Video: Opposition Leader On Meeting With FCO

May 21, 2015

The PLP delegation returned from the UK this evening [May 21] after meeting with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office [FCO], and the Commonwealth Parliament Association [CPA] regarding the airport redevelopment plan and other matters.

The PLP previously said that both meetings were held on Wednesday [May 20] and the “official agenda for these meetings include the Airport Redevelopment, Systemic Government Corruption, and Parliament in Disrepute.”

“It is the view of the Progressive Labour Party that a competitive tender process is the only way to ensure that Bermuda gets the best deal for the privatisation of the airport, which in it’s current form, will give the Canadian company Aecon the rights to over $1 billion of revenue,” the PLP has said.

The delegation included Opposition Leader Marc Bean, Shadow-Attorney General Michael Scott, Shadow Home Affairs Minister Walton Brown, and Shadow Tourism Minister Zane DeSilva.

Opposition Leader Marc Bean speaking at the airport this evening:

When asked how the trip went, Mr Bean told Bernews: “It was a very productive mission. We had an opportunity to meet with the Foreign Commonwealth Office and the CPA or Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

“In terms of the FCO, we raised issues and concerns that we had in regards to the airport. We also raised issues on what appears to be systemic corruption and malfeasance within the sitting Government, and we also raised concerns about the position or place or environment of Parliament.

“Parliament has been brought into disrepute, is our position, as a result of an attempt to hold the Opposition from being effective in terms of ensuring transparency and accountability of the Government. As a result, Parliament has been brought into disrepute as an attempt to protect the Government from our effectiveness as an Opposition.

“Also we spoke with the CPA. The CPA is a non-partial and non-political body that is representative of all Commonwealth Parliaments,” added Mr Bean.

“We will be awaiting some guidance and advice from them which we will share with you, share with the public and more than likely craft into a motion, so that everyone can understand what is the proper conduct and proper procedure for Parliaments. Right now, we’re not at that point. We went to get guidance in which everyone can govern themselves accordingly.

When asked what was the reception like from the FCO, Mr Bean said, “Typically the FCO, they are diplomats. They knew we were coming. The Governor reports to them. So typical British diplomacy.

“Not too much emotion, and three hours later we see a press release from the Government…to be fair. The Government of Bermuda with the FCO within the press release. That’s also typical British diplomacy. We carried out our responsibility, and we will hope that they will look clearly and deeply at the issues as we had gave them the assessment and act.

“The risk of not acting is something that I don’t think anyone especially in the OBA or the FCO have calculated. Prevention is better than cure,” the Opposition Leader added.

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  1. sebring says:

    sounds like he was told to see helen waite! lol!!!!

  2. Kangoocar says:

    Hahahahahahaha!!! He sounds defeated!!! Exactly as I said, he and the other 3 stooges were offered a Union Jack pin, and told to go back home!!! Now that is exactly what ( a waste of F’N time ) looks like!!! I hope they at least caught a good football match while they were ther???

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      The PLP are in “desperation mode”!! They are having a meltdown!! The FCO should have asked them why the Island accumulated a $2+ BILLION deficit over their 14 yrs of being-in-power!!

  3. Trulytruly says:

    Just returned from a 45 miniute with the UK FCO. For an attempt to make it sound worthwhile and positive, he comes across as very tentative about any real action coming out of it. The point about Parliament is laughable. He is the one that has been censured for his behaviour within Parliament. Talk about twisting the story around.

  4. Raymond Ray says:

    He, Marc Bean learnt a lesson from his experience last week up on the Hill…”If one doesn’t have something sensible to say then say nothing at all” By the way, Shadow Minister Michael Scott Sir, you’ve got by far more wits than any of them who you’re standing with / for. Why may I ask? You are an astute attorney one I’ve know since you’d worked with my friend the late, Attorney Julian Hall who had started his business in Cedar Parkade and moved onto Front St. offices. Again, what happen mate?

  5. Zevon says:

    Is that another threat in the final paragraph? He can’t go for five minutes without making threats can he.

  6. Bullseye says:

    So prevention is best, but when the OBA beat him to the bunch by months by going to the FCO in March he degrades it as “typical british politics” . Lol. This guy.

  7. jt says:

    They knew who was coming….you can be certain of that.

