Music Video: Happy Birthday – Feliz Cumpleaños

July 5, 2015

Local singer Charmarie Woolridge-Virgin has released a music video for her song “Happy Birthday – Feliz Cumpleaños,” an original piece written and produced by Ms. Woolridge-Virgin and John Woolridge.

When asked how she got started with music, the singer, who performs under the name Charm, said, “I got started with music at a very young age, with my dad being who he is – John Woolridge, producer and writer of “Proud to be Bermudian.”

“I have been exposed to music my entire life. I was raised in church and sang in countless choirs and musical groups. I also sang my first solo at the age of five in church, so music has always been a part of my life.”

When asked who has inspired her most in her life, Charm told Bernews: “I believe that my biggest influences have been those in my life who have demonstrated how faith in God makes a difference in life. Firstly my parents, and many church members who have done dynamic things through their faith and belief in God.”

When asked how Bermuda inspires her music, Charm said, “Bermuda inspires my music very much, even though this is the only song from the album that I am presently recording that is in English [the rest are completely in Spanish], I do believe that it is inspired by Bermuda.”

Charm’s “Happy Birthday – Feliz Cumpleaños”

“Mainly because Bermuda itself has become a culture of diversity; right now there are many people who live here whose first language is Spanish. Also because I truly believe that Bermudians have talents and gifts that can inspire the world.

“I know we are a small island, but I think that we have a richness in our people that can impact the world far greater than our small shores. I know that having the ability to speak another language gives anyone the opportunity to reach far more cultures and far more borders.

“I know that Bermudians have the influential power to become ambassadors for Bermuda through our many gifts and talents.

“I just want to tell Bermudians – especially Bermuda’s youth – that you can do whatever you put your mind to. I’ve learned Spanish in only three years from a novice to having the ability of speaking in fluent conversation, writing and composing and singing in Spanish, something I thought I would never be able to do.

“If you have something that you love, no matter what it is just believe that you can use what God has given you to make a difference in this World, and God will open up doors for you.

“You are a leader now; whether you know it or not, someone is watching you and it is better that they watch you do something good and prosperous than something destructive. Your life has a purpose – live it well.”

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  1. AS says:

    Felicitaciones primo ! Estoy tan orgullosa de ti y emocionado de cómo Dios está usando a ti. Te quiero. -AS