savings. Most of us already are making that sacrifice. Either by force or voluntary.

  9. Islander says:

    There was a 7:40 bus this morning thank you Driver and PTB from St.David’s

  10. nomoremoney says:

    double to time and a half is a problem?? ok, let just cut all overtime. The real question is why is there overtime at all.
    I was told some years ago that there are usually some 40 buses on the road every morning basicaly taking students to school. Perhaps the school busses shoulds be run privately by school boards.