Video: Construction Progress For America’s Cup

April 13, 2015

Bermudian contractors and service providers are combining forces to complete Oracle Team USA’s [OTUSA] new home in Dockyard, which represents phase one, of the multi-phase project of what will become the America’s Cup Event Village.

An ACBDA spokesperson said, “Site preparation in Dockyard began in January this year. To date, 19 sub-contractors and six suppliers have completed tasks ranging from site surveying, trenching for utilities, pouring concrete foundations, laying asphalt and erecting the steel frame of the building. This work has seen approximately 125 employees engaged in the project so far.

“BCMcAlpine are the construction managers for the ACBDA side of the project, with a primary role of preparing the bid documents and oversight of the construction.”

“When Bermuda won the host bid we were presented with an extraordinary challenge and had to start preparing the site almost immediately,” says Mike Winfield, CEO of the ACBDA. “Just over ninety days later, a huge amount of progress has been made thanks to the commitment and abilities of the Bermudian contractors on the site.”

“There has been excellent teamwork between the various companies and it is gratifying to see these companies working together so well to get the job done.”

The preparation of the site for the Event Village is one of the major responsibilities of the ACBDA as Bermuda’s prepares to host the America’s Cup in June, 2017. Bermuda must provide the horizontal or flat space on top of which the Teams can build their racing bases and the America’s Cup Event Authority [ACEA] can build the Event Village.

“We’ve said from the beginning that Bermuda will need to pull together to make the event successful,” says Mr. Winfield. “I’m happy to say, we’re already seeing that collaborative spirit in Dockyard.

“The list of contractors and service providers working on the OTUSA base is extensive and reflects ACBDA’s commitment to ensure wide access to opportunities from America’s Cup-related work.

“As another example, last week the [MV] Oleander made its first ever offload in Dockyard with a team of stevedores travelling on the ship from Hamilton to offload 40-foot containers to the OTUSA base.”

Slideshow with aerial and land photos of the Oleander delivering the containers last month


Inside the containers, which travelled from San Francisco, was the infrastructure of the new racing base, including a gymnasium, kitchen facilities, a mechanical workshop and high-speed support boats.

Ian Stewart, head of team operations and logistics for OTUSA described the base as similar to a Formula One pit stop operation. “Our feeling is that everyone is keen for this to happen and to make it happen,” he says. “That makes our job very easy.” The base it scheduled to be ready for OTUSA to begin sailing in early May.

The list of contractors and service providers working on the OTUSA base are to date: Q-Ship Enterprises, Dynamic Excavating, A1 Fencing, Belco, Bermuda Blue Printing, S.A.L Trading, Biermans Concrete Products, TC Associates, Running Water, Unique Builders, Correia Construction, Island Construction, D&J Excavating, Atlantic Water Development, East End Asphalt, Island Glass, Hunt’s Construction, Horsfield Landscaping and Design, Batson Swan Plumbing and Heating, P&M Electrical Services and Supply, Barclay’s Construction, Building Blocks Construction, Air Pro, ACS and Primeworks Property Services.

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  1. Toodle-oo says:

    In an earlier article someone cynically questioned how many ‘Bermudians’ were working on this site.

    Well ,this should answer their question .

    (Or is it not good enough ?)

    • Raymond Ray says:

      A Thought For Today::
      “For me, words are a form of action, capable of influencing change.” -Ingrid Bengis, writer and teacher (b. 1944)
      I believe Government should pay less time responding to the “negative people” and continue doing what’s best for everyone in the loooong run. (Nothing but bad can happen overnight.) Trouble is inevitable but misery is optional.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        Maybe someone can / will forward the progress being made,(and soon to be made) across the floor of the House to the people on the other side e.g. P.L.P. M.Ps them like Michael Weeks and that other confused bie’ J. Simmons, who are without any doubt blinded by Party bull-crap :-(

  2. swing voter says:

    no brainer….everybody is watching…closely

  3. Just a matter of time says:

    @Toodle-oo. How exactly does this article answer the question? Just because Bermudian companies are mentioned along with a feel good video clip, doesn’t mean all Bermudians are working on the job site. Just look at the building of the new hospital wing as an example. There were loads of non Bdians working on that site at the expense of unemployed Bermudians. For me, it’s not that I don’t want this to succeed. I am praying this all goes well for our sake. So the question still remains whiich is a legitimate one. How many Bdians working on these jobs? Why can’t this simple question be answered? I will never apologize for looking out for my own countryman.

  4. site visitor says:

    I had the privilege of walking the site a few times. Apart from the Oracle logistics guy, I only saw locals on the site.

  5. Just a matter of time says:

    @site visitor. That’s a start. Thanks.