Video: Work Continues On Oracle Team’s Base

April 7, 2015

[Updated with video] Work continues on Oracle Team USA‘s Dockyard base, with their equipment arriving aboard Bermuda Container Line’s vessel the MV Oleander last week, carrying a load from San Francisco to Dockyard to help the team prepare for the upcoming America’s Cup.

As their base in Dockyard is not yet ready, Team Oracle will move into the Grand Atlantic development in Warwick starting this month for approximately three months, the Government previously announced.

According to the planning application, the project involves” temporary infrastructure comprising 4 new buildings to house boats and sails, two tents, 7 containers, tower crane [160 feet high], 1 ancillary building to house fibre optic infrastructure, 2 disposal boreholes, conversion of existing single storey garage building to create shower/changing/toilet facilities, 6 feet high chain link fence and two floating docks [318 feet maximum length].”


Major Barrett Dill of the Bermuda Housing Corporation previously said, “Team Oracle is due to be housed in the Dockyard area which is presently under construction and not move in ready.

“As a short term measure, the BHC and the Bermudiana Beach resort will reserve a single block of units for the temporary assistance of the advance team for the Oracle Group.

“Team Oracle is expected to reside at Grand Atlantic starting in April for approximately three months and then transfer to their Dockyard location once their units are completed.”


Oracle Team USA, the defending champion, is one of five teams set to compete for the 35th America’s Cup, alongside Artemis Racing from Sweden, Ben Ainslie Racing from Great Britain, Emirates Team from New Zealand, and Team France. Originally six teams were scheduled to compete, however the Italian team Luna Rossa recently withdrew in protest over rule changes.

The team recently posted photos showing the progress on their base, saying: “Our new team base continues to take shape at Dockyard.”

oracle screencap apr 15

Update 5.21pm: Video added below of work continuing on the base yesterday

americas cup click here 2

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  1. Coffee says:

    What about Palmetto Road ? Is work continuing there ?

    • Joker says:

      Go get off your fat butt and take a look. You’ll see the answer is yes.

      • brigadooner says:

        hahaha. All the hostility in Bermuda is pent-up behind good mornings and good evenings and unleashed via Bernews comments. I love it.

    • Casual Observer says:

      You think Oracle should be fixing Palmetto Road?

      They are the ones paying for their camp.

      I don’t understand your comment, but neither do you probably.

      But the answer is yes. Work on the section of Palmetto Road (that was ignored for years before this Government)remains ongoing.

    • C James says:

      Spouting off again Coffee? Using up some more of that Bermudian entitlement that only certain Bermudians are really entitled to?

    • serengeti says:

      Why don’t you know for yourself? Are you one of those overseas paid PLP bloggers? Yes, work is going on there, after the issue was neglected for years under the previous government. The PLP had more important things to attend to – golf courses to fix up, swimming pools to build, empty unwanted apartments to build, that sort of thing. All much more important to the PLP than Palmetto Road.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      What does government work at Palmetto Road have anything to do with a privately contracted construction project??? You that seriously self absorbed and obsessed with negativity to try and connect the 2 just to complain about something that will ultimately bring about benefit to the entirety of Bermuda. Course, with your attitude, it will be your own fault if you don’t and no one else’s… course you will still blame others anyway.

  2. Super says:

    OBA doesn’t care about the people in Palmetto Road who live in fear every time it rains

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      Guess the PLP/UBP didn’t either. st*u

  3. Raymond Ray says:

    The O.B.A. will / are sill working on repairing the cliff etc. It’s not the type of job that can be rectified over night. (Just ask Michael Weeks, the Minister of the P.L.P.)

  4. Real Deal says:

    Can someone explain to me where the other teams are going to set up base? This deck seems stacked………or maybe I missed something……….

    • Um.... says:

      There will likely be one or two other bases. From my understanding, the final in 2017 is between Oracle Team USA and only one other competitor. And the qualifying races aren’t all here. So there don’t need to be bases for all the teams participating. I stand to be corrected, but that is my understanding. It is why the Oracle team is moving here for 2+ years. They’re already in the final as defending champions.

      • Current plans have ALL teams coming to Bermuda: Defender Oracle + Challengers: Artemis, Ben Ainslie Racing, Team France, Team New Zealand + possible rumoured team from Japan. All will race in “qualifiers” in early 2017 in Bermuda. Top four challengers will race “playoffs” in May. Top challenger will then race Oracle in “America’s Cup Match” (aka “Finals”) in June.

  5. Just a matter of time says:

    Looks like a couple of simply constructed warehouses. Still waiting for the beehive of job opportunities that will be worth our $77 million outlay. Would be nice to know how many Bdians are currently being employed at this juncture.

    • Not exactly says:

      Shipping, construction, trucking, customs clearance, home rental, school fees, groceries, taxis, handy men, painters, landscaping, retail, internet, phones, cablevision…

      Do you know anyone working in any the above sectors on shortened hours? Quite simply, they are the ones that are going to feel the most immediate short-term uplift.

      • Casual Observer says:

        Insurance firms, law firms, restaurants, bars, food/beverage importers, construction supply companies, real estate firms, etc.

  6. fuqcryinoutloud says:

    There were a lot of bermudians working on this ‘base’

  7. fuqcryinoutloud says:

    Also the people moving here will be spending money in our economy.

  8. Just a matter of time says:

    So easy to mention all the myriads of indirect ‘trickle down’. I don’t need a schooling on that false economic theory where the same few get the cream off the top. Let’s have the quantifiable numbers shall we? How many DIRECT jobs so far created? Because our Minister said this will CREATE new jobs. Not talking about extension of existing jobs. Surely this is being measures no.? The paper trail of cash paid out from the fronted $77 million being reduced on the AC related expenditures can be measured DIRECTLY in the first instance yes? For $77 million this should be. Don’t you think?

    • serengeti says:

      Why do you keep talking about $77m? That’s not the number. It’s a PLP myth.

    • Redman says:

      Entitlement Alert, Entitlement Alert…!!!

      @ Just a matter of time,

      Well why don’t YOU get out there and start hiring all those Bermudians that you claim to care for.

      I wont hold my breath waiting for that to happen!!