Good Friday: St David’s To Host Gilbert Lamb Day

April 1, 2015

St David’s will host the annual Gilbert Lamb Day on Good Friday [Apr 3], with kite flying, food, games, races and of course the always popular Mohawk Grande Prix.

A spokesperson said, “We are at it again doing it as only St David’s County Cricket Club Inc. can do – it’s Easter and what better way to celebrate than with the Community of St. David’s at Lord’s, Home of the Warriors.

“Come expecting lots of laughter, lots of food, memories of yester Good Fridays and Easter celebrations and out fits, Easter Sunday menus, bragging rights to the best hot cross buns and fish cakes, visiting with child hood friends and meeting new friends and visiting with ones you haven’t seen since last year and keeping in memory those who have gone before us.

“Activities for the children as well as the adults and the Mohawk Derby Go Kart Races and the Pedal Cycle Races. Vendors will also be in place for those who like to travel light and untroubled, bring your ez-up tents, your cots, your chairs, your family and friends as there is plenty of space for everyone.

“The Executive and Management of St. David’s County Cricket Club would like to share the following information with you and ask that everyone please pay close attention the information regarding parking, road closures and bus schedules, it is very important that things are done in decency and in order:

“All spectators are asked to be mindful of your children and pets [yes, they come too], due to safety concerns there are changes to the course rules for spectators and you as spectators are encouraged to comply this is all very very important not only for the racers safety but yours as well.”

2015 G Lamb day

Race Information:

  • Start at 4:00 p.m. – Cycle Race
  • 4:15 p.m. – First group of Ranging Go Karts
  • 4:30 p.m. – Second group of Ranging Go Karts leaving
  • Length of each race: 8 – 10 mins

Route For All Races:

  • Start: St David’s Lighthouse on to Mount Road junction with St Luke’s Lane down to Texas Road onto junction with Lighthouse Road on to Great Bay Road to finish at St David’s County Cricket Club Inc. gates. – all spectators get in place early – see guidelines below for parking and street closures


  • St. David’s County Cricket Club grounds – gates will close at 2pm
  • Field next to the former Police Barracks on Southside – closed when full
  • Old Hospital area – closed when full or at 3:30pm
  • Clearwater Middle School Parking lot and field to the back of the School – no parking on “Pepper Hall Road”
  • Black Horse, St David’s Post Office – closed when full or prior to 3:30pm
  • St David’s Primary School P1 and P2 area – closed when full or prior to 3:30pm
  • Battery Area: Nursery Parking Lot and across the street – Motorists are asked not to park on the narrow streets in the Battery area – note the junction with Battery Road will close at no parking on the roads in the Battery area

No Parking:

  • Battery Road behind the Club
  • Great Bay Road from Junction of St. David’s Road
  • Pepper Hall Road
  • Motorist are asked to be mindful of how they park in the parking areas. At no time are cars to be parked along the main roads in St. David’s as the buses will be operating on the Main Road and South Side Road

Road Closures:

  • Lighthouse Road and Mount Road Junction from3:30pm until 4:45pm
  • Lighthouse Road and junction of Texas Road at 3:30pm until 4:45pm
  • St. David’s Road to junction of Pepper hall Road at 1:00pm – leaving access to Buses onto Pepper Hall Road no parking on this portion of the road
  • Orange Hole and Pepper Hall Road junction access only for Residents no parking on this road – 2:00pm
  • Great Bay Road junction with St David’s Battery Road – no parking on this road –

“Come early to avoid disappointment and maybe a parking ticket,” a spokesperson added.

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  1. Jr Smith says:

    297 warriors 4 life…….

  2. Raymond Ray says:

    Yes sir’e, “come on down de country” and see for yourself all the fun one, (and entire family)can have at Lords on Good Friday!!! Witness the giant kite amongst countless other various size kites… There’s always people galore!

    • Islsnder says:

      And love we run need to put up no flags or banners to tell us to feel what already have it is what we saw growing up doors open to strangers, hungry, thirsty, helping the neighbors n family who were down but not out, teaching us about valuing our traditions and enduring that all we lot respected everyone how thou think our families got do big we adopted everybody.

      On another note – Basic,s is back yup lighthouse road – thank you thank you thank you – reasonable prices and longer hours sun sell gas but good the love.