Argus Sponsoring Diabetes Summit On June 10th

June 8, 2015

The Argus Group today [June 8] announces it is sponsoring a Diabetes Summit on June 10 in conjunction with Bermuda Diabetes Association.

The event, which will be open to the public, will feature a discussion by the senior team of the International Diabetes Federation and global young leaders in diabetes prevention.

The speakers are also working with the World Health Organisation to address diabetes on a global level and it will be an opportunity to hear from experts in the field about the latest efforts to combat the global and local diabetes epidemic.

Michelle Jackson, Executive Vice President, Group Insurance of the Argus Group, says: “According to data from 2010, the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes in Bermuda is the highest in the OECD. Diabetes is a serious disease and complications can include hypertension, heart disease, stroke, nerve pain in the feet and kidney failure.

“Knowledge is power when it comes to health and it is important for all of us to know what diabetes is, its symptoms, our individual risk factors, how we can prevent Type 2 diabetes and how we can support our family members who have diabetes. We are pleased to be sponsoring an important event which aims to educate the public about this epidemic.”

Debbie Jones, founder, Bermuda Diabetes Association, says: “On behalf of Bermuda Diabetes Association, I would like to thank The Argus Group for sponsoring this event. Diabetes is a growing problem in Bermuda with more than 13 percent of the population suffering from the disease. Our goal is to promote awareness about diabetes as well as the causes and treatments and we hope as many members of the public will attend the summit.”

The event will be held at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club from 5:30 to 8pm. To learn more about the Diabetes Summit or to RSVP, please email or call 298-0892 by June 8.

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