PLP Delegation In UK: Meeting Over Airport

May 19, 2015

A PLP delegation is currently in the UK, with the party saying they plan “to meet with representatives from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office [FCO], and the Commonwealth Parliament Association [CPA] regarding the OBA plan for airport redevelopment and other associated controversies regarding the governing One Bermuda Alliance.”

The delegation includes Opposition Leader Marc Bean, Shadow-Attorney General Michael Scott, Shadow Home Affairs Minister Walton Brown, and Shadow Tourism Minister Zane DeSilva.

A statement from the PLP said, “The OBA government refuses to yield on this matter, and in support of our fellow Bermudians, we must stand up to ensure the best deal possible for our island in redeveloping our airport.

“Both meetings will be held on Wednesday, May 20, 2015. The official agenda for these meetings include the Airport Redevelopment, Systemic Government Corruption, and Parliament in Disrepute.

“The PLP is requesting a Swiss Challenge at a minimum. A Swiss Challenge is a form of public procurement which requires a public authority which has received an unsolicited bid for a public project or services to be provided to government, to publish the bid and invite third parties to match or exceed it. This would allow any other contractors that are capable of redeveloping the airport to have an opportunity to place a bid on said project.

“At a maximum, the PLP would like the UK to instruct the OBA government to cancel the Memorandum of Understanding with CCC/AECON and begin the process over, beginning with an RFP.

“It is the view of the Progressive Labour Party that a competitive tender process is the only way to ensure that Bermuda gets the best deal for the privatisation of the airport, which in it’s current form, will give the Canadian company AECON the rights to over $1 billion of revenue.

“During the debate in Parliament, not one member of the OBA was able to assure Bermuda that we are getting the best deal; and that is because with a sole source contract AECON does not need to compete against any other company with regards to price.

“The Good Governance Act requires that the Office of Project Management and Procurement approve the award of all contracts. The Office of Project Management and Procurement has not approved of this deal, however Minster Bob Richards and the OBA are moving this deal forward without the approval of the very department that is there to ensure that proper tendering processes are adhered to.

“These processes are in place to ensure that public funds are handled properly and Minister Richards’ declaration that they would continue to move forward despite the lack of approval from this important department should alarm all persons and companies that pay taxes.

“The recent release of emails, and the admission by the Minister of Finance that he was aware that AECON was the contractor from the very beginning of this process calls into question this entire deal. Despite these revelations and the concerns voiced by the Opposition, community groups, independent commentators, and 75% of voters – Premier Dunkley, Minister Richards and the remainder of their OBA colleagues refuse to rethink this sole sourced deal to the Canadian Company AECON.

“There is the hope that when presented with these facts that the UK will intervene and put a stop to this reckless behavior from the Dunkley/Richards Administration.”

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  1. DanM1986 says:

    I assume this is the political version of running back to your mommy because the other kid is not playing with me / throwing your rattle out the pram?

    • Onion says:

      The PLP laying out the case that Bermuda is not mature enough to be an independent country.

    • Kangoocar says:

      I can only hope while the the plp are over in the UK making a spectacle of themselves claiming that ” a competive bid process is the only way to make sure Bermuda gets the best deal” They bring along all our Auditors reports on their many projects during the plp reign of terror??? TCD, Dame Lois Building, heritage Warf, Port Royal and Berkely should be enough for the UK to look at and swiftly end the meeting and send them home with some Union Jack pins to put on their jackets???

      • Lois Frederick says:

        Don’t worry they are fully up to date with Bermuda matters. They know already.

      • MAKE MY DAY says:

        Joke of the week…”Systemic Government Corruption”!! The PLP have the NERVE to even mention this after their 14 yrs of “fiscal madness”!!


        • Shawn says:

          I’m sick of people saying the PLP was 14 years “fiscal madness”, “corruption” or “mismanagement”; because it is simply NOT true. When 1st voted in the PLP did a commendable job, they even lowered the national dept.

          All of the financial craziness started when the Honorable Eugene Cox died (God bless his soul, he was a good man who left too soon) and mismanagement start as soon as Ewart Brown to over as Premier (i believe is was around 2007). With him and Paula at the helm, they abused the government finances and credit like a teenage child with a brand new credit card.

          So to make a long point short, the PLP only had about 6 or 7 years of bad governance which they built up the +$1 BILLION dept and help crash the job market.

          • Onion says:

            BHC started long before that.

          • Lois Frederick says:

            Interesting comments. I tend to agree with you on most of what you say and personally never go on about the 14 years of terror, as some like to do.

            What is often overlooked and I think why the plp had a relatively easy first term in office was because they had literally no financial concerns. I have heard they actually kept much of the financial practises of the UBP in place for fear of messing everything up. So they had the envious advantage of being handed a silver platter with a healthy financially solid little island on it.

            As you say above history shows what occurred under the absolutely worst combination of political leaders Bermuda could have ever wished for. Paula Cox, a polite, decent and bright woman, but with no spine. Seemingly unable to exercise her Constitutional powers as Finance Minister, to say no to any spending she decided was not in the best interests of the island. And Ewart Brown, a smart and educated man, with a forceful dominant character, who was used to getting his way with whatever he liked at any cost. Paula Cox was no match for him, he just walked right over her.

