2015 Cup Match Teams Selected & Announced

July 25, 2015

Cup Match champions Somerset Cricket Club and challengers St. George’s Cricket Club have tonight [July 25] announced their teams for the upcoming 113th Annual Cup Match Classic.

The champions have recalled Stephen Outerbridge to replace Deunte Darrell while the challengers recalled Damali Bell, Treadwell Gibbons, Onias Bascome, Christian Burgess and Stefan Kelly. Macai Simmons was selected as a colt.

Somerset Cricket Club Team:

  • Jekon Edness – Captain
  • Malachi Jones – Vice Captain
  • Terryn Fray
  • Tre Manders
  • Janeiro Tucker
  • Chris Douglas
  • Jordan DeSilva
  • Greg Maybury
  • Derek Brangman
  • Jacobi Robinson
  • Stephen Outerbridge – Recalled


  • Justin Corday
  • Justin Donawa
  • Pierre Smith

St. George’s Cricket Club:

  • OJ Pitcher – Captain
  • George O’Brien – Vice Captain
  • Fiqre Crockwell
  • Jason Anderson
  • Onias Bascome – Recalled
  • Christian Burgess – Recalled
  • Treadwell Gibbons – Recalled
  • Damali Bell – Recalled
  • Stefan Kelly – Recalled
  • Macai Simmons – Colt
  • Kyle Hodsoll


  • Jahron Dickinson
  • Okera Bascome
  • Nzari Paynter

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Comments (23)

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  1. Common Sense Talking says:

    I am a staunch St. George’s supporter but Somerset looks like they have the strongest team but we will see what the outcome is on that!

  2. Educated says:

    St. George’s boys forever!!

    Looking for an exciting 2 days of cricket. Let’s get that cup back where it belongs!!

    • SOMERSET FOREVER!!! says:

      The cup will go back where it belongs… IN SOMERSET!!!!!!

      • lovely n fresh says:

        Not this year boo, i pray we Bermuda enjoy our heritage and enjoy a great game.

  3. Jr Smith says:

    Warriors 297……

  4. Bermyindian says:

    St. George’s Always!
    Common sense is one thing but things are not always what they seem. Everything happens for a reason. All the best to my St. George’s team.

  5. Bermuda says:

    St. George’s boys forever! The cup may go and the cup may stay St. George’s boys forever! May the best team win..#st.georges

  6. UpsetwithVerdict says:

    Go Somerset! Looking forward to a good game n no antics like the eastern county game please. Come on guys this is a gentlemen’s game and lets be professional as well. Also let’s make Bermuda and our ancestors proud and continue to carry the friendly family tradition of Cupmatch! All the best to Stgeorges as well.

    • Rayond Ray says:

      I totally agree e.g. “Go Somerset!” :-) (In-spite of the fact I’d a, “nephew” Beaver Ray playing for St. Georges)

    • HOTDOG says:

      Treadwell Gibbons ( bad boy) should not be there.

  7. Honestly says:

    St. George’s!!! Both teams have old n new players. I want to see professional cricket from both sides! May the best team win!! N

  8. Dread says:

    St. George’s team looks weak to me!

  9. Vote for Me says:

    The number of changes to the St. George’s team speaks to a more fundamental problem of commitment and discipline. All coaches should be playing their part starting at primary school age, to instill discipline, sportsmanship and pride. Each of these qualities will prove to be invaluable in the lives of all sportsmen.

    Looking forward to a good 2 days of cricket… and a St. George’s victory!! St. George’s forever.

    • impressive. says:

      Lots of changes where made by St. George’s as they are the challengers. Somerset are Champions and Cup Holders, It wouldn’t be prudent for them to make much changes.. Don’t change a good thing I guess.. With that said, I do want to know what type of hold Mr. Robinson has on the selectors at SCC.. When is this nightmare ever going to end..

      ps That instilling of discipline and pride, should start at home, not when they go off to cricket practice,, just saying.

    • Varied says:

      Remember, a few of the changes had to be made due to injury (Cann) or overseas absence (Rawlins), among other things. St. George’s as challengers, have to roll the dice a bit here.

      That said, agreed that discipline and sportsmanship are crucial to the development of any young player.

  10. Trott says:

    Players must remember the spirit of the game seen in the Preamble to the Laws. http://www.lords.org/mcc/laws-of-cricket/preamble-to-the-laws/

  11. Set your field says:

    I am praying for two days of entertaing cricket. Somerset team looks very strong. Hoping on the day that St. Georges will be able to win . Very surprise to see Gibbons recalled. I don’t care how well he is playing, his bad behavior two years ago is still fresh in my mind and I don’t think he has changed. Hopefully he will prove me wrong.

  12. Oh,I see now says:

    Lets hope and pray Cup Match isn’t infected with the same type of garbage that happened at EC although I feel it’s only a matter of time…….sigh.

  13. BILLY BYE says:

    Don’t look like St George’s wanna bowl anybody out this year, poor George gonna ring his arm off.

  14. Anthropology says:

    Well well, Bermudian disfunction continues. Mr. T Gibbons, AKA Uncontrolled Emotional Boy, is back in St. Geo line up. What is wrong with this place? He should be banned for life, not to mention from St. Geo’s Cricket Club, for his last attempt to return to his childhood!

    St. Geo will live to regret he presence on the field….in front of thousands, and with free alcohol flowing every where, the poor lad will probably have another emotional crying outburst! Thumbs down around my house on that one.

    Boycott any one?

  15. Sick & Tired says:

    And the reason why the behavior of people never changes . . .Jason Anderson is reprimanded and given sanctions for his behavior at the Eastern Counties, yet St. George’s picks him to play in Cupmatch. Lesson learned here??? I can act a DAMN fool with no real consequences for my behavior!!!!!!

    I hope for this reason if none ther that Somerset beats the crap out of St. George’s!!!!!!

  16. R.B.O says: