Video: Heather Nova’s “Girl On The Mountain”

March 12, 2016

Bermudian singer-songwriter Heather Nova has released a brand new music video, with Girl on the Mountain filmed on the rocky shores of Bermuda to “get that sense of wildness and loneliness.”

Popmatters reports,“Nova is returning with her 10th record, The Way It Feels, which shows she hasn’t lost a step. The album releases March 25th and she’s back in North America for a tour in March and throughout April.

Ms Nova — who has toured internationally for years —  told PopMatters that she made this video with photographer Sacha Blackburne, and “we really riffed off each other as we went.”

“The idea was that I was gathering wood to build a fire, echoed by my child self/the sprit child, which I see like the pure knowing self; the part of ourself that is willing to take risks, that hasn’t been cowed by self doubt, or damaged by painful situations,” Ms Nova said.

Heather Nova “Girl on the Mountain”

“We filmed it at home in Bermuda on the rocky shore—to get that sense of wildness and loneliness. I wrote the song for a friend—encouraging her to stay strong through a difficult time. So it’s about reaching within yourself and finding that courage, that reassurance that everything will be ok in the end.

“Building the fire is like finding power within; remembering and creating the strength to renew and go forward. It had the same meaning as being a Girl on the Mountain, without getting too literal. I see the video like a visual poem or a dream sequence, evoking the ideas of the song without spelling it out—leaving room for the audience to just feel into it.”

The Way It Feels album, which includes the Girl on the Mountain single, is available here on iTunes.

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  1. Tony Brannon says:

    This is a poignant video and song. Beautifully recorded and filmed.
    Good luck on the US tour xx