            All went along relatively under the radar, as the economy boomed, with the HSBC buyout injecting $1b into the economy and IB exploding. Meanwhile the Government was creating considerable annual deficits, even though Bermuda was collecting record revenues.

            Then the Recession hit and those record revenues rapidly turned into declining revenues, revealing enormous annual deficits. Yes, those two, and the then plp cabinet, with Collective Responsibility, will forever be held accountable for that critical period in Bermuda’s history. It will be felt for decades to come. That is the sad legacy of the plp.

          • Pastor Syl says:

            @ Shawn – Truth! Thanks for saying it again.

    • Who are these 75% of Bermudians that oppose the O.B.A’s approach to having L.F. Wade International rebuilt at no cost to the people of Bermuda while simultaneously giving 2/3 of the jobs to Bermudians?
      Come u’lot, get real, stand up for our government the One Bermuda Alliance and stop believing the P.L.P. they are, “snakes in the grass” they all seem to be suffering with some type of mental disorder :-(

      • MAKE MY DAY says:

        Easy RR – as most level-headed “onions” will treat this trip as a BIG joke!! The PLP just don’t know when to quit… Like the lying and deceiving Clinton buffoon over here in the states!!

    • Mockingjay says:

      Don’t know about this, its like complaining to a pig about pork !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • hmmm says:

        or sulking, because you didn’t get to choose….

      • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

        did they do this without telling you ..? ’cause they didn’t tell me either…

      • Lois Frederick says:

        For once I agree with you. Your most sensible comment ever! Well done!

    • Loving Togetherness says:

      Thanks extended to the Opposition for standing up on such an important issue that impacts all of Bermuda. I believe that this should go through a RFP Process to ensure we get the best offer. Regardless of the outcome, at least all would have been done to ensure what was in the best interest of Bermuda.

      As governments worldwide have often not done a great job with management of Capital Projects, it is important that this matter be managed with great caution and review.

      • Project Fail says:

        I am not a fan of Bean and others within the PLP, however, I agree that the OBA could have handled this project a little differently.

        • Steven Gerrard says:

          Who is paying for this jolly?

          Will we see these expenses revealed, or are they paying out of their own pocket?

          • LaVerne Furbert says:

            Such stupid questions Steven Gerrard.

            • I must agree with you here Ms. LaVerne Furbert e.g. “Such stupid questions.” It sure as hell not our Government nor the general Public footing their expenses…

            • Alex says:

              Why is that a stupid question? It’s actually quite interesting to know if they’re still able to spend our money even though we voted them out years ago.

            • Regina says:

              Please explain why you feel they are stupid. I think they are very fair.

            • Tolerate says:

              I believe you have a point LF. I compare it with being as stupid as calling for an investigation in the handling of a Parties Campaign proceeds.
              You remember the so called missing money that’s NOT even the People of Bermudas?

          • “It sure as hell not our Government nor the general Public footing their expenses.” The P.L.P. are the Opposition :-(

        • MAKE MY DAY says:

          OH…. You mean like E. Brown used to handle things – with his PLP cohorts!! Those days are over-for-good!!

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      The way the PLP figure it, they can win either way; first, if they succeed in getting the FCO interference in government affair, they get what they want… Second if they fail, they get to come back and rant and postulate about how the UK doesn’t have Bermuda’s interest, just like they did when they played this game with the land grab issue. Speaking of which, if that was such an important issue, why has the PLP come back with an actual legislation for an inquiry that can meet the requirements for one?

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Correction in last line, ‘why hasn’t the ‘

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      I hoped they paid ALL their own “expenses” – as they are NOT the Gov’t in power (Thankfully)!! The FCO are just being polite to meet them – and this will go nowhere!!

      They sure have some “audacity”!! I’m surprised that E. Brown was not with them – as he must terribly miss being out-of-the-limelight… with that immense ego he has!!

      PS: “Reckless behavior from the Dunkley/Richards Administration.”… How about the $2+ BILLION DEFICIT the PLP left behind??

      Now that is what I call *RECKLESS BEHAVIOR*!!

      • Bye darn de rerd says:

        No, but E.B. could quite easily afford to foot the bill!

  2. stunned... says:

    so the plp want independence from the tyranny of the British but go crying to mommy (Britain) like spoiled children when they don’t get their way…say it aint so.please.

    • CBA says:

      Exactly! They want to break free from the very people they seem to need. The PLP is hilarious!

      We have a democratically elected government, and it’s not the PLP!

      • johnny says:

        It won’t be the OBA for long

        • hmmm says:

          PLP have been in election mode since day 1. Their approach to opposition was to make the OBA look bad and them good. Nothing to do with helping Bermudians.

          I think Bermudians can see that. we are not stupid.

    • Never Never says:

      Stupid comment

      • Lebron says:

        perfectiy fair comment actually.

        • Loving Togetherness says:

          “It is the view of the Progressive Labour Party that a Competitive tender process is the only way to ensure that Bermuda gets the best deal for the privatisation of the airport, which in it’s current form, will give the Canadian company AECON the rights to over $1 billion of revenue.”

          I think this is key and makes huge sense, regardless of which side of the political fence one sits on. To move forward without such a process puts us in a really difficult situation. We need to ensure Bermuda is not put in bad position. Without such a process we would never know.

          • Loving Togetherness says:

            “The Airport Must be Put through a Tendering Process” –YES YES YES !!!

            “Those e-mails: It isn’t how much they number. It is what they tell you. Aecon appeared pretty damn keen, outright bullish even, on securing the Bermuda contract for a new airport. That much, I think, is very, very clear. They were obviously hungry for the business and prepared to go to great lengths to, ahem, position themselves for the work.” –John Barritt

            John Barritt’s article outlines this matter very clearly. He outlines that this Airport deal should go out to Tendering Process. I believe that he is correct, because the fall out can be a serious one down the road. We do not want to be looking back on something that we could have addressed today instead.

            I ask the government to take a step back, and reconsider this matter. Move away from their political Egos and do what in the best interest of Bermuda and her people.

            We must not get lost or allow our political teams to formulate our ideas and beliefs in regards to this matter. We must think about this serious matter from an objective perspective.

            • Alex says:

              Betty is that you?

              Your composition and grammar have improved!

          • Lois Frederick says:

            What do we get in return? A new airport that we can’t afford otherwise. Sounds fair to me. The $1 billion is of course the revenue side. Can’t mention the revenue without mentioning the expenses can you. But the PLP does and so they are cherry picking to get people such as yourself believing half truths. burt was literally making up figures in the House the other day up to over $2 billion, until Bob told him he was just making it all up. Who has decades of experience in the financial world? Who is a relative newcomer, with a dubious connection to our worst Finance Minister ever? It’s an easy question.

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            History says otherwise, our past is rife with projects from RFP’s that have fail to give us value. In truth, the only real way to ensure we get value for this project is a solid Design Construction contract that defines what the requirements will be for the final product.

    • Hurricane says:

      And so they should until such time as this independence comes

      • stunned... says:

        fair enough. i just pray the UK doesnt ask for a shred of evidence to support the charge of “Systemic Government Corruption” and when they talk about “Parliament in Disrepute”, that they will NOT ask if any one of the attendees is still SUSPENDED from the House of Assemply in Bermuda.

        • Lois Frederick says:

          Don’t worry the FCO knows their whole backstory. That’s why the meeting was only a politely short 45 minutes. Long way to go for a 45 minute chat.

      • Mockingjay says:

        Quite frankly ,yes.

        • hmmm says:

          Independence has nothing, zero, zip to offer for Bermuda, it will cost us a tremendous amount though.

          So why would it ever be chosen?

          • Steven Gerrard says:

            There is that visa application to visit the USA.

            That will be fun.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      LMAO!!! They (PLP) are just like “spoiled” schoolchildren!!

  3. Me Again says:

    while the Bermuda Republican Party (PLP is this matter, cause they are following in their footsteps) are over that way they might as well go to Iran ans start a war, since PLP (clearly have a Republican adviser) can finish off what the U.S Republican’s could not.

  4. aceboy says:

    Newsflash…the PLP are NOT the government of Bermuda and therefore have no standing.

  5. aceboy says:

    I hope they are quietly taken aside and told to go home.

    • Um Um Like says:

      I’d prefer if they stayed there!

    • hmmm says:

      I think this is what they want to continue the dumb and destructive Independence cry.

      Yep Walton Brown is there….the PLP are playing the Bermuda public, treating us like we are stupid.

    • SF says:

      Why quietly? None of them where quiet, they should get what the dish out.

    • Coffee says:

      That’s exactly what the UBP /OBA were told when they ran to England with the outrages nonsense of nothing .

  6. Jus' Askin' says:

    OBA should be concerned, really concerned ;-)

    • Come Correct says:

      Yes they should. Operation throw my toys out of the crib is still in full effect.

    • aceboy says:

      LOL Concerned about what? These clowns are off on a junket and will be home soon with their tails between their legs.

      The Brits are going to have a good chuckle at these knuckleheads.

    • Steven Gerrard says:

      Why, because the opposition are on holiday?

      Do you seriously think the British Government will have any time for this lot?

      • hmmm says:

        I think they will give fair and due consideration to what they hear.

      • Lois Frederick says:

        A full 45 minutes. Long way to go for a short chat.

  7. Cedar says:

    Haha I hope they remind you of how much council you all sought during the Uighur smuggling.

    • Half Full says:

      right. because those uighurs cost us 1 billion dollars.

      • Double D says:

        And the airport won’t cost us $1bn either.

        I know Burt keeps on misleading you with that $1bn revenue figure.

        But there are expenses attached to that as well you know?

        • hmmm says:

          another reason why PLP put us in this mess…just considered revenue and ignored the costs…

  8. watching says:

    Well done. This is what I want to see. Follow due process and hopefully the UK will intervene. They cannot possibly support the crap being pulled by Dunkley and Bob.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      You might be shocked as the governor sits back and does nothing ;-)

    • Tolerate says:

      lol, hilarious. Do everything to encourage Independence (against the BDA peoples majority vote), bring in the Uighur’s without consultation and basically tell the UK to go stuff themselves, petition to have the Governor removed, march on Government House (wait was that the PC??? same thing) and make it a march for Independence (fooled a lot that day),run the countries economy to the ground (fact), have their Leader suspended from the House (who also has a court date for his mature views of women), and now go whining to the very Colonial Evil Devils they and their supports love to cry down???
      If the UK give them the time of day, it’s obvious they don’t keep up on BDA relations. Hope the UK ask the Governors advice on this one.
      Can’t make this up, talk about posturing.


      • Silence Do Good says:

        The Governor should be invited to the meeting.

  9. SpinCycle says:

    People don’t seem to get that it is a no money down airport renovation. Show me a Bermudian company that can front the cost of the construction, and then use the airport operations to pay themselves back over 30 years… that’s what the job involves!

    • watching says:

      No one said it has to be a Bermudian company. but there may be other international companies that can do the job on better terms.
      would you build your house with only 1 quote?

      • stunned... says:

        agreed. how about that Argyle company in Gibralter.

      • Zevon says:

        Like the quote we got to build Berkeley? Or the quote we got for the court building? How did those work out? Did we get the buildings for the quoted amounts?

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      OBA Inc. can do it ;-)
      They can find $70 million, so they can get $200 million :-D

    • Rhonda says:

      When will people get it….. it is the sole sourcing that is the issue…do we know if there are 30 companies willing to do the same maybe from 20 years instead of 35… no we don’t know…. because we never asked…

      • frank says:

        I hope somehow the real truth behind this fuzzy airport deal. Is

  10. Richard T says:

    Do you really think the UK government has any love for the PLP? A party that as taunted and disrespected them? I tell you what will happen nothing. The UK government won’t intervene in a matter that’s outside there preview which is foreign affairs and defense. The UK has bigger problems to deal with like Scotland and Europe and don’t have time to listen to the cries of an opposition party not getting there way. Of course the PLP will also spin this for when the UK turns them down. They will say the UK sis strangling the will of ‘the people’ and call for independence.

    • watching says:

      It shouldn’t be about love for any particular party, but about the principle of the matter.

      • Richard T says:

        It should be about principle but a lot of times decisions are ruled by emotions as all MPs are human.

        • hmmm says:

          This is all designed to try and get the failing Peoples party group more steam.

          I find is disgusting that the PLP think we are stupid.

    • Pastor Syl says:

      I am inclined to think you have the right of it, Richard T. Either way this goes, political hay will be made of it. Either they will be successful and there will be an RFP, in which case we must ensure that one essential criteria to be met is the hire of Bermudian workers. The Chinese may outbid the Canadians, but we can be sure all workers and all materials used will be Chinese.
      Should this delegation not be successful, there will be howls for independence. Sounds like a win-win for the PLP, depending on how you look at it.

      • hmmm says:

        Yes they are banking on the Bermudian public not seeing through their little game they are playing us.

        We are not fools PLP

    • Tolerate says:

      Agree with most Richard T; I thought the same thing on this move by PLP. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Get the people hating the OBA; check, now get them to hate the UK who did not support them.
      Calling for Independence however with bite them in the behind. After all, if we was independent who could they go whining to?

  11. SANDGROWNAN says:

    “…Systemic Government Corruption, and Parliament in Disrepute…”

    That’s rich.

  12. Edmund Spenser says:

    So I take it Marc decided not to serve his suspension since technically he is in London on House business.

  13. Um Um Like says:

    Upon your return, please let us know how much money this trip cost your supporters!

    • stunned... says:

      i care less then zero as long as it is not a misuse of the public purse.

      up to plp supporters to demand value for money.

  14. Trulytruly says:

    The opposition will have their say and the Government will have its way.

  15. Trulytruly says:

    The plp fail to accept they are not the Government anymore. There’s an enormous difference.

  16. damn.... says:

    Uuhhhh who paying for dis trip?

    • damn.... says:

      i hope they plan to reveal what money was spent and how…

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      Don’t watch that. They got a lift ;-)

      • Come Correct says:

        prop plane-gate!

        • It don’t and rightfully shouldn’t matter who’s paying as long as it isn’t the public. (In reality, the public wouldn’t be paying.)

          • hmmm says:

            If it wasn’t paid for out of their own individuals pockets then we should know.

            Transparency yes.

  17. Trulytruly says:

    bean better be careful, he doesn’t want end up in contempt of court later this week for not showing up! I am sure the FO will have been kept fully up to date with the goings on with bean recently. And I am sure they get regular updates regarding ongoing matters related to the former plp government. Put this way, at least the FO will get to meets some of them first hand rather just hearing a name mentioned in a briefing.

