Transportation Upgrades For Horseshoe Bay

July 2, 2015

A new transportation infrastructure project is in the works to enhance the safety, convenience and experience of beach-goers at Horseshoe Bay.

“It’s the largest scale project at Bermuda’s most iconic public beach in decades,” the BTA said. “The plans were constructed collaboratively with input from the Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Tourism Development & Transport, and the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA].

“The Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST] has also contributed to the final plans, which have been submitted to the Department of Planning for approval.”

“The Premier has cited tourism as a sector poised for growth and this project is an example of how the Public Works Ministry can support Bermuda’s re-emerging tourism industry, while simultaneously improving a recreational hotspot for residents,” said Public Works Minister Craig Cannonier.

“Whether it’s a summer holiday for residents or cruise ship season for visitors, we all know the current transportation infrastructure at Horseshoe Bay is insufficient and at times unsafe. The plan submitted to Planning is designed to address these issues.”


A spokesperson said, “Primarily the project will provide safe and efficient transportation pick up and drop off for all public and private transport vehicles at the bottom of the hill; provide parking areas for designated taxi and minibus operators; provide safe pedestrian access to the beach; provide public parking areas for cars and motorbikes at the same or greater numbers; provide improved lighting and aesthetics, and provide improved access for maintenance equipment, waste removal and emergency vehicles.”

The BTA’s Investment Division has worked closely with the government on the improved transportation plan, and BTA’s Chief Investment Officer Andy Burrows said, “Beaches are a critical asset for our tourism industry, none more so than Horseshoe Bay.

“We see these improvements as an investment in the future of the country’s tourism product and a tangible step toward improving the experience of anyone who uses the beach – locals and visitors alike.”

“The new transportation pick up and drop off area will permit two standard public buses to board and off load passengers simultaneously, leaving room for two additional buses on standby and a bus turnaround area. Meantime, after re-grading the parking lot all moving traffic will relocate to the north side of the site and all pedestrian traffic to the south side, thus increasing pedestrian safety.”

“We are very pleased to have worked collaboratively with the Ministry of Public Works and the BTA on these plans and we welcome the input of BEST in this process,” said Minister of Tourism Development & Transport Shawn Crockwell.

“Horseshoe Bay is famous the world over for its natural beauty. If we are able to match that natural beauty with an improved experience on the beach we can solidify Horseshoe Bay’s prominence on the world stage for future generations of Bermuda tourism.”

“The Ministry of Public Works will update the public on project timeline, cost and job projections after planning approval is secured.”

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  1. Cranberry says:

    I don’t see the current pathway through the trees to the center of the beach??

    Please tell me it will still be there?!

    • Thinkers says:

      So the government is going to kill the “to the top” buses?


      • Not exactly says:

        The “shortest tour bus in the world” operator is aware of the need to adapt his business model for almost a year. He will now be offering all the way to dockyard. It makes soooo much more sense for the buses to be able to go all the way down the hill.

        • Dean Ming says:

          Let’s just make this clear. The ‘To The Top ‘ Shuttle Service did not ‘happily choose’ to change his business model to now offer rides all the way to the ship.
          The fact is that changes were made to the minibus system WITH the input of WedCo while completely disregarding the effect such changes would have on the To The Top Shuttle.
          For this reason TTT has been forced to now adapt a different model.
          Truth be told, I am positive that he would much rather continue the service which he has operated for the past 16 years.
          If he wanted to operate from the ships to the beach like all the other minibuses do I’m sure that he would have been doing that all this time.
          Yes, it is the world’s shortest guided tour, and for over a decade many tourists have returned here to ride up with him because they look forward to hearing the interesting facts that he shares about our beloved island.
          His service is talked about in other parts of the world as people encourage their family members to be sure to take the ‘To The Top’ Shuttle if you visit Horseshoe Bay Beach.
          It’s a shame that yet again it appears that he has been completely left out of the loop as more changes are being proposed by the powers that be, which could have a huge impact on the business he currently relies on. I believe that these ‘powers that be’ should reach out to him and help to address this issue in a more considerate way.

    • Christopher Notorius says:

      And what about our poor bus drivers and that nasty tummy bug they’ve had all year. Does anyone even spare a thought for them?

  2. Rada Gast says:

    Ever more efficient ways to deposit more people at Horseshoe. All the more reason to head for Warwick Long Bay and other quieter sandy places.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Not out of the question, the best way is to walk from Horseshoe, and discover the additional smaller beaches along the way or a drop off at the parking lot below Warwick Camp. But then we also don’t want those beaches overloaded either. Warwick Long Bay itself isn’t as friendly a beach to swim off, especially if it is a calm day

  3. darren says:

    how much?do you think you could incorporate a skate park some where in there then i will be ok with cost!

