Music Video: QKO’s Tribute To Road Victims

June 8, 2015

Bermudian musical production team DemBiez has released a video featuring 14-year-old singer Quinn Outerbridge – also known by her stage name QKO – offering a tribute to the people who have lost their lives on Bermuda’s roads.

The video’s description says, “14 year old Bermudian Quinn Outerbridge [stage name "QKO"] making her tribute to those who have lost their lives to our roads.”

“She really wanted to take the time out to show her condolences. S.I.P to everyone who has lost their lives on these streets.”

QKO – Dedication Video [To All Those Who Have Lost Their Lives On Our Roads]:

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  1. Juicy says:

    Awesome song Quin!!!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Gingerbread man says:

    A lot of talent here. She is gonna go far.

  3. chief says:

    a very nice tribute…congrats to all who contributed to this…i love to see local talent…keep up the good work bermudians

  4. Sleep In Peace says:

    you will always be remembered. beautiful.

  5. Stephen says:

    This young lady has such a beautiful natural talent , her tone , pitch and range is remarkable . I see a very bright future ahead of her in the music industry . Cannot wait to hear what she comes out with next . Well done keep up the good work .

  6. mature says:

    that was beautiful

  7. WhistleBlower says:

    Great job hon

  8. Jeremy Deacon says:

    Beautiful and touching song. I hope Shawn Crockwell watches this.

  9. KTB says:

    That was so beautiful, had me in tears. Keep up the good work Quinn / DemBiez

  10. enough says:

    That was beautiful

  11. Varied says:

    Amazing. Such a touching song.
    To the composers, producers and Quinn Outerbridge, wow. Tugs at the heartstrings.

  12. weareallmortals says:

    Agreed. Beautiful voice and song.

    But the sentiment of the quote you added at the end is in my view misused, and a clear part of the driving problem.

    Think about it. The attitude in that quote matches exactly the
    attitude in the young men (predominantly) who so often lose their lives on the road. Completely unnecessary waste of life.

    “It’s not the date you were born or the date that you die that matters. It’s the dash in between.”

    It partly eludes to carpe diem, and ‘short term thinking’ and the fulfillment of the excitement of the moment (just drive fast, it doesn’t matter how old you get, just dash around on your bike and have fun). The ‘dash in between’ cars is actually what killed many of these motorcyclists.

    In most of these emotionally gripping, beautiful and personal photos of the victims, they look as if they were absolutely invincible. Very confident, beaming with unbeatable, bullet proof attitudes and as if they have the power to as they please.

    Every day this translates into a kind of driving attitude that is based not on reality, caution and defensiveness, but rather a feel of exhilaration, power and invincibility.

    Check out the next 20 motorcyclists who very dangerously overtake you today on the road and see if you can spot the same attitude in them. That is what kills people. Overtaking on zig zag. Driving down the third lane. Not indicating. Etc.

    The message should be – You cannot drive with impunity. Stop thinking that you are invincible, just because you have a powerful bike, cool vizor, nice decals and the wind in your hair is exhilarating as you dash about.

    It’s NOT the dash in between that matters.

    It’s living your life to the fullest, and you know what, that means sticking around for a little longer.

    Nice song though.

  13. Diana B. says:

    Wow…. God has Blessed you with an Amazing voice. I love it! Quinn keep up the good work