  18. UpsetwithVerdict says:

    We cant just give up our airport for 30 years! I know where you can find the funds…the CEO of Endurance already said to bill him and those like him..hike up the taxes on them a bit over the years!

    • Lois Frederick says:

      And they will leave like the XL CEO and others when the plp govt. increased the payroll tax with no consultation. How do I know? I bought his mini fridge when he was selling everything off and vacating his very large rented house. So, XL for instance are still doing business here, but their top management are not. Which means they are not contributing anything to our economy anymore. Ill-conceived decisions can have very significant knock on effects.

  19. jt says:

    Good luck!

  20. Terry says:

    The ruination of mankind.
    Bermuda next.

  21. Cromwell says:

    Can I go to, its nice this time of year, oh who is going to pay for it, the Party or Parliament? For transparency they need to record every conversation on and off the record then release it in Bermuda.

  22. Ian says:

    Amazing… not one single mature, intelligent comment from the OBA ankle biters on this blog… smdh

    • Cranberry says:

      Trivial matters get trivial treatment…

    • SF says:

      That response is just as mature and intelligent as those three stoogies going to UK to whine and complain about “Systemic Government Corruption”!

      This is when Dr Brown’s stunt with the Uyghers will come back to bait the PLP in the tail.

    • Come Correct says:

      it’s difficult to take stupidity seriously.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      you’re right on this one Ian…not ONE single mature, intelligent comment on this thread anywhere…but some do spout the truths though.

      • jt says:

        Kinda like arguing religion though isn’t it?

  23. Bermyman says:

    Interesting, either outcome here suits the PLP. If the FCO says foul play the the PLP can claim victory and push for even further fictional corruption, if the FCO determine there is nothing more than a little political jealousy from the PLP then they can launch a campaign for independence from the big oppressive colonial regime. Grandstanding for the next election or building up for a coup? Either way, the main aims of the PLP are to stop economic recovery, cause political turmoil and in turn push for social unrest. In reality is this behaviour really helping the people!? You can claim principals all you want but the fact of the matter is, we have failed miserably using RFP’s in the past, we bleed from cost overruns on capital projects, yet we are somehow now averse to gaining essentially 200+ million in foreign investment ?

  24. Triangle Drifter says:

    Would love to be a fly on the wall. The British will be bursting trying not to laugh.

  25. Navin Johnson says:

    Oh give it up..they will be laughing at you with the Dems and Dee’s and um ums from Bean and Zane… are not the Government …..laughable

  26. stunned... says:

    Can anyone provide a confirmed estimate of what it would cost to rebuild the airport?

    Can anyone advise if the Bermuda Government considered raising capital through a local 35 year bond issue – ($10K, $20K)available to Bermudians?

    If so, what would be the negative/positive ramifications of doing that?

    • Lois Frederick says:

      We need the foreign exchange. If we drained Bermudian bank accounts of that amount of money, $255 million, there would be less available for us to spend locally, which is needed as the economy picks up. The fact is, there are finite amounts of money available here on the island, relative to our economy. We need the foreign exchange.

    • hmmm says:

      More debt ?

  27. Terry says:

    PLP Airport Gate.

    Who is paying for this.
    Ewart and BELCO?

  28. cole says:

    Perhaps this is the real issue: New terminal – new name. Bye bye “LF Wade International”.

  29. Kangoocar says:

    Here the plp goes again!!!! They are an embarrassment to all correct thinking people in BDA, now they travel across the pond to be an embarrassment to themselves in front of the UK government!!! Oh good lord, will their nonsense ever stop??? It was suggested higher on the thread that it is hoped the UK government will just send them home ( which I beleive they will ) and another poster suggested they stay there, well, I happen to agree with both of them!!!!!

  30. Just a matter of time says:

    @ Ian. Agreed. The OBA is not listening to anyone not even the Procurement Office. Min Richards thinks he knows it all despite the fuzzy numbers. This Govt looks more and more like a dictatorship as time goes on… Democracy be damned.

    • Huh? says:

      That’s the Bermudian way. Like it or not we allow it and accept it from both parties.
      You can hardly complain as you are complicit if you are a voter.
      The irony bites hard.

  31. Spongebob says:

    As I sit here and read all these posts, I wonder one thing. Has anyone come up with a counter proposal? As much as you can sit and point out the flaws, then come up with something that is better.

    I suggest you take a close look around the Caribbean. Antigua which is a poorer island is getting a brand spanking new terminal. Problem is that the Chinese are building it and who do you think will benefit? Hmmm? They tend to bring in their own to build with some limited local participation. What about the Americans? No way will they do it unless there is some benefit to them and their companies. Then Who? There will always be some reason to argue against it.