  8. Cow Polly says:

    So nothing then.

  9. Coffee says:

    Thanks Mr.Bean . Understanding that the UBP/OBA must answer to a higher body is crucial . Understanding that the Governor , who happens to be the highest paid and laziest civil servant that we pay for must answer to his boss is crucial .
    Recognizing that neither of the aforementioned are the sole or combined sovereignty of the Island , Mr. Bean went to the highest to report on the horrible job of governing that is currently taking place .
    It is my hope that if any untoward activities is uncovered by the FCO , THEN WESTGATE WILL HOUSE THE WRONGDOERS ?

    • Sandgrownan says:


    • Lois Frederick says:

      You sound less sure of yourself compared to your other posts earlier, talking about “London will investigate”…bean can’t help himself dissing the UK, even when he is asking of their assistance. Crazy.

      marc bean, in the story above, said of the meeting with the FCO, “Not too much emotion, and three hours later we see a press release from the Government…to be fair. The Government of Bermuda with the FCO within the press release. That’s also typical British diplomacy.

      The plp have totally ruined any working relationship with the current Bermuda Governor and then take jabs at the FCO in your first press interview having just met with them. That’s a sure way of only reinforcing the FCO’s accurate view, that the plp are an antagonistic bunch, with a not so hidden agenda.

  10. O'Brien says:

    God help us if this man ever becomes Premier.

    • O'Brien says:

      Let me add a little more substance here.

      Bean’s obvious resentment at his reception at the FCO reveals a pretty astonishing naiveté. We are told or can deduce that the meeting lasted about 45 mins, was civil but no great enthusiasm was shown by the British. In other words, a courtesy meeting. Some mid or junior-grade officer smiled politely at them, took a few notes, and wrote a memo that may but probably won’t be read by anyone important. “Typical British,” Bean huffs. Well what else did you expect? An audience with a Minister?

      In case he hadn’t realized, the British have “their man in Bermuda” to deal with grievances such as these. His name is the Governor. His word, unlike Bean’s, has some resonance in London. Yet Bean choses to poison relations with him by leading hundreds in an angry march on Government House and demanding his recall for doing his job. Now he’s all gribble because the FCO doesn’t roll out the red carpet for him?

      Like I say, pretty astounding naivete of a man who fancies himself to be the next Premier.

      • Coffee says:

        Like I say , what you describe is exactly what happened when the UBP ran to London with a mouthful of nothingness . They got no quater there , no satisfaction . So let me tell you what they did .

        They snuck to Washington and hired a top gun named Green who happened to be a old friend of S.C. from college . Now what they embarked on next is a classical political guerrilla campaign to blindside the electorate , it worked . They changed their name to the OBA and rode to victory on a Trojan horse .

        Now true to the Trojan horse facade the UBP are attempting to run over the people by forcing a Scareport down our necks . This Scareport will be privatized and out of Bermudas control , so it’ll never matter who is the government , the UBP will control the Scareport . LF Wade International will be no more .

        • Spongebob says:

          Help me to understand what the differece is if the PLP do it or if the UBP/OBA do it? Seems if it is good for the goose, then it is good for the gander.

          So we are right back to asquare one. They did it, so we can too.

          Good to see politics moving forward and the people being represented well by all fronts.

          • jt says:

            All that does is hilite how serious something must be before the U.K. will step in. If they stood back then, there is no way they have any interest here. Nor should they. Add to this the track record of the plp and resumes of those that went….not happening.

        • SpinCycle says:

          Those who can not remember the past are doomed to repeat it… those who can not let go of the past are just doomed. Drop the whole UBP thing, many clubs, brands, organizations change their names and their stripes… often when this is done many of the same people are involved. If you do not give someone else the chance to change, this says more about YOU than them! I would have thought that the PLP rebranding and trying to turn over a new leaf wouldn’t be a bad idea itself. If they did I would support it. I have nothing against the organization itself, its their policies I don’t agree with. When these mirror the thoughts of the majority, they will get back into power and have my support!

        • Cow Polly says:

          Coffee – wow just wow. So tell me what is the OBA’s motive for all this cloak and dagger stuff, what is their ultimate goal? I don’t recall Premier Dunkley ever publicly (or privately) stating that he will bring Bermuda to its knees unlike a certain PLP ex-Premier who did state that on a number of occasions prior to coming to power and did a damn good job in carrying out his mission.

