Link Bermuda Announces New Cloud Services

May 12, 2015

Link Bermuda today [May 12] announced new cloud services offerings aimed at providing businesses with benefits that add value, including scalability, efficiency, costs savings, and helping to fulfill regulatory or other compliance requirements.

The platforms for the new services, Virtual Private Cloud and Cloud Backup, are based in Bermuda and are located in the Tier 3 data centers at the Link Teleport in Devonshire.

“Cloud services will be the backbone of IT today and tomorrow,” said Edgar Dill, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Link Bermuda.

“Along with our existing Cloud PBX service, our new Bermuda based cloud services will help businesses simplify their IT operations, become more agile and reduce capital spending. Virtual Private Cloud, which is VMware powered, and Cloud Backup will give customers the empowerment and flexibility to help them navigate their future.”

A spokesperson said, “Link Bermuda Virtual Private Cloud is a secure and expandable Infrastructure as a Service [IaaS] compute environment in which a customer can rapidly deploy test and development environments, migrate key production workloads to the public cloud, or launch net new applications.

“Virtual Private Cloud offers customers fixed compute, storage and network increments and can be expanded and customized through the use of add-ons to meet specific business requirements.

“Link Bermuda’s Virtual Private Cloud service has achieved VMware Hybrid Cloud Powered status, illustrating to customers that it is underpinned by VMware’s leading virtualization and cloud computing technology, VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Director.

“A member of the VMware vCloud Air Network Program, Link Bermuda provides its VMware Hybrid Cloud Powered service as a set of cloud computing services across a common platform, supporting Link Bermuda further as it delivers on the agility and performance customers are looking for in the cloud computing landscape.

“Link Bermuda Cloud Backup offers an onsite hardware backup appliance to allow for the fastest backup and restore times possible, and then replicates a complete copy of that backup data to the Cloud replication platform located at the secure Link Bermuda data center facility.

“The Cloud Backup solution offers businesses the best of both worlds when it comes to Cloud vs local disk data protection. That is, fast in-house backup and restore with an appliance at the customer’s location, with a secure offsite copy on the Cloud platform at the Link Bermuda data center.”

For more information about Link Bermuda, visit the website.

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  1. Um.... says:

    I like how they make it a point to say “based in Bermuda.” I assume that is a direct shot at Digicel who’s ICT services are based in a Jamaican data center. Smart move, Link.