    It has been almost 10 years or over of airport talk and now something is being done. What would the responce be if the situation was turned around and it was the PLP doing this? Which company in Bermuda has the ability to construct a new terminal and based on what experience? Whom do you suggest other than who is included in the current proposal? Please do share and help point the way other than sit in a chair and offer a critique.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      Who would finance it? CCC is funding this project, shouldn’t they get to chose who they feel confident doing the work? Bermuda isn’t paying anything upfront and it doesn’t create further debt. A UK firm independently verifies that we are getting value for money. Under our strained financial condition, this sounds like a fair way to proceed with jobs desperately needed now and not in 3 years time, which is the time it would take to get all the bids together and completed.

  32. Not again !!! says:

    What a bunch of idiots !!! So when this plan fails, I guess we’ll have more “gates” to look forward to………losers

  33. What about de Govn'r? says:

    Shouldn’t they have approached the Governor first?

    • Mockingjay says:

      You mean the same guy who disrespected the relatives of the Tuckers Town Land Grab Fiasco?

      • aceboy says:

        You mean when the PLP granted the SDOs?

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      They probably didn’t discuss this junket with the Governor, but you can be sure the FCO will.

  34. Spongebob says:

    And I am not an OBA Ankle biter or PLP butt kisser. What I want are solutions and not endless debates. Going on and on does not reslove the problem.

    When the airport collapses on someone, then everyone will have an opinion and want it done fast and at that time the price will be double what will be paid now.

  35. Rock watcher says:

    I’m pretty sure the UK government has more on its plate than worrying about our new airport and who’s building it…….it’s too
    busy trying to keep the SNP in check…….the PLP are to much ….Zane just upset he didn’t get the contract…..

    • Jadon says:

      Island Construction doesn’t build…. Highly doubt they would of got the contract… lol blind bat

  36. cow polly says:

    I would have thought that if the PLP were “in support of their fellow Bermudians” they would have gathered signatures from those very same Bermudians as proof that they did indeed represent the will of the majority. Otherwise how will the UK Govt know what we think?

    • Trulytruly says:

      Well look at the overwhelming turnout last Friday. That should legitimize their stance. How many showed to protest the airport project? Was it 40 or possibly as many as 50?

      • Onion says:

        Depends if you count the journalists/photographers or not.

  37. Huh says:

    Just an excuse to go over to watch a game on the final day of the Premier League

  38. TSOL says:

    Have the PLP still not realized they are not the government anymore?

  39. Rights for All says:

    Did they take an interpreter with them so the Brits can understand what Marc Bean is saying?

    Did the PLP pay attention to what has happened politically in the UK in the past 2 weeks? There has been a General Election and the Conservatives won a majority. In Scotalnd the SNP anniliated Labour. Labour lost heavily in the rest of the UK. Main reason? The Labour Party had spent, spent, spent and racked up huge debts and blaimed the worldwide recession. No apologies or acceptance that there spending was to blame. Just like the PLP in Bermuda. Does the PLP really think the UK will pay any attention to their ranting? A party of 4 led by the leader under suspension? Plus all the allegations of corruption during the PLP’s term in office? Should be a very short and amusing meeting.

  40. Coffee says:

    Coffee …. Reporting from ?… ! I don’t know where Bob is going to get the money to pay back the money spent on the soon to be doomed airport project , but he better find it soon !

  41. Trulytruly says:

    Well at least we won’t be paying for this plp junket. We paid for plenty junkets over their 14 years.

  42. Burn the bridge I can swim says:

    PLP is a gang of lemons that destroyed this country. And made a profit doing it. Now they are not in power they are doing anything to kick dirt at the OBA. Yes some things are not perfect with this government. But hey I’m getting sick of reading about what these irrelevant lemons are up to. Take a back seat you green lemons

  43. SOMEONE SHOULD TELL THIS BAND OF MISFITS THAT THEY WERE VOTED OUT AND ARE NO LONGER THE GOVERNMENT .We had 14 years of mismanagement , so called over runs , and millions of dollars gone missing , not to mention all the under the table deals which still haven’t come to light yet !! Lets hope the UK Government ( who they despise anyway ) sends them packing ! I hope the topic of the Uighur’s pops up !!!!!

  44. Northshore says:

    Wonder how many F-Bombs Bean and Desilva let go when in those meetings.

  45. Spectator says:

    Hope they are having bangers and mash and high tea with the Queen!

  46. Rhonda says:

    hahahahhaa the UK has had this in their plate for over a year….Bob even fuzzed up the numbers to sweeten the pie…and UK still hasn’t bitten…lol… the joys of being a colony….

  47. Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

    Personally, I’d just like to be able to read the minds of those they meet with.

  48. Lois Frederick says:

    Well this trip only further confirms the opposition still have over inflated opinions of themselves.

  49. cromwell says:

    They say they will discuss “Airport Redevelopment, Systemic Government Corruption, and Parliament in Disrepute.”

    All that is political partisan self promotion and unsubstantiated rhetoric. The British politicians know all about how that works so why would the PLP leadership go to the UK who they despise and hate?

    The previous accusations of corruption and bribes against Craig Cannonier never went to trial, no proof and no one went to jail so it was a lot of political hot air and propaganda.

    The issue of Parliament in Disrepute is because they want to take out Speaker Randy Horton one of their own, who not only voted with them but never punishes them!

    None of this makes rational sense except the PLP want a new election before their time and on their terms and their rules.

    Meanwhile no jobs are happening which is the fault of both the PLP and the OBA.

    The common man and woman are hurting and don’t want excuses or the blame game anymore, they want jobs and not just for the contractors but for their families.

    Who will make these leaders get together stop fighting and be part of the solution not the problem?

  50. brotherhood says:

    Zane and friend’s manouver…..

    part of the combined defense

  51. Dylan says:

    With any luck they will stay over there , the UK Labour party needs a new Leader

  52. Jadon says:

    I Love how everyone ignores this lol…. all you OBAers have nothing to say about your leaders lol Prepaid phones… Unbelievable

  53. Patricia says:

    Are u kidding me!!!! How long the PLP been crying “cut ties to Britain”. They want NOTHING to do with the UK. They are all hypocrites. They accept the Queen’s Honours, they accept the accolades all at the same time crying leave us alone we want to run things ourselves and now this! Please. PLP you are sooo hypocritical it is not funny. My country is so lame. Lord help us.

    • Rhonda says:

      Are they hypocrites or working with what is….

  54. Charlly X says:

    Lol I can’t wait for non Mari ners race lol !!
    If the new n improved ubp does it , its A. OK ! If PLP does it , its corruption !
    We all want the Juice but can we handle the Squeeze ? 35yrs of an undisclosed lease agreement! That we do know the ddetails of! Go aahead and put partyt before Bermuda ! The Oba are saying ” well they let the PLP do it n all they do is scream for more , let’s get some too ! ”
    Everyone should aspire tobe a politician in BDA to get rich QUICK !! They like licks !!

  55. not a smart move says:

    What a silly move on the part of the PLP! I hope the OBA precedes this nonsense with a detailed report sent ahead with all the facts. These PLP guys are so good at twisting the truth. It galls me to think this issue is of national importance to them and no deal has been signed but their abysmal record goes unchecked. Mark Bean would be better spending his time getting counsel from a more stately PLP person on how to behave. Hopefully, when he doesn’t get his way in London, he won’t go into a tirade with threats. But maybe he should so they can see what kind of case we are dealing with.

  56. Ringmaster says:

    It’s all about delusions of power, pettiness, small town politics and immaturity. The PLP want to pick fights with the OBA, the Speaker, The Governor and now the UK itself. Unlikely to get much hearing from the UK except “is that all you’ve got? Really? Nice of you to pop over, have a cup of tea (Earl Grey).”

  57. Aliker says:

    Pfffft! The PLP should have been more caring about ALL the money they spent while they were in office!!! Hilarious they now seem to be so concerned!

  58. Tomara says:

    They don’t hesitate to wine and dine in the House of Babylon. social climbers?…wonder what the old White Hill crew thinks of this sellout.

  59. stunned... says:

    @Lois Frederick – thank you for reply.

    i get the gist although some points are debatable e.g. all funds are in Bermudian banks; that there would be less funds available to spend locally – people only buy Bonds with what they think that they (individuals, companies, groups) could afford. i like the idea of a local issue as it creates more ownership, interest and resolve to ensure the airport project is a success. mismanagement, runaway expenses wouldn’t be tolerated because ultimately it would hamper the Bermuda Government’s ability to repay the debt.

    just a thought…

    • Lois Frederick says:

      I think there is room for another bond issue such as the $50 million debt bond done last year. That was over subscribed, so your idea is good but not for much more than another $50 million. Maybe for a new Causeway? Bob?

  60. brotherhood says:

    These politicians well know the matter is decided by the House of Assembly – as it was when they were in power.

    The allegation of “corruption” made against Mr. Richards has to be substantiated with actual evidence. Now, if actual evidence exists, the matter is serious and should be dealt with appropriately.

    But take note – past Auditor General’s reports and allegations surrounding Government dealings have not been yet been dealt with yet …..

    This project does not change the prior Government’s transactions and the need to deal with them.

    Someone is paying.
    Could this PR jamboree be part of a combined defense strategy?

  61. Christopher Notorius says:

    The UK government will likely bend over backwards to help the PLP in any way possible. I mean its not like the PLP has ever upset the UK or anything on stuff like human trafficking, and its not like the PLP has constantly criticised the Governor on how he runs things is it?

    No, I’m sure the UK will open their arms to the ever agreeable PLP.

    That which you reep and all that…

  62. Betty Rech says:

    Why don’t those ignorant people understand who put us in this financial situation that Mr. B did a huge number on this country and now the new Government is trying so hard to clean it up It took the past government 10 years to put us all in this mess. So it will probably take just as long to get us back on track..

  63. Rhonda says:

    CCC and AECON is alleged to be in Bermuda to address the public with the MoF….. I have to ask who is looking out for the Bermudian people….

  64. stunned... says:


    have the plp thought through this independence thing? i mean who are they going to run to whenever there is a dispute??? the Hague?

    • Who’s picture is going to be on the hundred dollar bills etc.? Also, what will it be based upon / e.g. what will it be worth when we exchange them for U.S.A. dollars,(or anyone else’s currency)if we want to travel overseas?