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Nice idea, but the point is to improve the parking and bus access. A skate park would diminish the space available for those 2 primary goals.

  4. sunny bermuda says:

    This is all lovely but what about the bathrooms they are gross and fallling apart. More people in those horrible bathrooms. Ohhh how nice that will be for everyone. NOT.

  5. hoodrich says:

    I don’t see anything addressing the problem when we have heavy rain. The bottom of the hill is completely underwater. Just asking. Also the roundabout across from Southampton Rangers field, the water runs down to the dunes and washes away the sand. Soon I,m going to need a step latter to get down. They blamed the crabs, I blame mankind.

  6. eastender says:

    Upgrades to Horseshoe Bay?? The public buses don’t run to Clearwater Beach/Turtle Bay at all. The tourist are made to walk from the main road near Clearwater Middle School to the beach. To some elderly visitors this can be a 30 minute to 45 minute walk. I’ve personally stopped and offered tourist rides to and from the beach because I can’t stand to watch them walk in the heat. One couple explained that the husband had a cane as a result of a stroke just a year ago and if they knew they had such a long walk they would have never chosen Clearwater. The bus schedules have not been amended to state that the buses don’t go to the beach so tourist find out when bus drivers put them off on the side of the road and tell them to walk over the hill and down the stretch. Something needs to be done to facilitate the eastern end of out island.

    • Tourism Advocate says:

      Totally agree. Visitor transport to east end beaches is a disaster. Thankfully some entrepreneurs came up with a plan to fill the gap.

      It’s never a good idea to rely solely on government solutions. They’ll let you down every time. I mean, have you seen the bathrooms at public beaches!?!?

    • hummm says:

      Thats where top of the bus can operate

    • Oliver says:

      Now there’s a good thought, instead of spending the, thus far untold millions on this proposed huge change at Horseshoe Bay Beach, which is often overrun with tourists, why not create a better transportation system that allows them to visit our beaches in the eastern end of the island.
      That way more jobs will be created down there instead of causing a negative impact on the people who operate transportation businesses at Horseshoe Bay Beach. (Taxi drivers, minibus drivers and the To The Top Shuttle guy).

  7. Zevon says:

    Great idea. Improves the experience of using our greatest assets.

  8. Bermudiful says:

    Horseshoe’s parking situation is now ridiculous -driven for tourism and not the community-We live here!
    The bathrooms and outside faucets are horrendous most of the time-use a power hose and Clorox
    Smaller vendors are forbidden from the parking lot or the beach(Politics at it’s worst)

  9. sand says:

    Hopefully they will think about improving the food offered. Would be nice to get a fresh burger rather than one that has been sitting there for who knows how long. Many guests have mentioned how bad the food is for the price they pay.

  10. Islander says:

    what about upgrading the PTB bus service to and from Clearwater/Turtle Bay/Coopers Reserve Beaches which are very popular with tourists and locals alike
    Idea would be to have buses coming into St David’s on main road go over ther on the way out and the bus coming in on southside going over on their way in (both hourly) and extend the Sunday bus schedule to 9pm.

    • Tourism Advocate says:

      Totally agree. Visitor transport to east end beaches is a disaster. Thankfully some entrepreneurs came up with a plan to fill the gap. The buses will loop St. David’s Island and St. George’s.

      It’s never a good idea to rely solely on government solutions. They’ll let you down every time. I mean, have you seen the bathrooms at public beaches!?!?

      • Islander says:

        I hope W & E have cleaned up the battery area last drive there saw the building previouslyly used by the Salvation Army a total disgrace littered with trash doors down thankfully the kitchen cabinets were still in place this building could be cleaned up and rented as a nice apartment for a single person

  11. Zevon says:

    Are the drivers going to get a microphone on the bus? That way they can rudely berate all the tourists about wet towels in one go. It would be much more efficient than yelling at tourists one at a time, and would give the driver a bit more time to check text messages before driving off using one hand.

  12. Oliver says:

    Have you been to Horseshoe Bay Beach this summer? The car, taxi and cycle parking has been rearranged to accommodate the minibuses. Upon close inspection you can see that it was not very well thought out.
    There are less bays for private cars, only about 8 bays for taxis and 3 handicap bays that are quite a distance from the beach entrance. It is not unusual to see 20 taxis lined up waiting to take tourists back to the ship. Now these taxis have to park illegally in the handicap bays and anywhere else that they can find a space, even in the 2 bays marked for the police.
    Additionally, it is clear that no one thought about the To The Top guy because they blocked the area where he used to turn around by filling it with bike parking!
    He has always done a good job transporting the few people who prefer not to walk back up the hill.
    I wonder if those in charge of this new proposal will consider the To The Top Shuttle or are they just going to attempt to push him out of business?

  13. Pat Linklater says:

    I would rather see a change in governments.