  11. Lebron says:

    ….and we saw Big Ben, and the Arsenal game at the Emirates, and shopped at Harrods……

  12. Hmm says:

    This guy went somewhere speaking on behalf of Bermuda???? God help us all!!

    • Raymond Ray says:

      No he didn’t! He went and spoke on behalf of them that support his, “opinion/s” and not on behalf of all Bermudians

  13. Confused says:

    Can the man speak proper English??

  14. Miguelito says:

    Mr. Bean…please just stay home, buddy. You just make Bermuda look bad. Please tell me this a joke.

  15. Jus' Askin' says:

    It’s going to be a HOT SUMMER ;-)

  16. Coffee says:

    Hey UBP / OBA we don’t want you to build us no SCAREPORT !

    • Anbu says:

      Sounds like you’re the only one so far lmfao

    • jt says:

      Good one…clever fellow. Shouldn’t you throw in a ‘gate’?

    • campervan says:

      Thats a double negative so you are effectively saying that you DO want an airport built.
      So a positive message has come out of your misguided negative comments:)

  17. Cranberry says:

    Bermuda now has their own Mr Bean…!!!

  18. Starting Point says:

    Calls to the UK officials to inquire about how the meetings went with the Bermuda opposition were returned with “Who?”

  19. navin johnson says:

    Scenario…Bean contacts the UK Government gets a meeting..The UK calls the Governor and they have a good laugh and agree to spin Bean around for a half hour and bring in an interpreter to clarify what Bean and Zane are saying…..and the mention of corruption and malfeasance must have had them falling off the chairs…particularly in view of the ongoing investigations into the 14 year reign of financial terror by the PLP…um um

  20. Kettle or pot says:

    Wonder what the rest of the delegates that went with him think, aint heard a crack from them.
    Well incase they didn’t know, anyone of the wholesale places sell straws, sounds like the need something to grasp out.

    Alright enough political stuff for now. Any bets on the may 24th,

    • Raymond Ray says:

      As my old friend, “Charger” had mentioned: “The economy is starting to show signs of improvement.”
      We thank you O.B.A. for doing what is helping us all to recover from 14 years of malfeasance… Stay the course, the power hungry opposition will not be successful. All we Bermudians that know better are aware of this fact and that’s the One Bermuda Alliance is the party we can trust!

  21. campervan says:

    Did he pop by for a cup of tea and a chat with Paul Golding or Nigel Farage?
    Lots of common interests between them.

  22. Terry says:

    How much did all this trip cost.

    We want to know.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      As long as it didn’t cost the people of Bermuda it don’t matter…(Though I believe Zane picked up the expenses because he was the first out of the Customs hall and he’d split as soon as possible. It appeared to me, (and others) that he wasn’t travelling with the others).

  23. Wait for it.... says:

    The call for Independence again—its our own home grown custom built for purpose merry-go-round.

    A bit embarassing for the country to have this play out in international media…

    We the people do not follow this scorched earth political policy being deployed by HM Loyal Opposition and want future discussion in relation to the people’s business to be fair with problem resolution as a focus–our children deserve better than this–this continued course of action will not pave the way for their brighter future.

    Have Blessed Day All and Happy Bermuda Day!!!!

  24. Long Bay Trading Co. says:

    another nail in the PLP stupid coffin……..

    • Terry says:

      All by design Long Bay.

      You ain’t seen anything yet.

      Allah akbabean.

  25. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    “Systemic Government Corruption”


  26. Ian says:

    Arrogant, self-righteous OBA’ers… dime a dozen. People with the impartiality and/or ethical fortitude to question a government’s unorthodox dealings… priceless.

    • Ed Case says:

      Amateur, self important PLP’ers…. a cent a thousand. People with incompetence and/or ethical absense to question a government’s orthodox dealings….priceless.

  27. I don't believe it says:

    What has the OBA done correctly since they have become
    The Government a couple of years ago

    • Toodle-oo says:

      *What has the OBA done correctly since they have become
      The Government a couple of years ago*

      Who cares ? Cast your mind back to the 12 years preceding Dec 2012 and you ought to feel much happier .