‘Working With Organizers To Provide Support’

July 1, 2021 | 3 Comments

“We are working with the organizers to provide the support needed to help make the annual Classic possible,” Minister of Youth, Culture & Sport, Dr Ernest Peets said, adding that this “includes providing funding and the necessary approvals.”

Speaking at this week’s press conference, Minister Peets said, “I’d like to close by highlighting the upcoming Cup Match Classic, which is scheduled to take place at the end of July.

“Cup Match is a truly special time for us as a community and as a Country. It’s a time of unity, camaraderie, national pride and of course, the reigniting of friendly rivalries between Somerset and St. George’s fans.

“It’s also a time when the richness of our culture and heritage is on full display. Sadly last year, for the first time in our history, Cup Match could not take place due to the effects of the pandemic.

Slideshow showing some of the attendees at the 2019 Cup Match Classic


“But this year, thankfully, the two Clubs were able to come together to ensure that our Annual Classic could happen for our Country. Ultimately, the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport is very pleased with this outcome.

“And in less than a month, Bermuda will celebrate one of the most anticipated sporting events and holidays on the local calendar – Cup Match.

“We know that it takes significant planning, preparation and organising in order to host an event of this magnitude.

“For our part, we are working with the organizers to provide the support needed to help make the Annual Classic possible.

“This includes providing funding and the necessary approvals to allow our two-day national pastime to take place.

“I was pleased to meet with the St. George’s Cricket Club leadership, members of the Bermuda Police Service and various government departments to discuss how the Government can support SGCC as it prepares to host Cup Match.

“Among the topics discussed were SafeKey requirements, numbers of attendees, venue logistics, Covid-safety protocols and club facility and field preparations.

“The meeting is part of a series of meetings being held with the St. George’s Cricket Club and our government and community partners.

“And we are committed to working with President Neil Paynter and the SGCC to ensure a successful event for all to enjoy.

“On behalf of the Ministry we greatly look forward to recognizing and honouring the historical significance of this important holiday, which includes two days of great cricket being played and the observances of our Emancipation and Mary Prince Day holiday.

We asked the Government how much funding will be provided and we will update if able.


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  1. wahoo says:

    So if we the taxpayers are funding this event on top of all the gifts we gave them pre election why do we pay admission and where does that money even go?

    • Fisherman says:

      Seniors should be half price….Since covid and it’s variants have arrived, numbers of people allowed to gather has changed. Where does this leave attendance to any function, place, Church and so on??

    • Mark says:

      Translation:- Government will be making sure the friends and family cash cow keeps rolling along.

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