Video: Regiment Training In North Carolina

May 20, 2015

Regiment troops returned at the weekend from two weeks of training at a US Marine Corps Camp Lejeune base in North Carolina, with the 180-strong group flying home from North Carolina on Saturday afternoon.

While training in North Carolina, the soldiers took part in various exercises, including pre-dawn strike operations to raid houses, capture insurgents and gather evidence like weapons, maps and cellphones.

Video of the Bermuda Regiment training, all footage courtesy of the US Marines

Speaking after the last training exercise, Bermuda Regiment Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Michael Foster-Brown said: “This was the culminating public order exercise. We had the biggest riot to date and we threw everything at them we could and had a large number of complex scenarios running at the same time.”

“This is the most demanding exercise in internal security the Regiment has undertaken for some time. The sorts of situations they had to face means that they will be prepared for anything similar they might have to face in the future.

“I am proud of the way they got stuck in and performed after a very busy and tiring two weeks – it was a fitting end to a good overseas exercise.”

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  1. J says:

    While we’re at it, we might as well fund a trip for these guys to play laser tag and paintball.

    Waste of tax dollars.

  2. Thoughts says:

    wonder how much this cost?