  65. Tomara says:

    In the pub a couple hours after the mmetings..”What a condescending. toxic yet hollow little man..” loool

  66. Long Bay Trading Co. says:

    I have to say that Shawn makes a very good point and one that I am certainly guilty of overlooking. Perhaps all of us that are of the opinion the PLP took this island to ruin during it’s 14 years of mismanagement and excess spending and overspending and missing millons need to DEFINE AND CLARIFY OUR COMMENTS in a much better context so that they relate to a specific period.

    I am no PLP lover but I have to agree that under Alex Scott i felt those early years were just fine and that frankly they seemed to be doing ok. Mr Cox was of course at the financial helm so misappropriation was NOT even in the same room as a radar screen, let alone on it. So in my humble opinion I do agree that the early years of PLP reign was perfectly ok and all felt to be ticking over in a mostly good and functional way, albeit at times, some questionable stuff but mostly ok.

    The important distinction as highlighted by Shawn I think, is Where the PLP years truely WENT BELLY UP is when Mr. Cox passed, Ms Cox took over as Finance Minister and DREB as Premier. From this time in 2007 onwards the extremeist and haters section of the PLP, following the very clear yet hateful angry examples and messages as shown and spoken daily by DREB and his crew, started the downhill slide that took the PLP to places their forefathers could never dream of including huge monetary, physical and structural excesses, total blindness and wilful avoidence of the laws of our Island and even its constitution. And I could go on and on…….. Suffice to say that it is no wonder we find ourselves broke and the examples set by our leaders is at best shockingly poor, at worse, lawless at times!

    Shawn I do thank you for making that distinction. Unfortunately you are only as good as your last act, last show, last game, etc. Hence the PLP will only be remembered for the last 7 years of terrible management, not the first 7 years of moderate and mostly ok management.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      Interesting comments. I tend to agree with you on most of what you say and personally never go on about the 14 years of terror, as some like to do.

      What is often overlooked and I think why the plp had a relatively easy first term in office was because they had literally no financial concerns. I have heard they actually kept much of the financial practises of the UBP in place for fear of messing everything it up. So they had the envious advantage of being handed a silver platter with a healthy financially solid little island.

      As you say above history shows what occurred under the absolutely worst combination of political leaders Bermuda could have ever wished for. Paula Cox, a polite, decent and bright woman, but with no spine. Seemngly unable to exercise her Constitutional powers as Finance Minister, to say no to any spending she decided was not in the best interests of the island. And Ewart Brown, a smart and educated man, with a forceful dominant character, who was used to getting his way with whatever he liked at any cost. Paula Cox was no match for him, he just walked right over her.

      All went along relatively under the radar, as the economy boomed, with the HSBC buyout injecting $1b into the economy and IB exploding. Meanwhile the Government was creating considerable annual deficits, even though Bermuda was collecting record revenues.

      Then the Recession hit and those record revenues rapidly turned into declining revenues, revealing enormous annual deficits. Yes, those two, and the then plp cabinet, with Collective Responsibility, will forever be held accountable for that critical period in Bermuda’s history. It will be felt for decades to come. That is the sad legacy of the plp.

  67. stunned... says:

    at Shawn – thank you for both acknowledging and explaining the number of years of fiscal and behavioural irresponsibility was 7 years not 14 years. i concede that point and will try to be mindful of it.

  68. Bill Stephens says:

    All the PLP have done is highlight how very childish and immature they all are to go off to “Mummy” England to ask for their little OBA brother to be disciplined because he pinched them at the dinner table!

    OMG – grow up people! The UK must truly marvel at how one minute the PLP calls for separation from “Mummy” England / vote of no confidence in our Governor, and the next they are all off to England to ask “Mummy” for her intervention!

    How the hell is anyone going to be able to take our Country seriously with politicans like this? Every single one of them are childish and have never accomplished anything worth of mention towards a legacy for Bermuda!

    If they are going to continue to act like children then the Speaker should have a little report card and when little Marc Bean mis-behaves then he gets a D on his little card, and so on… then once he has had his little timeout he can come back to the sandbox with the other kids and so on until he gets expelled from school…

    OMG – must we resort to disciplining our leaders like children? OK – whatever it takes!

  69. cancer country says:

    when the plp was the govt and failed us, the new bp failed us as an opposition. Bermuda has cancer everywhere, any weedsmoker could do better and most Bermudians know this

  70. Cromwell says:

    The PLP Leadership has not only smeared mud on our Bermuda reputation for an honest jurisdiction and people they did this PR stunt with accusations of bribery and corruption to the financial capital of the world.

    D. Brown couldn’t of done it any better.

    One reason the PLP failed with the economy and loss of jobs is by this very type of behavior and political rhetoric from these very MP’s!

    Maybe the PLP leadership still believes the old communist mantra that people need to suffer more with a little blood before a revolution, but most Bermudians want their jobs back not scare away those people who want to do business here and employ Bermudians and create opportunity.